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The Professor

My search for an interview with a reclusive professor leads to a course in passion
I never expected that my first view of Doctor Julia Miller would be of her emerging stark naked from a lake. It happened near the end of the three hour hike to the place where I suspected the reclusive former professor was residing. Rounding a bend in the trail, I found myself in a clearing on the shore of a small lake. As I looked for the next section of the trail, the professor emerged from the water looking for all the world like some water nymph or goddess arising.

To be honest, I did not really notice a lot of detail about her body at that encounter. It was all too sudden, too surprising. I knew it was Doctor Miller because I had researched her thoroughly and seen many pictures of her. She was a very pretty woman with a body that was quite attractive even in her early fifties and chestnut brown hair that showed only traces of grey.

“Hello. Enjoying the view?” the professor suddenly said, her bright green eyes turning my way.

“Um …yeah … hello. You are Doctor Miller, right?”

She chuckled as she picked up a towel hanging on a low branch and began drying off.

“That’s me. You’re looking for me?”

I nodded. “I am. I’m Dennis Roberts. I’m doing a piece on you for the Western Campus Gazette. It’s about the Elston Prize and the research you did that led to it.”

The professor sighed and shook her head.

“Fuck. Can’t anyone talk about anything other than that? I published at least half a dozen significant papers after that and no one ever wants to talk to me about them.”

The vehemence of her statement startled me.

“I’m sorry, Doctor Miller. That’s what I was asked to write about. Maybe we can talk about those and I can work some of that into the article.”

That brought a smile back to her lips.

“Okay. I’m starting to like you, Dennis. Please call me ‘Julia’, okay? I’m long past being called ‘Doctor’ or ‘Professor’.”


She put the towel down. Picking up a simple white dress, she slipped it on over her head and tied it at the waist. Made of thin cotton, it revealed a fair bit of the form beneath. Her brown hair, still wet, dampened the cotton.

“Let’s go up to my place. I’ll get you something to eat and we can talk some more,” Julia said after she finished dressing. 

I followed her up a narrow path to the small wooden building that she called home. It was a cozy little cabin with a large main room that acted as kitchen, dining room, and living room. There was no computer or other modern paraphernalia in sight, not even a television or telephone. Bookshelves occupied most of one wall, though, suggesting what her main leisure activity was. A large wood stove dominated the room.

I settled into a chair while Julia lit the stove and put a kettle on. We chatted as she waited for it to boil. Once the kettle was boiling, she poured our tea and got out some bread, cheese, and fruit to eat. It was a simple but tasty lunch.

“Why did you retire early and move out here, anyway?” I asked after a few mouthfuls.

“Many reasons. Frustration with my academic career was one. The end of my marriage was another. Call it a midlife crisis if you like, but I needed the break.”

“You live pretty simply out here?”

“I do. I like it that way. No papers to write, no committees to sit on, no classes to prepare and teach.”

“Must get rough though. No hydro. Cooking on a wooden stove.”

“I’m pretty efficient now. Got a huge load of firewood from a guy who was clearing his land on the other side of the lake so I just have to split what I need. I take a boat or sled to the village once a week to shop. I do have a simple propane heating system but I save it for winter when the heat is more badly needed and the wood stove isn’t always enough.”

“Sounds kind of idyllic in some ways but I’m not sure it’s my cup of tea. I enjoy a week or two in the bush now and then but I can’t see myself living in the back country.”

“It’s not for everyone. How did you track me down?”

“Doctor Max Robertson let slip that he’d heard you talk about a place in the bush. Then I read your work on marsh ecology that led me to look into where that research took place. Like the marsh west of here. It was just a matter of doing some nosing around until I found a bush property in this county owned by a Miller.”

The professor smiled.

“You’re good. The property belonged to an uncle who sold it to my father who willed it to me.”

From there, we segued into my interview questions, whiling away the afternoon with them and various digressions. I was finding myself rather enjoying Julia’s company. The fact that she was naked save for the dress probably helped, of course. More than once, she inadvertently flashed me views up the skirt or down the U neck. At least I thought it was inadvertent at the time.

By the time we finished, I had enough material for a few articles, maybe even a small book. I glanced at my watch.

“I need to get going, I guess. It is at least a couple hours back to where I parked and then thirty minutes to the campground where I was hoping to crash.”

