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The Text Message

Deceit leads to pleasure

"Hey baby, are your parents home? I'm so horny right now."

Jade continued to put clothes in the laundry basket as she heard the phone ping a second time. Even though her daughter was almost eighteen, Jade still had to pick up after her; always going into her room to get clothes to wash. The phone pinged a third time. This was strange. Her daughter, as with most teenagers, never left home without her phone. After the fourth ping, Jade started to get curious, walking over to the nightstand and picking up the new cell that she'd bought her daughter for her seventeenth birthday. What she read on the screen shocked her.

"I know you said you wanted to wait, but I love you so much and want to be closer to you."

"I'm sorry for what I said about your mother. You know you're the only one I want."

"Maybe this will help change your mind."

The last one included a pic of the biggest cock Jade had ever seen in her life. She never knew that Trevor, if this was Trevor, was so well-endowed. She tried, but couldn't look away. Ever since her divorce Jade had been so busy with her children; definitely too busy for a relationship, not even enough time for a fling. Her only  sexual relief came from a battery operated toy, which could never compete with the real thing. As she stared at the pic, a wickedly delcious idea began to form in her head.

She held the phone in her hand, self-doubt beginning to creep in. So many things could go wrong. She pushed those thoughts out of her mind and decided to just go for it. Her hand trembled slightly as she pressed the keys.

"No, I'm all alone here. My parents won't be home for hours. I want to be closer to you, too. I'm ready to take the next step. I've always known you thought my mom was sexy. The way you look at her. I'm going to make you forget all about her, baby. The front door will be unlocked. Meet me in my bedroom."

Send. Now there would be no turning back. Jade's heart beat uncontrollably fast in her chest. She moved on weakening knees toward  her bedroom. Her hands shook as she beagn to undress. Once completely naked, Jade stared at herself in the mirror. She smiled brightly, wondering what Trevor had actually said about her. The thought of a young man like him admiring her womanly charms brought a crimson hue to her cheeks. Her forty-two-year-old body held more than a few extra pounds, but they just helped to accentuate the sensual curves of her hips, ass and breasts.

She rummaged through her dresser, looking for the perfect lingerie; the sole purpose of enticing this young stud, her only objective. She didn't want to steal Lexi's boyfriend. Not at all. She just wanted to feel desirable again, even if only for one delectable night. Her choice: a sexy lace, all-black set with pink fringe. It always contrasted so well with her red hair and pale skin. The push-up bra emphasized her ample breasts to the utmost. Sheer, thigh-high stockings and garters encased her long, lovely legs. A pair of stiletto heels added more power to her already impressive, five-foot-seven frame. Jade was more than pleased with her apperance, a tingling sensation stirring in her nether regions.

With a newly found, overwhelming confidence, she walked excitedly toward her daughter's bedroom. She sat gingerly on the plush bed and waited for her lover to arrive. For a second, she wondred if this was the best place for their tryst. Could she really have sex on her daughter's bed? Before she had any time to ponder this further, footsteps could be heard on the wooden floor in the hallway.

Jade's pulse pounded as she watched the doorknob turn. Her breathing ceased for a moment when she saw the door swing inward. Standing there in  the doorway, Trevor wore a look; equal parts perplexion and exhilaration. His eyes roamed over her magnificent body, admiring every nuance of her exquisite form. The corners of his mouth upturned into a broad, lustful smile.

She curled her index finger and motioned for him to come forward. He strode toward her, a hunger in his beautiful, hazel eyes. Rising from the bed, Jade threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately on the mouth. He wrapped his arms around her, threatening to squeeze the breath out of her as he returned the kiss with a mixture of force and gentleness that made her melt.

