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Power Play

Contributing Authors: Milik_the_Red 
A psychologist meets a challenging patient.
“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

Oscar Wilde

'Rebecca Weiss is a seventeen-year-old junior at Rosemont High School. She was referred to me by Principal Burton for consultation regarding potentially inappropriate and unsafe sexual activities allegedly committed on school property.'

'The initial report, filed by Mrs. Elaine Matthews, who claims to have witnessed the act, states that she observed Ms. Weiss engaging in an act of oral copulation with an unidentified male in the student parking lot.'

'It is important to note that to date Rebecca has been an exceptional student with no prior history indicating any anti-social behavior. This and the fact that she has maintained a 4.0 GPA further indicate that even should the accusation prove true, she is likely simply exploring the sexual awakening girls in their late teens do.'

'This being the case, she will need to understand the emotional and other ramifications of such behaviour. I would also advise discussion about the potential legal implications of a woman her age engaging in sexual activity, as well the ever-present dangers of pregnancy and STDs.'

'While her parents may have to be notified, we should, if possible, avoid any permanent record of this activity that might adversely affect her ability to continue her education.'

'If, however, it becomes clear that she had been coerced to any degree in this sexual activity, the proper authorities must be notified. This would not be a matter solely for academic administration.'

Ted Bishop reread his preliminary report and sighed in resignation as he saved it to his files. The dry clinical wording gave no hint to the emotionally explosive subject he was about to broach with the girl. He silently hoped no one would ever have to actually read it.

‘For Christ’s sake,’ he thought with a grimace. ‘ So she was giving her boyfriend a blow job! Girls her age do that every day. How in the hell is hauling her into a psychologist’s office for counselling and exposing the whole thing going to make her feel any better about herself?'

The school was handling the whole situation far too seriously. It would have been better if they simply issued a warning to her to keep intimate acts away from the school, but apparently Ms. Matthews just wouldn't let it go. Finally, Principal Burton agreed to send Rebecca to Ted Bishop’s office for counseling and psychological assessment.

Dr. Bishop just knew it would be a waste of time. The only thing he would likely accomplish would be to completely humiliate her. Emotional scars like that never heal easily, and he deeply regretted the need to put her through this invasive conversation.

Worse still, he could not even begin to imagine how upset and afraid she would be when she realized he would have to notify her parents of the incident and what she had been caught doing. He could only hope they would react with love and understanding, but he knew better than to expect that. It was far more likely they would succumb to their shock and perceived humiliation and then take it out on the poor girl.

He took a moment to look over his office, noting the fact that it was as comfortable and nonthreatening an environment as he could make it. Unlike the mostly cold and utilitarian rooms at Rosemont High, he took great pains to create a space for his practice where patients would not feel the sterility of an uncaring institution. The muted colors of the thick carpet and paint felt more like something in a real home. Even the furniture had been chosen to feel like anything other than the professional office it actually was. It was about fifteen minutes from the school, but a world away.

This was not the first time Ted had dealt with sexually provocative female students. It seemed that even as seniors in high school they had not yet absorbed the raised consciousness that seems to come to women in university. When that happened, they did not wish to be regarded as sex objects and objectified by men. At seventeen, they were just discovering their sexuality and exploring it, especially the power it gave them over males their age. Added to this was the impact of social media on societal norms. Texting led to sexting and more.

That seemed to Ted to be a double-edged sword. It was good that young people were growing up less inhibited than their parents and grandparents had been about sex. However, the pendulum seemed to have swung to an extreme where hormones overruled common sense. There was no such thing as discretion in this day and age. Everything was out there for all to see. They had no sense that this sharing could impact on their lives negatively later. It was just part of the narcissism of youth: selfies, blogs, constant texting. He wondered sometimes about whether they ever experienced ordinary human interaction after seeing students texting each other when they were in the same room.

‘Enough philosophizing,' he thought to himself. 'I had best get my game face on to deal with Rebecca.' He was just watering one of his potted violets when he heard the soft rapping on the frame of the open office door.

"Hello, Dr. Bishop. I'm Rebecca Weiss. Mr. Holmes said you wanted to see me when class was over."

