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Perfect Encounter

I wish it was always like this

The door is slightly open. Inside there’s cold champagne and a note on the bed telling you to undress, but to leave your knickers on, and lie down on top of the soft duvet. The lights dim and some eclectic dance music starts playing. Then you feel hands touching you lightly across your back and shoulders, your neck, tickling you all over. Your arms are crossed above your head and the tickling continues down the sides of your torso and the edge of your breasts.

The hands move down to your lower back and then to your thighs, every now and again lightly tickling between your legs and brushing against your lips through the cotton of your underwear. Once your skin is super-sensitised you feel warm oil being drizzled over your back and your thighs, massaged into your shoulders and neck and down your spine and the top of your legs. After a while, your panties are pulled down to your ankles, then off and onto the floor, and the massage continues. You feel more warm oil drizzled over your back and between your legs and your lower spine becomes the focus of attention and the smooth curves below.

Every so often, a hand lightly massages oil into your lips, parting them slightly and a finger tantalises your warm wetness touching your clitoris momentarily sending waves of sensation through your body. Circling your entrance but never actually entering. After an hour, a voice whispers in your ear for you to turn over onto your back and lift your bottom off the bed. Two pillows raise your hips from the mattress and soft hands gently push your legs apart. A warm wet tongue begins to play with your clit in tiny circular motions, intermittently diving between your lips. Just as you feel the first orgasm rising the licking stops and is replaced with light kisses on your thighs until the orgasm subsides. Then the gentle licking begins again and the cycle is repeated until all you want is to feel release. The voice whispers ‘this time’ and the soft tonguing starts again and doesn’t stop until waves of pleasure spread through you as you reach a strong clitoral orgasm.

Oil is drizzled onto your stomach and across your breasts and hands massage your chest gently but firmly concentrating on your nipples. The voice whispers to you to turn on your side and bring your knees up to your chest. You feel a body against your back and a hand between your legs. Fingers gently circle your entrance and then are replaced with a thick hard cock. It slides into you slowly. The body behind you shifts slightly upwards until the head of the cock is against your G-spot and begins gently thrusting in and out. A hand on your lower back keeps the angle just right and within minutes you can feel a deep G-spot orgasm approaching. You begin to buck back against the body behind you with every push and then the orgasm breaks. The fucking doesn’t stop and within minutes you orgasm again before pulling away and falling onto your back. After a while you feel fingers seeking out your wet lips again, gently spreading them and stroking your clit.

For what seems like ages you come over and over alternating between clitoral and G-spot induced orgasms before finally the voice whispers to you to lie on your front again with your legs tucked under you.

More oil is dribbled between your legs. Fingers gently rub the oil into your parted lips and over your clit, while another finger begins to circle your other hole ever so gently dipping just inside every now and again. A set of anal beads are pushed into you one at a time and you moan quietly as you begin to feel full.

The hard cock, twitching, is pushed against your pussy and very slowly rubbed up and down your open lips and over your clit. Just when you can’t take it any more it slides inside you sending light shivers throughout your body. You can feel the cock pushing against the anal beads through the walls of your pussy as your G-spot and the beads begin to send strong sensations all over your pelvic floor. As the cock begins to thrust in and out you feel another orgasm beginning to rise and you bury your face in the pillow as you start to moan loudly. As you come you feel the beads being slowly pulled out one by one, increasing the intensity and duration, until you are soaking wet and feel your own come dribbling out over your lips.

The cock inside you slows, moving deeply in and out still, as a slim smooth vibrator is touched against your tight hole. The low frequency vibrations engulf your lower body as the vibrator is inserted gently, centimetre by centimetre until you can feel the head against your anal walls and the hard cock on the other side. The vibrator is moved in and out as you begin to relax and the sensations wash over you - the cock filling your pussy and the vibrator filling your arse.

