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Sex in a hollow tree

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A hollow tree in a park is a good place for loving sex
I was thinking yesterday about that trip to that National Park in Kenya where you can walk around. You remember how we made love in the bush with the animals all around us. There was even once when we were mating at the same time as a pair of impala. You remember? But the highlight of that trip for me was the time we made out inside a hollow baobab tree. Do you still remember that?

We parked the car to go for a walk; of course we were horny as usual on that trip. As soon as we were out of the car we kissed, a long lingering kiss, our pelvises pressed together, the heat already there. You could feel me hardening against you. Holding hands we walked off along the river bank just up from the flowing waters of the river.

African wildlife was all around us, a bachelor herd of impala, a bull with a harem of females, a small group of waterbuck, vervet monkeys up in a big apple-ring acacia tree, a small troop of baboons foraging for grubs among the fallen leaves of a sausage tree. In the distance a herd of about 30 elephants led by an old grandmother matriarch were trying to reach the leaves of the apple-ring acacia, but struggling while a few babies poked among the leaves for fallen acacia pods. And everywhere the large clay termite mounds, like surreal castles spread over the dry landscape.

We wondered through this landscape kissing and hugging, grabbing and teasing. You were wearing a short denim miniskirt as I recall, and underneath you had a pair of lavender coloured panties with little flowers on them. I remember them because I liked the feel of your wet pussy through the material, and I love pulling them aside to see and taste you.

Anyway, I remember seeing this big half dead baobab tree not far up from the riverbank, so we kissed and teased our way over to it. I am not sure what drew us in that direction, as there were lots of baobabs around, but it was fate I am sure that led us to the big tree. As we neared it, I could see that it was hollow inside, and the space was about one and a half metres in diameter.

We approached the tree gingerly; taking care to make sure that there was not some animal lurking inside. I peered in and it looked clear. There was a huge bee hive at the top of the hollow, and the bees were making quite a lot of noise but they were entering from a hole much higher up, so there was not danger from entering.

We crept through the small entry into the hollow of the tree, and kissed most passionately, our tongues entwining, mine winning and exploring the roof of your mouth. I nibbled your lips, sucking each one into my mouth sensually as your pelvis pressed against me, bringing back the erection that had started to fade as we explored the tree. I reached behind you, holding the small of your back and pressed my pelvis back to you, showing you what you were doing to my cock.

You drew back slightly, and reached down to touch my erection, and you sent shivers all over me because it had been aching for that touch since we got out of the car, or even before. I like the way you pressed me through the material of my shorts, you seem to know just how to touch my cock to make me burn even more with desire for you.

I reached behind you, just below your bum and pressed you back into me, then ran my hand up under the back of your miniskirt so that I could fee your hot wetness from behind. As my fingers touched your pussy, you let out a soft little moan, and I pressed harder into your now soaking wet panties.

I don't know if it was just your general horniness, the kissing and teasing, or the situation inside the tree, probably all of them, but you were ready to take me inside and you told me so in the husky tones of extreme arousal. So I dropped my shorts and underwear, exposing my cock, its glistening head wet as you were and completely ready to slide inside of you and fuck you as I know you like to be fucked.

You bent over as I was behind you, and I hiked your tight miniskirt up over your waist, and pulled aside the crotch of your panties. My hard wet purple headed cock pressed between your pussy lips and you moaned as it slide every so slowly, teasingly inside you. Oh, how I love to tease you when I am sliding inside.

Once inside you, I just moved slowly, teasingly in and out, varying the speed a little between thrusts to keep you from sensing and anticipating the next move. I know you like the way that feels. I reached for your breasts and cupped them in my hands, taking your hard nipples and twirling them between finger and thumb. Your moans and mine mingled as the sensations became almost unbearably wonderful.

We stayed locked like this, fucking inside the tree for I don't know how long, several times we came close to exploding into orgasm, but you always managed a "no wait" so I held it back or tried to keep you (and me) on the very edge of cumming but not letting go.

I reached down and ran my hands up the insides of your thighs, I know how much you like that, especially when the orgasm is getting close. After a couple of times doing this, I started rubbing your clit in little circles with one hand while the other explored your inner thighs. Your breathing became more and more erratic, and I could tell that your orgasm was going to cum, you didn't have the mental presence to say "no wait" any longer, so I let go as soon as I could feel you starting to cum. I exploded into you, all the excitement and extreme arousal released in one incredible orgasm. Your orgasm was also powerful, if the noises you made were any indication.

We finished up after that rather quickly because when I looked outside I could see a herd of elephants were getting uncomfortably close. Pulling our clothes back on, we hurried back to the car and drove quickly away. Had we not come when we did we would have been fucking in the middle of a herd of elephants. I am not sure how they would have reacted to that!

I will always remember that fuck in the baobab tree, and cherish it along with lots of other special times we have spent together and special fucks that we have shared.

[You know this story is for you, to remind you of this lovely time, and hopefully to make you ache and get wet from the memories. Touch yourself for me now, my love, the way I would if only I were there with you at this moment. I will be soon, but for now, build it up slowly. I won't make you beg this time. Just cum. Cum for me, for us, for our special memory, and let your orgasm - and my love mingled - in it carry you away. Say my name, tell me you're cumming, and hold it, make it intense my greedy lover.]

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