Scooping her up in his powerful, sinewy arms, Trevor carried her over and lay Jade down on the bed, their mouths still locked in the most memorable first kiss she had ever experienced. Instinctively she reached for his crotch, feeling his massive erection through the material of his khaki pants. Momentarily breaking their kiss, Trevor stood up and proceeded to unbutoon his shirt. He slowly removed it, his muscled chest and flat, taut stomach coming  into full view. Jade gaped at the sight of his luscious bare torso. Her hands were still massaging the rapidly growing bulge, fingers searching for his belt. Despite the pic she had received ealier, Jade wasn't ready for the monster that emerged when she unzipped his pants; long, thick, veiny...and so fucking beautiful. Her mouth watered as she stroked it with both hands.

Trevor moved in for another kiss, soft and sensual. His tongue searched for hers, pure bliss; kisses on her cheeks, little nibbles on her extremely sensitive ears, A long, wet tongue slithering over her neck, goosepimples dotting her flesh, a playful bite, which elicited  a low, delighted moan. He continued down her body, kisses on every inch of exposed flesh. His lips sprinkling tiny kisses all over the tops of her heaving breasts. He reached behind her, expertly undoing the back of her bra. Trevor seemed to marvel at her wondrous breasts. The appreciative leering filled  her with a sense of pride. She knew her daughter's tits were on the smallish side, perky and firm, but not a handful like her own.

She shivered when his tongue flicked across her incredibly aroused nipples. His tongue circled around the erect buds over and over, driving her wild. He took his time pleasuring her tits, licking and sucking. His teeth grazed  her nipples, sending waves of pleasure directly to her dripping pussy. Moving even further south, Trevor placed soft kisses on her stomach, then grasped her panties with his teeth, alternating from one side to the other until they slipped off her feet. The way he looked up into her eyes as he removed her underwear made her crazy with lust. This young man, only nineteen years of age, did things to her that she had only read about in her romance novels. It was kinky, hot, and more than a little bit wrong. That's what was so sexy about the entire situation.

"MMM, oh fuck. That's it, right there," Jade screamed, enjoying his talented tongue on her clit. Her bastard of an ex-husband never went down on her. The asshole was a selfish lover whose only concern was his own gratification. The epitome of a real man, Trevor did everything he could to please her. Eating her so thoroughly and skillfully, he gave her numerous orgasms. Three to be exact, just by using that brilliant tongue of his.

After the third explosion, Jade fell back onto the bed, took a minute to regain her composure, then set her mind to returning the favor. She wanted  to pleasure him. He would never forget her. His amazing cock would twitch every time he saw her face, listened to her voice, heard her name spoken.

Jade placed her hands firmly on his muscular arms, flipping him over on to his back. A soft peck on the lips, then she knelt before him, stroking his bulging penis. With a wicked grin plastered on her beautiful face, Jade circled her tongue around the head of his cock. An appreciative sigh escaped past his lips, Jade taking him into her wet, hungry mouth for the first time. She savored the sweet taste of his pre cum, the warmth of his cock, the rigidness. This was definitely a challenge, seeing how much of his delicious manhood she could fit down her throat. She gagged when it went in too deep, pulling away, saliva dripping from her mouth. Not one to be discouraged, Jade went down on him again, this time devouring  even more of his long, thick shaft.

She loved the way he felt in her mouth, but couldn't wait any longer to have him inside her. Jade stood above him, lowering herself slowly onto his enormous cock. First, just the head, which made her shiver when it slipped past her moist pussy lips. She sank down deeper, inch by agonizing inch. A wave of pleasure threatened to overtake her. Usually she didn't  get to this point so soon, but this was no ordinary situation. A gorgeous young man, his unbelievable cock and the fact that this was her daughter's bed, all combined to  push her over the edge.

"Oh fuck, I'm going to cum!" she cried out, her body convulsing as her fourth orgasm of the night shot through her. He sat up, his throbbing penis still buried deep in her pussy, and once more, kissed her passionately on those sweet, soft lips. He wrapped his strong arms around her waist, using his powerful legs to get himself to his feet, Jade pressed tightly to his sweaty chest. He lovingly placed her down on the bed, enjoying the feeling of being on top of her. Now controlling the pace, Trevor teased Jade, thrusting deep, slow and steady. After only a dozen or so strokes, Jade was on the verge again.