Rebecca was not at all what he was expecting. She was dressed relatively conservatively in well fitting dark denim jeans and a navy and white striped shirt. She had red canvas sneakers on, completing a picture that conjured a sailing club, with maybe just a hint of preppy. Rebecca was tall and her long copper-coloured hair framed her face in waves and curls. She smiled as she introduced herself and he could see a certain awareness behind her green eyes.

Ted bade her to sit down and offered her a bottle of water to drink. He sat in an upholstered chair with his notebook on his lap facing her in another chair. He did not want to be behind his desk to conduct this conversation as that would feel like being called to the principal’s office on a disciplinary matter. Although there was a serious issue to discuss, he wanted to send the message that she could be open with him and develop some trust.

To that end, he decided to begin with some positive words about her studies. "Rebecca, I've been going over your school record and I must say, I'm impressed. You've maintained a 4.0 G.P.A. and your teachers all seem to agree that you are an excellent student." He looked up from his notes, smiling warmly.

"Thank you, Dr. Bishop," she replied and returned his smile. "I appreciate you saying so."

"It's well deserved, I assure you. Your record indicates that you are well adjusted socially as well. To date, you have been a model student, which makes this conversation even more difficult, I'm afraid." He waited a moment to see how she reacted, fully expecting her to blanch with embarrassment, but she simply sat and waited, as if for all the world, she had no idea what he was talking about.

Her lack of a response was so complete, in fact, that he began wondering if perhaps Elaine had been wrong in her accusation. If so, his next words were likely going to upset the teenager terribly, and that was the last thing he wanted to do. Still, he had little choice but to continue.

Crossing his leg, he set down his notes. "Rebecca..."

"Please, Dr. Bishop. Call me Becca. Everyone else does." Her manner was still extremely relaxed and he became all the more convinced that some mistake must have been made. He could not imagine she could be so serene if this allegation was true.

"Okay... Becca it is. Do you know why you have been asked to see me?"

It was then that the first sign of a blush crossed her face and he watched as she glanced down at her hands as her cheeks turned to a rosy pink. "Maybe, but I think I'd rather have you tell me."

Ted nodded, accepting her tacit admission. 'Poor girl,' he thought, dreading having to actually lay it out in the open. Not having a choice though, he straightened in his chair and made sure to look into her green eyes as he continued.

"This morning you were observed in the the student parking lot, sitting in a car with an unidentified male. According to the witness, you were engaged in a sexual act with him. Is there anything you'd like to tell me about this?"

He fully expected her to be mortified at the allegation, but if anything she seemed more amused than upset. Her unflinching gaze rose to meet his and she sat back in her chair, unclasping her hands and resting them comfortably on the arms of the chair.

"Before I answer your questions, Doctor, may I ask if this conversation is protected by your professional confidentiality?"

Ted's brow furrowed as he answered. "Unless you have been the victim of abuse or a threat to your safety exists, yes, I'm prohibited from discussing the details of our conversation."

Rebecca leaned forward while casually tracing her fingers over the arm of the chair. "Then I will be completely honest with you. Yes, I was giving a guy head in the parking lot."

In that moment, the shy and demure teenager he thought her to be vanished, and he found himself looking at a young woman who showed no apparent shame for her admission. Her sudden change caught him off guard, and he repeated her response, just to be sure he heard it right. "Did you say you were giving him head?"

Becca's eyes gleamed as she held his gaze and her flawless face lit up with a wry smile . "Yes, Doctor. I was sucking his cock."

"I know what it means," Ted responded, struggling to control his surprise. The directness of her admission, and the ease with which she delivered it, sent an electric jolt racing through him. With it came the realization that she was actually taunting him, and the ramifications of that settled into his gut. His thin lips drew into an anxious frown as he looked at her.

Clearly, he had underestimated the seriousness of the situation and it took him a moment to adjust his thoughts. Setting his now useless notes aside, he began again. "Do you believe it appropriate for a young woman to perform fellatio on a student on school property?" he asked evenly.

He expected to see her flinch at least a little at the direct question, but she held his gaze fearlessly. "He wasn't a student, Doctor. I don't like high school boys."

"Excuse me. Are you telling me he is older?"

Becca nodded slowly. "Yes, he's thirty-two, and no, I'm not telling you his name."

"I thought you said you'd answer honestly."

