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Sex in Wales

Sunbathing leads to sex
I erected a tent in a field in Wales and went to a nearby beach which was fairly deserted. I lay on my back taking in the sun. As there was nobody near me, I slipped my bathing trunks down to my knees so that I was virtually naked. I wanted to get a sun tan on the whole of my front. After a while I began playing with my cock, getting it almost hard.

Unfortunately, I hadn`t seen someone coming towards me from one side. As soon as I was aware,I hastily pulled my trunks up to cover my nakedness. I was shaken because I saw it was a young woman wearing a two-piece bathing suit. She stopped a few yards from me and lay down on the sand, presumably to take in the sun as I was doing. Then, to my surprise and delight she removed her bra.

I couldn`t help but stare and my already swollen cock became harder. I was pretty sure she must have been able to see there was a bulge in the front of by trunks. She was looking at me as much as I was looking at her naked breasts which were quite firm and slightly sun tanned.

Then, "You were too late pulling up your bathers. I saw you were doing something to your cock, making it quite hard. Now I can see the swelling in your bathers."

"Oh, dear. I`m sorry if I embarassed you doing that."

"I didn`t mind at all. In fact I liked it and I`m sorry you`ve covered up. It was better when you were naked. Why don`t you pull them down again?"

"Someone else might see me," I replied.

"Who? There are only two people some way off and it looks as if they are are leaving, so take your bathers off. After all, I`m partly nude."

"If I do, shall I hold my cock again? You said you didn`t mind seeing me doing that and stroking it. If I carry on stroking it do you know what would happen?"

"Of course I do. You`ll cum. Go ahead and do it."

I wanted to continue, but in front of this girl I`d never seen before this? Eventually I decided to do what she asked. I would masturbate until I ejaculated (which I wanted to do, anyway) but what about her? I would be naked and she only partly so.

"If I`m going to be complely naked again when I do it I think you should be, too," I said.

"Why not? I`ll do it. If you hadn`t been here I would have stripped off, anyway," and she pulled off the lower part of her bathers to reveal a lovely sun-tanned body.

I pulled my trunks right off and again exposed my erection to her. Holding it, I stroked it slowly, wanting to extend the sensation as it came over me. I was now finishing the jerking off that I had been doing before, but now in full view of her. Then, another delight, for she slipped fingers into cunt and finger-fucked herself. Together, we masturbated, watching each otherr doing it and we had orgasms more or less at the same time, my cum shooting out on to my chest and stomach.

"My goodness. That was lovely. I`ve never before masturbated in front of anyone. I enjoyed doing it in front of you," she said.

"Me, too. I`ve now done it in front of a stranger. At home I`ve done it many times in front of women as they watched me. I`d like to do it with you again tomorrow."

"Yes. So would I. See you here tomorrow."

We dressed and said "Cheerio" to each other and parted. I went back to my tent. I assumed that she returned to her home. Later, I went to a nearby hotel to have a drink in the bar and an evening meal in the restaurant to be surprised to see the girl there.

"Well met," I said to her. "Do you usually come here for meals?"

"No. I`m staying here for a few days. I don`t live locally. I have a room here. By the way, I`m Geraldine."

"I`m Steve," I said. "How do you do? A very pleasant interlude on the beach. I`d like to do it again tomrrow but it has started to rain. I have a tent in a field near here. If it`s raining tomorrow we could do it there. Before I leave I`ll show you how to get to my tent. If it`s fine we`ll meet on the beach, and, if not, at my tent. In any case, we`ll meet at 10 o`clock either on the beach or at my tent."

The next day it was still raining so Geraldine came to my tent, where we undressed. Lying on my groundsheet, naked, we began masturbating ourselves. Then, she took her fingers out of her pussy and held my growing erection and started to frig me, so I put my fingers into her cunt and caressed her there.

"That`s lovely," she said. Don`t stop. Make me cum and I`ll make you cum, too," which we did.

As before, my ejaculation shot out of my throbbing cock. She seemed to be having a good orgasm, too. When we had finished she said she wanted me to make her cum again. I continued finger- fucking her but told her I`d sooner fuck her, and could I?

"Yes. You may, Steve. I had hoped you`d do it on the beach yesterday but I suppose we might have been seen by someone. Do it now. Fuck me. I can`t wait."

I did, making her cum several times more. It was quite safe because I`d already shot my cum out. My erection stayed hard the whole time. When she was satisfied, I withdrew my cock.

"That was lovely. You gave me wonderful sex Steve. We won`t go to the beach tomorrow even if the weather is fine. We daren`t have sex there. We`ll have it here."

Early the next morning, I bought some condoms. We could now have safe sex together. My cum going into the sheath as she had many orgasms. We had sex like that several times before I had to return home. 
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