“You parked by the old barn on the bay?”


“You can leave it there. I know them and they’ll take care of it. Why not just stay the night here?”

I raised my eyebrows but gladly accepted. It would likely be more comfortable than the tent I had brought and it would let me get to know Julia some more. Age gap notwithstanding, I was finding myself quite attracted to the woman.

Julia showed me to the bedroom. It was a second room on the east end of the cabin. The beds were really just shelves coming out of either wall. One had a mattress and comforter on it along with some pillows, the other was empty.

“You can just roll your sleeping bag out here,” the professor said nodding towards the empty bed, “I have a foam mattress pad you can put underneath and you can steal a couple of my pillows.”

After dropping my backpack in the bedroom, I helped her prepare a stew and biscuits for dinner. As the evening drew on, Julia lit a couple kerosene lamps for light and we tucked into the meal. After dinner, she got out some homemade wine that she had bought from a friend in the village. With glasses in hand, we sat in the lamplight and talked about anything that came to mind.

“Do you get lonely out here?” I asked after a while.

“Sometimes. But I felt pretty lonely on campus, too.”

“I know that feeling. Sometimes you can be surrounded by people but still feel alone.”

“Is there anyone?”

“As in a girlfriend? No. Last one called it splits over a year ago and I haven’t dated much since.”

“Too bad. You’re a nice looking guy. Nice to talk to, too.”

“Thanks,” I answered, blushing a little, “You’re nice yourself. Pretty, too.”

She smiled and an odd twinkle came into her brown eyes.

“You know what I miss most out here?”

“No. What?”



“Exactly. I haven’t been with a man in something like three years. I barely remember the last time.”

“Wow. And I thought my eight month dry spell was bad.”

Julia chuckled.

“To a young guy like you, I’ll bet eight months without sex probably feels like three years.”

“In a way, I guess. Surely you could find someone in the village or something.”

“I suppose. There aren’t many people, though, and not many of those are available guys. The married men aren’t an option. The place is so small a wife would know in no time if I started screwing around with her husband. What about you? Why aren’t you getting any?”

I shrugged.

“I could say that I’m too busy or something but really, I just haven’t found anyone I feel like getting intimate with since the breakup. Tried casual hook-ups but that doesn’t really work for me. I guess I like being in a relationship with the person I’m sleeping with.”

“That’s kind of sweet, really. You must had a real bond with this girlfriend.”

“I did. Apparently, though, it was one way.”

Julia shook her head, then yawned.

“I’m getting tired. You want to clean up before bed? I have a shower of sorts.”

“A shower? Out here?”

“Come and see.”

Julia got up and headed for the door. I followed, my eyes enjoying the sight of the professor’s large, shapely behind wriggling under the thin fabric of her dress. She led me outside and around to the back of the cabin where a frame held a large water barrel. There was a pipe with a showerhead coming out of the bottom with pull chains to open and close a valve.

“I can pump water up from the lake or just let it fill with rain,” she said, “It’s full right now but go easy on the water or I’ll make you run the pump tomorrow.”

I started removing my t-shirt and noticed she was settling down on a stump.

“You’re going to watch?”

“You’ve seen me naked and wet,” the professor pointed out.

“Fair enough,” I answered with a chuckle.

I finished undressing, hanging my clothes on a wooden rack she had set up for the purpose. Facing Julia, I spread my arms and grinned.

“There you go, Professor. Enjoying the view?”

Her eyes glanced down. I have a decent-sized cock, or so my ex-girlfriend had told me. Almost hits seven inches when fully erect. If asked, I round up.

“I am, actually.”

I stepped into the shower and pulled the chain to turn it on. Water poured down over my body. It was cold but it was hardly the first cold shower I’d had. Shutting off the water again, I grabbed a soap bar from a shelf attached to one of the supports and started washing. Julia was watching me intently. Her nipples were hard, pushing up against the material of the dress. I was not sure if she was cold or aroused.

I made a show of turning away shyly while I washed my penis and balls, then I turned back to rinse. That gave the professor a good look at my soapy cock, which had stiffened a little from the stimulation of washing. I pulled the on chain and quickly rinsed, making sure to rub myself clean of soap in full view of Julia. She smiled and shook her head. As I shut off the water, she got up and walked up to me with a towel.

