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Office Frolics

A Fictional Story About An Office Affair

The drive into work this morning was nail-biting. Big day a head for me. I was busy changing channels on the radio, eating gum and trying to navigate my through the heavy morning traffic. I was going through the whole scenario in my head. Would Jack try and catch me out with a few things or would he be as sweet as honey? I then turned my attention back to my driving. I liked to have a bit of fun on the way in, usually to take my mind of the usual boring routine. This morning I had managed to catch the eye of a shit hot white van man and got on the wrong side of some guy in one hell of a big hurry.


I parked the car up in its usual location and headed off to find out my fate for the next six months at least. Thank God the meeting was first thing, so I didn’t have time to get into any real flurry. I looked around and there was already two people waiting. Some guy wearing a real nice suit and reading something off an A4 sheet. Another female, with that kind of, I don’t know why the hell I’m here look, cause the guys always get the cool jobs. And me, surely a hot contender, but we’d see.


After about five minutes of checking my fingernails, Jack’ s PA glanced over at me and said I could go right in. Mr Smith was ready for me now. Well, I’m quite sure he was, but that was hither to the point. I casually strolled towards the door and straightened my clothes. I was wearing a nice grey suit, the skirt was a tad short but that was part of my master plan. You see Jack and I had a little thing going a few months before, but it was all finished now, but we still were kind of hot for each other. You know the sort of thing I mean. I love my husband, he loves his wife, but lust got into the equation somewhere along the way. It happens. So maybe I could sway him into giving me the promotion, with a little sweet talk and some leg flashing. God, … I couldn’t wait to find out, I’m such a tease.


My best smile was now plastered onto my immaculately made up face as I confidently breezed into his office and took a chair without being asked. Fuck, he was looking good. Nice short dark hair, 6 foot tall, nice build, a slight sun tan and a look of expectation. Liked that bit the best. He hadn’t a clue what I was up to.


“Well, if it isn’t my dear Kate.” he said from his position by the picture window.


“Yeah, thought I’d make a little appearance Jackie.” I said with a smile and holding his gaze.


He looked a little ruffled, and not his usual cock-sure self, probably wanted me out of the way first to let his nerves settle. “So.” he said glaring at me. “Why should I give you the promotion?”


Oh, I loved that approach, very text book. I assessed him before I answered the question. His attraction hadn’t lost any of it’s appeal. The three months since I stopped seen him, seemed like three days. “I’m the best person for the job.” I said . “You know I’ve got all the credentials, and some.”


That got him a little and he moved his cute ass away from the window. “Really Kate.” he said with an amused expression.


“Really Jack.” I said shifting a little in my chair. I was starting to notice why I had been drawn to him in the first place. Sex appeal by the truck load. Kind of handsome with a cheeky boyish look and the body of a competing athlete.


God, … this was turning out to be more fun that I had first expected. I wanted to test him out a little now. “So Jack, if I give you a blow job do I get the promotion?” I said with a wicked grin. “That’s how it works, yeah?”


He laughed heartily at my jibe and came across and sat on the desk right next to me. I could feel his magnetic pull the very minute he sat down. “No Kate, but one hell of a good try.”


“Shit Jack, I was all set too.” I said thrusting my bosom a little towards him and gazing at him with lust filled eyes.


“You need to fuck me as well.” he said holding my eye, eagerly awaiting my answer.


Wow, … he didn’t need to ask twice let me tell you. I rose from my chair and grabbed his lapels careering him towards me. I kissed him hungrily on those irresistible lips and ground into his crotch with my hips. I slipped his suit jacket from his shoulders and dug out his shirt tails from his trousers. I could feel him flinch a little at the full on approach. Love a little bit of reluctance and he was playing a little hard to get now. I have to say this plan wasn’t really my intention before I arrived, but it seemed to be going that way now. My heart was pounding like a beating drum and making me feel a little light headed. Or it could even have been those heady male testosterone levels, mixed in with that completely intoxicating brand of cologne he was wearing. He knew I was in for this job and wore it on purpose, I’ll bet a weeks wages on that one.


