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The Anticipated Ball

'I re-read the writing in the front of the envelope. To Susie Mason. I'm Waiting.'
This is a work of fiction...

I turned the envelope over and over in my hand. Should I open it? I re-read the writing in the front of the envelope. "To Susie Mason. I'm Waiting." The letter I had been waiting for. I put my nerves aside and slowly peeled the envelop open. The smell of lavender wafted out of it, almost making my eyes water.

Cautiously I opened out the letter. The writing was scrolled and difficult to read but my eyes soon adjusted to the change of fonts:

"My dearest Susie,

I know you have been waiting a long time for this letter. And I am sorry I took so long sending it. 
I think it's time that we shall meet each other again. I am holding a masked ball to celebrate my birthday. I would be delighted if you could come. It will start at 8 and finish at midnight on the dot, Friday next. You know where to come.

Love Daniel."

It could have been more romantic, I thought, but this was my ticket to him again. This time I will not back out. For it has been five years, and I have grown up a lot in five years.


I walked, step-by-step, up the cream, marble staircase.

My dress was the colour of the clearest blue sky. It was embroidered with gold thread, and dainty diamonds were encrusted around the hems. Little mirrors were threaded together to make a tight belt. The lights streaming out the door reflected on them. My shoes clicked each time a stepped a foot closer to him. My hair (as dark as the night sky) was loosely wrapped around my head, and strands of it fell to my shoulders. Little pink and blue flowers were delicately placed in my locks.

But my dress was nothing to be compared with my mask. From the moment I had read, and understood the invitation I set to work designing it.

Emeralds and rubies were placed around the border of it. Feathers, as soft as cotton were arranged neatly around it. Gold and silver leaves made trees and bushes around the centre. The pole that I held it with was twisted with coloured red and green glass.

A servant waited by the huge wooden doors to hold them open for the other guests. I took the last step towards the light that was being emitted through the door and stepped over the threshold.

It was stunning.

Ornate furniture was casually littered all over the room. An £1,000,000 sofa here, a £70,000 ornamental vase there. It was a room, baked with money. At first I couldn't see him. I scanned the room, colour flashed past my eyes. I slowly found an empty table and waited until I could see him.

After 10 minutes I could not find him, I was about to get up when an unfamiliar hand, grabbed my wrist harshly.

"We can't have a lovely lady like you sitting all on your own!" The slurred words stumbled across his mouth. The alcohol on his breath almost made me retch.

"No you don't understand!" I tried to pull away but he had a firm grip on my wrist.

"Nonsense!" He boomed and made me start to dance. Okay, I thought, I can deal with this. That was before he leaned over to kiss me.

My mask was knocked off as I tried to pull away again, but it wasn't happening. His breath stank of wine and sick. He smelt like a urinal. His tongue slobbered in my mouth. Making squelching noises as it did so. And then out of the corner of my eye, I saw him. Although the tears had blurred my vision his outline was instantly recognisable. He tapped the man who was holding me. The man lifted his grip and turned around quickly. And then. Amongst all of the commotion. Daniel punched him.

Screams of other girls pierced my ear as I watched in horror the fight that was happening in front of me. Blood was spilled aver the floor. A bloody nose and a black eye, scarred Daniel's face. But that was nothing compared to the other man. His face had swollen to double its natural size and he was barely concious. But Daniel kept punching and kicking. Two guards came along to separate them. Fresh tears ran over Daniels bloody face. He looked at me as if saying "I couldn't let him touch you" but my face was still in shock. I walked over to him and pulled a napkin off the floor. Gently I dabbed his face, trying to make it look better. "I'll take him upstairs." I said to the guard.


The water fogged up the mirror in the bathroom as I ran a hot bath for him. I walked back into the bedroom and saw him lying on the bed. 

"I'm going to have to take your clothes off so that you can go into the bath."

"I'm not going to stop you." He smirked. Slowly, I peeled off his shirt. I then moved down toward his trousers and undid the belt and unzipped them. I could see that he had an erection.

"Down boy." I smirked back. "I ran you a bath an-"

"Come here babe." And he drew me in and kissed me. I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. I didn't even try to resist. I just collapsed in his arms.

I could feel his cock pressing against my dress and his hand massaging my breast. But I didn't really feel it until I heard myself moaning. He pulled me further up the bed and started licking my breasts. My heartbeat fluttered and I could feel the moisture trickling down my legs. He nibbled my right boobs slightly, but I did not feel any pain.

Feeling him start to lift up my dress, I helped him to untie all of the knots. His hand immediately went down to my pants and whipped them off in two seconds. I lay there on his bed watching as he took off his boxers. 

"Ready?" he asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be." And then he lay on top of me and inserted his rock hard cock into my dripping pussy. Slowly he started to ease it in - filling me up. Suddenly almost came out. I felt empty. And then he went back in again.

Pumping in and out, steadily getting faster. My moaning drowned out the noises of squelching and his grunting. Then I came on his thrusting cock. He pulled it out and immediately I put it in my mouth. Sucking a licking it as I started to gasp for air. I could feel that he was getting close and so I speeded up my pumping. I felt his cum slither down my throat and I savoured every last drop of sweet nectar.

I was just about to relax into the pillow when I felt his warm tongue slither up from my ass hole to my clit. I shivered and moaned in pleasure. His tongue then dived forcefully into my pussy, pumping in and out. I squealed and my cum spurted in his face. He looked at me, covered in cum and he slowly licked it off.


And the rest of the story can be left to the imagination...

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