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The Kendall Chronicles - Part 3

Tags: oral, fucking, sex
Kendall explores her slutty side
Greg traced his fingertip up a trail of juices on the inside of my thigh and slipped his finger into him mouth.

“Mmmm, that tastes nice. Sit on the counter.”

It was more of an order than a statement.

I quickly moved onto the counter with my legs dangling off the edge. Greg stood in front of me and placed a hand on each knee and spread my legs. He leaned forward, kissed me and said, “Slide your ass over here.” while pulling me forward.

Greg knelt down between my legs and placed one of my legs over each shoulder.

He wasted no time once he was between my thighs to find a way to make my body start shaking again. With his fingers he pulled back my clitoral hood and exposed my clit. With a slight squeezing pressure on the sides of my clit, Greg darted his tongue quickly against the sensitive skin. He worked one finger into my pussy and started lifting up and caressing the top of my pussy. A second finger soon followed and the intensity of his tongue increased against my clit.

As my orgasm got closer Greg started working his fingers in and out of me faster and faster. My arms and legs started shaking and I slumped sideways onto the counter. My orgasm was on me and my body was shaking. Sounds were coming out of me that I couldn't control. Purring, moaning and constant stream of "Fuck, fuck, fuck, oh fuck," were flowing uncontrolled from my mouth.

Greg stood up and quickly unzipped his pants and freed his cock. Without slowing down he thrust his cock completely into me causing me to gasp loudly. Once he was inside me I squeezed him with every muscle in my pussy and tried to hold in but he started thrusting. I reached up and pulled myself to him and held myself to him. There was nothing gentle about it, it was raw fucking. His hips were slapping against the inside of my thighs. He was driving his cock all the way into me with each thrust.

Greg was gritting his teeth and groaning. His breathing was getting ragged and coming in gasps and then he stopped. He grabbed my hair and pulled me close to him. Greg pulled his cock out of me causing me to wince.

“Get on your knees and finish me!”

He pulled me off the sink and I dropped to the floor. With his hand still controlling my head Greg pushed his cock toward my mouth.

The tip of his cock was pressing against my lips and opening my mouth. He kept sliding his cock between my lips and looking in my eyes. When he was as far as I could take him I tapped on his thigh and he stopped.

“You like the taste of your pussy on me don’t you?”

I couldn’t answer and just gave a purr of agreement. With my hand caressing his balls I started to slide him in and out of my mouth. I closed my eyes and started to think about the soft skin of his penis sliding against my lips. I focused on the taste of his pre-cum mingling with my own juices on my tongue. Sliding all the way up to the tip I used my lips on the rim of his penis and dragged them over the rim, back and forth. Applying gentle pressure to the rim and tip. I then slowly took him deeper and deeper.

Every time I took Greg deep in my mouth he would reward me with a deep moan. Maybe a mumbled, “You’re a good little cocksucker.” Or “Hold there, don’t move.” Followed by a groan.

Greg grabbed my hair and pulled my head back and commanded

“Look up at me. I’m going to look in your eyes and watch my cum squirt into your mouth.”

With that, Greg stroked his penis once, twice and he started to cum. His first squirt was just a little bit that spread onto my tongue. Then he came in a huge pulse that spilled out of my mouth and onto my chin and neck. I took him back into my mouth and continued to caress his penis with my lips.

“Oh, you’re a good little cocksucker. That’s right, keep sucking. Nice and soft.”

I took Greg’s penis in my hand and softly started stroking him.

“You’re not such a tough little bitch when you’re on your knees. But you are fucking hot with my cock in your mouth and cum on your face.”

“I’d be careful what you say. I bite,” I smiled at Greg and playfully clicked my teeth together right next to the tip of his spent cock.

“But I know ways to make it better,” I said placing a gentle kiss on the very tip and looked up.

“You want a drink?” I asked Greg.

“No. I’m going to bed. I can’t stand up any longer.”

“I thought you were going to fuck me hard. What if I want more?” I pouted.

“Go find your friendly bar troll, I’m sure he would love to play with you. Did he know you didn’t have any panties on?”

“I don’t know but he was really handy. He kept grabbing my ass.”

“Damn it girl. You really need to be careful around some of these people. This isn’t uptown,” Greg said referring to my childhood upbringing in the upper west side.

I gave Greg’s penis one last kiss. “Can I get up?”

“Oh, sorry," Greg said and stepped back. "Where the fuck did you learn to suck cock like that? You must have had those college boys begging to go on a date with you.”

“Oh, whatever do you mean? You and Mark are the first two men I’ve ever been with. Sweet Dreams, I’m taking a shower.”

"Why don't you stay up and wait for Mark. You were kind of bitch to him with that 'Quickdraw' comment. That's pretty fucked up to say about someone," Greg said.

"I was only playing," I countered.

"Yeah, I'm sure you were but Mark really likes you and you said it in front of twenty people," he said.

"Do you like me?" I asked.

"Oh, I like you but I'll tell you what. I love fucking you. You're not afraid to mix it up."

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