“You clean up well,” she said as I began toweling off.


We went inside. I pulled on boxer shorts and a tank top for sleeping. Julia stripped off her dress and replaced it with a short cotton nightgown. We poured more wine and sat up on our beds to enjoy it and chat some more.

“Do you find me attractive, Dennis?” Julia said after a lull in our conversation.

I looked over at her. She was, indeed, a lovely woman.

“Yes,” I answered, “I do.”

“Even though I’m old enough to be your mother? Hell, maybe even your grandmother.”

That got me chuckling.

“Age doesn’t enter into it. Beauty is beauty. And you aren’t even close to being as old as my grandmother.”

That brought a smile to her lips. Putting her glass aside, Julia got up and walked over to my bed. She sat on the edge. Her hand came to rest on my cock, rubbing it lightly through my cotton shorts.

“Would you sleep with me, Dennis? Am I that attractive?”

I was tense with both nerves and excitement. My cock was hardening rapidly at the touch of Julia’s hand.

“Yes,” I responded in a hoarse whisper.

I was going to say more but Julia’s mouth cut me off. She pressed it to mine, sliding her tongue past my lips. I found her breast with my hand, kneading the soft flesh through the thin cotton of her nightie. The professor’s nipple grew into a hard bud under my fingers. I pinched it lightly. Julia pulled her mouth off of mine and gasped.

“Sorry. Did that hurt?” I asked.

She smiled.

“Yes, but in a very good way.”

With a single, smooth gesture, the professor stripped off her nightgown. This time, I saw Julia’s body in all its glory and had the time and focus to enjoy the sight. Her breasts were nicely sized for her body with only a little sag. Freckles dotted their upper surfaces. The erect pink nipples that capped them were surrounded by large aureoles. Below her tits, a smooth, toned belly led down to wide hips and lean, muscular thighs. Between those thighs was an unkempt brown bush above large, soft pink lips. Over fifty or not, Doctor Julia Miller looked great in the nude.

Julia got up and straddled my lap. Her pussy rested on my cock with only my thin cotton boxers separating them. The fabric dampened as her juices soaked in, signalling just how wet the professor was. Thrusting her tits towards me, she simultaneously pulled my head towards them. I got the end of one in my mouth and began sucking on the hard nipple. Julia held my head there, forcing me to suckle as she rubbed her wet snatch against my hardness.

“Bite it, baby. Hurt me a little,” she gasped.

I obliged, tentatively at first but harder as Julia urged me on. My girlfriends had never wanted anything like that. I was surprised and aroused by the experience.

Julia finally released my head and I fell back on the pillow catching my breath. She pulled down the waistband of my boxers to free my stiff prick. Precum was leaking from the tip, though it was hard to tell since I was wet with her pussy juice. Holding it in her hand, the professor gently rubbed the head against the wet lips of her opening.

“Dennis, I want your cock in me,” she said, “Do you want to fuck me, Dennis?”

“Yes, please. I want to fuck your wet pussy, Doctor Miller.”

Julia ignored my lapse into formality. With a grin on her pretty face, the professor slid down my pole, easily taking me all the way in. She was very wet and not as tight as other girls I had been with. It felt fantastic to have her warm, wet vagina enfold me.

“Fuck, that feels food,” she gasped.

“Me, too.”

Julia began moving, sliding slowly up and down my shaft. She leaned over me, supporting herself on her arms to let her tits dangle. I took them in my hands and began massaging them.

“Hurt me,” Julia said, her voice breathless and her eyes half-closed, “Pinch my nipples.”

I did as she asked, taking both nipples between thumbs and forefingers to pinch, then twist, them.

“Fuck, yeah,” she gasped out, “Harder.”

I obeyed, a little nervous about hurting the professor but also aroused by how much it seemed to turn her on.

The sensation of my hard cock sliding in and out of Julia’s wet cunt soon had me drawing close to orgasm. I began moving my hips, thrusting up to meet the professor each time that she slid down.

“I’m going to cum, Doctor Miller,” I said, feeling the pressure building.

“Let it go, Dennis, let it go. I’m close, too.”

She became inarticulate, moaning as I pinched her nipples hard again. Her vagina fluttered, then clenched, around me. That was it. I went rigid and groaned as I exploded into her body. The orgasm went on far longer than I was used to, pleasure rippling through every sinew as my cock pumped away inside Julia’s pussy.

