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Our Story

A dream come true
This is a fictional story, but it would be reality if I had it my way.

I met August on Lush several months ago. I was captivated by her big brown eyes, sweet smile, and innocent personality. At first we did not hit it off, but I persisted and she finally accepted me as one of her friends. She posted a picture of herself wearing a simple white blouse, with a big beautiful smile that sent chills down my spine.

We chatted several times, talking mostly about what we like and dislike. Sometimes we would get each other horny talking about ourselves and what we like to do. Then during one of our chats, she asked if I would like to see more pictures of her. I told her sure, that would be wonderful, and expected some more innocent pictures like the one of her holding a big walleye that she had caught while fishing with her dad.

To my surprise and delight, she posted a picture of her topless. Her skin looked soft and satiny and her nipples stood out, strong and hard. I told her that I would love to pinch them and lick them ever so lightly. She said that would be wonderful. But, of course, we lived far apart and we were both married, so we knew it was only a dream. But while I looked at the picture of her half naked, beautiful body, my cock got hard and I could hardly control it. I began to masturbate. She asked if I was masturbating while looking at her taught, hard nipples. I said yes….they were just beautiful. She was able to cum while we chatted.

As time went by, we shared many more chats that ended in both of us masturbating. She would post a picture of her naked backside, which turned me on more than anything. She held her ass cheeks apart slightly, so you could get a glimpse of her naked pussy. She would ask me if I would like to see her pussy and what would I do with it. I told her that I would lick her clit with my tongue, then put the tip of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and lightly circle around her labia before driving it home hard. We would masturbate together while teasing each other until we both came hard.

One day, I asked August who took the pictures and she told me that her husband did. I said that I wished I could take some pictures of her, but again, it was just a big wish that I knew would never come true. But then, during one of our chats, August said that she was going on a business trip and would be staying close to where I live. This was a chance of a lifetime…an opportunity I could not miss. So, we planned to meet at her hotel room one night.

I was very nervous when I arrived at the door of her hotel room. Not knowing what she would really be like or if she would even like me. I knocked 4 times as she had instructed. The door opened and there standing in front of me was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She was even better looking than her pictures. She was wearing that same white blouse, a tight black skirt that stopped just above her knees, and sexy high heels. Her eyes were glistening at the site of me and I became less nervous. She had that affect on me.

She invited me in and we talked for a while. She poured us some wine that I brought to her as a gift and we shared soft kisses…finally! After what seemed like an eternity, she went to her suit case and pulled out a camera. She asked if I knew what this was for.

I said, jokingly, "I guess you are going to take some pictures of the countryside.” 

“No…I want you to take pictures of me,” she replied.
I almost fell out of the chair. I realized that one of my dreams was about to come true. August asked if I would start by taking a few pictures of her sitting in a chair with her legs crossed. Her legs looked so smooth and inviting to me as she crossed them ever so sexy. Then she unfolded them and crossed the other leg so I could get a brief glimpse of her soft thighs. My cock began pulsing while I thought about what might be in store.

As I continued to take pictures, she started unbuttoning her blouse. First the top button, then the 2 nd one…and soon I could see the tops of her bosom peeking over a nice white bra. My cock continued to respond as I had hoped it would. Soon she had the blouse completely open and I wanted so much to walk over and take her in my arms and feel those perfectly taught nipples. But I stopped myself. She took her blouse off and threw it on the bed, and then stood up, turned around and unsnapped her bra. I continued to take pictures of her backside….so sexy and soft. She slowly turned around showing me those excellent tits that before now I had only seen in pictures on Lush.

She walked around the room slowly and seductively. My cock was fully hard now, straining to be free, but I continued to snap pictures. She sat down again and started pulling on her nipples and she asked “don’t you wish you could lick these now?”

OMG…I wanted to jump her right then and there, but I continued taking pictures of her turning herself on. Then I turned around to adjust the setting on the camera. When I turned back around, August had her head leaned way back, her eyes were closed, her hand was between her thighs, her panties were pulled to the side and she had started playing with herself. I continued taking pictures. I walked up closer to her, kneeled down and took some closeup shots of her finger which was now deep inside her hot, swollen pussy. I could smell her sex and it was heavenly.