Sitting back again, she turned her body slightly, causing the rise of her breasts to be exposed from under her blouse. For the briefest of moments, Ted's gaze flicked downward and roamed over her body. It was a purely instinctive response, but by the time he caught himself and brought his eyes back up, Rebecca's full lips were turning upward in a self-satisfied smile.

"I am answering honestly," she replied as if she hadn't noticed his indiscretion. "He's married and I'm not going to let his life be ruined by this."

Ted silently cursed himself and tried to ignore the sheen of perspiration that suddenly appeared on his forehead. Something about this girl had him reeling and he mentally shook himself as he tried to maintain his focus.

"And what about your life? Do you have any idea how psychologically destructive this behavior can be?"

"What, having sex? You're joking, right? That might be true if I wasn't ready. I can assure you, Dr. Bishop, that isn't the case."

"I take it then, that this was not your first time with him. Have you had intercourse with him as well?"

Rebecca actually laughed. "Fellatio and intercourse? Those are such sterile terms, Doctor. They take the fun right out of it. The answer is yes though. I spent the night fucking him." Rebecca's eyebrows flicked upwards and her smile turned impish, as if she were savoring the memory.

Every nuance of her body language indicated that she was not only telling the truth, but that it was a truth she embraced wholeheartedly. There was not a bit of the shame or hesitancy he expected to see in a girl her age, and Ted began to realize this interview was going to be far more complicated than he first anticipated.

"Rebecca," he began again, "You do understand that as you are a minor, I have to report this to your parents and the police. Even if you were willing, you're not old enough to make that decision. This man has committed a crime."

He expected that last part to shake her confidence, but Rebecca just shrugged in indifference. "Maybe he has, but as you pointed out, under the law, I'm a victim. I haven't broken the law and I won't tell them who he is. As for my parents, I was emancipated by them just before the school year began, so they have no say in what I do. That being the case, the confidentiality of this conversation prohibits you from telling them."

Ted sat back, and ran his hand through his thinning hair. He couldn't believe how brazenly comfortable she was with her actions and amazed at how well thought out her reasoning was. He was being painted into a corner by a seventeen-year-old and if he didn't act quickly, the entire conversation was going to spiral out of his control.

He had to gather his thoughts, but was momentarily frozen by being confronted this way, especially by someone her age. He was used to intellectual discourse and argument as he maintained a part-time teaching position in clinical psychology at the university. He was not accustomed, however, to this kind of calm confrontation from his high school student referrals. They were generally a little nervous and reserved if not respectful of authority. Rebecca was calmly confident in her analysis of the situation and her place in it. She did not have any hesitation talking about it and seemed firm in her decision not to disclose the name of the man with whom she was involved.

He decided that he would get her to talk about him and the relationship more without insisting again that she identify him. He also wondered if this was an ongoing pattern of behaviour, or if this was the first man with whom she was sexually active.

He also needed to know whether her conduct had anything to do with her emancipation from her parents’ authority. Had uncontrolled behaviour like this caused her parents to wash their hands of her, or was this her reaction to being liberated from them? What were they like and what exactly had led to this legally sanctioned separation from them? He wanted to know her thought process about what she was doing, how she came to see it that way, and what she imagined the impact on her and the consequences would be. He had to find a way to crack that determination of hers and show her where she was going.

He was casually jotting these thoughts down as they went through his mind and then set the pad aside when he was ready. Rebecca was relaxed while she waited for him, but when he lifted his eyes from the pad, he was taken aback by subtle changes in her bearing. Gone was the innocence of her teenage youth. The way she was holding herself, the way that she sat there waiting for him was much more reminiscent of a woman much older and more certain than she should have been at her age. This was especially evident in the the slight upturn of her smile, almost a smirk.

It was clear that she was actually enjoying this and that didn't bode well for his hope to get through to her. He needed to find a way through her defenses before he could get her to see things from a more rational point of view. That meant digging into aspects of her history that might be painful for her to talk about. As always, such things started at home.

Ted crossed his legs and let his impassive gaze hold hers. "Becca, you stated that your parents emancipated you. I have to wonder why they would do that."

He half expected her to look away or hesitate, but she looked right back at him and hesitated not at all. "I can be very persuasive, Doctor, and I don't do anything without thinking it through. In this case, it was simply a matter of giving my father what he wanted."