"Don't stop," she begged, desperately needing to get off for a fifth time. For a moment, he thought about delaying her gratification, but, in the end, he only wanted to please her, making Jade feel good, his only goal. About to lose control himself, Trevor rammed his cock harder into her drenched pussy, seeking his own orgasm now.

"Yes, oh god, yes," Jade screamed, shaking violently, her last orgasm, surprisingly, the most intense of of all. The young man continued to fuck her hard and fast, so close to exploding. A few more powrful thrusts and he pulled out, stroking his cock. She dropped to her knees before him, ready for his cum, anxious to see where he would shoot his load.

His primal moaning signalled the eruption to come. Jets of hot, sticky cum went eveywhere, the first few ropes directly on her  tongue. More cum shooting off her chin, dripping down onto her luscious breasts. She thought it would never stop coming. Trevor's face contorted in pleasure. Jade's tits covered in cum. After he was totally spent, he fell onto the bed, exhausted. They cuddled for a few minutes, relishing in the afterglow of their mind-blowing sex.

"Please don't tell, Lexi," Jade pleaded, well aware how young boys, grown men, too, liked to brag.

"Don't worry, Ms. Sinclair. I know how to keep my mouth closed." A beautiful smile brightened up his face. He leaned down and kissed her once more, firm and loving. She felt a sense of relief, although she didn't totally trust him being able to keep such a juicy secret like this one to himself. He leaned in one more time. They shared a slow and sensual final kiss.

Trevor rose from the bed, getting dressed before exiting the room. Jade continued to lounge there, basking in the warmth of being truly satisfied. For the first time,  someone put her needs in front of their own. She felt special. An ache grew in her loins, an itch she needed to scratch. Jade ran her hand down her stomach, stopping when her fingers touched her soaking wet pussy.

He moved quickly down the steps, his head on a swivel, making sure the coast was clear. No sign of Lexi anywhere. Trevor turned the knob on the front door, opened it quietly and closed it behind him. Dammit.

Turning around, now face-to-face with his girlfriend, Lexi. He froze, wide-eyed, speechless under her inquisitive stare. Finally, he mustered up a tentative greeting.

"Hey, baby," Trevor said, sweat forming on his brow. Lexi took him by the hand, walking him over to his car.

"So, how was it?" Lexi asked, after climbing into the passenger seat.

"How did you...?" Trevor began to question, confusion etched on his incredibly handsome face.

"Don't you remember our talk last night? You told me how horny you were. How you wanted to try something new with me. I knew you'd text me today, trying to convince me to let you have my ass. You really think I'd let you put that monster in my backdoor. Crazy fucker," Lexi chuckled.

She told him how she purposely left her phone in her bedroom, knowing that her mother was constantly in there picking up after her. She also explained how her mother had been awfully lonely since the divorce. Her asshole of a father had cheated, causing her mom to lose some of her self-esteem.

"I just wanted someone to make her feel desirable again," Lexi stated. "I hope you took good care of my mom. How many orgasms did she have?"

The unexpected inquiry took him totally by surprise. He drove down the open road while Lexi continued to talk away, telling him that she had started to devise this plan in her head the day he made those naughty comments about her mommy. He never realized his teen girlfriend could be so deceptive.

"I'm sure you made her feel really good, baby. That's why I picked you to play this little game. You are a fantastic lover, attentive to the needs and wants of a woman. You always make me cum like a faucet."

She smiled wickedly, reaching over to undo his belt and pull down the zipper on his jeans. Releasing his cock, Lexi wasted no time putting him in her mouth. She sucked him deeper than her mother did. That's what practice can do. It's so hard for Trevor to concentrate on the road with his girlfriend devouring his cock. Greedily, she went down on him like a woman possessed. His penis, rock hard, slathered in Lexi's saliva. His head began to spin. He wanted to close his eyes and fully enjoy her oral skills.

Better pull over......

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