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The Job Interview

Helene gets the job...
The Job Interview

Helene finished breakfast, then went back to the bedroom. Discarding her robe, she sat at the vanity and put on her make-up. As she did, she recalled the phone conversation the day before. Mr. Hargreaves of Construction Connection had sounded perfectly professional, but one or two things gave Helene reason to think carefully about how to prepare for her job interview.

Hargreaves had asked about her experience, computer skills, wpm, and all that, but he’d also been very careful to determine that she’d graduated from the community college basic office skills class the year before. His final statement, “Come on in and I’ll look over your qualifications to see if you’re the girl I’m looking for,” certainly could have been taken two ways.

Well, thought Helene, if he’s looking for someone to decorate the office, I probably qualify. She gently pushed her black hair away from the upper slopes of her 36D breasts, stretched out a long leg. She wasn’t above using a little sex appeal to get a job. The monthly salary was almost $200 more than she was making, so the job was very attractive.

For a group interview or one with a woman, she wore pantyhose, a conservative suit with a blazer and loose-fitting skirt and 3-inch heels. If she knew a man would interview her, she left off the blazer and made certain her blouse was tight, her heels 4 inches. After a few moments’ thought, Helene grinned wickedly and opened her lingerie drawer. She pulled out a black garter belt and fastened it around her waist. She rummaged among her stockings a few moments before she found the ones she wanted — extra long, dark brown, full fashioned hose. She drew them up her legs and twisted around, looking in the full-length mirror to be certain her seams were straight. The stockings came to within an inch of the juncture of her thighs, so she had to adjust the garters to their shortest length. She slipped on a pair of black lacy hipsters. She hesitated a moment before selecting a low-cut, white bra. She bent forward, letting her round breasts fall into the bracups. She fastened her bra, then put on a white blouse. A dark blue skirt tight with a slit in the back and a wide, white, patent leather belt and she was nearly dressed. She fastened a gold pendant about her throat, where it almost reached her cleavage. Finally, she slid her feet into 5-inch heels that matched her belt. She was stunning, yet professional-looking. She knew from long practice that she could show or hide her cleavage and legs at will. If Hargreaves was susceptible at all, he didn’t stand a chance, she chuckled to herself. She shrugged into her blazer, picked up her portfolio, and headed out for the interview.

Mr. Hargreaves, about 40, tall and slim, let her into the office himself, explaining that his previous secretary had left suddenly because of a family emergency. To Helene, he was surprisingly handsome.

He pointed out a desk with a computer, fax, and printer. “If you get the position, this will be your desk,” he said. Helene noticed several filing cabinets behind the desk. The rest of the room was surprisingly comfortably furnished for an office waiting room. Several stuffed armchairs alternated with low tables around the wall. A small closet with no door contained a kitchenette.

Hargreaves escorted Helene to the inner office. She noticed his large desk and a tilting table covered with blueprints. Hargreaves moved a comfortable, high-backed office chair next to his desk and politely held it for Helene. “It’s a bit warm,” said Helene. “Do you mind if I take off my blazer?”

“Not a bit. Let me take it for you,” said Hargreaves, grasping the shoulder pads. Helene, partly sideways to him, stretched her shoulders back. She heard him take a deep breath. Clearly he liked her profile. He hung the garment on a coat rack, then returned to his desk.

Once in his chair behind the desk, he told Helene to call him Gene, then looked over her samples. He asked a few questions, then asked her to sit at his desk. He dictated a short letter to her. She entered it on the computer, fixing a couple of grammatical mistakes he’d made, then printed it. She returned to her seat, crossing her legs.

Seated again, Hargreaves smiled when he read the letter but put it aside. Helene recrossed her legs and noticed his eyes flickered to them, then back to her face. Gene next explained the job. The city was in a building boom and he put together contractors to construct new offices, shops, and apartments. He coordinated bids for three investment firms. Helene’s duties would include checking the contractors’ bid paperwork for completeness, filing, printing and mailing many forms and reports, ordering supplies, and maintaining the office.

“I’m confident I can do all that, Gene,” Helene said. “I’d need training in what to look for on the bid forms.”

“Yes, we’d have to work quite closely the first few weeks, but you saw the workplace you’ll have in the reception room. There’s one aspect of the job that needs more explanation.”