Obvious alarm bells sounded in Ted’s mind and he felt a worried knot form in his stomach as the possibility of serious abuse arose. The fact that Rebecca's smile turned to an almost predatory grimace worried him even more. "What are you telling me here?" he asked. "Have you been abused by your parents?"

Rebecca actually snorted in a sharp laugh. "Seriously, Doctor. You really have far too suspicious a nature. No, my parents are good people who would never dream of harming anyone." She let her words trail off, purposely leaving the thought hanging over a chasm of doubt.

Ted swallowed as he watched her, trying desperately to understand where she was going. When she didn't continue, he felt his frustration begin to rise.

"But you just told me that..."

Rebecca cut him off, finishing the sentence for him. "That I gave my father what he wanted? Did you actually think I meant something improper?" Rebecca responded, clearly baiting him.

"I assure you it was nothing like that." she went on. "What I did was write a resume for him that was accepted by an investment firm in New York. It was the job he was working toward for his entire life. Unfortunately, it meant moving across the country. I told my parents that I wanted to finish school here. It wasn't that hard to convince Daddy that I am capable of taking care of myself. As you pointed out earlier, I am doing very well in school, and I have a trust fund from my grandparents that is more than enough to last me through college."

"That assumes you aren't expelled for behaving improperly, Becca. I'm disturbed by how frivolously you are responding to this situation. You don't seem to understand or accept the impropriety of your actions this morning. If I came to that conclusion in my report, you would be expelled from Rosemont, and that would make getting accepted into a good college problematic at best."

For once, something he said seemed to hit home, and for a brief moment her veil of confidence slipped away. Rebecca glanced down at her hands and she shifted in her chair. "You would do that to me?"

"I'm not doing anything to you, Becca. My job is to analyze your behaviour and determine if there is cause for concern. Right now, I see only a blatant disregard for authority and a willful attitude compounded by inappropriate behaviour." He hated making such threats, but he had to break through her confidence. For the first time, Ted felt as if he was regaining control of the situation.

Rebecca refused to look directly at him as she answered,. "I know, Doctor. I understand what you're saying. I just can't seem to help myself. I think I might be some kind of nymphomaniac. Please, you have to understand, it isn't my fault."

Ted felt her fear and anxiety and was relieved that he had got past her implacable armor. Now, he needed to assuage her fears. "Becca, there is no such thing a nymphomania. It's an outmoded idea from an earlier age. Your urges may be stronger than the average girl your age, but I promise that they still fit into the normal range of human sexuality."

"So, there's nothing emotionally wrong with me?" she said with a snuffle, looking up hopefully.

"No, it just a matter of learning to control those urges, that's all. Just because you have an impulse does not mean you must act on it. Part of maturing is impulse control and judgment."

Rebecca sat back and smiled in victory as her crocodile tears vanished along with her mask of doubt. "Then you agree that there is nothing clinically wrong with me. As I see it, doctor, this is simply a matter of choice. I choose to use my sexuality as I see fit. From everything I can see, your only real issue is about what you and the school consider appropriate. Under these circumstances, I don't see how you could justify placing any note into my personal file."

Ted was dumbfounded by her abrupt turnaround. He thought he had gotten through to her but instead, she had turned it against him. Anger rose in his chest and he swallowed it down, refusing to be baited.

"Maybe so, Becca, but your actions must be accounted for regardless of how you feel personally about what is appropriate. You admit performing a sexual act on school property with an adult male. Tell me why I shouldn't confirm that action and allow the school to expel you."

Rebecca nodded. "You could, and you would end my promising scholastic career. I wonder though if you have considered what that might lead a young, sexually active girl to do. I might start working in strip clubs when I turn eighteen. Or maybe I'll become an escort. My options would be very limited." Rebecca was leaning toward him, as if daring him to try.

When he failed to respond immediately, she sat back into her chair. "I admit though, giving him head in the parking lot was a bad idea. If you will let it go, I promise it won't happen again."

Ted rubbed his eyes and shook his head. "Becca, I'm far less concerned with the instance this morning than I am with your failure to understand the danger you are putting yourself in. There are serious emotional and physical hazards to what you are doing that I don't believe you've considered. So let's forget the threats. I just want a chance to explain how damaging your behavior can be to your health and emotional well being."