The professor collapsed on top of me. Putting my arms around Julia, I held her as she began sobbing.

“Oh God, I needed that so fucking badly,” Julia moaned into my shoulder, wetting my t-shirt with tears.

It was light when I awoke the next morning. I was naked, having shed my clothes before we went to sleep. Julia had somehow left the bed without waking me. Probably I had slept better than usual after the amazing sex the night before. It was almost like having my first time all over again.

There were noises coming from the main room of the cabin so I knew that Julia was doing something, maybe preparing breakfast. The smell of pancakes assailed my nostrils as if summoned to confirm that suspicion. Hunger began to stir. It was not the only thing stirring.

I dug fresh clothes out of my bag and dressed. My mind kept replaying and rethinking my lusty tryst with the professor. Sex had been the farthest thing from my mind when I had headed out to find Doctor Miller. That had changed from the moment I first saw her nude body rise from the lake. As I ran over the events of the previous day, I began to realize that her mind had been on the subject, too. There were things she had done and said that had clearly been steering us towards that moment in the bedroom.

Wandering out to the kitchen, I found my hostess dressed in cut-off jeans and a partly unbuttoned shirt. Her brown hair was tied back in a loose ponytail. The look made Julia seem younger than her years. She was standing over the wood stove flipping freshly made pancakes on to a plate.

“Hungry?” she asked.

I walked up behind Julia and laid a light kiss on her ear.

“In more ways than one,” I answered.

She laughed.

“Good. I was hoping that last night hadn’t scared you off.”


We settled down at her rather large, wooden table and dug into our pancakes. Julia had some rather nice sausages to eat with them and plenty of good maple syrup to pour on them. It was the best breakfast I had eaten in a long time.

“You cried last night after we had sex, Julia. Did something about it upset you? Did I hurt you too much?”

She shook her head. “I was just feeling very emotional. I haven’t had a cock in me in so long, I forgot how good it felt. Not just the physical sensation but the intimacy of having another person’s body inside your own.”

“I know that feeling. With you, though, it was extremely intense. You begging me to hurt you made the sex so much more intimate. It’s kind of scary.”

Julia blushed.

“It’s always been a thing for me. I tried full-on S and M with a guy in grad school but that was too much. For some reason, though, pinching and biting intensifies my arousal.”

“Interesting but I’m so glad you let me share it.”

“I’m so glad you enjoyed it. I always worry about how a lover will react to it.”

“I reacted by getting turned on.”

My eyes fell to Julia’s exposed cleavage. Some syrup had dripped on to her and was running down the side of her left breast. The professor noticed my gaze and looked down.

“Want a taste?” she asked, beginning to unbutton the shirt.

Julia got up and walked over to me. By the time she reached me, the shirt hung open to bare those lovely tits. I licked the syrup off, then gently bit the professor’s nipple. That made her gasp.

“Tasty,” I said.

“Maybe you should have more then.”

Julia picked up the syrup and poured some more on to her tits. I smiled, then began eagerly licking the sweet, sticky syrup from her skin on one side, while using my hand to spread it over her tit on the other. Once one was clean, I set to work on the other, ending with the nipple in my mouth. I sucked on it hard, then bit down. The now familiar cry told me I had done it right.

I pulled back from her breast and raised my now sticky fingers to her mouth. Julia licked and sucked them, a remarkably sensual feeling that had my cock rising in my shorts even more than it already was.

“Still hungry?” she asked.

“I am.”

She stepped back from me and slipped the shirt off, then began undoing her cut-offs. As the professor slid them down and off, I got up and began undressing. By the time I was naked, Julia was seated on the edge of the table with her legs open. Picking up the syrup again, she drizzled more over her tits and on to her belly. I watched it run down her naked body.

“Come get it, hungry boy,” the professor beckoned softly.

Driven by pure lust, I moved in and began eagerly devouring my lover. My tongue lapped up sticky syrup; my mouth sucked and nibbled at soft bits of flesh and hard nipples. Once, with my tongue coated in syrup, we French kissed and Julia sucked on my sweet tongue. Hands sticky with syrup explored each other’s nakedness, tongues ready to follow.