“Yes?” Helene slowly crossed her legs, not tugging at her hemline.

“The contractors come here to go over blueprints and contracts. It’s hard to predict how long each conference will be. So sometimes there are two or even three men waiting. One of your duties is to help them feel relaxed so they don’t get impatient and leave. Offer them coffee, soft drinks, and so on. A little chit-chat is OK so long as your work gets done.”

Helene nodded and stretched, pushing her breasts against her blouse.”I see. Well, that shouldn’t be a problem.” She did see — clearly. She was to be a decoration, an attraction. No problem; it might be kind of fun.

Hargreaves took a deep breath and looked at her. “Well, Helene, it’s come down to a choice between you and one other young woman. I interviewed 10 applicants and only you and that other candidate caught the errors in this letter. You’re both well qualified, and frankly, I’m at a loss how to decide between you.”

“Well, Gene, I really am interested in the position. Not only the pay, but it sounds like more fun than where I am now. I sometimes feel I’m in an old-fashioned secretarial pool. It would be nice to work in a more personal, intimate atmosphere.”

Hargreaves smiled again and openly dropped his eyes to her breasts. “Well, I guess if you’re both so qualified, I’ll have to decide between you based on the other attributes you bring to the firm.” With that, he picked up her resume and scanned it.

Helene crossed her legs again. Her hem was now halfway up her thighs. In a deepened voice, she asked, “What kind of other attributes do you have in mind, Gene?”

“Well, personality, how well you’d interact with the guys waiting in your office, things like that.”

Helene leaned forward as she spoke, her blouse falling away from her cleavage. The glittering pendant swung away from her chest. “Your clients are blue-collar workers who’ve become supervisors or who own small contracting firms, am I right?”

“Yes, that’s correct.”

She smiled knowingly. “Then I don’t think I’ll have any trouble keeping them happy in the reception area, do you?”

“Probably not, Helene.” Hargreaves was staring at her chest. “That’s a beautiful necklace.”

In a flash, Helene considered her options. If he reached for the locket and touched her, she could threaten him with sexual harassment and be insured of the job, but under very undesirable circumstances. She could thank him and continue the interview. Or she could continue to flirt with him, perhaps get the job offer sweetened.

She slid forward in her seat. Her hemline slipped above the heavy welts at her stocking tops. “Thank you. Would you like a closer look?”

“Yes,” he said, reaching across the desk. Though the pendant hung more than an inch from Helene’s flesh, Hargreaves’ knuckles brushed gently on Helene’s rounded, upthrust breast.

At that, a fourth option came to Helene. She could flirt with him until she’d gotten a better offer, then let the interview go beyond his wildest dreams. An affair with the boss wouldn’t hurt her career. Besides he was good looking and she hadn’t been with a man for a week.

“What kind of stone is this?” Gene asked.

“Opal, my birthstone.” She noted with satisfaction that his eyes weren’t on the stone set in the heart-shaped gold pendant. “It was a gift from an ex-boyfriend.”

Hargreaves let go of the pendant, took a deep breath, sat back in his chair, and said, “Helene, I’ll be frank with you. You and the other girl I’m considering are both fully qualified and very pretty. It’s important to me to have a pretty girl in the office because the men will stay longer.”

Helene saw her opening. “Well, Gene, that’s not part of the original job we discussed. It’s a different duty. I don’t object to using a bit of SA to help the company, but it expands my job description.” She took a deep breath, noting that his gaze followed her expansion. “I’d have to wear certain clothes, and since they’d be required for the job, I should have a clothing allowance.”

Gene saw his opening. “Hmmm...That makes sense. I know my customers, so I should have a say in what you wear as a work requirement.”

“Fair enough. It should probably be written into the job description and the contract. That way, it’s all open and above board.”

Grinning broadly, Gene let his eyes take in Helene from her long hair to her high heels. “You are stunning, Helene. Let’s see if these clothing requirements are OK for you.” He paused, thinking. “I’m going to be very specific. I prefer stockings to pantyhose, but some pantyhose at work is OK.” He glanced inquiringly at Helene. She nodded.

