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Tease in the shower

This is my first story. Please post comments. Written for my ex-girlfriend while we were together.
We've just gotten into the house and you are already heading towards the bathroom, discarding your clothes onto the floor as you go. Jacket, scarf, shirt.

At the door to the bathroom you kick off your boots and wriggle out of your jeans bending over on purpose to give me a nice view of your ass, framed in a tight little G-string. You walk into the bathroom taking your bra off as you fade from my sight.

You throw your bra back outside the room into the hallway. Shortly your panties fly out too. You poke your head out of the door. You look me up and down, my jaw ajar. “Are you going to join me, babe?” you ask as you seductively wrap your leg around the door frame, letting me just catch a glimpse of your sexy curves of your legs and hip. You disappear back into the room and turn the water on in the shower.

I stand there for a moment longer stunned at what I have just watched. My sexy girl, being such a fucking tease. Haven’t even been home five minutes yet. I’m fucking loving it.

I gather my wits and make my way to the bathroom, walk in and look you up and down in the shower as water runs over your naked body.

I start to undress as I watch you soap yourself up starting with your arms and shoulders. You have your back to me, you look over your shoulder at me with a playful look on your face as I take off my shirt. You bend over and give me a great view of your ass as you wash your legs and your hot ass.

I feel my cock growing hard already.

I take a moment to just watch you soap yourself up in front of me. You bend over into the water then let the water run down your back and take the soap away from your now soapy legs and ass. You run your hands over your ass, down your legs and up again knowing my eyes will follow your hands.

You turn around and can already see that my cock has grown in my pants wanting to get out. You start soaping your breasts and body making sure that you really turn me on; you play with your breasts rubbing them, squeezing them and pushing them together.

I finally get my pants off as you start washing the soap away. You can’t help but look at how hard my cock is under my jocks. You walk out from under the running water. “What’s taking you so long babe,” you ask looking down towards my junk.

“Enjoying the show,” I say with a big grin of my face. “You’re just really fucking turning me on here with your soapy show, I like seeing you all wet.” I wink at you.

“Well then, since you having problems getting naked, I guess I have to help,” you tell me as we embrace each other, your wet body against mine. We kiss deeply as you slide your hands down my back, under my jocks and onto my ass. I mimic your hands and slide my hands onto your sexy ass and give you a tiny spank.

“Naughty,” I say into your ears.

You slowly start sliding my jocks down as you kiss my neck and chest, getting lower and lower. My cock springs from its confines, pressing up against your soft, clean body.

You eventually get my jocks off me and look up at me. You bite your lip and suddenly grab hold of my cock and take it into your mouth. I feel your tongue run around my knob. You suck hard and pull my cock from your mouth making a popping sound. “No, that was naughty,” you say stroking my cock a couple of times.

I stand trying to catch my breath. “Yeah, that was fucking naughty.”

“Mmm,” you say in agreement as you stand, still holding my hard cock in your hand, wet from being in your mouth. “But,” you say with a smile, “my man's dirty and needs a wash.”

You pull me towards the shower by my hard cock, you spin round as you pull me to the shower. Front to back and front again, switching hands on my cock as you turn round. I look up and down your sexy body as we advance to the shower still steaming away.

“Are you going to wash me up, are you babe?” You push me into the water hugging onto my back, your breasts pressed firmly against me. You get the soap and start lathering up your hands. “I’m going to clean my man up,” you whisper in my ear before biting it gently.

Your hands start working on my shoulders, lightly massaging them as you wash them slowly working down my back, your breasts continually lifting off and pressing back onto my back. This keeps my cock hard as you keep washing lower and lower. I close my eyes and focus on you washing me. Your hands on my ass which you grab hold of for awhile before continuing down my legs.

You wash off my back before turning me around. I open my eyes to look at you. I kiss you and tell you I’m enjoying having you washing me. “Are you babe?” you ask as you start soaping up your breasts, I watch your hands rubbing your breast round and round making them thick with soap. I reach out to play with your breasts but you slap my hand. “Not yet babe, you can play with them later.”

You rest your soapy hand on my chest and start rubbing. A few moments later you’re in my arms rubbing your breasts against my chest, washing me with them. We kiss for a long moment making each other soapier by the moment. You push my hands against the wall away from your body and make your way down lower, still washing me with your breasts.

You wash me all the way down my legs then up again to my junk. You lather up your hands with the soap from your breasts. “Now this needs a really good clean,” you say biting your lip. You massage by balls softly in your left hand as you stroke my big hard cock with your right, crouched down in front of me.

“Oh fuck yeah, clean my cock baby. Mmm,” I say as my head rolls back in pleasure from you playing with my junk. You keep playing with me, washing my junk till your satisfied that it is “clean” and let the water wash the soap from my body.

You pull my cock into your mouth again and move up and down the shaft, your tongue wriggling around my knob. “Yep that tastes like a clean cock to me,” you say smiling up at me.

I pull you up to me and kiss you deeply. “That, was, kinda dirty though.” I pull you into the water to wash the soap off your breasts and grab hold of one of them and bring my mouth upon it. I squeeze your breast with my hand as my tongue plays with your nipple. “I liked it,” I say as I swap my attention to the other one.

You clutch me tight to your breast making more of your boob fill my mouth. You moan as you struggle to turn off the water still running over our bodies. “You’re too clean now though babe, I’m going to have to make you dirty again,” I say still play with your breasts swapping to the first one again. You moan again.