I sure as hell hoped we wouldn’t be interrupted or this could be a little embarrassing for both of us. The other two candidates would just need to wait till we were finished our steamy little session. I let out a groan as he rubbed my breasts through my top, he then kissed and licked my neck with wild abandon and raw passion. The entire contents on the top of his desk were now flying off on all direction as we continued our long awaited lust filled reunion on top of his desk. Fuck, … I was feeling horny, why did he always have that effect on me. I was trying to work that one out. I caught sight of the little window on the door and could just make out his PA sitting at her desk, non the wiser. Thank fuck for that.


He slid his hand up my top and reached inside my bra, rubbing my breasts and catching my nipples in the process. I let out another soft groan and I felt his erection make an appearance through his trousers, prodding me in the stomach.


“That’s a major problem you have down there Jack.” I said through a grin.


“See to it then.” he blurted.


“Not the way you want to.” I said, planting the seed of thought. I would hardly have time to give him a blow job and get fucked. And the fucking came first. Sorry about that Jack, but thats the way things are.


He was now rubbing me hard down below and I could feel his hot sweet breath on my neck, and it was firing me up something terrible. He then lifted the hem of my skirt and ran his hand up my bare leg and inside my pants, sliding a finger inside my now soaking wet pussy. Fuck, … I was near breathless now. He started gyrating a finger inside me, then two, circling my clit with the heel of his hand. Crikey, … it felt utterly amazing. I let out another groan, this time loader and saw his PA look up from her desk. Fuck, that was all I needed.


The throbbing between my legs was now growing more intense, so I told Jack to give me it right now. To hell with the fucking PA and the others.


“I want it now Jack, lets do it ” I said hurriedly and full of real sexual intensity.


“Er, … right.” he said hesitantly releasing his eager and throbbing penis from his fly.


He then hoisted up my skirt and slid my pants to the side, I stared at his face as he plunged his rock hard cock right into me. I cried out as his missile hit me right at the back of my cervix. Fucking hell, … wasn’t expecting that. His intercom was now buzzing furiously on the floor beside us. To which he completely ignored it and kept up the long deep thrusts. I let out another cry at the completely delicious pleasure and grabbed onto his trousers at the hip for added support. The desk had been polished to perfection, unfortunately for me. And my curvaceous backside was sliding about like it was on ice. I caught another glimpse of the PA through the little window shooting a look in our direction. I knew she couldn’t see us from that angle, but hoped to hell she didn’t try and come in. I at least want to reach a half decent orgasm.

His thrusts were reaching manic levels and my groans of pleasure and excitement were making me feel slightly giddy. I was in a dream looking at myself now as the morning sunshine veered in the window. Good thing the windows were tinted … I hope they were anyway. My pure ecstasy was now staring to reach a peek and Jack seemed to be pretty determined to make my orgasm happen real soon. As his was now showing signs of an imminent arrival judging by his expression of rapture. My body was nearly convulsing at our joint attempts to please one another. This fucking wildly lark was giving me such a huge thrill. I felt my orgasm arrive with a body racking spasm, I let out a long loud groan and grabbed onto the table edge for support. Jack’ s climax followed mine within seconds, I felt his hot cum shoot into me. His cock convulsing again and again till his balls had emptied. My breathing was raged, I had a slight perspiration on my brow. My throbbing tension had diminished and a feeling of pure calm had now took over.

Still panting slightly I closed my eyes till I recovered a little and mopped up the remains of our combined juices with a Kleenex. Easing myself off the table I straightened my clothes and helped Jack rearrange the contents of his desk and his self. Just as I sat myself back down on the chair, his PA arrived with a file and gave us both a look. Her eyes darting from Jack to me, then back again. I remained sombre faced and checked my nails again as he took the file off her and thanked me for my time this morning and said he’d be in touch about the job ASAP. I rose from my chair, to which he shook my hand and thanked me again. As I walked across the reception, I could feel eyes on the back of my head. I smiled to myself, I couldn’t have cared less ...

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