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The Lead Singer

Leah Bags the Singer of the Local Band
The firehouse was throwing their annual "Dance in the Streets" event. It was the 99th Anniversary and the department went all out. They hadbusiness'ssponsor the event from all over town. Restaurantsset up food tents, and the local bars all got together and put up a beer tent. They shut down one of the main side streets through town, and had two popular bands booked. Both bands were popular cover bands. Both were local, and best of all, pretty damn awesome. Leah had only heard of one of them, and was thrilled to know they were country. Last thing she wanted was to be stuck at a huge local event with the entire town over the age of 21 being drunk, and have to listen to bad music.

Leah was forced to oversee other issues and run calls while the event was being set up. By the time she was able to finally get to the event, it looked great. The whole event space on the street was blocked with fences and barricades, and at the end of the space was a large stage donated by one of the car dealerships a few miles out-of-town. One of the bands had already been playing for an hour or so, and as Leah reversed the ambulance through the barricades and stopped on the side of the stage, she was delighted to see the turnout.

It was huge. It looked like everyone in town was there, as well as some faces Leah didn'trecognize. The temperature was a little cold that night, so Leah stayed in the ambulance with her counterpart and rolled the window down letting the sounds of her favorite country songs waft through the speakers. After a half hour or so, the band playing stepped off stage and the other band stepped on. The tone changed. It went from modern country covers to a random mix of popular music ranging from the 60's to today's music.

The band was nothing like Leah had ever experienced, locally. They were upbeat, energetic as hell, crowd interactive, and hilarious. They sang their own versions of songs and made the crowd dance and sing along. Many a time Leah watched the singer yell "Hip, Hip" andreceivingthe appropriate answer back from the crowd with plastic beer cups held in the air splashing the cold liquid on the person next to them.

After an hour the band paused the crowd and averted the goers attention over Village Hall to watch the 15 minute firework show the department paid out the ass for. Leah got out of the rig with her partner and watched the light show along with everyone else. As it ended, hermelancholy partner clambered back into the rig, and Leah stood outside. She took a spot between the rig and the fence, watching the crowd and enjoying the band. As time went on, she enjoyed their style more and more, and by the end of the night was dancing by the ambulance, and even shared a dance with one of her favorite cops.

The event was a success with no fights, no car accidents, and all the townspeople saying what a great time they had. In fact, for the rest of her shift Leah only had to respond to one call. Once off shift, Leah was relaxing at home with a beer and perusing the internet looking up this local band. She found out they were actually playing at a bar just out-of-town the following week and decided she had to go.

She was excited as she got ready for the show that night. She had found her cutest pair of ripped jeans, pulled on a low-cut white tank top with a black bra. She sported a pair of simple black flip-flops knowing the show was taking place in the bars pole barn that was used for winter volleyball leagues. Heels and sand would have been the perfect recipe for a broken ankle. Her makeup was simple, with black smokey eyes and bright glossy pink lips. Her hair was down, and the back part pulled up to show off the layers in the front. Two hours later she found herself nursing a beer and standing towards the back of the crowd, dancing in place and watching the lead singer intently. As she watched him perform, she grew arock-starcrush on him. He was tall and lanky with black or brown hair, but his personality on stage was hilarious and it attracted her like a fly to honey. By the time they paused for a break, she was already thinking about all the dirty things she could do to him. Leah took the opportunity to take a few shots, drink another beer, and grab one to bring with her to the stage.

When the second set started, Leah was front and center at the stage. She danced with the crowd, threw sexy looks to the singer whenever she caught him glancing at her, and when the singer bent down and poked her nose with his finger, she opened her mouth and caught it, sucking it between her lips and watching the look of surprise wash over his face. For a moment he lapsed on the lyrics and had to pull himself back together. For the rest of the show, he watched her and paid more attention to Leah. Each time she saw him look at her, she teased him with almost-nipple peeks and touching herself. During the last song, he threw out souvenirs to the crowd and Leah felt the hatred and jealousy from the other girls has he took off the sunglasses he wore all night and placed them on her face.

Leah retreated back into the crowd and to the bar, and watched as the band did mini Meet-and-Greets before doing the same. She watched them take seats and pound back their free drinks. Leah stared at the singer, waiting for the perfect moment to get his attention. After ten minutes she finally caught him staring her down. Leah motioned him over with her finger and introduced herself. Leah was shocked at how tall he actually was. Even sitting on her bar stool, his crotch was almost level with her face. Leah had to fight the urge to grab at the bulge staring her in the face.

"Hi, I'm Leah" she said flirtatiously, "I work on the fire department you played for last week. You guys were good."

"I thought you looked familiar... Were you the little chick dancing next to the ambulance?" he asked.

"As a matter of fact... I was" she said with an embarrassedsmile and a seductive look half hidden by the hair hanging over one eye.

"I'm Jim."

"Sit, have a drink with me."

