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Jane The Babysitter's Daughter

An email that leads to a new experience

This is a work of fiction; I live in hope, though. I was checking my emails, expecting to hear from Jane, when I received one from an unknown. Reluctant to open it, but intrigued by the headline, I decided to open it. The headline read, "I know what you a...

Diary Of A High School Stud: Chapter Five

Tommy visits a massage parlor and discovers his older sister working there

I left Michigan with Annie, my little sister, the day after I graduated high school in June 1987. After crossing the Michigan/Indiana border, I swore I’d never return. With the exception of layovers at Detroit Metro Airport, it was a promise I kept to mys...

Her Son's Roommate

A mother's surprise visit to her son's dorm room takes a lustful turn

Miriam's son had been away from home for two years, but she visited him at least once a month at the university dorms. It was a three-hour drive, which she enjoyed making to get away from the routine. However, this time, she hadn't told him about her visi...

The Resort - Chapter Four

It's a year later and everything has changed

It was exactly one year after the start of this story and, on the surface, things seem very much the same as last year. Chan and I were riding in the back of the same car, Mom and Dad were still up front, and we were heading to the resort once again. That...

Inadequate, Chapter 6

Our daughter arrives from school unexpectantly and everything changes.

Sunday morning, Cathy went to church as usual. Well, not entirely as usual. She had showered and dressed in her sober Sunday clothes, but Rex teased her pussy mercilessly throughout breakfast so that, when she left for church, her panties were soaked and...

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Naked And Afraid

Karen is home alone when two criminals break in to rob her. She's afraid and that's when it gets interesting.

It was about 8:30 Friday night, my birthday—I was home alone. My husband, George, was out of town on business. He’d called earlier to see if I’d received the flowers he’d sent and once again apologized for missing my birthday. I thanked him, we exchanged...

Diary of a High School Stud: Chapter Four

Tommy's extra circular activities get a little spicy.

After settling into my hotel room, I started scrolling through YouTube. Since I was still feeling nostalgic, I started searching for old Detroit commercials. I smiled as I watched ads for Faygo, Boblo Island, Mel Farr Superstar, and my dad’s law firm. As...

Inadequate, Chapter 3

I want Rex to possess my wife, but will she submit to him?

Cathy and I live in a relatively small city where commute times are highly predictable, and Cathy, being a punctual person, gets home at 5:30 every day and we eat dinner at 6:00. So, by the time Rex left that afternoon, I had very little time to tidy up,...

Amy's Sex Tears

Don has a massive cock and knows how to use it. All Rick can do is watch him fuck his wife!

Don’s cock is big, huge. It’s a blessing and a curse. Some girls love it and can’t wait to fuck with it, while others simply just can’t take its size. Anal is often off the table; squeezing it in tight bum holes can be more pain than pleasure. But Don use...

The Night Shift

William is stuck with a hungry demon who feeds off lust... luckily for the demon, William has more than enough to keep him satisfied.

Crazy. Crazy was a huge understatement. William didn't know quite what to think. He wasn't a believer in demons and the supernatural. There simply wasn't any tangible evidence, as far as he knew. If you had asked him only a week ago if a demon really exis...