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Saving Her Job

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James leant forward over his desk and picked up the phone, dialling the extension for his secretary, Tori. Asking her to come in he leaned back in his chair, steeling himself for the chat they were about to have. He did not want to fire her, but the order had come from higher up in the organisation, and a refusal could’ve put his own job at risk; what choice did he have?

She strode into the office within a minute and not for the first time James was forced to reflect on just how damn fine she looked; it would be a shame to not see her around the office from now on. She looked resplendent in her white blouse, short black pencil skirt, seamed black stockings and stiletto heels, making his task even harder for him to contemplate.

He asked her to sit down, which she did with her customary grace, and began to detail the reasons why he was having to make this decision. She sat there stunned, shocked that her job was about to disappear in front of her eyes.

“If there was anything I could do to save your job, I would” he concluded, a sad tone in his voice.

Tori, her mind jolted into action by his last words, looked up at him and, with a suggestive look and questioning tone, said, “Surely you could just teach me a lesson instead? A little spanking perhaps?”

The shock on his face was quickly replaced by a look which indicated he’d do a hell of a lot more if given the opportunity, and noticing this, she got up from her seat and leant over the desk, showing off her cleavage, offering her lips for a kiss. He leant forward himself in acceptance of her proposal, and they began to kiss each other passionately, his hands finding themselves within her blouse and on her breasts almost instantaneously.

His fondling of her petite breasts excited her greatly and it was not long before her nipples stood erect, grateful for the attention. Her blouse and bra fell to the floor giving him greater access to her lovely breasts, which only served to heighten both of their arousals. She began to undress him at this point, silently evaluating his toned body with a smile on her face as she started imagining his cock inside of her.

Once he was fully naked she lay down on the desk so that her head was in his lap, from where she started to give him a blowjob that she hoped would begin the process of saving her job. Flicking her tongue over the head of his cock while she stroked his shaft elicited a passionate groan from his lips, which was only silenced when she slipped her lips over his head and down her shaft, swallowing as much of his sizeable cock as she could.

Satisfied to a point, he gently grabbed her head and pulled her off his cock, bringing her instead to his lips for another kiss. They broke off the embrace and he told her to bend over the table, so he could begin teaching her the lesson properly. It was at times like these he blessed his luck at working for a premier adult toy manufacturer, as prototypes were always passing through his office.

Reaching into his bottom drawer he withdrew a wooden paddle which was due to go on sale in the coming month. He stood up and walked around the desk to where Tori was patiently stood in the bent position, her ass poking out into her tight skirt sexily.

He undid the zip at the back of her skirt and slid it down her stocking covered legs, his hands enjoying the feel of the nylon on the way down. She stepped out of the skirt and kicked it away, which coincided with his rise back up to her rear end. With her skirt off he could now see she was wearing suspenders and a garter belt also, making her even sexier than before in his eyes.

The wait was beginning to annoy her and, seeing this, James resolved to put her out of her misery immediately. Using his hands he slowly massaged her ass until he could feel the moisture seeping through her thong with his free hand.

At this point he took his hands away and picked up the paddle, which swiftly came through the air to connect with her tight ass. Despite knowing what was coming she sharply gasped as the pain subsided to leave her with a tingling pleasure. He repeated the process on her other cheek and it drew much the same reaction. She turned her head to look at him, giving him a look that almost pleaded with him to keep going.

He continued to oblige her for the next few minutes, watching with interest as her ass slowly reddened in tune with his contact with it. Her gasps of pleasure intensified with each progressive slap until she was biting her lip to stop herself from screaming out with bliss.

During this time his cock had begun to swell considerably and it now stood fully erect. Feeling it against her now sensitive ass she turned her head once more, the look in her eyes begging him to fuck her properly.

Using one hand he slid her panties down her legs and she stepped out of them, leaving her dripping pussy free to be used as he wished. With her still bent over the table he gave her pussy a slap just to check she was wet enough to take his large cock and, satisfied she was, he slid it into her pussy with ease from behind.

As he progressed, steadily at first, into her pussy she began to moan and once he was balls deep she let out a sharp gasp, as the size of his cock struck her in a physical way. He began to slide back and forth out of her pussy, making her moan more frequently and with greater feeling each time.

Reaching forward to grab one of her breasts with his hand he intensified his strokes into her pussy, getting as deep into her as he could. After a few more minutes of this she arched her back in orgasm, giving out her largest moan yet as her body shuddered with the pleasure running through it.

As he pulled out of her she turned around, offering her lips for yet another passionate kiss. As they kissed his hands wandered down over her neatly trimmed pubes and onto her clit, which he began to fondle.

Leaving her lips behind, he moved his head down her body also, licking a trail through her cleavage, over her belly button and onto her clit, while his fingers now busied themselves with her juicy pussy.

They remained this way for a few minutes as he slowly finger fucked her with his index and middle fingers as his tongue flicked around her clit, slowly exciting her once more. Grabbing his head she dragged him back up for another kiss, before leading him around the desk and seating him back in his chair.

Once he was seated she began to kiss him again and then, with a mischievous smile, she positioned herself over his cock with her pussy. Her smile got even broader as she slowly slid down his shaft until it fully disappeared into her, eliciting another groan of pleasure from her lips.

She began to bounce up and down on his cock while keeping one finger on her clit, causing her to moan yet again. He began to thrust upwards with his hips to complement her movements and it wasn’t long before she came for the second time that afternoon, her body almost collapsing with the force of the orgasm. She sat back down on his cock with a contented smile, allowing herself to recover a little.

Once she had regained her breath she came up off of his cock and knelt down on the floor, using her tongue to excite his tired cock. It rose again quickly at the feel of her tongue and she began to go down on it as far as she could, his length proving just too much for her to handle. She kept going however and, partly due to her fondling of his balls also, it wasn’t long before he came too.

Feeling brave, she kept his cock in her mouth at his point of climax, taking his cum direct into her mouth. Once he was done she turned her head to look at him while her mouth was still full of cum, forcing a smile before swallowing it all down, at which point she broadened her smile before bringing herself up to his face for yet more passionate kissing.

“Do you think I’ll be able to keep my job for a little longer then?” she enquired playfully, her hand idly fondling his cock.

“I’ll see what I can do, but I wouldn’t worry too much,” he replied, “I’d miss this sweet ass around the office.”

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