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Tight Jam 1

Rumors have it that new hire Stan is well hung, office sluts race to snare him in their wet panties,
TIGHT JAM (The Seduction)

Copyright Don Abdul ©2008

Stan walked into Peggy's office carrying a box of spreadsheets and other
documents she had asked for in her email. They got right down to
business and soon got lost in their work. As an assistant in the
accounts department, Stan could easily have handled the entire tedious
task on his own. However, being the daughter of the company's owner and
C.E.O, Peggy has had to prove herself and justify her management
position over the past couple of years by showing she wasn't afraid of
hard work. On this particular occasion however, her motives had less to
do with justifying her senior position.

Stan was only about a couple of months old in the company when rumors
started making the rounds about how well hung he was. Within days all
the resident sluts were crafting plans of action to snare him into
their panties, the immediately apparent problem though was in the fact
that he was a shy and quiet man. Hardly surprising considering that he
was one of only three black employees in a predominantly white
privately owned company. He therefore had no idea what intricate web he
was walking into.

Earlier that day, Peggy had clicked on the send button, thus crossing
the point of no return in her audacious scheme for satisfying her
slutty desire. At precisely 3.30 p.m there was a firm knock on her
office door. Looking up at her desk clock, she was impressed at his
prompt arrival....


As he pored over the spreadsheet, she stole looks at him, reveling in
his chocolate complexion, his strong jaw line, and his confidently
handsome face. In the context of his shy demeanor at work, it almost
seemed paradoxical that a man with such a handsome confident aura about
him could be shy too. She felt herself getting hot as her eyes came to
rest on his full sensuous lips; she was suddenly overcome by a near
painful urge to kiss him. And she would have too being the impulsive
slut that she was, she however realized that her secretary was right in
the outer office so she decided to wait a few more minutes until she
was gone for the day.


"Let's take a break shall we, do you fancy a drink?" she asked of him.
"Ah... yes ma'am!" He answered, quite surprised by her offer.  She
popped a bottle of champagne, and handed him a glass. As he walked
towards her to take it, she was once again sucked into the vortex of
his shy charms. She had heard so much about the 6'4", lean ebony man,
with the huge package even before she met him, and the minute she laid
eyes on him, she just wanted to fuck his brains out.

From a distance, she heard his deep manly voice asking "And to what do
we owe the champagne ma'am?" "Oh... To us!" she said in a very
seductive voice as she reluctantly tore her gaze from his crotch where
his pants seemed stretched tight over the way-above-average bulge
between his legs. Thinking quickly, she formulated a plan to regain the
upper hand. As she seeped her drink, she suddenly pretended to be
choking, and she coughed and spilled champagne on the front of her

Moving with the agility of a cat, he set down his drink and whipped out
a handkerchief and began dabbing it over her mouth and then on her
bust, drying the front of her shirt. "Are you alright ma'am?" he asked.
Rather than answer, she just held his hand to her bosom, pressing it
firmly against her firm 36-C breasts. He hesitated at first, but before
he could pull away, she moved in on him. Planting her ‘bee stung' lips
on his.

His worries about cavorting with the only child of the conservative and
ruthless CEO of the corporation that employs him started to fade away
as her tongue darted into his mouth, drawing his tongue into a
passionate dance. They kissed deeply and very passionately, while she
rubbed his huge boner through his pants. Becoming bolder, Stan began to
unbutton her shirt. When he was done, her swollen breasts sprang free
with a vengeance, making Stan delirious with lust. Pausing for a moment
he licked his lower lip and then visited his hands, his face and his
hot mouth upon her beautiful breasts.
She had not been so intensely aroused like that in ages; his oral
dexterity peeled away the vestiges of her public persona, as the slut
in her emerged fully. She moaned and talked dirty as he pleasured her
so deeply, squeezing, pinching, sucking, flicking, and biting on her
rocky hard nipples. "Oh yessss! Chew my nipples... fuck yes!" she
shoved her tits back and forth into his mouth, using her erect nipple
to fuck his mouth like a pussy. "Oh baby, do me, suck it
harder...Yeahhhhhh!" They got so deeply caught in the frenzy of their
lust his cock was aching and her clit was throbbing insanely. They
quickly helped each other out of their clothes, and Peggy straddled his
knee, rubbing her sopping wet cunt on it.

He squeezed her breasts together and sucked hard on both her nipples.
The sensation was mind blowing; his hands were all over her as though
he was and octopus. Her tits had never been worked like that ever
before, and she humped his thigh faster and harder. When he suddenly
bit down on both her nipples together, she moaned loud and stiffened
her back arching as she had an orgasm.

He stayed put at the edge of the couch, holding her as she calmed down a
bit. She climbed down from his thigh, and knelt before him like a
virgin girl in adulation of some phallic god. She parted his legs, her
eyes filled with wonder and anticipation as she grasped his raging
erection taking the knob of his huge black cock to her mouth. The sheer
size of him didn't quite sink in until she took him into her mouth. His
girth filled her oral cavity so completely she could barely breathe. At
that instant she was prepared to hold her breath for the next hour if
that was what it took to enjoy the heat of the pulsing monster in her

She sucked him deeper into her mouth, and her head soon began bobbing up
and down, allowing him even deeper in her throat. He was so excited he
started to hump her mouth harder, moaning as she gently massaged his
tight balls.

After gagging on his cock for an eternity, she could feel her pussy
juice trailing down her inner thighs, she pulled his cock out of her
mouth and eyed it hungrily, it's bulbous head thick, and glistening
with a mix of clear precum and her spittle. She wanted it so bad it
hurt; she wanted to feel it tear at her insides so much she was giddy
with excitement.

She eased him onto his back on the couch, and then mounted him. He drew
a sharp breath when he caught a glimpse of her dripping wet cunt, her
huge clitoris now fully erect and peeking conspicuously out of his
fleshy hood. She impatiently lowered herself unto his rigid meat pole
and they both moaned out loud as she made her glorious descent. Once he
was buried to the hilt, they wasted no time in pursuing their awesome
sexual gratification. Soon she was bouncing up and down his shaft as
she rode him like a feisty bronco. He was such a good fuck she was
struggling to tame his upward thrusts.

When he reached up at her tits, she erupted into a frenzy of gibberish,
her meaningless moans and cries occasionally punctuated with swear
words. Her hips and her ass bucked wildly as she ground her dripping
cunt deeper into his crotch. He was hitting her so deep she could
almost feel him in her throat.

As he tweaked her tortured nipples she began to stiffen, then her back
arched, and her engorged clit was trapped, and squashed between her
pelvis and his. It was too much for her, as she let out a loud cry and
exploded in a cataclysmic orgasm. Her body shook and shuddered as her
pussy clenched up tightly around his magnificent cock moving him to the
very edge of the orgasmic precipice.

"Shit! He groaned as he dissolved into his own moment of thunderous
eruption. He filled her pussy with his hot creamy seed as her body was
still rippling in the throes of her orgasm.

She collapsed atop him, with his cock still jammed tightly inside her. A
slight noise from the direction of the door caught their ear. Standing
there, with her cell phone pointing in their direction was Constance,
Peggy's step-mom, and member of senior management of the corporation.
"I see the staff is being put to profitable use too" she said in a
voice that dripped sarcasm.

"Stanford Jordan isn't it?" she asked addressing the black young stud,
the threat in her innocuous remark not lost on him. Turning around she
headed out of the office, adding as she did; "By the way dear daughter,
you're very photogenic in the nude....."

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