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Obsession Stories


An Obsession With Jane Pt 1

A woman becomes the obsession of her younger neighbor.

A faint beeping was going off somewhere in the distance. The coffee pot, Mason thought as he opened his eyes to the morning light illuminating the bedroom through the curtains. He stretched out under the soft sheets of the bed and realized he was alone. I...

Mia Found!

Locating Mia has me one step closer to curing my obsession.

Amy had left me stunned. I had left myself half dressed! As quickly as I regained my wits I ran to my pants and threw them on. Racing to the stairs, I ran down them two at a time, across the lobby, and out the front door. I retraced the path to the Wildwo...

Lend Me A Pen

Can you lend me a pen, my love

Can you lend me a pen my love, I want to write a sonnet in praise of your thighs and then a haiku or two to your eyes. I'll scrawl lipstick stanzas over shoulders and chest, they're the best, then pull out my phone to get a good shot of your gun. Your nam...

Finding Mia

I go in search of beautiful Mia, but without much hope.

I continued chatting with Mia every chance I got. She seemed like she was interested in meeting, but like most intelligent people she was reluctant to share personal information that would allow us to meet. Her profile said she was in Seattle, almost 850...

When The Memories Are Too Strong

A young woman reclaims a lover's attention.

The door was closed behind him, all that they needed to say to each other, and desired, repeated as if their affair was as fresh as it had once been. Some months had passed, more than the last time she had assured him that their relationship had to be ove...

The Panties Made Me Do It

I never expected they would become the fabric of my obsession

After hooking the delicate lace panty mask around my ears, I breathe and blink in the darkness, breeze tappin' the blind against the wooden frame. Her room's a comfort, in a way. Familiar. It must have been my room as a baby. Just a feeling I have; faint...

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Sex Retreat - Sunday

Maria has fallen for Andrew. Will she be able to save her marriage?

Sunday morning. Well, actually it was almost noon when I woke up. Andrew was lying naked next to me, and I felt like fucking him one more time. I hugged him, kissed his neck, and stroked his dick. It didn’t take him so long to be fully awake as I could te...

Valentine's Day

A day to celebrate our most private intimacies

Valentine’s Day. Romance, candlelight, roses, fine wine. And sex. Passionate, romantic sex. There will be all of that, this evening, with my darling, lovely husband. He will be well dressed, so handsome and charming, and I will melt into his arms and fall...

Best Laid Plans - Part 1 - Chapter 3

After incredible sex with Pam, Ted is confused about her intensions for the future.

Part 1 - Chapter 3 “A man’s shirt on a woman is like a flag on a conquered fortress.” They lay silent next to each other for several minutes before Pam finally asked, "Was I good for you, Ted? Did you like it?" Ted's eyes almost crossed at the silliness o...

For The Love Of Cock

I can't wait to have a real one. But in the meantime, I make do.

My name is Anne. I'm eighteen, and a senior in high school. I'm a pretty good student - I get good grades for the most part, but I'm not very outgoing. I have some close friends and we talk about, well, all the stuff I bet you can imagine girls our age ta...

The Soldier and The Cleaner Ch 2

It had only been four days since Thomas took my virginity. Now I may have fucked it all up.

Since the beginning of the season, we'd been struggling to get our game down. The majority of our team was made up of freshmen and sophomores. Then there was me and three other juniors with only one senior, the goalie. Tonight's match was tight, and it wa...