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inspired by someone special

She couldn't believe it- it was so utterly wrong of her- but she couldn't help it. She wanted him so much, every time she saw him her thoughts turned dirty and depraved. She knew he was much older and married but it only made her desire for him more wrong, and therefore more exciting. At night she dreamt of his thin strong mouth lapping at her wet pussy, his stubble scratching her delicate skin- arousing her more and more. She wore shorter skirts and left the top button of her blouse undone. She kept walking past his desk, moving her hips in a seductive way. Going over to ask him questions she already knew the answers to, sitting on the edge of his desk- legs slightly parted while she talked to him. She could see him stealing glances up her skirt or down her top and it only made her wetter.

Today they were both working late on some project, everyone else in the office had left long ago and they were the only ones left- that only made her more aroused. She could hardly focus on the project, her thoughts constantly turning to images of him tearing off her skirt. She wiggled in her chair and rubbed her legs together to quite the tingling between her thighs, and saw him looking directly at her with a naughty smile playing over his lips. She smiled back and stood up- pretending to be going to the little Kitchenette to get some coffee. He stood up and followed her, watching her undulating hips in her short skirt and her legs covered in sheer stockings.

She walked into the small space and he walked in behind her, trapping her in. she turned to say something and felt his hands on her ass, pulling her in close. She didn't resist. Then his mouth was on hers, his tongue pushing through her sweet lips with no resistance. Her hands were under his shirt already, fumbling to undo his belt. He let go of her ass and undid his pants, dropping them down along with his shorts. Her long nails were trailing over his thighs; his cock was big and hard, already showing a bead of precum. She felt herself being pushed down his strong hands on her shoulders forcing her lower, she didn't resist, letting him force his cock deep into her mouth. He placed a hand on the back of her head and started pumping his hips, making her gag. She was so turned on by his treatment; one of her hands was cupping his ass while the other was furiously rubbing her clit.

Suddenly he stopped and pulled out of her mouth, a sigh of disappointment escaping her lips. He was pulling her up, crushing her to him, snogging her- they're mouths hungry for each other. Before she knew it he had spun her around, bending her over the small table in the corner, and was ripping off her tiny lace thong. His fingers spreading her wet swollen pussy lips, he slammed into her and she screamed in ecstasy. His hand moved up her back, taking a fistful of her hair, pulling her head back- causing her to arch her back.

He was fucking her hard, using her firm young body for his pleasure. Her screams were continuous, her body tense and helpless in the face of his actions. He reached a hand around her waist and pinched her clit; she shuddered and bucked under him- cumming hard, her pussy flooding with juices.

He pulled out abruptly and her juices gushed out down her thighs. Then she felt sudden pain- before she knew what was going on he had pushed his cock up her tight little asshole. He didn't wait for her to adjust and started fucking her hard, her tiny hole felt like it was on fire but she liked it. All she wanted was to cause this man as much pleasure as possible.

She was begging him now.

"Please… please…"

"What is it you want snogger?" he asked in a gruff panting voice.

"Please cum in my ass. Please… please… I want u to fill my tiny hole with your hot sticky cum".

He moaned and slammed into her harder and harder, his cock twitching and then exploding inside her tight ass. He kept cumming, shooting more and more cum into her. The pressure of her ass and his own cum not letting him stop until he was totally drained.

When he finally stopped cumming he pulled out of her, and immediately his cum started running out of her- running down her legs. He lifted her and pressed her hard to his chest.

"From now on you're going to be my little snogger", he whispered in her ear .

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