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Under His Spell

The day it all changed..
I hated him. I always had. But now more than ever. I hated the way he made me feel. But he was just so bloody gorgeous. And every time he looked at me with his whirlpool green eyes, my legs just turned to jelly. Just one glance from him would make my stomach do multiple flips, and my cheeks turn a slight shade of pink. He knew exactly how much control he had over me; he knew exactly how manipulate me and get exactly what he wanted. And he loved it. Every last, lustful second of it.

I’d known him since high school. He was that one person who, to the eye, is absolutely perfect: piercing green eyes, dazzling bright smile, and a gorgeously toned body that even most of the female teachers swooned over. He was more of a man than any of the male teachers, with broad shoulders and tanned skin. Seemingly perfect on the outside. Despite all of this, I had always thought he was a bit of a dick. He seemed to always have a different girl every single week, and he walked around the school as if he was god. We had been acquaintances for as long as I could remember, never more, never less. Until our senior year. I was forced to sit next to him in maths, which part of me was distraught about, part of me most definitely wasn’t.

For the next three months, we chatted away our maths lessons, gradually becoming better and better friends. The whole time, I was totally aware of how much of a complete dickhead he was, but I didn’t really mind because every time I looked at him, he seemed to become more and more attractive. I never really spoke to him outside of school, I never really got the chance – nor did I really feel the desire to. So, it was a great surprise to me one Friday night, when I got a text from him, asking me if I could help tutor him with his maths. I, of course, thought nothing of it and headed round to his house. I rang the doorbell, and waited for someone to answer. I saw a tall figure through the frosted glass, approaching the door, and realised that it was him. He hauled the door open, and my knees almost gave way underneath me when I saw him. He had a small towel wrapped around his waist, and he was dripping wet. Clearly, he had just got out of the shower. My mouth dropped open at the sight and I found myself getting a little turned on.

‘Uh... hi.’ I managed to say, unable to tear my eyes away from the droplets of water running seductively down his ripped chest.

‘Hey.’ His husky, deep voice sounded more seductive than ever. I managed to tear my eyes away, and look him in the eye. His hair was dripping wet, and he casually ran his fingers through it, brushing it away from his eyes.

‘Er, sorry, am I early?’ I looked down at my phone to check the time, and also because I could feel my cheeks blushing slightly.

‘No, no!’ He grinned and stepped back from the door, letting me enter into the hallway. ‘I’m just running late. As always.’ He laughed. I nodded, smiling slightly.

‘Wanna come upstairs?’ He asked after a moment of awkward silence. I gave him a funny look, confused as to what his intentions were. ‘My maths things are upstairs.’ He added.

‘Ah, okay.’ I smiled, slightly relieved. We headed upstairs and he showed me to his room, before he headed into the bathroom, telling me he’d be two minutes. I sat down on his double bed, looking around his room. There were posters of half naked women, and copies of nuts magazine dotted across the floor. I expected nothing less. His room smelt like him, so... sexy and mysterious.

After a few minutes he returned. He was still topless, and had just pulled on a pair of tight skinny’s. He looked so hot I could have died on the spot. He pulled a second chair over to his desk and beckoned me over. We both took our seats and he began to explain how he didn’t understand a lot that went on in our maths lessons. We sat there for about an hour, trying to muddle our way through some questions, but I found myself getting a little distracted every time his bare arm grazed mine.

‘I'm bored now.’ He finally said. I’d been waiting to hear those words for a long time!

‘Me too.’ I sighed, leaning back in my chair.

‘What d’ya wanna do?’ He asked, tilting his head towards me, with a hint of a sparkle in his eye.

‘Don’t mind.’ I answer plainly.

‘Fancy a shag?’ He came out with suddenly. He half sounded as though he was joking, half sounded as though he wasn’t. This comment suddenly reminded me of how much of a dick he was. I wasn’t sure how to reply to this.


‘Fancy a shag?’ He said in exactly the same tone. I could read nothing into it.

‘Oh yeah, I almost forgot you’re a complete wanker.’ I sighed. This seemed to get his attention.

‘What?’ His head jerked towards me sharply.

‘You heard.’ I said simply.

‘What the fuck?!’ He raised his voice a little, standing up, towering over me.

