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Out of the Blue (meeting prt 2)

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A few months into the relationship it was decided we had to meet face to face, we knew each other pretty intimately we had exchanged photos both clothed and unclothed, I had even taken photos of myself trying on cloths and sent them to Wayne.     We had also masturbated together while chatting online.   Our relationship, up to that point, was like nothing I had experienced before and we thought it was time to meet.  

I had a couple of days off and planned it all out.   First I had got a hotel room for his visit because I wanted somewhere undisturbed so if we wanted to we could just stay in the room (preferably the bed), or we could do sightseeing and other stuff.  

When the day arrived I dressed very carefully knowing some of the things he liked from our conversations.   A bra, panties naked smooth legs were the first layer. He had said he was an ass man so I found a nice tight fitting denim mini skirt and a purple satin button up shirt. If I do say so myself, my ass looked good, what I will do for my man, my butt isn’t my favorite body part.   Arriving at the airport in a limo, I wanted us to relax and I had a surprise for Wayne .

I wasn’t the only one with surprises; Wayne had given about 24 people on his plane flowers, balloons and a Purple Teddy Bear.   As they walked off the plane, they searched me out; I had told Wayne what I would be wearing.   I was shaking and almost in tears from nerves and excitement, what an amazingly sweet guy I had found.   (Could he get any better?)   As I stood there watching the love of my life walk off the plane had a hundred things going through my mind, should just stand there staring like a idiot (didn’t think my legs would hold me up if I tried to walk), or go to him (I was positive that every person who had just come off the plane before him stopped to watch us). My thoughts were answered as he put his suitcase down, walking towards me with his arms spread wide for me to go into.   I dropped the flowers, balloons and bear all in a pile, running straight into the arms of the man I had loved so much it hurt.  

There was pure raw sexual energy as we embraced, Wayne picked me up and swung me around planting a very soul shattering kiss on my lips, as cheers went up.   We parted after a few minutes of kisses and hugs.  

When we separated he whispered “Hi Babe”, someone handed him his suitcase and someone else me my flowers, some of the balloons and my teddy bear.   

We walked off to get the rest of his stuff, I gave some kids near by most of my balloons keeping the big ones that said “I love you”, before going to the Limo.   I couldn’t believe how much it felt like we had been together forever and that this was the millionth time in his arms instead of the first. When he saw the Limo, he looked at me questioningly; I think he was expecting me to be driving. The drive was well over a 30 minute to the hotel but I had asked the drive to take the scenic route.  

From our talks I knew there was one thing he had never experienced and I planned to give it to him.   I snuggled up in his arms; we kissed and cuddled for a few minutes.   Then I placed my hand on the big hard cock I knew was in his pants, my mouth was watering because I had seen pics and I couldn’t wait to make it my own and suck on like a lollipop.   I was going to get my chance really soon.

I unzipped his pants and reached in to his pants, I rubbed my hand up and down the shaft until he was really hard.   I knelt on the floor between his legs and wrapped my lips around the top of his cock, licking around the rim of his cock, kissing down the shaft and licking up the underside.   I took him in my mouth and swallowed as much of him as I could, it was so much better than I could imagine.   He let out a moan and ran his fingers through my hair finally grabbing it firmly.   Knowing that no one had let him cum in their mouth and since he had my hair I knew he wanted this bad.  


So instead of my original plan of tease him I just went to work to make him cum.   I rode his cock with my mouth up and down as much as I could fit occasionally I would stop and lick the shaft like a lollipop.   I would go to his balls and lick and suck them into my mouth and then go back to sucking his cock.   I just concentrated on swallowing as much of him over and over again until he came.   With a deep moan it hit the back of my throat like a fountain of lava hot and sticky.   I swallowed almost all of it and what I didn’t swallow I licked up.          

When I was done cleaning him up, Wayne said “I didn’t think I could love you more than I already did but I am so crazy for you.”      He reached down to the floor and lifted me on the seat.   He kissed my deeply after telling me how much he loved me again.   He then leaned me back on the seat and slowly lifted my skirt to show my panties.   He gazed at my pussy and then slowly lowered my panties away from my pussy.   He flung them across the limo and then set in to feast.   He had told me he was a coinsure of oral sex.     I wasn’t sure if I could believe him because most guys I had met with big cocks didn’t careless about foreplay, they thought they could just do it all with what was between their legs, boy was I wrong.    


He kissed all over taking in my scent, then he separated my lips gently and just gazed at it then gentle leaned down, licking my clit ever so gentle but the tingles went right up to my head, almost making me came right there.   I grabbed his hair, in reflex, and all I heard was a gentle snicker and felt another lick at my clit and the tingles went shooting up.   My pussy was now almost leaking liquid I had got so turned on giving Wayne the blowjob.    He was able to easily slid his fingers into my wet pussy, he start licking and sucking on my clit, with all that had gone on it didn’t take me long to trap his head in my legs as I came so hard I swear I saw fireworks.   Once I got my senses back enough to speak I could only say one this “Damn you are good”.   He smiled and kissed me on the lips with them still coated with my juices.  


He unzipped his pants and leaned over me I couldn’t believe it he was ready to go again.   He had said he could keep going over and over, and not that I didn’t believe him but I was very happy to see Big Boy was ready to be of service.   He leaned over me a very slowly entered me, I could feel myself fitting around his cock, I took every inch of his 9 in then wrapped my legs around him as he started to pick up the tempo.   I could feel his balls hitting my ass each time he drove you cock deep inside my pussy.   If I didn’t know better I was sure he was hitting the top, by this time the waves of pleasure were just riding over me and it was all I could do to just hold on and enjoy the ride.  

After making me come to many times to count he shoots his cum all the way up and I could feel it hit my cervix.   He leaned over and kissed me with a long deep kiss while he slowly pulled out.   We then straightened up and cuddled and kissed the rest of the way to the hotel.  

When we got to the hotel the driver helped us out and got our stuff to the door.   We tried to tip him but he said no all the wanted was to keep the panties we didn’t pick up.   He said the day would be forever etched in his mind.           

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