Rebecca sat back in her chair and looked directly at him as she began to speak. It was clear that he had not shaken her at all. “You’ve had your say and I listened. Now I will have mine. Do you really understand what you are saying to me? I find it interesting that you are so concerned about the impact of this on me now and for my future. Would you be saying the same thing to a male student? I doubt it. If the captain of the football team had been seen either getting or giving oral sex you would think nothing of it. You would say that is just part of raging male hormones and growing up. I bet you would react this way even if he was with another guy. The only thing you would likely do is remind him about protected sex.

“The fact that I'm female doesn't make a difference. I should be treated the same way rather than be subjected to your sexist attitude, and Mrs. Matthews’ Victorian standards. She is married but I'd guess she hasn’t had sex in years. Being celibate may work for her, but it won't do for me.

"It doesn't matter if I was sucking him off or letting him fuck me, the question is the same. Why shouldn’t I, if that's what I want to do? Why should it matter to you if I do it to please a lover or to get what I want? Women may have been the weaker sex in the past, but not now. We are in control of our bodies and ourselves. We are capable of making our own decisions. This is the twenty-first century, Dr. Bishop. I am in control and capable of making my own mind about what I want and what is good for me. No one else should interfere. The only reason we should be talking about this is that it happened on school property. If I'd done this across the street, it would be none of your business entirely.”

Ted found himself uncharacteristically speechless. He had expected Rebecca to be ashamed and perhaps even fearful of the repercussions of this. Instead she was defiant and rebutted his point of view with an insight that he would not have admitted to himself. She was right. He probably would have treated this less seriously if it had been a male student. What did that say about him and his attitude toward young women? Was he sexist? He felt as if she had not only upset his arguments but also reversed the balance of power between them. He had lost his certitude and struggled to gather his thoughts as he tried to continue their conversation.

“I understand what you are saying and I admit you aren't completely wrong. Women do have choices now. They are empowered in their lives. However, there is something you have not thought about that goes along with this: using your judgment as to what is good for you. Just because you have an impulse to do something does not mean that you should give in to it.

“You may be aroused sexually, but the person with you may not be the right one for you to have sex. Or the time and place may be wrong. Or you may come to realize that having sex every time you are aroused, no matter with whom, is not a way to live your life. You have to value yourself more. Aside from the danger of being involved with people you don’t know, there are other concerns like sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy.

“Oral sex is sex, a different form of sex than intercourse, but still sex. That is something that you should not give as freely as a handshake. Sexual intimacy is not something to be shared indiscriminately.“ Ted wondered at this point whether her attitude evolved from the Clinton sex scandal, this legal parsing of what sex is. She was too young to remember that, but he did.

“Ideally, sex should be an expression of love. Even when it is not, there should be some kind of connection between people. What worries me about this, and you, is how random this seems. You have not talked about any emotions attached to this man. Using sex as a weapon is not healthy for you. You will ultimately feel used even if you think you are in control now. As well, this will damage you in how you can relate to anyone that you do love and want. It will impact in your ability to respond to them and devalue lovemaking with them. How could this be meaningful if you do the same things that you have done with others as casually as brushing your teeth?”

She took a deep breath before responding. “It is not random if it can make me happy in that moment or let me please someone I care about. It can also get me what I want. I am the one with the power, whether it is oral sex or fucking. Not the man, me. Your points all sound good in theory, but I wonder how they would hold up in reality. I'm willing to bet you wouldn't say no to me if I offered myself to you. Not if you knew no one would find out about it anyway. Look at me, Doctor. Really look at me. You know you would do it.”

Ted was really looking at her and not unaware of her ripe sexuality. Despite the conservative clothes she wore, she was obviously very much aware of her body and moved with an adult sensuality. He realized that the thought of what was under those clothes and the spark of carnality in her eyes when she challenged him was very arousing. It was also entirely inappropriate, he knew, but he felt his cock twitch and awaken as he took in what she said.

Ted was in no position to do with this young woman what that unnamed man had done. An older man having a sexual adventure with a high school girl was beyond the limits of propriety for him. He knew there was an inequity in such a situation as it was not a meeting of equals and never could be. An experienced, mature man could not engage in sex with a young woman, who for all her bravado, was not equipped to deal with life as he was. That applied to any man of his age. Even more crucial was his ethical responsibility not to take advantage of anyone who was in his care. That rule was inviolate to any professional and could bring accusations of professional misconduct that could cost him his licence to practise.

