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The Ride Home

In the heat of the moment.....
The soft leather interior of the limousine brushed against Erin's thigh as Seth nudged her into the backseat.

"Will you stop posing and get in the damn car," Seth growled playfully into her ear.

She took one last look at the flashing cameras before sinking into the illuminated depths of the car. The car door shut behind him with a snap.

"Well you ain't half camera shy," Seth laughed.

Erin glared at his bright blue eyes, shining in the dim light of the car.

"You love it really." She pouted, fluttering her long eyelashes.

He laughed loudly and wrapped his arm around her, easing himself closer towards her. She rested her head on his shoulder, taking in the lavish scent of his neck. Seth found himself twirling a strand of her red hair between his fingers, gently tugging at her scalp. She sighed contently in response.

The dim flashes of the cameras visible through the dark tinted windows and the shrieks of crazed fans faded into the distance as their chauffeur began the drive home

Seth gazed down at her bare, crossed legs. The short hem of her red dress had ridden up, exposing the bottom of the rose tattoo on a creamy white thigh. He lightly traced his index finger across it, sending a gentle shiver through Erin's body.

"Mmmm," She murmured gently "That feels nice."

He let his hand wander further up her thigh, showing her red tattoo in its full glory. He pushed her tight dress up further, until her black lace panties were exposed. Seth felt his blood rush South at the sight of them. He trailed his ragged nails down the inside of her thigh, making her gasp in response.

The erotic sensation of Seth's hand running over her thighs intoxicated her deeply. Fueled by liquor, dirty thoughts began running through Erin's mind at an overwhelming speed ; Seth kissing her, touching her, licking her, tasting her, teasing her, fucking her right there in the car. She didn't care who seen.

She wriggled out of Seth's arm and turned to face him. She pressed her lips against his, cupping his face avidly with her hands. Erin felt his tongue flick over her lips and she opened her mouth, letting him explore the interior.

He ran one hand fiercely over side, letting his fingers grope the silky material. He could taste champagne on her red coated lips, spurring his craving further. His other hand grasped the back of her neck, pulling her closer to him, eager to feel more of her pressed against him.

Erin's movements became more heated as she ran her hands frantically through Seth's brown hair, dragging her nails through his scalp. Raw, animalistic lust took over her as she pressed her tongue further into his hot mouth, desperate to taste more of him.

She massaged his tongue with her own while trailing her nails through his hair and down his neck, extracting a low groan from him. She broke their feverish kiss and slid on top of him, her knees straddling his hips.

Erin leaned into him and began kissing his neck, letting her tongue caress him. She licked him lightly over the hollow of his throat, making him gasp loudly. Her hands ran down over his crisp shirt, feeling his toned abdomen underneath. She trailed one down further, running it firmly over his crotch. She felt it begin to harden with her touch.

She pulled away from Seth's neck and began undoing the buttons of his shirt at an intense speed. She tore it open furiously, revealing his smooth, tanned chest. Seth gripped her hips fixedly as she began grinding her pelvis into his hard cock.

He tugged the top of her sleeveless dress down, exposing her pale, perky breasts. He rubbed his thumb over a hard, rosy nipple making Erin moan. He gently brushed his tongue over it, teasing her slowly. She arched her back in response, gripping the back of his head, aching for more. He took the nipple into his mouth, sucking at it roughly sending waves of pleasure through her body.

Erin ground into Seth's cock harder, her pussy growing wetter with his hardness rubbing against her. His hands found the zipper on the back of her dress tearing it down furiously. She reached her arms up and he tugged the dress over head, throwing it to the floor of the car. Erin pushed his shirt of his shoulders, pulling it down his muscled arms and discarding it to the floor.

Seth reached for her pussy, and began massaging it through the soaking black lace. She moaned loudly as he pushed the wet material covering her pussy to the side and slipped his hand in. He ran his thumb under her clit, and two fingers slid into her tight, hot pussy making her gasp.

She massaged her hips over his fingers, encouraging him to go deeper. He obeyed and pushed his fingers further inside of her. He twisted them, curling them towards himself, stroking her g-spot.

Erin let out a high pitched moan as Seth grazed his fingers over her sensitive spot, again and again. The shivers of ecstasy running to her were to much to bear. She needed more.

"Fuck me." She whispered into his neck, before sinking her teeth in.

Seth growled at the sensation of her teeth against his throat. He pulled his fingers out of her and ripped her panties open hungrily, throwing shreds of the flimsy material to the floor. Erin gasped wantonly as he did so, eager to have him inside her.

She reached down and began hastily undoing his belt and tugging down his zipper. His rock hard erection sprung free and Erin took it in her hand running her thumb over the head teasingly. She gripped it firmly and positioned it at her entrance, gasping loudly as Seth's hardness slipped inside her.

He tilted his head back and groaned deeply as his cock slid into the hot tightness of Erin's pussy. She began sliding up and down on his pulsing cock, gasping each time it grazed her g-spot.

She bounced down on him hard, making Seth shudder as she slid over the base of his cock. He gripped his hands into her tight ass, making her thrust down onto him faster.

"Get....on..... your back," He panted into her ear.

He gripped his hands tightly against her waist and pushed her off him onto her back. She positioned her legs over his shoulders as Seth knelt on the leather seat.

He thrust his cock back into her frantically, desperate for the feel of her. She moaned loudly as he grated over her g-spot, sending ripples of pleasure through her body. He could feel his balls begin to tighten with each thrust and with each of Erin's moans.

"Aaaaah..........harder Seth, harder.....ohhh Godd," She groaned.

Seth thrust into her furiously, his cock hitting her sensitive spot repeatedly. Her nails drew blood as she dug deep trenches into his hips, scratching him rapaciously. She was thrashing wildly underneath him and was moaning his name feverishly. She was close. He rubbed against her one final time when without warning, she bucked her hips and let out a high pitched moan.

Her orgasm sent pulses of heat through his cock, and he felt his balls rise and grow tight. He thrust inside her uncontrollably, feeling his orgasm descend over him. His vision blurred into a fleshy mess and he let out a deep groan as his hot cum shot deep inside Erin's pussy.

He collapsed on top of her, their bodies a sweaty, tangled mess. The trembling aftershocks began to fade as he planted his hot mouth against hers, running his tongue gently against hers.

"That was some ride home," He whispered into her ear with a smile.

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