“One day a week, pantyhose with a skirt that comes halfway between your knees and waist or higher. 3-inch heels minimum every day.

“I like it so far,” said Helene.

Encouraged, Gene went on. “Blouse or dress, you always show some of that intriguing deep cleavage.”

“How’d I know you were going to say that?” They grinned, and he stared at her swelling breasts.

“Four days a week, stockings with a garter belt, corset, or even a girdle. I’d like you to wear all of these at some times, mainly garter belts. Thigh highs and lace tops only on pantyhose days unless you wear a garter with them. OK?”

“I love garter belts. Just so you know, I’ve got one on now.”

Gene sighed. “Wow. You are so sexy.”

“It’s a job interview, Gene. We’re negotiating my job duties.” She’d surprise him later.

Sigh. “Yes, right. Skirts and dresses are to come at least 1 inch above the tops of your knees when you stand, except for pantyhose days. One other thing. I’ll remove the modesty panel on your desk.”

“You really want to show me off, don’t you?”

“Indeed, Helene, that is the idea.”

“OK, I really like my job requirements. How will I be compensated for all these clothes?”

“I believe in delegating authority, so I’ll let the actual selection be up to you. The salary’s already high. I suggest a $500 signing bonus and $100 more per month for your clothes.”

“How about an extra $150 a month? Clothes are expensive.”

“Helene, the salary’s already very high. I’ll raise the signing bonus to $750, but I can’t do more than that for you. And the extra hundred each month.”

Helene knew when to stop pushing. “OK, Gene, you’ve got yourself a sexretary.” Very pleased with herself, Helene stretched, pushing her breasts forward, an action Gene eagerly followed. “Gene, aren't you forgetting something?”

“I don’t think so. What?”

“Shouldn’t you, as the boss, have the right of inspection to make certain I’m wearing the right stockings held up by a proper garment? That I’m not trying to slip pantyhose or stay-ups past you?”

Gene grinned. “You’re right. I forgot an essential aspect of this contract. You’re hired, Helene. Congratulations.”

“Thanks so much, Gene. I’m sure we’ll enjoy working together very much.” She stood up and put out her hand.

Gene stood, smiling. “Very good, Helene.” As they shook hands, he asked, “Helene, I know you’re not fully an employee yet; we have paperwork and so on to do, but I wonder if I couldn’t have that first inspection right now.”

She smiled. “Well, maybe a bit of one.” She turned her back to the man and put her hands on her hips. Looking over her shoulder, she rotated her tush, slowly raising her skirt.

“Oh, I love seams,” Gene whispered.

“These stockings are very long,” Amber said. “I’ll have to raise my skirt quite high before you can confirm that I’m wearing a garter belt.”

“Full-fashion’s the best,” said Gene.

“You really are a lingerie lover, aren’t you? Now you can see my garters and a bit of my panties, you lucky man.” Helene turned and faced her new boss, her skirt bunched up on her lower hips. “This is one of my favorite garter belts. You can see it has six straps. I feel very secure and sexy when I wear it.”

Gene sighed deeply. The taut garters pulled the stretched the stocking tops up. A mystery remained behind her lace panties. Was she trimmed? “Well, you sure are sexy!” He swallowed, said, “Helene, could I please touch those lovely stockings?”

“Oh, I don’t know,” Helene hesitated. “I guess you can touch the stockings, but not my skin. I don’t want you to get any ideas.”

“I’m afraid I already have the ideas, Helene.” Hargreaves stepped closer and gazed into her eyes as his hand roamed over the welt. He took a deep, ragged breath, gently squeezed her thigh.

Helene, excited herself, felt dampness between her legs. A deep breath expanded her chest.

Gene gulped, spoke. “Helene, I’m dreadfully curious. Are your garter belt, panties, and bra part of a set?”

“Oho, you want a signing bonus of your own, do you? A full lingerie show?”


She cocked her head to one side, smiling, pretending to consider the idea. “Well, OK, but this can’t happen all the time.” She took a couple of steps back. Coyly arching her eyebrows, she unbuttoned the blouse, then fumbled with the waistband of her skirt, pulled down the zipper. She let the skirt fall to the floor, then shrugged out of the blouse and stepped back, posing with one leg forward, her hips cocked, and her breasts thrust forward.