Ted had dealt with flirtatious clients in the past and this was something that was not uncommon. It was a kind of transference that psychologists and psychiatrists were trained to deal with. What was different this time was that he felt himself responding to Becca despite all of his education and experience, and, of course, against his better judgment. This brought to mind the expression that said a penis has no conscience.

He had to get a hold of himself and his reaction to her. 'This is crazy,' he thought as he felt himself getting hard even as he was fighting to quell his desire with rational thought. He was trying and failing miserably. The rush of arousal was gripping him and his penis was straining in response to his runaway libido. He squirmed in his chair and recrossed his legs hoping to shift his burgeoning cock lest Rebecca notice what she had done to him.

Rebecca seemed to be studying him while he gathered his thoughts and when she got up and moved toward the door, he felt a sudden surge of uncontrolled excitement. Despite his best efforts, the sight of her and the way her jeans clung to her ass made his mouth go dry. The dull click of the bolt being thrown sounded loud in his ears and he swallowed involuntarily as she turned back toward him. "Becca, you shouldn't lock it. That's completely inappropriate."

Rebecca slowly shook her head and pouted seductively at him. "There's that word again, Ted. You do seem to live your life by it. Well, that's your choice. Personally, I'd rather not."

Ted felt himself flush nervously as she approached him. Gone was the innocent student who had entered earlier. What he saw now was a woman who moved with a feline grace that made his heart pound in his chest. Worse still, his instincts clearly sensed her availability and his cock was raging hard by the time she sat on the arm of his chair.

Ted removed his glasses and set them down as he struggled to control his own impulses. "Becca, what are you doing? Please unlock the door and sit down."

Rebecca just shook her head and unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse. "No, Ted. I think we need to talk about the value of self-control versus our compulsions. I think it's easy for you to tell me I should control mine when you aren't given a real option not to. I wonder how certain you would be if you knew you could fuck me."

"Think about it, I refused to give you the other guy’s name, so you know I won't tell anyone. I'm young, safe and willing to let you have me any way you want. All you have to do is say yes."

"Becca, please..." he began but she slipped down to her knees in front of him and grasped his cock through his pants. Ted's breath caught in his throat as she began squeezing him. Paralyzed by his own desire, he let himself look at the enticing sight of her breasts under her blouse. Her nearly transparent bra held them high on her chest and revealed them entirely. They were firm and full, and he could just make out the hazy rose of her nipples showing through the the sheer material. Her cleavage spilled out enticingly as she stroked him through his pants.

Rebecca was glowing with excitement as she held his obvious arousal and she nuzzled and bit his cock through his pants. "See? You do want me. Do you know how wet the thought of fucking you makes me? Just think about it, Ted. I'm only seventeen years old, with a tight body and I just love to fuck older guys. You're in your forties, right? I'm offering you the best sex of your life, Ted. You'll never get a chance to fuck a girl like me again."

Rebecca rose and brought her soft lips within inches from his ear as she continued to fondle him. "What kind of fantasies have you been dreaming about all these years? Younger women? Anal sex? Maybe you'd like to tie me up and spank my little ass." Rebecca felt his cock twitch in her hand as she ran through the possibilities. "I do it all, Ted. You can have me anyway you want. All you have to do is admit that I'm right. How difficult can that be?"

Her breasts were rubbing on his chest making his heart pound. Abruptly, she let go of him, leaving him delirious with lust. Becca brushed his cheek with her lips and then carefully straightened her top as she returned to the door. By the time she turned the lock, she once again appeared as the proper student she seemed to be when she first appeared in his office.

"You have my address and phone number in your records, Doctor. You can choose to go on living your boring, ethical life for the rest of your life, or you can spend your time exploring your darkest sexual fantasies with me. I'll be waiting for your call."

With that, Rebecca disappeared around the corner leaving Ted staring at the door. He was shocked by what had just happened. No patient had ever reversed the balance of power with him as Rebecca had. Regardless of what he should have been feeling, her parting words had turned him on in way he couldn't control. She'd been so close to him that he could smell her arousal and he was almost certain it was still lingering on his clothes as it was in the air.

