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Sex Does Sell

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The adventures of Marion, a pharmaceutical saleswoman

Marion worked for one of the large pharmaceutical companies selling their products to doctors and hospital’s. To call her beautiful was an understatement. She had legs to die for, breasts that took your breath away and the face of an angel.

She dressed accordingly, wearing clothes that accentuated her best features, stockings and shoes that showed off her legs to perfection, blouses that gave just a hint of what they were hiding and suits with trousers or skirts that made for one hell of a package.

Early in the morning, Marion woke up after a good night’s sleep, feeling excited because she was visiting a well-known clinic where David, a good friend, was in charge of procurement. Which meant not only could she probably make a good sale but also have some great sex.

The thought of what could happen started making Marion horny. Under the bed clothes she let one hand slide down to her pussy and the other cup her left breast. Slowly Marion rolled her nipple between her thumb and finger as she slowly spread her pussy lips with two fingers from her other hand before sliding them deep inside herself.

Slowly at first, Marion fucked herself with two fingers, and the hornier she became, the more fingers she slid inside herself. Eventually, as she found that four fingers were not enough, she reached in a drawer at the side of the bed. There was a large dildo which she proceed to slide deep inside her now wet pussy and fuck herself.

Because she was so horny, Marion was stroking and rubbing her breast and lowered her head so that she could suck her own nipple deep inside her own mouth and tease it with her tongue.

With each thrust, Marion drove harder in her wet pussy. In between teasing her breasts and fucking her pussy, she was starting to reach the high point and let out a lust ridden moan as she finally had an orgasm.

Eventually Marion had to return to the real world to keep her appointment. She prepared herself a scented bath, after which she put on expensive silk underwear, a blouse that showed off her assets to their best and a business suit consisting of a skirt and jacket with high heeled shoes to complete the image. All in all, Marion was a sight for sore eyes, sexy and erotic and with a look that would shame many a model.

A few hours later, Marion arrived at her destination and set about getting ready to ply her trade. After years selling, Marion knew exactly what to do to seal a deal even before it was made through the use of subtle tricks such a showing a slight hint of cleavage or a hint of thigh. She usually didn’t have that much trouble wrapping these middle aged procurers around her little finger and sealing the deal before anyone else had a chance.

After a morning of appointments, the time had finally come for Marion to go to the clinic where David worked, and whilst there would be fun to be had, the first thing to would be work. As David knew Marion’s naked body inside out, she didn’t have to use sex to seal this deal. Despite often using her allures, she was also one of the best at what she did without using her womanly ways.

Eventually the deal was signed and sealed, so David invited Marion for a meal in a 5 star restaurant. Marion, being Marion, decided to warm things up a little early. She slid her foot out of her high heeled shoe and started to rub her stocking clad foot against David’s cock.

In no time at all, his cock was stretching the contours of his bespoke tailored suit. Up and down Marion ran her foot along the contour of this hard cock. Enjoying the feeling of it against her sole, eventually she did stop because the night was yet young and she would have plenty of time later.

Once the meal was finished David called for his car. As was fitting for one of his station he had a company limousine with driver. The car had tinted windows and a tinted glass partition that could separate the driver from the occupants. The first thing that he did after they were in the car was to close the partition and pour both himself and Marion a drink.

After some small talk and the drink, Marion cuddled up to David and started to kiss him. Almost immediately their tongues were dancing an intricate dance. David lowered his hands to caress Marion’s succulent breasts whilst she took over where her foot had left off and started to stroke David’s hard cock through his suit pants.

Slowly, Marion undid David’s trouser, took his large cock in to her hands and started to massage his cock with her fingers. Up and down she ran her fingers before dropping her head and taking it in to her mouth. Slowly she moved her tongue in circles on the end of David’s cock before she took the whole thing in to her mouth.

