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The Reunion - Chapter 1

It had been a number of weeks since we had last seen each other before I set about travelling Southern Europe for the summer. I had now returned to the UK and we had planned to meet up once she had finished work. It wasn’t until after 5:30 that she finished work at Westminster and I picked her up from work. When she saw me, she hugged me tightly as if she hadn’t seen me in years rather than the three weeks it had actually been.

We decided to grab a drink at one of the numerous bars and pubs that line the south bank of the river Thames so as to catch up and for me to tell her about all the places I had seen on my travels. We started off with her arm interlinking with mine, but very quickly my arm was draped over her shoulders so as to hold her tight. We walked past a number a number of bars that we had visited in the past but now deemed them to be too packed before settling for a pub with a view of Saint Paul’s Cathedral, one of the most iconic buildings in London.

The place we finally settled on was a quaint pub by the name of the Mad Hatter, a ridiculous name in keeping with the naming of all British pubs. Once we had entered, I set off for the bar as she set about finding seats. Once I had got my pint of beer and her gin and tonic, I noticed that she had claimed a nice leather sofa hidden in a dark corner and I quickly realised what she had in mind for later on in the evening.

Initially we were very innocent, having two or three drinks and catching up. Me about my travels, upcoming job interviews and seeing my family again after being away from them for months, and her about her work and how her sister was driving her insane lately; all the while sharing the occasional kiss. Very quickly the alcohol began to affect us and the kisses quickly went from the occasional peck to more passionate in nature.

This kissing clearly had an effect on her and our kissing became full on making out. She curled up with her head on my chest and her feet up behind her on the sofa. This position allowed me to carry on kissing her whilst my right hand slid up the back of her dress and into her knickers. At first, I groped her bum every now and again and she would let me now that she was enjoying it as she would moan into my mouth as we were kissing.

Seeing how turned on she was, I slid my hand further down and teased her slit. When my finger reached her most private spot, I could tell how wet she was as the tip of my finger easily slid inside her. The angle only allowed me to get knuckle deep but it was enough to tease her and make her want more.

She pulled away from the kiss and asked me if I wanted to make a move and go back to hers. We finished what was left of our drinks and quickly set off for the tube station. On the walk I once again had my arm draped over her shoulders and used the night darkness to slide my hand down the top of her dress, into her bra and began to tease her nipple. I first stroked it and then gently pulled on it. I looked straight on as if nothing was happening and as I had looked down she gave me that face that meant ‘cheeky’ but didn’t stop and simply kissed me again. The whole trip to her place on the tube was spent kissing and every now and again, I would once again grope that bum of hers that I love so much.

Once we were through the door we were in her room in a matter of minutes and we were quickly ripping each other’s clothes off. I pulled her dress up over her head before taking her bra off and sucking on her nipples until they got hard, at which point I would start to gently bite and pull them. At the same time, she unbuttoned my shirt and once removed, started to undo my belt and slide her hand inside the lining of my underwear.

She grabbed my rapidly hardening member and started to stroke it up and down. I stopped her, telling her that I wanted to make her cum first. She removed her hand and pulled down her tights and, as she was standing there in just her knickers, I turned her round and hugged her from behind. As I held her with my arm around her waist, I slid my other hand down through the lining of her knickers and felt the little tufts of hair she has before finding the top of her slit and that little nub of pleasure that lies at the top. I gently started to rub my finger over it in small circles and gradually got faster as she leaned back into me and kissed me.

After a while she turned round and continued to kiss me before pulling my trousers and boxers down. As we continued to kiss, I pushed her towards the bed and lay her down. I continued to kiss her before slowly moving down her body - first her jaw, then the side of her neck. I continued slowly further down until I got to her breasts. I slowly started to lick one of her nipples until it got hard once again and began to suck on it and gently bite as my hand pulled and pinched her other nipple.

I could tell from the deep breathes and gentle moans that she was enjoying the attention to her nipples. I continued to play them as I removed my hand from her other breast and started to rub her through her knickers. I knew that she was enjoying it but wanted more by the way that her hips would thrust up to meet my hand.

At this point, I started to kiss my way down her stomach until I reached the hem of her knickers and looked up at her to see her give me a pleading look, pleading for me to give her more. I tugged on the hem and she lifted her hips so that I could pull her knickers down and look upon her slit in all its glory. It had a small tuft of hair above it, and I could tell how wet she was from both the smell of her arousal and the glistening of the wetness that could be seen running down her slit.

I licked up the length of her slit before finding her clit and licked it tenderly up and down. I continued to lick it in this manner for a few minutes before using my fingers to spread her lips wider in order to have better access to her clit. I went back to her clit, this time licking both harder and faster where she then took in a deep breath due to the intense pleasure that my tongue was giving her.

As she got wetter, I used my finger to slide up and down her slit to get it wet before sliding it inside of her. I slowly started to slide my finger inside and out of her before sliding a second one inside before curling them up and rubbing against that small spongy patch behind her clit, her g-spot. I continued to curl my fingers and put pressure in this area as I sped up the up and down motion of my tongue and increased the pleasure until she came, hard.

I slowly started to kiss my way back up her body but only managed to reach her belly button before she pulled my face to hers and kissed me passionately. Whilst she kissed me, she grabbed my throbbing hard member and guided it towards her entrance. Even though I had got her soaking wet with my tongue she was so tight that I struggled to get slide inside her. Once I managed to slide in, she let out a deep gasp and then kissed me passionately, slipping her tongue inside of my mouth and playing with my tongue.

I started to slowly move inside of her before gradually increasing the speed and the depth of my thrusts. With every thrust I would angle my hips so that the end of my member would reach her g-spot inside of her and my pelvis would rub against her clit. After ten minutes of this she moaned that she was close and wrapped her legs around my waist so that she could use her feet to get me to thrust faster. She then shouted that she was cumming before lightly biting on my shoulder and digging her fingers into my back. At the same time she got extremely tight around my member and I suddenly felt a wave of extra wetness, a sure sign of the strength of her orgasm.

When she finally came down from her orgasm she told me she wanted to be taken from behind. I flipped her over onto all fours and lined myself up behind her. Whilst I got into this position, she pulled out the drawer of her bedside table and took out her small bullet and turned it on. As I slid inside of her she angled her shoulders down onto the mattress and held the vibrator to her clit as I thrust inside of her. Every now and again I would slap her arse, - something which really turned her on, and would vary between fast and shallow and slow and deep. I could tell from her moans and her becoming more and more vocal that she was getting close.

As she was quickly coming close, I slid my thumb inside of her arse and this tipped her over the edge. The feeling of my member rubbing against her g-spot, the vibrator on her clit and now my thumb inside that little ring of muscle gave her one of the most amazing orgasms. The feeling of her getting tight against me and the sound of her moans tipped me over the edge and I came deep inside of her.

She sat up with me still inside of her and kissed me as I held her breast and pinched her nipple. We lay down side by side and started to get ready to go to sleep. As we started to drift off, she said that tomorrow she thought she would like to try anal. With that statement, a huge smile spread across my face and I went to sleep looking forward to the next day.

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