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Sex in the office

Sexy Girl Get Surprise Banged In Her Office
Hi Everyone! This is my first story, so please comment and let me know if you like it! This is a partially true story with my boyfriend and I as the characters. Thank you ;)

My boyfriend and I have a long distance relationship. He recently graduated from UCLA and I am currently a sophomore there. We used to message each other really often, a couple hours a day, but recently it was decreasing to a couple times a week. This worried me a lot. I usually sat in my office, making phone calls and replying to petty emails as an intern for a law firm. He was starting up his own company on the other side of the state, and was always busy.

Extremely bored, I was swaying my leather chair from side to side. I stared at the pictures of me and my boyfriend in the frames I had recently purchased. Someone gently knocked on my door. It was a soft knock. My boss always knocked aggressively. I was confused.

I went to go open the door, but the man just burst in before I even adjusted my skirt and walked a few steps. I was in complete and utter shock. My boyfriend was standing in front of me, in my own office.

He walked towards me with a lustful look in his eyes. His arms reached to hug me but didn’t. He stared into my light blue eyes the entire time with the sexiest look that I had ever gotten from any man I had ever been with. It had been too long and I had a feeling things were going to get hot very soon.

He kept walking backwards until I bumped into my desk. He kept going and I had no other choice but to sit down on my desk and look up at him. Our eyes were locked and I got the sense he was going to do really naughty things to me soon, all the things I had thought about while touching myself all those lonely nights by myself.

Our noses touched as he brushed his big sexy lips against mine and put his hand on my right cheek. I lowered my eyes and saw him move his other hand up to push my long caramel brown hair to the side uncovering my collar bones and long neck. He started kissing my bare neck and rubbing his warm manly hand along my inner thighs.

He was really turning me on, and I was loving it, although I really wanted him to just kiss me on the lips and just fuck me really hard right then and there on my mahogany wooden desk. He started kissing my neck and moved lower as he started to unbutton my silky lavender blouse. He squeezed my buxom breasts and ran his hand down from my neck to my tiny waist until he got to the thick border of my tight black Michael Kors pencil skirt. He bit my nipples through my black lace bra, and I could feel his teeth grazing the now taut nipples. He unclasped my bra and let it fall to the floor while his hand was still rubbing up and down the insides of my thighs. The way he touched me made me feel like I was turning into jelly, he was just too good.

He unzipped my skirt and pulled it off while I eagerly shifted up to make it easier for him. I had an hourglass figure, rounded ass, and full breasts that I knew he loved. I knew he also loved my collarbones and long slender neck, but I really just wanted him to fuck me right away and tease me later. I was dripping wet and more turned on then I had ever been before. My black lacy panty was soaked, and the only other articles of “clothing” I had on were my pointy black Lou Vuitton heels.

He was wearing my favorite light blue Calvin Klein shirt with dark gray Armani trousers. I loved the way the shirt looked against his tan, olive skin and honey eyes. His shirt was unbuttoned at the top allowing me to see his even more toned pectorals and biceps. Looking down, I noticed how big and hard he was. His dick was poking through his trousers and I greedily touched it to feel it for myself. He caught me looking at it, and stared me down, smiling. He knew from the start how naughty I was, and he loved that about me.

He aggressively pulled my toned legs towards him and wrapped them around his waist. Impatient, I started to unbuckle his belt and unbutton and unzip his trousers. As much as I loved the shirt, it came off too.

I was now one layer closer to him as I lay down, but he was still wearing his white underwear. His dick under the thin cotton was so close to my open wet pussy in the middle of my legs around him that I was willing to do anything for him to get into me. I pulled down my panties and he grabbed my hand and kissed it, picking up each finger and sucking it before letting go. He sucked my middle finger last with his own middle finger and brought the two fingers down to my pussy. He rubbed them around it, but he was careful to not go too near my clit. For that he sucked his finger again tasting my juices and brought it down again rubbing my pleasure spot.

He lowered himself and blew on my clit while rubbing it with his other hand. I was moaning louder than ever, not even caring about anyone in the neighboring offices, nor my boss. From time to time, he would pinch my nipples and hover over me and lick them to make them wet. He would then go from side to side with his tongue over each nipple, which gave me a feeling he knew I loved. At that point I was still lying on my desk and he was still standing, but with his dick now harder, and bare. He had sneakily pulled off his underwear while pleasuring me. It was almost inside me, and I could feel the tip moving inside my wet lips.

Seeing my smile, he pulled my legs apart even more and guided his dick into me halfway. Trying to be the tease that he is, he pulled out almost right away. His hand rubbed my clit gently and he inserted again. He was thrusting in and out slowly still rubbing me. My clit was swelling and I was getting closer to cumming, moaning louder now. My hips were thrusting towards him wanting him to go faster and harder.

He took my moaning as a cue, and rammed into me all the way. He sped up back and forth hitting my g-spot. It felt so good and I wanted all of it so bad I was practically off my desk. After a few seconds, I came and my entire body spasmed. My vagina tightened around his dick and he looked at me smiling. The look of pleasure on his face told me everything as his not cum filled me.

Nothing quite like breaking the law in a law firm.

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