The two of them sat taking shots and flirting until they heard the barannounce 'Last Call'. The rest of the band was leaving and Leah offered Jim a ride back to the hotel he was staying at. He agreed and 20 minutes they were in her Jeep flying down a dirt road in the direction of the hotel. Leah grabbed Jim's hand and lead it to her thighs, opening them and coaxing him to touch her. His long arms had no trouble reaching, and moments later she felt his lips on her neck, kissing and sucking at the nape. Leah pressed the cruise control button on her steering wheel, spread her legs wider at the feel of his fingers rubbing her pussy, and felt him pawing at the denim. She had been wet since the second half of the show and couldn't wait to feel him over her body.

They finally pulled into the hotel parking lot just as Jim had popped the button on her jeans. She parked the Jeep with difficulty and turned her face towards him to feel his lips on hers.

"Do you have your own room?" she asked.

"Fuck... No I don't." he answered.

They walked into the lobby with trouble keeping their hands off each other. Leah asked for a room and they made their way through the halls making out, hands grabbing and squeezing at random body parts. It was quite thedifficulttask for Leah seeing as Jim was literally two feet taller than her. Most of it ended up with him half-carrying her and half dragging her while she struggled to reach him on her tip-toes. They reached the door to the room after what seemed like forever, Leah's tank top ripped down the front, lip gloss smeared across her face, Jim's belt undone and pants unzipped.

He grabbed her by the ass and lifted her in the air with one arm, pushing his tongue deep into her mouth and holding her against the door as he slipped the key card into the slot. She could tell he had probably pulled that move once or twice before. She didn't care, she just wanted hers. The door opened and closed, the two of them moving towards the bed as Leah's legs clenched around Jim's waist and his hands gripped and massaged her ass cheeks. Her hands pulled at his dark brown hair and she felt lost, searching for a way to breath through the kisses and loss of oxygen.

Jim walked to the edge of the bed and threw Leah down playfully. She stared up at him, biting her lip and pulling her tank top off. She reached behind her andun-clippedthe bra, exposing her full, round, pierced B-cups. He uttered his catchphrase "Hip, Hip" and jumped on top of her, ravaging her lips and neck. His hands roaming her breasts and stomach as Leah giggled and indulged in the touch of the guy she went out looking to bed that night. His lips found hers and sucked the breath from her lungs. Leah pulled away, reaching for his already-open pants and found his boxers, his cock already at attention. She was delighted to find 9 inches of hard cock waiting for her to please and mentally relaxed from the anticipation of finding out how big or small he was.

Jim's lips moved from Leah's, kissing down her neck and over her collarbone, moving down to her breasts. His mouth found its way to her left nipple, his tongue and teeth playing with the jewelry while his hand found its way to her right. His opposite hand worked its way to her jeans, already unbuttoned and pulled the zipper open. Leah raised her ass into the air, allowing Jim to pull the ripped denim over her pale skin and down to her knees. His teeth were playfully biting one nipple as his hands struggled to pull her jeans down the rest of the way. Once hesucceededhe noticed she wasn't wearing any underwear and his long fingers weren't shy, immediately plunging into her dripping pussy causing Leah to gasp in surprise.

His fingers felt like a jackhammer, slamming into her wet cunt and making her moan. His lips left her nipple and he pulled away, looking down at Leah as she writhed to his touch, gasping and moaning each time he pushed his fingers in deeper. She felt herself tightening each time he thrusted his fingers into her, she was ready to cum and hoped he kept it up. The mini jackhammers pounding on her tight little cunt did the job and suddenly she felt herself get wetter and heard herself groaning for more. Her warm juices poured over his hand.

Leah sighed before recouping and wiggled herself down on the bed and between his legs, his long body length not something she was used too. She reached up and pulled his jeans and boxers over his ass, his cock popping out and waving over her face. Her lips found the head and she sucked it into her mouth, massaging the tip with her tongue, her right hand finding his balls and squeezing the warm, tight sack gently but with firm pressure. She did her best to take all of him down her throat, finding it difficult at first. She lubed up her throat with saliva and tried again, getting 7 of the nine inches down her throat. She felt Jim's hands on the back of her head, pushing the rest of his cock down her throat, Leah gagging slightly. She jerked her head back and forth, letting her throat and tongue massage his cock as it slid in and out.

Jim couldn't believe this tiny girl could handle his large cock being shoved into her throat. He started thrusting his dick harder down her throat until she pulled herself away from his cock gagging for a breath. "You okay down there?" he asked.

"Fuck my mouth" she replied. Jim responded by shoving his thick nine inches back into her throat, grabbing the back of her head again and gripping her hair. He tried to hold back as long as he could, but the sight and feeling of Leah sucking his large cock, and taking all of it, was too much. He felt it building up and she could feel his cock tighten. She went for the head, massaging and sucking hard and jerking the shaft with her two small hands, urging his cum to pump down her throat. She got what she wanted moments later as she felt the hot, salty cum start filling her mouth.

