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The Bus Ride

A beautiful way to end an evening in the city
I was in the city on holidays recently; it was late when I left the city to head out to my motel in the outer suburbs.

The bus was almost full as we started the trip. No spare seats, with people standing, too. I stood there holding the overhead strap, trying not to fall over as the bus drove down the rough road.

Beside me stood a young woman, she must have been only nineteen or twenty. She had the most beautiful blue eyes, long, blond hair, and the most perfect C cup breasts I have ever seen. She wore a tight t shirt and I could see she had no bra on underneath. Her nipples were pointing out. My god she was hot!

I looked down to see she had a short skirt on and no visible panty line. At this point my male mind wondered, is she wearing any underwear?

Just then, I was busted admiring the young woman's figure. She looked me up and down. I could not hide the tent that had started to grow in my pants. To my stunned amazement, the young lady just smiled, turned her back to me and pressed her beautiful body against me. We rocked together on the bus for a couple minutes. My cock was now hard and pressing into her sweet, tight butt.

She turned her head and whispered into my ear, “What do you want to do to me? Apart from the obvious of course."

I said, “To start with I would like to kiss you on your ruby red lips.” Before I could continue she turned to face me.

“Show me,” she softly whispered.

I did not need a second invitation. I kissed her softly, the whole world seemed to fade into oblivion; time itself seemed to stop as our tongues explored each other’s mouths. I slid my free hand up her front as we kissed and gently squeezed her firm young breasts.

Then the bus stopped. As people got off the bus, we were now able to sit on a seat together. My new friend and I kissed once again. This time my free hand was up her skirt. I was surprised to feel she was not wearing any pants. I slid my finger into her pussy and gently fingered her. In turn she put her hand down my shorts and stroked my manhood. I had always wanted to have sex in a public place; so I got game with the situation I was now in.

"Why don’t you sit on my lap?” I asked.

Without a word she pulled my cock out of my pants, smiled and sat on my lap. As she did I slid inside her. Her pussy was very wet. The bumps were helping disguise what we were doing as she rode me. We were both enjoying the ride home. Our breathing was getting faster together then my friend let out a small yelp.

I put my thumb in her mouth and pumped as best I could as she came on my hard cock. Her sweet love juices flooded out all over my lap and drenched my pants. We continued to kiss as the young lady got her breath back. My stop was coming up, so I pressed the button.

“Would you like to go for a walk on the beach front?” I said.

My new friend did not reply she just smiled as we left the bus. We walked along the banks of the seaside lake down to the beach, hand in hand. The moonlight sparkled in her eyes. I stopped her and kissed her sweet lips once more, then slowly kissed my way across her cheek to her ear and down her neck. I lifted her shirt up to expose her perfect breasts. I slowly sucked her nipples and flicked my tongue over each of her erect nipples, tweaking the other one between my thumb and forefinger. My friend let out a long slow moan of appreciation.

I then kissed my way down her stomach as I got to my knees. I kissed over her skirt, down her inner thigh to her knee and then back up her other leg to her honey pot. Her juicy pussy tasted fantastic as I slowly ran the tip of my tongue up her lips.

I could not tease her any more. I wanted to eat her properly.

I lay her back on the only bit of grass I could find, not wanting to get sand in her womanhood. I raised her skirt once more and slid my tongue deep into her. I started off slowly at first and then gradually went faster and faster, working her red-hot little love button with my tongue as I did.

The sight of her arched young body in the moonlight was such a turn on. As she was about to climax, I put her hand on the back of my head and applied a little pressure. As she reached her climax, the young lady pulled me in hard and ground her pussy into my face. I was in heaven as she writhed around on my face.

“That was hot, now fuck him,” came a voice from behind. What the hell?

I looked around and there before us stood a man and a woman, both naked. They had seen us from the time I had laid my lady down to eat her; they had both enjoyed the show. Now they wanted to see the finishing act.

I said, “Only if you do beside us.”

Not another word was spoken; they just lay down beside us and began to make love. Put up or shut up, I thought. I slowly slid into my girl. I looked deep into her beautiful eyes as a short, low groan escaped me. She looked so hot as the moon glistened in her eyes and on the sweat on her face, breasts and body.

My lover's breathing started to hasten once more. She wrapped her arms around me tightly, then arched her back up and as she was reaching climax. She began dragging her nails across my back. I was nearing my own climax, so I pumped her tight little pussy as hard and fast as I could.

I came deep into her pulsating pussy. I looked into her eyes as we reached our blissful orgasm together. As we kissed, our audience also climaxed. They then thanked us for the show and left. I kissed my lady’s chest and neck until long after her breathing had returned to normal, then we went for a quick dip in the sea to wash off.

I lay on the sand and asked her to lie down beside me. As she lay there cuddled up to me with her right leg over me, I kissed her head and ran my hand over her back as she drifted off to sleep. With the sound of the waves gently washing up on the sand, I too fell asleep, moments after her.

When I woke the next morning I was alone, still naked, with the warm sun shining on me. I got up to dress and beside my clothes I saw a note scratched in the sand.

It read:

Thanks 4 last night, Rachel

...with her phone number.

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