I had never felt such pure erotic hunger before, in either myself or a lover. Older or not, Julia brought out powerful desires that not even my former girlfriend had awakened. With each bite or lick, my own arousal grew stronger.

“Eat me, boy. Devour my cunt,” she commanded, leaning back on her arms and spreading her legs wide.

I obeyed, dropping to my knees between her legs. After licking some syrup off Julia’s thigh, I focused on her nether parts. I licked her mound, hair and all, clean of syrup. Then I went to work on her pussy, the taste of sweet syrup giving way to the muskier taste of the professor’s arousal.

My tongue explored the soft lips, then the opening, lapping up her juices. As a test, I nibbled her outer lips, which made Julia moan for more. Then I teased her clit and began sucking on it. Julia, the great academic, was reduced to wordless moans and cries as I hungrily devoured her.

The professor’s climax surprised me. Her juices literally sprayed out with the first spasm, then gushed out in a tasty stream. Julia was practically in tears as she writhed and moaned on the table. My tongue didn't stop until I had licked her clean of her own fluid. I ended by French kissing her pussy one last time, then I got up.

My cock was standing out straight and hard. Precum beaded on the tip. Julia saw it and smiled, her gaze rapt as she slipped off the table. Her naked body glistened with sweat, syrup, and saliva. In my sex-addled mind, she was even more goddess-like than when she had emerged from the lake.

Next thing I knew, I was on my back on the floor with the professor on all fours between my spread legs. She poured syrup over my hard cock, then began licking it like a cat lapping at food or drink. There was a blazing hunger in her eyes that I had never seen in any person or animal.

Not satisfied with licking me, Julia took my cock into her mouth. It quickly disappeared and I could feel the head reach her throat. With an intense, hungry look on her face, she deep-throated me, sucking my stiff prick eagerly. One hand was caressing my balls and massaging the sensitive area leading from them to my ass. The other was between her own legs, masturbating as she devoured me.

I closed my eyes, feeling my arousal coming to a peak.

“Oh, baby,” I howled as I came. 

Julia swallowed every drop as my cock pumped its contents into her throat. I was shaking and moaning as wave after wave of intense pleasure ran through my body. Then I went limp, gasping for breath.

I watched as Julia rose up to a kneeling position, semen dribbling from the corner of her mouth. With one hand, she opened the soft petals between her legs; with the other she began vigorously massaging her clitoris, even pinching it a little. Eyes closed, mouth open and gasping, my lover climaxed for the second time, then went almost limp herself.

“Fuck that was good, Dennis,” the professor sobbed between breaths, “Oh fuck, I haven’t let go like that in so long.”

Tears started flowing as they had after the night’s lovemaking. I got up and held Julia, pressing my wet, sticky body to hers.

“We should clean up,” she finally said, still looking a bit stunned.

“Yeah, we made a bit of a mess,” I agreed.

“Ourselves first, I think. Let’s go out to the shower. It’s a bit cool but I think I need to cool down anyway.”

“Me, too.”

We stood together under the outdoor shower and let the water pour over our bodies, rinsing away sweat and syrup. Grabbing the soap, I lathered up my hands and began washing Julia’s body. She did the same for me. For a time, we just stood there running soapy hands over each other’s naked bodies. Then we melted into an intimate embrace and kissed. Our soapy bodies rubbed against each other as our tongues caressed one another.

Finally we let go. Julia turned the water back on and we rinsed off before grabbing thick, warm towels to dry off. Back inside, we dressed and cleaned up the mess from our breakfast tryst. Two intense bouts of sex seemed to have dampened our desires for the moment, though we swapped occasional touches and kisses.

After that, we went to work. It was rare for the professor to have a second set of hands to help and Julia took full advantage of it. We split and stocked firewood from her wood pile, refilled the shower tank, and did some cleanup and repairs around the property. The biggest job was fixing up her woodshed, patching some leaks so the wood would stay drier.

After a few hours of work and a picnic lunch by the lake, we sprawled out naked on the picnic blanket to rest and catch our breaths.

“Thank you, Dennis. You’ve been amazing. I never thought I would ever get that old woodshed repaired.”

I looked at Julia. Reaching out, I caressed her arm.

“For you, anything. You have given me so much more than I expected when I set out.”

She looked back and smiled.

“I have not felt this good about a man and sex since … since I met Pierre, my ex-husband, I guess.”