This was his worst nightmare.To be completely honest, being surrounded by young women with raging hormones was a temptation that constantly lurked in the back of his mind. He'd always simply attributed it to the natural hard-wiring of the male mind and kept it suppressed, but Becca had prodded those synapses and now their heat coursed through him. He couldn't think straight. Rising from his chair, he locked the door to his office. He desperately needed to compose himself and at this point, there was only one way short of a cold shower to clear his mind.

Fortunately, it was growing late in the afternoon the offices were empty, so he leaned back into his chair and slowly unzipped his fly. His rigid cock sprang up strongly, tenting his underwear. For a long moment, he gripped and squeezed his length from root to tip and then, with a sigh, yielded to his need by reaching in to massage his tender and heavy balls. Despite his inner conflict, he gave in to pleasure and pulled his aching shaft into the open air. It was swollen and throbbed in his hand, demanding his touch. Ted began stroking himself hard, seeking the release he needed. Once he came, he would be able gain some perspective at everything that had just happened, or at least that is what he told himself.

Masturbating at work was not something he had ever done before, but being turned on this way did not happen there either. Closing his eyes, he used both hands to grasp his cock and balls. Visions of Rebecca on her knees in front of him flashed through his mind as his hand traveled up and down the length of his cock. Images of what she might look like nude, the color of her nipples and how thickly they might protrude from her breasts filled his mind as his body responded to his touch.

Droplets of pre-cum were already coating his circumcised head and he used his thumb to make tight circles over it. He had no desire to prolong his pleasure. Release from his arousal and the sudden burst of orgasm were all he sought and he had no intention of slowing until he came. He pumped his fist hard over his length with an energy that matched his need. His grip tightened and his fierce pace caused his breath to become laboured.

He could see Rebecca in front of his eyes, her creamy skin, long legs and lush breasts that were as good as naked in her transparent bra. He imagined that her pubic hair was auburn like the rest of her hair and most of all, he imagined how it would feel to sink his cock deeply into her. It wasn't long before a long groan escaped his lips and he fumbled with the tissues as his orgasm exploded with a spectacular force that he had not felt in a very long time.

Ted sat there spent and confused. Still feeling flushed, he carefully cleaned himself and put his penis back in his trousers. 'What has happened to me? ' he thought. 'How could I allow Rebecca to turn me upside down like this? I can’t deny that I want her, but I have to follow my own advice and not give in to an impulse just because I feel it. What am I talking about? I just did when I jerked off and if I am honest with myself her offer is all I can think about.'

He realized that his hand was still on his cock as he was trying to sort out his thoughts. Rubbing it was soothing, but it was evident that he was stiffening again. Such was the intensity of his desire for her. Accepting her invitation would risk his career, not only as the designated school psychologist, but entirely. If it were discovered that he had had sex with a patient, he could kiss his licence goodbye. Yet all he could think about was kissing her mouth, her breasts, her pubes and more. “Goddammit, I have to get control of myself!” he said out loud.

He sat there dazed, lamenting his weakness and wishing for more resolve. He could see his life in ruins if he succumbed to this temptation, but he could not get Rebecca out of his mind. He wanted to live the fantasies running like a movie in his head. He wanted to fuck her again and again and feel her flesh melt into his. He wanted to fill her with floods of semen in every orifice. He imagined what oral sex both given and received would be like, and the anal sex - so forbidden and therefore so sensual. That recollection and the images he could see and almost feel brought him another full erection.

He reached down, but stopped himself. “Enough!” he said emphatically. “Think, Ted, think.” But all he could do was stare at the phone number on her file in front of him as he unconsciously cupped his hand around his penis and balls. Rebecca was right again. He would never get another chance like this. She told him the thought of fucking him made her wet. 'Christ, the things she does to me!' His cock was hard again and as he squeezed it, fluid continued to ooze from its tip. He'd hoped that jacking off would clear his mind, but now he just wanted to start all over again. He was just beginning to yank slowly when the phone rang.

Ted almost ignored it until he saw the caller ID. The name Rebecca Weiss stood out in dark letters on the green background and he was reaching for the phone before he could even begin to stop himself. He barely had time to clear his throat and settle his voice before he spoke into the receiver.

“Hello, Rebecca,” he said in his best attempt at an even tone. “What can I do for you?” He cursed himself silently as he realized that his usual greeting to callers was not exactly the right thing to say now.

