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Sex With The Pharaoh

Tourist gets banged by Egyptian Pharaoh
My tired hands were cramping, pulling the two heavy Armani suitcases across the rough limestone floor. When I finally reached the huge cast iron gate surrounded by the tall stone pillars, two guards came out and looked at me suspiciously. I spoke to them in Arabic, trying to explain to them I knew the pharaoh’s son, Akhanamenoon and was in Egypt only for one night. I was determined to spend the night at the beautiful palace regardless of what I had to do.

After repeatedly telling the guards I was not a spy, I decided the only way I would get a chance to go inside was to flash my D cup breasts. They were both only wearing white cotton skirts, with their exposed muscular form and toned abs. I unbuttoned the top of my blouse and pulled upon the bottom, kissing both of the guards and rubbing my breasts across their buff chests. Knowing that I had to get inside before it got too dark, I rebuttoned my shirt and started walking toward the palace. The guards walked in front of and behind me as I looked for Akhen. Before I was allowed to talk to him, I was told I had to bathe and dress appropriately to be in his presence.

They walked me into the beautiful colorful royal baths. As I entered, I saw three huge pools covered in blue tiles with hundreds of lotus flowers floating on the water. Two slender nude Egyptian girls got out of the water, stripped off my clothes and brought me into the water. The lathered me with clay paste and massaged my body. My nipples went hard at the touch of their soft hands as they massaged grapeseed oil into my skin.

After drying me with linen towels, they clothed me in a transparent white Egyptian dress. It was a very low V cut dress, with three large slits one inch from my crotch. My large breasts and hard nipples poked through the dress and the fabric brushed across my large rounded ass as I walked. The large gold and turquoise belt cinched the dress in the middle, showing my tiny waist. One of the girls dotted some orange scented perfume from a small vial onto my neck and back and lined my large light blue almond eyes with black and turquoise kohl. My long layered caramel hair was combed and she placed a thin gold band on my head. She adorned me with more gold bracelets and cuffs.

As I was led to Akhen’s room, one of the guards walked inside and asked permission for m e to come in. After a couple minutes, the large metal door was unlocked and I slowly walked in. Akhen was sitting with a papyrus scroll in his hand, and rolled it up when he saw me.

He was very tall, with hair shaved very short, hazel eyes and tanned bronze skin. He was atleast twice as buff as the guards I had dealt with outside, especially his biceps. I greeted him in Arabic, remarking at how beautiful his room was. The view of the miles long Nile River was gorgeous, and the pyramids could also be seen through the square opening.

Akhen looked into my eyes and down at my breasts and legs, taking me all in. He took a minute before he said anything. He told me I was going to be his exquisite company for the night, and smiled at me in a sexy way. I smiled at him and responded flirtatiously. He looked into my eyes, smiled and glanced at my breasts again.

Wanting to see his reaction, I got up from the silk ottoman chair, grabbed some grapes and dried apricots from the gold plate next to me and walked up to the raised platform on which he was sitting. I moved the silk pillow to the side while looking into his warm eyes, and thanked him for letting me spend the night. I purposely got really close to him to give him a view of my perky breasts under the exposing dress as I fed him the grapes and fruit. After he smiled and eyed my breasts, I rubbed them against his chest, my hard nipples grazing his bare chest.

His skin was so smooth, waxed until it was completely hairless. I breathed into his ear telling him how I would love to bathe with him later on, and as I saw his dick getting harder and rising from under his thin cotton skirt, I kissed his neck and bit it as he moaned and stroked my long smooth hair.

I brushed my soft cherry lips across his chest and neck, kissing him from his nipples to his ears. I licked around his nipples and sucked them until he moaned again. I glided my tongue from his abs upto his ears. I felt his hard dick and rubbed it while kissing him on his big soft lips for the first time. He started moaning louder and was almost breathing breathlessly, wanting more of me. I stood up and walked around him, taking my time to take the large heavy gold belt off and let the dress slip down.

He moaned as I licked my finger and pinched my nipples. I cupped my breasts and glided my hands from my waist down to my wet pussy, feeling myself. He got up, picked me up and positioned me over his shoulder. He walked over to his large bed and threw me on it. He got on top of me, at a loss of words, stroking my body and letting me feel his rock hard dick, wet from precum, rubbing across my body.

He looked into my eyes as he played with my breasts. He sucked my nipples, circling them and flicking them with his tongue. I was moaning at how he was making me feel.

He pushed me higher up, spreading my legs. He licked my wet pussy, flicking his tongue softly against my c lit and occasionally going harder. I was getting wetter by the second. He would use his fingers to rub my clit from time to time and hover over me, staring at me unable to speak because of how good it felt.

I was getting close to cumming and started moaning louder, unable to control myself. He spread my legs even more and rubbed his dick around my lips before he rammed into me. He thrust inside me, hitting the walls of my vagina with two wet fingers on my clit. He started speeding up as I starting moaning louder, circling my clit even faster. His breathing was getting heavier and faster and I knew he was close. After I came and my vagina tightened around his hard cock, I heard him curse and close his eyes. Soon afterwards, I felt his warm hot cum spurt inside me.

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