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The train ride

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A long journey but good company

It was going to be a long train ride on my own, so I went well equipped with my laptop and a very good book. The weather was bright so I thought I could just wear a summer dress and hope for the best.

I arrived at the station in plenty of time as I knew that the train would be quite full as it had a big stop before it got to my station.

It duly arrived right on time and I tumbled in the carriage with the help of a nice young man who was the train guard after a fashion of tripping and stumbling with my pull along case and a big bag with all my bits and pieces in for the journey.

I found a seat , but it was an isle seat as the window seat was already taken by an elderly man who was reading a well worn paper and very crumpled

There seemed to be a lot of young men about all drinking out of cans and shouting to one another. I think they were off to a football match up north somewhere ,so it was not going to be a very nice journey with that all going on.

After about an hour the train inspector came around to check the tickets and it was the same man who helped me on the train. "Hello so you found a seat ok" he said .

"Yes thank you but its not very nice with all those lads shouting and drinking out of cans and the language leaves a lot to be desired" I said

"Leave it to me and I will be back in a short while" he said

He wandered on up the carriage checking tickets and telling the youths to be a bit quieter.

About half an hour later he came back to me and said , "OK my lady pick up your things and follow me" winking at me to follow him.

I picked up my belongings and followed him through two carriages to a little room off the first class compartments.

"You will be fine here, this is where my little room is and we will not be disturbed unless somebody pulls the communication cord" he said

I looked around the compartment, there was a low table, an easy chair which he said I could use and a small table lamp, all very snug, and quite pleasant.

I sorted myself out and thought that this would be great for the next 3 hours of the journey.

He left me for a short while saying that he just had a couple more things to sort out, but first he would get me a coffee from the restaurant car while he did his jobs.

Very nice I thought, and settled down to read my book.

It was not long before he was back with a cup of coffee and said he would not be long and if I got too hot to put the air condition on, pointing to a switch just in front of where I was sat, off he went closing the door behind him.

I started to read my book but found that I was getting very warm, I only had a thin summer dress on and some very light underwear. I reached over and switched the switch on for the air condition and it was a great relief to feel the cool air blowing straight at me. The force of the power from the air condition was very strong and it was blowing my sun dress up to my knees and I could feel the cool air playing on my pussy that I truly well trimmed before making this journey. It was such a pleasant feeling that I did not read any more , so I laid the book across my lap with my hand underneath it touching the outline of my pussy, that was feeling so good. I thought I was going to have an orgasm, but a sudden noise at the door made me come to my senses. I looked and saw that the train inspector had been watching me through a small window in the door that was quite small and very unnoticeable.

I blushed as he came in, and noticed that he had a right bulge in his trousers.

It was obvious that he had been watching me fondling myself under the book, and that it had turned him on so much that he got quite a hard on.

"I am so sorry if I have embarrassed you "I said

"It’s ok with me if it’s ok with you" he said

"Well that’s fine, its so hot in here that I had to put the air condition on to get myself cool and I am still so hot"

"Yes this thick uniform is so hot in the summer that it gets really to warm and I am glad when my ticket round is done that I can come back in here and take things off. I don’t have to go around again until the next stop which is another hour away".

"That’s fine , please do whatever you wish as I am not at all embarrassed, and will probably do the same as you but with a little more finesse should I say" laughing as I said it

He took his jacket off and pulled his tie down around his neck, undoing the first three buttons of his shirt, and undoing the belt around his waist, also the top button of his trousers.

I could still see by the bulge in his trousers and that to meant to me that he was still turned on, so I thought I would just see how far he was willing to go, he was good looking and had a good physic.

I pulled my dress up so that I could feel more of the cool air blowing way up my legs, and only hoped that it would not make me go to the toilet and also that he could have a good look at my legs. I pulled the top of my dress down as far as I could ,but not showing too much of my 36d chest as that would have been to presumptuous just at this point of time., but I still wanted to know what was hidden in those tight trousers that was trying to get out.

Then all of a sudden he pulled his trousers down ,showing his very bright underwear and his very hard prick trying to force its way out of the very small opening in the front of his pants.

"Here let me help you" I said, moving forward to release his prick from the very tight pants.

"My goodness, you were not in the back row when they dished these out" I said, taking hold of it and squeezing it gently, it was so firm and strong.

He stood tall and I was on my knees, tugging with one hand to release his pants and hanging onto his cock with the other. He smelt so good, although hot, he had a nice sweet smelling body.

I gave his now very erect hard cock a few gentle rubs, pulling his foreskin way down over his swollen knob that was just showing a slight touch of pre cum and holding his balls with the other hand.

"Oh my goodness that feels so good" he cried out

"This will even be better" I said, as I put his hard cock into my mouth and began gently to give him a blow job, gently squeezing his balls with my other hand.

His body began to tighten up as the pressure of his excitement began to get stronger, I did not want this to happen so quick so I pulled him from my mouth but not letting go of his cock, I stood up pressing his hard long cock onto my tummy.

This was too much for him to resist, grasping my breasts and fondling them until he managed to lift them out of my skimpy bra and started to play with my now hard nipples.

He sat me down on the easy chair and lifted my dress, and pulled my nice silky panties from me revealing my shaven pussy and the wetness that he had made me have oozing from my slit.

He slid his other hand onto my tummy and worked it down until he could insert his fingers in to the slit , he gently starter to rub it., with his other hand he played around my breasts and twitching my now very hard nipples until he thought it was time to suck them and wrap his tongue around each nipple.


The feeling was great and as he worked away at finger fucking me, I could feel his cock all wet pressing against my legs. He pulled his other hand down my body feeling my soft skin until he found my mound and my swollen clit.

He started to rub my clit and eventually started to rub it in small circles making me moan with excasty all the while kissing my tummy and finger fucking me, pushing his fingers right into me.

I knew that any moment I would have the most delightful orgasm, and I wanted his cock inside me, but the feeling was so great that I did not want him to stop, so I let him finger fuck me to a wonderful orgasm.

I lay back in the chair with him between my legs holding his cock in my hand I began to wank him hard,

I loved the feeling to have this hard cock in my hand, and him at my complete mercy knowing that he just wanted to shoot his loaded cock of sperm all over my bare tummy.

I could feel the tension in his body tightening as I pulled his foreskin up and down faster and faster completely showing his now very pink wet knob. Then with an almighty explosion of warm sperm he hit my tummy several times with a flow of splashing spunk.

We both collapsed on each other and gasped for breath and stayed like that for several minutes.

He stood up and his cock had shrunk away, but was still hanging quite large and his balls were hanging down and empty of that special cum.

Luckily enough I had some wet wipes handy and managed to wipe the spunk from my tummy and put my panties back on and make myself presentable again.

He dressed quickly and gave me a big kiss and said he would be back shortly and disappeared out of the door.

About half an hour passed and he came back in with two cups of coffee and said that my stop would be next in about half an hour. The coffee was not too hot and I drank mine quite quickly and began to tidy up my bags and get ready to get off the train.

He drank his coffee and he came over and gave me a big hug and said that was the best morning he had for a long time and he pushed me against the door and started to fondle my breasts again.

He held me tight and I could feel his cock getting hard again so I put my hand down and gave it a few rubs outside his trousers and the length seemed to grow immediately. He let go of me and said that we had better stop as the train was now pulling into the station where I had to get off. I gave his hard cock a few quick rubs and said look after it, it will please many a girl. I then picked up my bags and made my way to the entrance where he kissed me again and said good bye and thanked me once again for a very nice time.







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