We rolled on to our sides to face each other. Sliding our bodies into contact, we embraced. After a long kiss, we just lay there staring into each other’s eyes and slowly stroking each other’s skin. My cock stirred a little, enjoying the closeness of Julia’s nakedness. She touched it lightly.

“Getting horny again?” she whispered.

“Never really stopped being horny.”

With that, I rolled the professor on to her back and got on top. My mouth pressed on to hers and my tongue slid inside. Slowly, I moved my body against Julia’s, letting my skin caress hers.

After a couple long, deep kisses, I ran my tongue along her jaw to her ear. I kissed her earlobe lightly, and then sucked it into my mouth to gently bite it. The pace of Julia’s breathing increased a little at that so I sucked on her earlobe a little more, then bit it again.

“Oh yes, keep going,” she said quietly.

Encouraged, I ran my tongue down her neck. At the base, I took the soft skin in my teeth. I bit down, enough to hurt but not enough to break skin. Julia gasped and gave my body a squeeze. I moved my mouth to a new spot, kissed her, and then bit her again. Suddenly, I knew why the whole idea of a vampire biting someone’s neck was regarded as sexy. My cock was growing harder.

A couple more love bites and then I was moving again. I ran my tongue down over my lover’s collarbone and on to her left breast. Slowly, I swished it back and forth as I moved closer and closer to the tip. Finding Julia’s nipple erect and waiting, I wrapped my lips around it and sucked on it. My hand found the other breast, stroking and massaging it as I sucked.

Julia was now breathing harder, even softly moaning. Her hands were stroking my hair and caressing my back and shoulders. I bit her nipple, pinching and twisting the other at the same time. Julia cried out. The mix of pain and ecstasy in the sound excited me. I repeated the action with the same result.

“Oh God, Dennis, more. Please more,” the professor said in soft tone.

Before obliging her, I switched sides, now biting the right and pinching the left. Julia’s breathing became fast and ragged. I knew that she was rapidly becoming aroused, as was I. Another bite and pinch; another soft cry of ecstasy.

“You are getting so good at this. You are making me so fucking wet.”

Leaving her breasts, I pressed my face into Julia’s soft belly. Taking some of the skin in my mouth, I bit her there. Her response was another soft cry but with a bit of a giggle mixed in. I moved my mouth and bit another spot with the same reaction. Then I pushed my tongue into her navel and slowly moved it outwards, licking slow circles on her belly, pausing occasionally for another love bit.

As I licked and nibbled around her belly, I slipped a hand between her thighs. Julia was, as I expected, quite wet. I began rubbing the soft lips as my mouth drew nearer and nearer to that intimate space.

Finally, I could resist no longer. I removed my hand and plunged my tongue into the professor’s pussy. The taste of her aroused cunt drove me wild and I began fucking her with my tongue while roughly massaging her engorged clitoris with a thumb. Somewhat tentatively, I even pinched it.

“Oh fuck, yes,” Julia gasped, “More.”

My lover’s hands were on my head, holding it between her thighs. Her fingers pulled at my hair, giving me my first taste of how pain and pleasure could run together.

I pulled my tongue from my lover’s pussy. Taking the soft lips into my mouth, I sucked and lightly bit them. Julia howled her approval. I move on to her clitoris, licking and sucking it. Two fingers entered her wet channel and I began fucking her with them as I lavished attention on her clit.

“Oh God, baby, fuck, yes!” she roared as she climaxed.

Her vagina pulsed around my probing fingers while her exquisite juices ran freely around them. I lapped them up, then pulled my fingers free and crawled up over her and lowered them into her mouth. Julia eagerly licked and sucked her lube from my fingers.

By this time, I was rock hard, aroused by the act of pleasuring the professor. Julia’s hand reached down to massage my cock with her fingers. She pinched it, squeezing out some precum.

“Fuck me,” she suddenly said.

I smiled and kissed my lover. With a single, swift thrust I penetrated her. Julia smiled up at me as I pulled back and drove into her again. Her warm, wet vagina took me in easily and I began fucking her hard and fast. The professor’s tits jiggled with each impact. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened to emit soft cries.

“Oh God, fuck me Dennis! Fuck me hard! I’m such a fucking horny bitch!” she cried out.