Lightly biting, Marion pulled her head up and down, driving David in to a frenzy of lust. In the meantime, David had undone Marion’s blouse and was caressing her succulent breasts whilst teasing her nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

Because Marion was wearing stocking he had been able to stroke her pussy. Feeling its wetness on his fingers, Marion jumped up, kneeled between David’s thighs and starting sucking his cock in earnest. Between the ministrations of Marion’s mouth, teeth and lip and her hands, David was starting to get to the point of no return.

Marion’s hands were now a blur as she bobbed her head up and down on David’s cock. Suddenly David stiffened, let out a groan and started to shoot in to Marion’s mouth. This also drove Marion to an orgasm as she has been wildly rubbing her pussy while she had blown David.

David physically lifted Marion and set her on the back seat of the car, then kneeled in front of her and lowered his head to lick her wet pussy lips. Before sliding his tongue upwards to find Marion’s clitoris, he licked her bud slowly in circles, gently sliding first one then two fingers deep inside her pussy.

Marion started moaning as David had reached four fingers inside her, and as he did this, he started to lick her clitoris delighting in the taste of her love juice. As Marion was now so hot, David decided to go for it and pushed gently until his whole hand disappeared inside Marion’s pussy.

First with a surprised look, then with a grin Marion looked at David and said to him, “Come on, baby, fuck my pussy with your hand, come on, baby, fuck me.” David need no second telling and gently started to fuck Marion with his hand.

For Marion this was a totally new feeling that was driving her crazy, so she started to buck harder and harder against David’s hand, moaning and whimpering. Her nipples were now hard and waves of lust shot throughout her body. David also noticed that Marion had gone on to another plane and started to fuck her with his hand a little harder and a little harder.

Marion could no longer stop the first of multiple orgasms that came. As David pulled his hand from Marion’s pussy a stream of her juice shot out, covering his face, which he greedily drank.

By now both David and Marion were totally lost in lust and only had eyes for each other. After a short break, she once again started on David’s cock, sucking it and rubbing it so that she could soon slide it deep inside her wet pussy. Marion, who was always hot, didn’t need any help her pussy was still wet after her first fist fuck, something that she most definitely wanted to try again.

Marion, who most certainly knew how to get a cock to stand to attention, had finally done her job and sat astride David, taking his cock between her fingers and sliding him deep inside her pussy. Her breasts rubbing against his chest, Marion started to ride Dave as she slid up and down on his now engorged cock.

The feeling as the hairs on his chest brushed against her nipples was driving Marion crazy. For a little relief - if that was at all possible - she changed position and rode David using the reverse cowboy position which allowed David’s cock to go even deeper inside her. Holding herself slightly in the air, Marion made it possible to jackhammer deep inside her pussy, each thrust driving deeper and deeper.

Marion had now also started to rub her clitoris, and come heaven or high water, there would be no stopping her now. Alternating between her pussy and breasts, Marion was now flying high. She held up one of her succulent breasts and started to flick the nipple with her tongue, then sucked the rip bud deep inside of her own mouth.

With her other hand, Marion was rubbing her clit like crazy and between that and the big hard cock that was fucking her dripping pussy she was slowly starting to cum. Each thrust from David brought forth a sigh and moan from Marion as she came to the limit. Suddenly, David pulled his throbbing cock out of Marion, and after getting her to kneel in from of him, he thrust his cock deep inside of Marion’s pussy and started to fuck her doggy style.

Whilst David fucked Marion, he reached forward and started to kneed Marion’s breasts with his fingers. Her nipples he pinched and pulled as, slowly but surely, both came towards the much awaited orgasm.

Like a stallion, David thrust deep inside of Marion’s pussy, which was now throbbing with wanton lust due to the thrusting of the huge cock deep inside her and the fingers from her left hand that were furiously rubbing her clitoris. David’s thrusting became quicker as he also came towards his orgasm, and as Marion reached behind and grabbed his balls, he came, shooting wads of his thick hot cum deep inside of Marion.

The feeling that came as the hot thick cum shot deep inside her pussy brought Marion to the end, and she started shaking as one orgasm after the other wracked her body.

After cleaning up and arranging to meet again next time that Marion was in town, the car dropped Marion off at her hotel.

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