After a few minutes, she opened her eyes, took her hand out of her pussy, and stood up. She proceeded to unzip her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She now stood in front of me with only her panties and high heeled shoes on. She was so beautiful. She walked over to me and whispered in my ear…”please continue taking pictures.”

I took a picture of her hands as they reached for my belt buckle. She undid it and then unzipped my zipper. My pants fell to the floor exposing a bulge in my underpants. She stepped back a few feet and gazed at my hardon through my underpants. She asked me to take a picture of it which I did without question. She then stepped forward and put her left hand in my boxers and grabbed a hold of my rock hard cock. She played with it a little while I snapped a few more pics. Then she kneeled down in front of me, her face only inches from my clothed erection and pulled my boxers down quickly. My cock sprung out and the tip poked her in the eye. She immediately grabbed it and aimed it toward her open mouth and started licking the tip oh so lightly. She was HOT!

Then she stroked my hard cock ever so slowly as she licked it from top to bottom, grabbing my balls with her other hand and caressing them as she played with my cock. I was finding it difficult to take any pictures, but I managed to snap a few more as she deep-throated me. She continued licking and sucking on my cock for what seemed like an eternity. It felt so good and I did not want her to stop. But she had different ideas. She stood up and pulled my t-shirt over my head and motioned to me to sit down so she could pull my pants and underwear off. We were both naked and together now. Another dream come true.

She rubbed the tip of my cock with the palm of her hand, almost bringing me to my first orgasm. I returned the favor by reaching down, spreading her pussy lips apart with one hand, using my thumb and my middle finger, sliding just the tip of my finger in between, so as to be gentle, and began rubbing, ever so slightly across her clit just to tease her before really going at it and rubbing from the bottom to top.
Then I moved them in unison so she started moving as if dancing to the pulse. We were feeling each other and enjoying it. Then she asked me for the camera and said “masturbate for me while I take pictures”. This was a very sensuous suggestion which made my cock even harder. I sat in the chair with one leg over the side, put my hand around my already hard cock, and started stroking it…slowly at first. She moved in closer and snapped some pictures…stopping to put her tongue on the slit in my cock. Wow…did that feel wonderful! Then she moved back and snapped some more pictures.

All the while she was taking pictures with one hand, she was fingering herself with the other. Then she put the camera down and moved to me, grabbing the head of my cock with her thumb and forefinger. She pulled herself close to me so my cock was close to her pussy, and whispered “fuck me now please.”
I immediately swept her up and laid her on the bed, and stood back for a moment taking in the sights of her beautiful body. Then slowly lowered my body down. She grabbed my cock and led it to her pussy lips. I took it from her and circled her labia several times. She moaned ever so softly but enough for me to hear which made my adrenaline flow even more. Now I was HOT…and wanted to fuck her so bad. But I also wanted to taunt and tease her more until she was absolutely, positively ready. I raised my body up and slipped just the head of my swollen cock into her pussy…and gyrated my hips around….then pulled it out. This time she moaned louder and took a deep breath.

I got up and pulled her to the side of the bed. Then knelt down so my face was even with her well-primed pussy. I parted her labia with both hands and then lightly touched her clitoris with the tip of my tongue. Then I wiggled it from left to right very quickly. She shuttered and moaned even louder. I made sure to apply more pressure as I sucked her swollen clit.

Then she said, “stop teasing me and fuck me now.”

I wiggled my tongue up and down…teasing her more. Then I got up, grabbed my cock, and started stroking it more so it was as hard and big as it was going to get. I played with her nipple with my other hand. Then I grabbed August by the waste and pulled her to me, letting my cock find its way into her love canal. Oh god…it felt so good! She immediately tightened her pussy muscles around my cock. I knew I wouldn’t last long if she kept that up. I pulled out and she got on her knees on the bed and raised her ass way up high. I could see her beautiful pussy from behind now. I bent down and licked it again. Then got up behind her and drove my rock hard cock deep inside her. She screamed with delight!

I rocked in and out for quite some time, grabbing her tits from behind. The sweat from my brow dripped on her back. My balls were bouncing against her bottom. I couldn’t wait any longer. I pushed in one more time and held it there, squirting my warm juices in her womb. She screamed again, leaned her head way back, and I could feel her pussy strangling my cock as she came hard on it. Our cum filled her up and overflowed onto the sheets. Oh my god…I had never had an orgasm like that before.

August agreed.

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