Pulling out, I made her assume the doggie position and then rammed my hard-on into her again. My hands kneaded and pinched her ass cheeks. Then I raised my hand and smacked her hard on the ass. Raising it again, I smacked her thigh.

“Yeah, baby, spank me. I’m such a bad, horny bitch. Punish me for being such a hot bitch!”

I spanked her ass a couple more times, aroused to a new level by her stream of dirty talk. At the same time, I kept fucking her wet cunt with a steady, driving, pace. The feeling of sliding in and out of Julia, of using her body as my fuck toy, was a heady, arousing sensation.

“Oh fuck yeah, Dennis, that’s so fucking good. Keep pounding my pussy like that. Fucking make it yours.”

The dirty talk sure worked magic on me, arousing me and drawing me closer to climax. As I drew close, something must have snapped. I pulled out.

“On your back, bitch,” I demanded.

Julia obeyed and I knelt between her thighs, holding my cock over her. I jammed two fingers into her dripping snatch while working her clit hard and fast with a thumb. With my other hand, I began stroking my wet cock over her body. I came hard and fast, shooting white, sticky cream over her belly and pussy. She came with me, crying out in ecstasy as her pussy sent a load of its own cum over my fingers.

As my orgasm subsided, I stared down at my lover’s body and the cum spread over it. I was momentarily shocked at how wild it had felt, how intense it had all become. Julia, seeing my rather stunned look, sat up. Putting her arms around my neck, she drew my mouth to hers and we kissed. That brought me back and I soon returned both embrace and kiss enthusiastically. We fell down together on the blanket and just spent time holding, caressing, and kissing as we talked quietly.

Evening found us back in the cabin enjoying a beef hash and more of Julia’s bread, all washed down with more of her friend’s wine. After dinner, Julia had some things to do so I went out and settled on the Muskoka chair in front of the cabin. As I watched the sun go down, my mind was a muddle of thoughts about the past twenty-four hours.

I had never had such a wildly erotic good time with a woman before. At the same time, the thirty year age gap between us and Julia’s reclusiveness made it seem unlikely that this would be sustainable. There was more than sex between us, though, or so I sensed. I really did feel an affection, love even, for the professor. 

Then there was the matter of my having to leave. A job and my classes beckoned and I knew that I really had to get going the next day. There was also the article to write based on the interview. The thought of ending, or at least pausing, the relationship when it was really just getting started brought a tear to my eye.

A gentle touch on my shoulder startled me and brought me out of my thoughts. Julia settled on the ground beside my chair. Her hand came to rest on my thigh and lightly caressed it. We were both dressed much the same, shorts and a tank top. The outfit looked much better on her, though I suppose maybe she thought the same about me.

“You okay, Dennis?”

“Just realizing that I have to go tomorrow. Work and school call. And I don’t really want to leave yet.”

“It will be hard. You’re a wonderful lover.”

“Thanks. I’m learning a lot from you. Still, it seems odd at times. I should be learning by hearing you lecture, not by …”

“Fucking me senseless on the beach? I think you learn more from fucking than in a classroom. More important stuff, anyway.”

Her lips touched my thigh in a brief kiss.


“How we relate to and enjoy each other is far important than a bunch of facts and hypotheses scribbled in a notebook. And that, my loverboy, is what fucking on the beach is all about.”

She squeezed my thigh lightly, and smiled at me.

“I can take you to town in my boat in the morning,” she went on, “It’ll be faster than you hiking out and I have to stock up on supplies anyhow.”

“Thanks. That will be good.”

She kissed my thigh again. Her hand reached under my thigh to touch my crotch. Gently, she massaged my cock through my shorts. Her kisses turned to gentle bites. I reached over to stroke her soft, brown hair.

“Let’s go to bed," she whispered, "One more for the road and all that.”

“You are one horny lady.”

“Three years of celibacy. I’m making up for lost time.”

We got up. After a brief embrace and kiss, Julia and I walked hand in hand into the cabin and went straight to the bedroom.

Standing by the professor’s bed, I grabbed the hem of her tank top and slowly raised the garment, finally pulling it off over her head. My eyes immediately fell to Julia’s bare tits. Their nipples were already hardening. I started undoing her shorts, finally sliding them down her legs until she was able to step out of them. Rising back up, I took her tits in my hands and massaged them as we kissed. My fingers rubbed her nipples roughly, then pinched them hard.