Jim fell over, laying on his back. Leah shimmied her jeans off, the denim landing on the floor and climbed on top of him, pulling hist-shirtover his head. His hands reached for her backside and massaged her bare ass cheeks. She bent over his face, kissing him and shoving her tongue deep into his mouth. She waited for him to gasp for air before she pulled her lips away, only to move higher up on his body and replace her mouth on his with her pussy lips.

Leah sat on his face and felt his tongue slip between his lips and into her pussy lips, finding its way to her swollen clit. Slowly, Leah started to grind herself against his mouth, moaning at the touch of his soft tongue swirling its way through her pussy. A set of fingers slithered in from behind and soaked themselves in her juices before finding their way to her asshole. As he ate her pussy, his fingers started to tease Leah's asshole, poking and prodding gently, looking for a sign that would tell him to stop, and it never came. Jim inserted a single finger and Leah jumped. She was surprised at his courage, going for the asshole so quickly, but she thought she would surprise him even more so.

Leah pushed her ass back, pushing her backside hole down into Jim's finger harder than he had tried to push it inside her, moaning loud, his face still smothered with her pussy lips. Leah wanted to orgasm, so she allowed Jim the pleasure of fingering her asshole longer. Soon, she felt herself start to shake and she started grinding on his face wildly. His finger went deep into her asshole and she rocked herself over his hand and face. Moments later, he felt like he wasdrowningas Leah let the orgasm sweep over her body and his mouth was filled with her cum. He could hear her screams, muffled by her thighs pressed against the sides of his head.

Leah sat on his face until she felt her orgasm subside. Jim felt her body relax, and by this time his dick was rock-hard again. He knew how good most of her felt, and now he wanted to fuck Leah until she was raw. Jim peeled Leah of his face and threw her onto her back. Jim wriggled his pants onto the floor, climbing over her and sitting on his knees. Hemaneuveredher legs onto his shoulders and put the tip of his cock to her pussy. He rubbed her clit softly a few times, Leah jumping at the touch on hersensitivecherry. Leah felt the first few inches force her pussy muscles apart and screamed like she was being torn in two.

Jim waited for Leah to get used to the size of his huge cock pushing itself inside her. It took a few minutes, but once she had adjusted to being torn apart, he started plunging himself inside her like there was no tomorrow. Leah was letting out a noise that was a mixture of screaming, moaning, and gasping. Jim wasn't sure what to think, and didn't care. He kept going. Leah reached her legs up and wrapped them around his hips, holding him close to her and pulling him into her with each of his thrusts.

Jim took his time pounding her pussy as she begged for more. He flipped Leah over and placed her on her hands and knees. Jim's cock slid in and out of her cunt, the whole time she kept screaming for more, begging him to fuck her harder. He was fucking her as hard as he could, thinking how he couldn't believe this tiny girl was asking him,begging him, for more. Leah arched her back deep, her head almost touching her shoulder blades, and stared into his eyes, biting her lower lip. Jim almost lost control at the realization of how flexible she was. His right hard reached out grabbing her shoulder and pulled her further back, further amazed at how far she extended. He bent down, mashing his lips against hers as his hips pounded into her ass cheeks. His other hand reaching around her hip and dipping into her drenched pussy and tickling her clit, causing new moans to escape her lips and a new set of shivers over her milky-white skin.

Leah feltelectricitysweep over her body. Her head was bouncing around and she couldn't see straight. Tingles started in her feet and washed up her body, sprouting goosebumps on her skin. She closed her eyes and felt herself get lost. She started moaning and felt herself cum. Jim felt her pussy clench his cock and used the last bit of strength he had left. He felt a wave of warm liquid and looked down to see Leah's pussy squirting waves of cum from her latest orgasm all over him and the bed. To him it was sexy as hell, something he wasn't used too and the site gave him an extra boost of momentary stamina.

Moments later Jim felt his cock start to throb and tighten. He slammed himself into Leah as hard as he could before he lost control. He could feel it build and travel up his stiff shaft. At the last moment, he pulled his cock from her dripping pussy and ropes of cum spurted all over Leah's lower back and down her ass cheeks. He stroked the last few drops from the tip and felt his body shiver.

The alcohol hadn't fully worn off, and their sweaty bodies fell to the sheets. Both chests heaved in the air as they struggled to catch their breath. After a Leah caught hers, she reached to the floor and grabbed her purse, pulling out a cigarette and a small bottle of Jack Daniels. She lit the cigarette and unscrewed the top to the bottle. She took a deep swig and handed it to Jim. He took it, bringing the bottle to his lips and taking a pull that left the bottle half empty.

"I hope you had fun." he said, breaking the sounds of deep, contented breathing.

"I did. But I'm not done either." Leah responded, smiling with a devilish grin.

Jim took another pull of the bottle before responding.

"Who told you I was?" he askedsmugly with an equally evil look. The night wasn't over, but only getting started.

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