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Teasing wife gets what she needs

After over a week of teasing the wife gets what she deperately needs
Around the holiday season everyone tends to get busy. My wife and I are no exception. For the last week both my wife and I have been extremely busy. She has been working more hours than usual and I have had some late nights myself. Even with late nights my insatiable sex drive is still running hot! Her libido however has taken a hit from all the running around and extra hours she has worked.

I had made numerous advances to get her between the sheets, thrown down on the living room sofa or bent over the kitchen counter for the last week to no avail. She had resisted all the advances saying she was "just too worn out" or tired from the long days. To which I told her she had not begun to be worn out! She giggled and smiled coyly and went about what she was doing. Whether she was tired or not she was really getting my juices flowing in her skin tight leggings and perky nipples standing up under very thin shirt. That night as she was doing some dishes in front of the sink I pressed up against her running my hands from her shoulders to her supple ass giving it a firm squeeze while rubbing my growing member between her thighs. She let me continue on getting her shirt off to free her smallish but very firm and perky breasts. She knew what she was doing and obviously was enjoying the attention but stopped me just as I worked to get her out of her pants. "Not tonight babe, maybe tomorrow," she said biting her lip and doing her best to look away. I was not happy to again be denied but told her I had something I really needed to give her and she would be getting it tomorrow whether she liked it or not.

She knew what she had been doing the last week, purposefully wearing tight fitting clothing around the house or wearing minimal clothing at all, spending a few extra seconds bent over in front of me while I was watching TV or sleeping with me in just a sexy thong while pressing her fine ass up against me begging me to spoon her and warm her up before falling asleep. I had been understanding to her being overworked but at this point I had to get inside of her and it had to be soon. Before falling asleep that night I told her I wanted her to send the kids to her mother's house that Friday night and to be ready to do as she was told when I got home letting her know she had been a very bad girl teasing me for the last week. She intentionally acted aloof about the teasing and said, "she could not make any promises" about Friday night.

Throughout the day of Friday I started sending her some suggestive texts. "How is your day going? Hope you can do as you are told for a better evening." As my day went on I began to think more and more about what I was going to do to her. She had teased my cock for the last week and she was going to get that reciprocated to her that evening. She was going to have to beg me to bury my thickness deep in her pussy before I would do so. She likes to be talked dirty to but rarely talks like a slut back. Tonight she was going to have to if she was going to get what she desperately need, and what I needed to prevent me from doing something else to release my growing explosion!

I sent her one last text letting her know I would be leaving the office in 30 minutes or so. To my amazement when I got home, she had for once done as she was told! The kids were not at the house and she had dimmed the lights and lit candles all over the house. When I walked in the door I heard a very muted moaning and the low pitched buzzing of her vibrator that she was working intensely on her neglected love tunnel. I walked in paying her no attention while walking back to the bedroom. As I quickly glanced at her on my way to the bedroom I noticed she was wearing her very sexy, very tiny red G string panties and my favorite red french lingerie push-up bra. This immediately transformed my slightly more firm than flaccid cock to a growing thickness. As I proceeded on to the bedroom I undressed, removing all my clothes but leaving my tight fitting boxer-briefs on. They were bulging against my still growing member. Then I went rustling through our drawer with all fun sex toys in it. Sliding aside the other vibrator and dildo and the buttplug, deciding to leave the handcuffs and other restraints there for the evening and grabbed only the leather blindfold.

I walked back into the living room, by this time my wife's moans had become much louder. She was moaning furiously calling out, "I need you baby! Where are you baby!!??" I could tell that she really needed my still growing, fat cock to fill her up. But, she was going to have to beg for me to fill that sopping wet fuck hole before she got it. As I finally approached my incredibly sexy wife, she was really working her pussy with that vibrator. I turned her around so that her head was now at the foot end of the chaise lounge section of our sofa. I leaned down and firmly pulled her to me as we locked in on a very passionate kiss. She was clutching me very tightly. I pushed her back down on to the sofa and moved from her lush full lips to her neck and whispered in her ear, "I am going to do to you what you have done to me for the last week. And you are going to have to beg to get what you want." At this point I put her hands behind her back and put the blindfold over her eyes. She let out another long moan, I could tell she was insatiably horny by this time. I instructed her to keep working her plump, moist pussy with the vibrator and do as she was told. She obeyed.

By now my throbbing cock was ready to teach my teasing wife a lesson she sorely needed to learn. I think by this time she knew she was going to be SORE by the time we had finished. She also had to suspect that it was going to be a while before she would be enjoying my fat cock buried deep in her pussy. I pulled my 8+ inches out and looked down at her. I asked her if I had something that she would like. Behind the blindfold she smiled and said, "yes, please let me have it." "Have what?" I sternly asked her. To which she answered with a quiver in her voice, "I want your big shaft in my mouth. NOW!" Now this was my sex craved wife that had been suppressed the last week. I took my almost fully hard cock and slapped it against both sides of her mouth. She enjoyed the cock finally being near her mouth. She went after it like she was bobbing for apples but never quite able to tame the teasing prick. After a minute or so of this I steadied face by her ears and slid the head of my dick in her mouth. At this moment she went to town like a fat kid with the last lollipop! I let her have her fun a while before slowly sliding a little more of my cock in her mouth with each stroke until finally burying it to the hilt. She gagged a little as I slid the last down her throat. I fucked her blindfolded face until my throbbing spear wanted to erupt. Not nearly ready for that I pulled my dick from her mouth and again, like a kid bobbing for apples she went nuts! "Give me your cock! I need that cock baby. Please!!!"