“You’re learning, all right.”

“Good teacher.”

We kissed again and then Julia pulled my top off. Pressing her face to my chest, she took one of my nipples in her teeth. Pain and pleasure mingled as she bit it. Turning to the other, she did the same. Electric tingles ran down my cock with each bite.

“Oh fuck Julia. That really is wonderful,” I gasped, suddenly knowing what she felt and why she wanted it.

Moving back, Julia pushed my shorts down to release my cock. She caressed it lightly and lovingly in her hand as she licked, then bit my nipples again. I was soon rock hard.

“On the bed, loverboy,” the professor said after a final nip.

I obeyed. Julia climbed on top of me and returned to my nipples. First she sucked one into her mouth and gently bit it, then the other. After that, she worked her way slowly down my body as I done to hers in the afternoon. Licks, then kisses, then bites were lavished on my bare, hairy flesh until she reached the stiff rod between my thighs.

The animal look of the morning returned as she repeatedly licked my cock, running her tongue from the balls to the head several times. I lifted myself up on my elbows to watch, savouring the sight of my lover lustily lapping at my erection, then taking it between her lips.

Julia took my cock in deep, sucking on it as her tongue massaged it inside her mouth. If I hadn’t already had two powerful climaxes that day, I might not have lasted long with that attention. For a time, I just watched and felt her powerful mouth working on me.

Feeling a hunger of my own, I pulled Julia off of my cock. We kissed; a long deep kiss as I sucked on her tongue. My hands were squeezing and stroking her tits again, enjoying the feeling of that smooth, slightly soft flesh.

“On my face,” I commanded, “I’m fucking hungry.”

Julia grinned as I lay down. She mounted my face backwards, her thighs straddling my head so that her moist lips were poised over my mouth. Grabbing her ass, I buried my face in her, sucking and biting the soft lips, then driving my tongue inside. The taste of the professor was like a drug to me and I could not stop tasting her over and over.

Once I was contentedly enjoying her pussy, Julia went back to work on my cock. She took it right in to her throat, sucking hard as she took it in deeper and deeper. A finger massaged my perineum, then my anus. I got a finger to Julia’s back hole and rimmed it. Pulling my face from her pussy, I began probing that other opening with my tongue.

Suddenly, Julia released my cock and turned herself around, lying prone on top of me. She kissed me lightly. Her body was moving gently against mine; her wet snatch just touching my prick.

“Have you ever taken a girl up the ass?” the professor asked.

“No. But I’ve done a lot of things with you that I’ve never done before. Are you offering?”

“Yes. I want that beautiful cock in there.”

We changed into a spoon position.

“Don’t we need some lube or something?” I asked.

“You’re pretty slick with my saliva. If not, I have some here.”

Nervously, I pushed my cock head against her tight little back opening. The anus opened slowly, admitting it. Julia let out a little cry at first. I eased back.

“Don’t stop. Put it in more,” she said breathlessly.

I pushed in further, loving how tight it was. Her ass squeezed my cock as I gently drove it in deeper.

“Fuck, you are so tight back here. That is so fucking hot.”

Julia pulled something out from behind her pillow and passed it to me. I found myself holding a rather long, thick fake cock with a control knob in the end.

“Put it in my cunt and fuck me with it while your cock is my ass,” she gasped out.

Not one to disappoint, I did as asked, sliding the toy into her wet, waiting channel. I turned it on to its first setting. As it hummed in my hand, I resumed fucking Julia’s ass, sliding my cock back and forth while penetrating her pussy with the vibrating dildo.

“Oh Dennis, I love getting fucked in both my holes,” she was saying in a ragged voice, “Fuck me hard in both holes, baby.”

The tightness of my lover’s ass, the vibration coming from the toy in her pussy, and just the whole sexy experience of double penetrating this incredible woman who had seduced me sent me over the edge. I came in her ass, closing my eyes and groaning as my cock pumped Julia full of my seed once more. Her voice rose to a fever pitch as well, and it became apparent that her climax had also arrived.

Turning off the vibe, I slid it out of her. Then I removed myself from her behind. Julia rolled over to face me and we kissed, holding our sweaty bodies against each other. My departure, the separation it would bring, were forgotten as we basked in the afterglow of our final act of lust.

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