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Pure Lust

A fantasy between two Lush friends - with benefits.
They meet in the lobby of a hotel, moving to the bar where he buys her a drink. They settle down into a comfy couch, sitting down next to each other and clink their glasses together, toasting each other, and to the fact that they are finally meeting.

They had spent many an hour chatting over the internet, getting to know each other inside and out. Their conversations, sometimes deep and meaningful, sometimes playful, had built into something more, although neither knew how to admit it. They had started joking about meeting up, about getting away from their own lives, but deep down they knew it wasn't actually a joke. They both wanted this.

They nervously start to chat, the excitement of finally being here together almost too much for them, and they make small talk until the nerves started to disappear. They quickly fall into the comfortable banter they had enjoyed on line - the teasing, flirting, the comments, all leading to what that both want, the sexual tension is thick.

After a few more drinks and some suggestive comments, he takes her hand. Kissing it, he asks if he could show her his hotel room. She looks at him, and shyly nods, nervous but excited. 

He nods towards the elevators, and tells her he'll meet her over there. He requests a bottle of champagne from the bar, and walks towards her, holding a bucket of ice with the drink and two glasses. As he walks towards the elevators, he allows himself to look at her properly, up and down. Her black dress shows off her curves, with some light jewelry complimenting her pale skin. Her hair is piled on top of her head in a dark messy bun, tendrils falling across her face. Her soft brown eyes follow his movements towards her, and as he reaches her, he leans towards her; kissing her cheek softly before whispering in her ear that she looks absolutely gorgeous. 

She blushes slightly at his words, and the elevator doors ping open, leading them closer to their destination for tonight. They enter the elevator, and as the door closes, he kisses her again on the cheek, enjoying the way she had blushed at his compliment. Her head turns towards him, taking his face in her hands she brushes her lips over his for the first time.

Oh how he wants this! The tension flows through his body, just from the touch of her lips on his, and she pulls away from him as the doors open, looking into his eyes.

As they approach his room, he tells her to grab the key from his back pocket. Standing in front of him, she presses her body to his, reaches around and takes the key. She lets her arms stay locked around him for a second before turning to the door that would lock them away from the real world.

Once inside, she stands next to the door, closing it behind them as he unloads his hands of the champagne onto the little table next to the bed. He turns and makes his way towards her, grabbing her body and pulls her towards him. Their lips find each other naturally and the warmth from their kiss starts to flow.

He pushes her back against the closed door and grabs her wrists. Holding them both in one hand, he places her hands above her head, trapping her. He pulls his lips from hers and starts to kiss her chin, down the middle of her throat, and then licks across her neck. His free hand moves down over her body, exploring it fully.

His hand moves all over her, down her leg, back up, and over her breasts, lightly touching her nipples through the fabric of her dress. She moans as his hand moves down her stomach, to the hem of her dress. He lifts her dress slowly, the fabric running up along her thighs. He traces his hands across her underwear, lightly brushing against her mound and feeling a slight damp patch already.

He feels her melt against his body and the door holds her captive to his movements, and she moans again as his lips brush her neck, up to her ear. He whispers to her, asking her if he should continue. She can hardly utter a sound, too filled with lust in this moment and she nods her consent.

He removes his hand, releasing her, but presses his body hard against her, so that she has no choice but to feel his hard bulge fighting to be released. She loves the fact that she has done this to him, that she is his weakness, and this thought turns her on even more.

He leads her to the middle of the room, holding her hand, and he stands behind her, finding the zip for her dress. He slowly pulls it down, revealing the bright red lace of her bra, looking inviting and sexy as it contrasts with her pale skin. The zip has no where else to go, and he puts his hands on her shoulders, slowly pushing the straps of her dress down her arms, savouring in every moment. The dress falls from her body like silk, creating a puddle of fabric around her feet. 

He turns her around so she is facing him, and he places his lips on hers for a quick kiss. They press their bodies against each other with passion, and her hands snake around behind him to hold him tight. Her almost naked body sends his cock throbbing with desire, the lace covering her breasts rubbing against the fabric of his shirt. 

He pulls away from her, removing his shirt as she fumbles for his belt, unzipping his trousers and dropping them to the floor as he steps out of them. He pushes her gently, one hand behind her, into a seated position on the bed, standing over her, almost intimidating. His fingers run through her hair, and she sighs at the feeling of his skin touching her. 

He pulls his body closer to hers, the bulge in his boxers begging to be released from it's prison. He sees her glance at it, and she raises her head up, to meet his eyes with a smile. Her hands move onto his thighs, moving up slowly, as she reads his mind. 

As her hands reach the waistband, she whispers to him, telling him how wet he has made her, and her fingers slide under the elastic. He moans with the thought of what is about to happen, and replies to her, telling her that she can see how hard he is for her, only her. Her hand lightly touches the head of his cock under the waistband, and he moans again, loving the pain and pleasure she is putting him through. 

He runs his fingers down her scalp, over her shoulders, and pushes the straps of her bra from her shoulder before returning to her head and running his fingers through her hair. He lightly pushes her head to him. She pulls his boxers down to release him, her tongue ready to suck the tip into her mouth. Her hand lowers to the base of his shaft, holding him gently as her tongue bathes over the head of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue laps at the underneath of him before wrapping around the tip and tonguing his slit softly.