"You will have my cock and you will have it all, but you are going to have to beg for it remember?" I took her by the arm and walked her over to our large leather chair in front of the TV. Still with her arms behind her back I bent her over pushing the arm of the chair. Now her plump, dripping cunt pointed right back and me was ready to be had and she wanted it bad. Again, I asked her, "do I have something you want baby?" Between her labored breaths she cried out, "No. I. Need..... It. Baby. Please, please give me that big dick. Please." I told her that was a good start and with that I took the throbbing purple head of my cock and started to rub it up and down spreading her labia and paying attention to tease her clit as well. She started the begging again, "please baby, please just give me your cock!" After rubbing my cock between her pussy lips I slid just the head past the lips and into her firey hot fuck hole making sure to hit the G spot as I gave her just a very, very little bit more of my shaft each time. After a minute or two of this teasing she started to squirm and started trying to force her love tunnel onto my throbbing shaft. I told her she would have to wait. I took my hands and spread her ass wide, pushing her down onto the arm of the chair, not letting her slid any more of my cock in at that point. This drove her mad. Her legs started quivering, I could tell she was getting weak in the knees. I pulled all the way out and spread her ass wide open again and then rammed all of my manhood deep into her pussy. Buried to the hilt, she immediately came. I could feel the walls of her tight cunt clamp down on my cock like it was in a vice. I just left the cock buried deep for what seemed like forever and she came twice with her ass pointed high in the air and spread wide with the head of my dick smashing the deepest depths of her pussy. Then the fun really began, I just began to work that pussy like I had not in some time. The sound of her screaming surely had to be heard by neighbors at least several houses down the block. The sound of my low hanging balls slapping her tight ass was music to her ears. "Oh God baby, fuck me fuck me fuck me fuck me!!!!" she screamed out and I certainly obliged.

I was having too much of a fucking good time to blow my load just yet. I pulled my still rock hard cock out and she nearly fell to the floor. With her head still face down in the seat of the chair told, "I hope you aren't worn out yet, because I have a long way do go with your cock teasing ass!" I took off the blindfold and she looked at me still unable to catch her breath. I told her that she had been driving me and my neglected cock crazy for the last week and now I was going to fuck her like the little cock teasing fuck slut that she was. I could tell from the look on her face she really liked the sound of that. With the blindfold no longer over her eyes she finally saw my fat cock that had made her cum until she could not walk. She immediately grabbed for it and opened wide and quickly had swallowed my cock down the back of her throat. I let her enjoy tasting my cock for a minute before pulling her up to her feet and ushering her to the bedroom. She looked back over her shoulder with her most inviting I am a little slut look and said in a cavalier tone, "Was that a threat or a promise? Are you going to fuck me like a cock teasing slut?" With that I knew she was enjoying being told what to do. She wanted to be dominated and she wanted it bad. I smacked her tight little ass rather hard and she let out a high pitched "yelp." "Get your ass to the bedroom" I barked as I picked up her vibrator off the table.

She beat me to the bedroom and was already lying spread eagle on the bed when I came in. I went back to the drawer and rifled through the toys again pulling out the buttplug. As I approached the bed she saw that I had the vibrator in one hand and the plug in the other. She asked coyly, "is that for me? Have I been bad?" "You know that this is for you and you know you have been very bad and now it is time to pay the price my little slut!"

I climbed up on the bed and rolled her over on all fours. I dispensed more then enough lube over her nice round ass and began to work her ass with the plug. Again, teasing her tight little asshole with just the tip of the plug and going just a little deeper each stroke. Once I had finally forced the plug in her ass she let out a sigh of pleasure. Her cunt was still as wet as you could imagine. I told her to put her face down in one of the pillows and hold on I while I fill you up. Her orgasms began quickly and I only fucked her from behind for a few minutes before getting off the bed and flipping her over on her back to the edge of the bed. She looked me in the eye and pleaded with me, "please fill me up baby. Bury your cock in my ass!" I could not wait to and quickly went to it. Not before grabbing the vibrator and filling both her tight little fuck holes at the same time. My cock deep in her ass and the vibrator in her tight little cunt. No sooner than getting just the tip of my wand in her ass did she start panting heavily and screaming again. We had been fucking for a solid 45 minutes to an hour and this point and by now I was ready blow sizzling hot ribbons of cum all over her. I let her take control of smashing her little pussy with the vibrator while I focused on plowing her ass. She loved every minute of it as made apparent by the long, hard, deep strokes she was pounding her pussy with. I matched her fervor and picked up the pace. I could fill my climax coming and so could she.

I felt my cock grow just a little bigger and I knew the volcanic eruption was coming, she was again cuming and screaming, "fuck me like a slut baby!" Seconds later I pulled by throbbing cock from her ass, rolled her over and I was between her legs. I had intended to make my way further up the bed to drench her face with my load. I only made it between her legs but this orgasm certainly was an eruption. Having not cum for over a week my white hot ribbons were flying everywhere! Landing on her tits and all over her face. I cried out with the most deep, guttural orgasmic groan I can ever recall having. We both collapsed in a hot mess of fuck fluids and intense pleasure.

After laying there for a few minutes she again looked over at me and said, "if that is what a cock tease gets, I may have to tease that cock of yours a little more often." To which I said, "don't try it again or next time I won't be so gentle!"

She did not tease for long as we woke up the next morning and fucked the shit out of each other again. This time, a little more tame than the night before but again multiple orgasms were had by her and another big one for me. What a night!
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