After a long time the cock withdraws and seconds later a warm tongue begins licking the gap between your lips in long slow strokes. A warm mouth covers your clit and sucks gently causing you to shudder hard. The tongue moves upwards and teases the entrance to your pussy. The vibrator is slowly pulled out of your tight hole, which is relaxed now. The warm tongue explores where the vibrator has been - tickling the crinkled skin. Ever so gently one finger is inserted into the tightness, then a second. Stretching you further. Discomfort gives way to incredible pleasure as the fingers relax you even more.

Then you feel the hot bulging end of a still hard cock pushing into you slowly, ever so slowly, until you have the whole length inside you filling you up. Tiny gentle movements in and out are enough, yet you push back hard against the cock as it starts to touch places that haven’t been touched in ages. You start to rock back and forth controlling the pace and depth. You feel a strong – different – sensation building from deep within and suddenly orgasm with a force and intensity you’d forgotten. The cock continues to gently move in and out and you start to moan and shout out thrusting back against it, losing all sense of time. A second orgasm hits, stronger than the one before and your legs begin to shake uncontrollably. You collapse onto the bed and eventually, the feelings start to subside.

The voice says quietly, “Now it’s my turn.”

You lie on your back. Fingers run through your hair and turn your head to the side. Warm lips touch yours and you gently kiss. Teeth gently nibble your lower lip and a tongue circles your mouth making your lips wet. You kiss again, full and hard, over and over. The kissing moves to your neck making you shiver gently, then to your ear, sucking and kissing your earlobe. Then the mouth is against yours and you kiss deeply, tongues entwined. You can feel the hard cock pressing into your thigh as a hand reaches down and gently starts rubbing your swollen pussy lips, seeking out your clit. Two fingertips circle your clit in tiny circles and massage the surrounding area. You moan gently while still kissing the soft mouth against yours, a tongue now filling your mouth.

Strong arms gently yet firmly push you onto your side and a hand slips down between your legs from behind, spreading you. A cock circles your wet entrance and then enters you deeply and you let out a gasp. It begins to move in and out once again hitting your G-spot bringing on waves of feelings throughout your lower body. You lie on your side, relaxed and in total ecstasy, as the cock begins to thrust backwards and forwards. You start to moan loudly. Yet another orgasm rising within you.

The body behind you shifts upwards forcing the cock into the front wall of your pussy pinpointing your G-spot and pushing against it even harder. You start to rock back and forth as you come hard and shout out in pleasure. Suddenly you’re on your back and fingers are massaging your clit. Within seconds you are moaning again, the feelings almost too much to take. You shake wildly as the orgasm continues before you have to grab the arm reaching down between your legs because you can’t take anymore.

Strong hands move you to the edge of the bed. Your legs are lifted up over wide shoulders and again the cock is inside you moving all the way out and then back in deeply. Arms are wrapped around your legs as you are fucked harder and harder this time. You start to cry out. The intensity increases and your legs start to spasm and straighten. Just as you are about to come again the cock withdraws.

“I want you on top now,” says the voice, more breathless than before.

You climb on top and take the upright cock deep inside you, then slide back so that the tip is just inside you and the shaft is between your lips. You begin to gently slide back and forth, rubbing your clit and the inside of your pussy alternately. You sit down harder and the pressure on your clit increases. A wet mouth sucks on your nipples one by one as hands massage your breasts firmly but gently. As the feelings rise in you again you begin to slide back and forth harder and faster before almost staying still and rocking back only a few inches as a mini orgasm shudders through your body.

You move down taking the throbbing cock in your hand and begin stroking it before taking it in your mouth. It’s warm and gently pulsing and you can taste your own juices mixed with pre-come. You move your mouth up and down the shaft, gently nibbling on the tip and circling it with your wet tongue. You reach between the legs spread beneath you, seeking out the tight entrance and slowly push your middle finger deeply inside, rubbing the forward wall. The legs beneath you begin to tense and you hear a moan. Within a few seconds, streams of hot come fill your mouth, and dribble out of the corner of your mouth and down your chin. The body under you relaxes and you collapse into outstretched arms. Satisfied, and slightly sore.


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