He closes his eyes and moans, enjoying the sensations her tongue is building for him. Her mouth continues to slowly suck his cock further into her mouth, teasingly slow, while her tongue bathes it, making it wet and warm. The feel of his cock slowly sliding over her tongue, deeper inside her mouth is like entering heaven. His eyes open, looking down at her, and he hardens in her mouth at the look of concentration and lust on her face and in her eyes. She winks at him, before taking his whole cock deep into her mouth, his head swelling as it sits against her throat.

His fingers dance down her back, releasing her bra, and it falls away from her body, setting her breasts free. He places his palms on her naked back, moaning to her how good her mouth is making him feel. He can't fight the natural urge to thrust slightly against her mouth. 

She swallows, and he can feel the contractions of her throat milking him, pulling him in further. His hands reach down her chest and he cups a breast in his hand, massaging it and fondling it lovingly, teasing her naked nipple. He hears a sharp intake of breath from her at his touch, and in response she closes her lips, tightening the pressure on his shaft. Her tongue rungs along his cock as he continues to lightly thrust into her mouth. Her tongue feels amazingly soft, warm and wet, moving lustfully over his hard cock, and as he moans for more; he increases his thrusting. She gags slightly at the unexpected movement, and as one tear runs down her cheek, he lifts his hand to her face and rubs it away, cupping her face while his cock saws in and out of her mouth.

He feels more than hears her moan as her lips hold him tight, her throat taking him deep, and he starts to feel the first twinge of a throb. She feels his cock swell, and starts to run her hand up and down his shaft, jerking him into her mouth, her throat, but he looks down at her and slowly pulls himself from her mouth.

He looks down at her, a huge smile on her face, and with lust flowing through him, he pushes her gently further on to the bed. He lifts her legs with his arms and pushes her further up the bed, as she looks at him, urging him with her eyes to take her. He kneels between her legs, and she moans, her pussy aching to be touched. His fingers pull at her underwear, a matching red lace thong, sliding it along her thighs, and on to the floor. His eyes hungrily drink in her fully exposed body for the first time, and he tells her how fucking hot he finds her. She teasingly bats her eyelids at him, easily falling back in to their natural flirting, and tells him it takes one to know one. 

His hands reach to the side of the bed and finds the champagne bottle, dribbling some on to her body, moving quickly to lick the bubbles from her tantalising skin. She jumps slightly at the feel of the cold liquid on her body, at the feel of how sexy it is to have him drink from her body. The bottle hovers over her lips, and he slowly pours a thin stream into her open mouth. His face leans down to meet her lips, his tongue meeting hers and they taste the champagne together, until his lips leave hers.

He takes a swig from the bottle, and moves down her body to take a nipple in his mouth, the liquid bubbling over her skin as his tongue bathes at her hardened nub. Her head rolls back and she sighs at the sensations. He swallows the alcohol and bites her nipple, before taking another swig and paying attention to her other breast. This time her body jumps as she feels the liquid flow over her body, as he opens his mouth, sucking her breast in to meet his tongue. Her fingers wrap through his hair, holding him to her body as she watches him. He sucks hard against her breast before returning to the first, paying the same attention there.

He takes another sip from the bottle, and lowers his head, letting the liquid flow between his lips, dribbling out over her pussy. Using his hands, he spreads her legs wide, her pussy opening up to him. He can feel her body quiver at the touch of his hands, so close, but not close enough. The liquid rushes over her lips, and he places the bottle back on the table before quickly moving down to trace his tongue through her folds, tasting her and the champagne as one. He sighs into her pussy, telling her how amazing she tastes. Her hips start to buck towards his mouth, but he pulls away, his hand reaching for the ice bucket, which he places on the bed. He grabs a couple of cubes from the bucket and holding one between his fingers, he carefully places it over her clit, watching for her reaction. A whimper escapes her lips, the feelings he is creating throughout her body are taking her. 

With one ice cube on her slit, he places the other at her entrance, sliding it gently around. Pleasure spreads across her face as he removes the cube from her clit, and lightly runs it along her skin. He glides it over first one nipple, and then the other, before placing it in his mouth and crunching hard. 

She groans, telling him how badly she needs to feel him, to have him touch her. In response, he lowers his head back to her pussy, using his tongue to replace the cube he withdrew. He starts to finally lick her furiously, wanting her to cum hard for him. He presses the other cube up into her pussy, using his fingers to shift it around inside her. She cries out at the invasion, swamped by the pleasure he is inflicting on her. He can feel her whole body tense against him, his tongue wildly attacking her clit as her hips buck and jerk. He moans into her pussy, telling her how much he loves teasing her, as his fingers build up pressure inside her pussy, fucking her. 

She starts to beg him, to please fuck her now, she needs the feel of his rod buried deep inside her. Overtaken by lust, his eyes meet hers, and he positions himself, kneeling between her legs and placing his cock against her pussy. He senses her urgency, that she is close, that she needs to release, and he slowly starts to enter her. She moans with each tantalising push. He leans forward, his head above hers, staring into her eyes as his cock enters her completely, and he starts to fuck her deep. His strong thrusts which immediately send waves through her whole body. He places his forehead against hers, and as their lips meet in a frenzied panic, a panic to taste each other again, his cock instantly begins to twitch and throb inside her. Her pussy feels slightly cold from the ice still, and the sensation is almost too much for him, as she rises to meet his thrusts, fucking hard. His cock starts to throb more and more, and she melts into him, the first wave of orgasm flooding her body, her pussy, and it contracts around his cock. He can't stop the force of his climax, as it takes over his body, and she whispers to him, wanting him to cum hard, to make her explode with him as one. 

Afterwards, they lie in each others arms, spent, but waiting with anticipation for what the morning may bring...

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