“Hello, Ted. Have you been thinking about me and what we could do together? I know you have. I thought I should give you a sample of what it will be like if you came to me, just to help you decide, of course.”

“Becca, please…” Ted implored, but she was not deterred.

“I'm home now, and I've stripped down to my panties. Do you remember what it was like when I touched you? Think about what you saw when I opened my shirt for you.”

Rebecca’s voice sounded huskier and more sultry now than it had earlier. She was so brazen that his cock pulsed at the sound of her voice. Ted tried to speak, but his words turned to a garbled gasp. He knew he should tell her this was wrong and cut the call off, but he couldn't force himself to do it. In a fit of despair, he surrendered to the compulsion that was overtaking his reason. He had not removed his hand from his crotch and suddenly realized he was stroking himself vigorously again as he listened to her seductive voice.

He hadn't meant to gasp out loud, but when he did, Rebecca giggled in satisfaction. “Mmm, I heard that, Ted. I want you to pull your cock out for me. Open your pants and do it now. Hold it and your balls with your whole hand and squeeze them for me.” She heard him gasp again and returned a low moan of her own.

“Listen to my voice and imagine me as you pump it up and down. I'm pinching my nipples for you. I’ve pushed my panties aside and have my fingers playing with my pussy. I’m so hot and wet for you, Ted. I can't wait for you to fuck me.”

Ted was entranced by her voice and could almost feel her with him. Just the sound of her heavy breath burned him to the core. While she couldn't have known that he was already stroking himself, he did not deny that he was following her directions. Anything else would be pure torment for him. He had been excited before her call, and now his cock was a purplish-red and fully engorged. His balls felt impossibly full despite the copious orgasm he had had only a short while earlier.

“God help me, Becca. I admit it, I can’t resist you. My cock is so big and hard for you...”

“Is the head all sticky now? Imagine rubbing it into my pussy. Can you feel my heat and wetness sliding around your cock, Ted? I bet it's throbbing in your hand as you think about pushing it inside me.”

It was and he was. He could not remember the last time he had been so aroused.

“I can feel you moving deeper inside me with each stroke. Can you feel me grasping your cock within me? I can feel you stretching me open. Oh fuck, I am so wet, Ted. It's dripping all over my thighs. Fuck me, Ted, fuck me hard and make me scream. Show me how much you want me.”

Ted flicked the phone to speaker and just hoped no one would hear. He now had one hand clutching his cock, frantically moving up and down as the other was busy fondling his balls. "I do want you, Becca! God forgive me, but I do! I want to hold you down and fuck you so hard. I want to fuck you until I fill you with my cum over and over again.”

“Then come for me now, Ted." she commanded. Her voice was breathless and Ted could only imagine how she looked now. Her voice caught and there was a sudden, strangled gasp. “I’m coming, Ted! Oh fuck, I'm coming on your cock. Shoot it inside me, baby. Fill me up with your cum.”

Becca suddenly cried out in ecstasy and the sound of her orgasm drove him over the edge. He tried to speak, but his words refused to form anything more coherent than the feral groans she was drawing out of him. The urge to thrust and flex his hips became overwhelming in his mind and then stream after stream of hot seed spurted powerfully from his cock.

Rebecca waited until his groans diminished before speaking again. When she did, her voice was filled with a weariness that could only have been caused by her own post-orgasmic exhaustion. “If this is what we are like on the phone, think about what it will be like when we are alone together. You can do anything you want to me, Ted. You can lick my pussy while I suck your cock. You can tie me to the bed and spank me if you want, or you can even fuck me in the ass. It doesn't have to be just once either, Ted. I'll give you every fantasy you've ever had. All you have to do is admit I'm right."

“Think about it, Ted. Are your pride and ethics really worth missing out on this?” Her voice was so calm now. She was in control and already knew what his answer would be. Without giving him a chance to respond, she cut the connection.

Ted collapsed in his chair with his slacks bunched around his ankles. He already made the admission, both in word and deed. He had failed his ethics and his wife and so far, only had his own hand and some messy tissues to show for it. He thought of her hand holding his cock and how her breasts felt against his chest as she whispered in his ear and shook his head. In reality he knew that it was not right. It might cost him everything, but what she was offering might be more than he could resist.

I have to thank Milik_Redman for asking me to collaborate with him. Writing with him is really a cooperative effort and a pleasure.

To be continued

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