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Tainting The Couch

John grabs Kate by the waist and shoves his rock hard cock into her soaking wet pussy, while she is bent over the edge of the bed. He starts to pull out, when she shoves back on his cock. Still holding onto her hips, he pushes her back against the couch, pulls his cock out of her at the same time and tells her not to do that again. He puts just the tip in her and holds it there. She tries to push back but he holds her still. Just as she looks back at him, he shoves hard into her and holds it there. She winces slightly but loves the painful sensation.

Finally he pulls out of her and spins her around to face him. She gives him a long wet kiss. Pulling away from him, she tells him to lay down on the couch. John does as he's told and Kate climbs up on top of him, in a 69 position. She puts her wet pussy in his face and tells him to eat. He does as he's told. Kate starts to moan as John starts licking and sucking on her clit. She slowly strokes his cock with her hand and makes him wait for his turn.

John sucks and licks at her clit waiting for Kate to start sucking his cock. He grabs her hips and pulls her closer, hoping this will get her going. Finally he feels her wet mouth slide over his cock. He hears her moan as he sucks and nibbles on her clit. He moans a little at the pleasure he is getting too.

Kate feels John grab her hips and knows he wants to be sucked. She finally slides his cock in her mouth and starts sucking on him. She hears his slight moan. As she sucks on his cock, she feels him suck hard on her clit and then nibble gently on it. She stops sucking long enough to moan loudly. The moan vibrates on John's cock and she can feel him get slightly harder in her mouth. She moans again and he sucks and nibbles harder. He obviously loves this.

John hears Kate moan and feels it vibrate through his cock. It feels great and he wants more. He sucks and nibbles harder on her clit, hoping she will moan again. She does and he can feel himself get harder. This is awesome. He continues to suck her clit while she continues to suck him.

Finally, they both feel each other about to cum and they stop. Kate slides off John and stands up. She tells him to get up too. He stands up and she lies down. She looks at him and tells him to have fun. She spreads her legs and closes her eyes.

John is slightly shocked at her. He looks down at her and decides what he is going to do. He climbs between her legs, grabs his cock with his hand and starts rubbing it against her clit. It's swollen and very sensitive. He can feel it pulse on the tip of his cock. Not wanting her to get off to much he stops and places his cock at the edge of her soaking wet pussy.

He slowly slides his cock in. Kate was just waiting for him to slam it in like he always does but this time he doesn't. She actually likes this. She looks at him. He has his eyes closed and is enjoying this as well. She can feel his cock slowly sliding in and out of her. She puts her hands on his shoulders and he looks at her. They share a smile and she closes her eyes, as he pushes it into her again.

Kate can feel another orgasm coming and she starts to buck a little. John can feel it too and goes a little faster. He wants her to enjoy this. Faster and faster, he finally feels her juices squirt on his cock. He pulls out, gets up and tells her to lie on her side.

She rolls onto her side and John climbs back on the couch. He grabs her top leg and lifts it up. Then he straddles her other leg. Kate loves this position. John slides his cock into her and slams her hard and fast. Kate moans and starts to pant hard. John hears her and reaches behind her and shoves a finger in her ass. She gasps loudly and starts to buck.

John sticks two fingers into her ass as he slams hard into her pussy. He hears her moan and gasp loudly again. He fucks her fast with her fingers and his cock.

Finally he shoves his thumb in her ass and she starts screaming, "Oh, John, fuck my ass now!"

As he pulls his cock out of her, he can feel her having another orgasm. Soaking wet from her orgasm, he shoves his cock deep and hard into her ass. Kate squeals at the pleasure and starts shoving her ass at him. John grabs her hips and slams every inch into Kate's ass over and over. Kate begs for faster and harder and John gives her what she wants and needs.

Panting hard and fast John grabs her hips and shoves hard and shoots his load in her ass. Kate has one final orgasm as she feels Johns unload in her ass. John pulls out and lies down beside Kate. Both exhausted they fall asleep on the couch.

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