“Well, boss, am I fully qualified?”

“Are you ever! Over qualified, but hired!” Gene crossed to her, his eyes glued to her breasts.

She understood his need. “Just the fabric, Gene.”

Panting with desire, Gene cupped her swelling orbs from below, feeling their weight, their fullness, their softness. He squeezed. His fingertips found the swollen nipples inside the cups and swirled over them. His thumb found the catch in the middle. “Helene...please.”

With a wicked smile, Helene said, “Go ahead, Gene, I was only teasing.” She squeezed his bottom, drawing him to her.

With a gasp, Gene quickly undid the clasp. Helene’s breasts were before him, dark nipples distended, rising and falling with her breath. He lifted them from beneath, squeezed them, and gently rolled her nipples between his thumb and forefinger, gazing into her eyes.

Helene’ eyes partially closed and she pulled her shoulders back, encouraging her new boss. Still squeezing, Gene began licking, kissing, and sucking her nipples. His touch was gentle and Helene gasped with pleasure. She undid his belt, tugged his clasp open, and drew his zipper down. The pants dropped and Helene exclaimed, “Oh, how nice!” Gene’s head poked above his underwear, a bit of moisture spreading over the dark tip. She dropped to her knees, tugging the underwear down with one hand while she claimed the shaft with the other.

“Uh, oh,” gasped Gene, beyond words.

Helene licked the shaft. “Condom! My purse!”

Gene leaned back and grabbed Helene’s purse from his desk, handed it to her. She fumbled in it a moment, the held up the packet triumphantly, smiling at Gene. After splitting the case with her teeth, she rolled it down his big shaft and took him in her mouth. Gene groaned in pleasure. Her bobbing head and strong suction drove him wild. His hips bucked and he gasped, “I want to finish...inside.” He was clearly right on the edge.

Helene slipped her panties down to her knees with one hand, then stood, removing the panties as she did. She held his shaft and pulled him as she stepped to the desk. With a quick sweep of her arm, she swept the papers and pens from the desk and bent over it, spreading her legs.

Gene thrilled to the sight of the sexy beauty bent over his desk, rounded ass and clean-shaven, damp lips framed by the garter belt. The stocking seams directed his eyes to his goal. He took one big step, grasped her hips, and thrust into her. “Aaaahhhh.”

Helene thrilled as he filled her, crying out. Gene pumped in and out, fast at first, then slower. He bent over her and fondled one of her breasts, flicking a fingertip over her erect nipple. This pushed Helene close to the edge. She thrust her hips back to him and gasped “Oh!” with each deep penetration of his cock.

Gene slammed into her again and again, reacting to her by speeding up. He twisted her nipple, sending Helene over the top. With a cry, she tossed her head from side to side, making her hair fly. Her cunt muscles held him tightly. He kept on thrusting into her, squeezing her breast. Helene pushed back with her hips.

When she came down from her peak, Gene said, speaking fast, “I want to finish on top. Won’t last long.”

Grinning, Helene scanned the room. Nothing. At least the carpet was deep. She lay down, spreading her legs, raising her knees in invitation. Gene knelt, lay on top and slid into her. They both gave deep sighs of contentment. Gene rested in her a moment, then kissed her deeply. He began rocking his hips, slowly at first. He grasped her breasts in both hands, squeezing and lightly pinching the nipples. Helene thrust back to meet his strokes.

Gene’s strokes became longer and longer, his breathing louder. He withdrew all but the tip, then thrust into her again and again, full length, deep penetration. His face was tight with the effort to hold back. Helene was on the edge again. “I’m cumming!” she cried, as waves of pleasure radiated throughout her body.

Gene thrust once more before he started spasming. He was beyond words and could only cry out in an animal bellow. He slammed into her again and again, straining a moment when he was deepest, twitching his cock to empty it and to please Helene.

At last he was empty and drained. They lay together, panting, grinning. They rolled to their sides, kissed again. With a grin, Helene asked, “Do I get the job?”

Gene just laughed and kissed her again.

Soon, they got dressed and took care of real business - notes for the contract, forms, and so on. While this was happening, a client of Gene’s came in, so they had no time for an immediate repeat. But this promised to be the most fun job Helene would ever have.

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