You’ve just managed to turn off the water and push me off of you against the wall. You pull me back again as you kiss me deeply, your tongue entering my mouth. In response mine enters your mouth as yours had entered mine.

Suddenly you push me back again and walk to the bench, making your hips rock side to side as you go. You put a towel down on the bench, sit upon it and spread your legs showing me your pussy. You arch your back and rub your hands over your body. Over your breasts, along your stomach down your thighs and back up again to your pussy.

You start rubbing your clit with your fingers as you grab your breast with your other hand. “Too clean am I baby?”

I watch you playing with your sweet pussy and I start playing with my cock as I watch you tease yourself. My hand's going up and down my shaft.

We watch each other play with ourselves, turning each other on even more. I walk up to you and pull your lips to mine and kiss you deeply, my tongue going deep into your mouth, swirling within. My fingers venture their way down your body pausing briefly at your breast to squeeze it before travelling down to your now wet pussy.

My fingers split open your pussy’s lips, I feel how wet you are. “Still too clean, babe,” I whisper into your ear after breaking our kiss. “Let’s get you bit dirtier sexy.” I slide my finger straight into your pussy, you’re so wet that you gasp in pleasure as my finger enters your tight, wet, pussy. It’s gone all the way inside you. You start moaning as my finger moves back and forward inside you.

You try to get to my cock with your spare hand as I start playing with your breasts with my spare hand. You reach my cock and start pumping it. Once your hand is on my cock I start wriggling my finger inside you which starts your wriggling upon my finger.

Were both moaning now as we play with each other, my finger in your wet pussy, your hand wrapped around my cock while your other hand continues to rub your clit. “Now you’re getting dirty, babe,” I say aloud.

I stop wriggling my finger inside you and start moving it back and forward again, you feel your pussy spread more as a second finger enters your tight pussy. “Fuck yeah, babe,” you moan. I invert my hand around, my fingers going in at a different angle then before.

You’re becoming lost in the ecstasy of my fingers playing with you. You stop playing with my cock and pull my head to your breast which I instantly start playing with my tongue and sucking on your nipples. You say, “Oh god, fuck,” as your nails dig a little into my neck.

“Think you're almost dirty enough now, babe,” I tell you as I look up from your breast.

“I’m going to fuck you, babe. I’m going to fuck you from behind in front of this fucking mirror,” I say taking my fingers out of your pussy. “Getting a condom, babe. When I get back I want to see this mirror wiped down so that you can watch me fucking you from behind.”

I stand to get the condom but you pull me back and kiss me deeply, your hands are all over me. “Then fucking hurry up, I want your cock,” you tell me and push me from you in the direction of the door. I watch you turn around quickly and start wiping down the mirror in a hurry

I run out of the bathroom, get a condom quickly and start opening it. I just get the condom onto my hard cock as I enter into the room. You're still wiping down the mirror bending over the bench at your hips. I run my hand up your back and over your shoulders, squeeze both your breasts before my hands continue down to your hips and ass.

You look over your shoulder at me biting your lip, you can feel my cock pressed against you, between your ass cheeks. “Fuck me already, baby,” you tell me reaching under and between your legs, reaching for my cock.

You reach it and guide my throbbing cock to your still wet pussy. “Tell me to fuck you, baby, tell me to fuck you with my big hard cock.”

You look at me in the mirror. Your hands and clawing at my legs trying to get me to enter your waiting pussy, you’re getting impatient and say, “Fuck me, just fuck me with that fucking big cock of yours, baby,” you say with urgency.

I grab onto your hips and slowly pull you onto my cock, my knob spreading your pussy lips entering your pussy. My cock moves slowly deeper into your wet pussy filling you. You’re moaning softly letting me take control.

My cock goes all the way inside you, right up to my balls. My hands are running over your back and shoulders again. We look at each other in the mirror your biting your lip, I grab hold of your boob and squeeze it as I start to move my hips back and forward.

Before long we’re both moaning, your back is arched and I can see your boobs in the mirror bounce as I thrust into your tight pussy with my hard cock. “Oh fuck, this is fucking hot,” I say as I’m fucking you.

“Yes, yes, fucking hot, ohh,” you moan in response.

“Babe, I think you're fucking dirty now,” I say poking out my tongue as I give your ass a spank then lean over and kiss the back of your neck and squeeze your breasts together.

You roll your head back and we kiss deeply. “Make me cum, babe, make me fucking cum,” you tell me.

My hips are moving faster and faster back and forwards. “Fuck you feel good, babe. I’m gonna fucking cum,” I say as my cock moves in and out of your pussy. Were both moaning loudly your hand is against the glass leaving finger marks on the mirror as your hand slides down. “Make me cum, beautiful,” I say still thrusting into your sweet pussy

Hearing those words from me brings you to the edge, you feel your orgasm all through your body, you collapse on the bench and hear me moaning loud like I do when I fucking cum. You glance at me in the mirror my head tilted upwards, you can see my Adam's apple in my throat. You love seeing that and feel your orgasm continue even longer. I collapse onto your back, both of us are breathing hard. “That was fucking good,” we both say at the same time and laugh a little.

I roll off of you, take off the condom and tie it up and check it. “All good, babe,” I tell you as you take it from my hand. You check it yourself and throw it aside. You start playing with my ear with your tongue and teeth. Grabbing onto my cock you say, “I still want more of this.” You start sucking on my neck. You leave a hicky on my neck and bite your lip.

“You’re so naughty, babe,” I tell you as you start pulling me towards the bedroom by my cock.

“And, I’m not done with you yet, babe,” you tell me over your shoulder.

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