‘Oh come on, you’re the biggest player there is out there.’ I said truthfully, standing up as well. He strolled to the other side of the room.

‘You know nothing about me.’ He protested.

‘Well it's pretty obvious!’ I raised my voice this time.

‘Is it?! Well let me tell you then, that you’re a stuck up little bitch.’ He said, an evil smile bubbling to his lips. I took a step back, hurt.

‘How dare you.’ I walked purposely towards him, stopping only when I was within inches of him and I could feel his hot, angry breath.

‘It's true.’ He said. I raised my hand to object but he grabbed my wrist tightly. He gripped on strongly, his hand wrapped firmly around my tiny wrist.

‘Get off!’ I shouted raising my other hand in an attempt to prise him off me. My plan didn’t work, and his other hand gripped tightly around my other wrist. ‘Stop being a twat!!’ I shouted louder. I hopelessly wriggled my arms around in an attempt to get free but it was useless – he was too strong. He took a step towards me, forcing me to take a step backwards. Unaware of how close the bed was behind me, I stumbled backwards and fell onto it, swiftly followed by him. He landed flat on me, but his grip never loosened. I could feel his abs pressing against my chest.

‘If you weren’t a girl, I’d beat the shit out of you.’ He said through gritted teeth, his face barely millimetres from mine.

‘Like the fact that I'm s girl would make any difference!’ I shot back. He seemed slightly hurt at his and loosed his grip so that I could prize free one of my hands. I hit his arm as hard as I could but it made no effect. He didn’t say anything, just looked down at me. ‘Now, get off me!’ I said directly. He still said nothing. ‘Get off me.’ I repeated, this time quietly. ‘Cameron!’ I said his name sharply, snapping him from whatever trance he was in.

‘What?’ He said. He didn’t seem angry at all anymore, just confused.

‘Get off.’ I said. He still never replied. We stayed like that for a few seconds, his warm breath panting down on me, his abs pressed against me. And then I noticed it. His bulge, pressing violently through his trousers into my stomach. I fell silent. He knew that I’d finally caught on as I looked slowly between his green eyes and his bulge.

‘You’re fucking hot when you’re angry.’ He said, breaking the silence. And with that, his lips fell onto mine, crushing himself against me. I hadn’t realised at all, but I wanted him so bad. My pussy was dripping wet and throbbing in my jeans. My hands ran round onto the back of his neck, pressing him harder against me, kissing him violently. After a few moments, his kisses worked their way down onto my neck, where he began to suck roughly.

‘I fucking hate you.’ I admitted, moaning slightly.

‘I hate you too.’ He broke away from my neck for a moment. ‘You’re a bitch.’ He returned his attentions to my neck, giving me a small love bite, running his hands up my top and unclasping my bra. He ripped my top over my head and threw it onto the floor, followed swiftly by my bra. He tilted his head down and took one of my hard nipples in his mouth and the other in his large hand. He sucked so hard it was almost violent. A small moan escaped from my lips.

‘You like that, bitch?’ He grinned evilly. I didn’t need to reply. I ran my hands over his toned abs, feeling myself getting even more wet. I felt my way to the top of his jeans and undid the button and the zip. He knelt back for a moment, tearing off his jeans and boxers, revealing his huge hard on. My eyes opened widely, almost in shock. He was huge! He chuckled sinisterly, running one hand along his throbbing cock, and the other one up my bare thigh to my shorts. He fumbled with the opening to my shorts and pulled them down. He pushed my g-string to the side and ran one of his fingers along my pussy. I bit down on my lip, as he teased me cruelly. He slid one large finger half into me, and then out again, winking. He knew exactly how crazy he was driving me. He licked the top of the same finger, tasting me.

Then, without warning, he grabbed my hips and tossed me over onto my hands and knees. He pushed my g-string to the side once again and pressed the head of his dick to the entrance of my shaven pussy. I tried to move my hips back onto his cock, but he was having none of it. He grabbed my hair, pulling my head back.

‘You little whore.’ He said through gritted teeth in my ear. ‘Do you want me to fuck you?’ He asked.

‘Yes.’ I practically begged.

‘What was that?’ He said. He was driving me mad.

‘I want you... I want you to fuck me.’ I panted. He pulled on my hair harder, pulling my head back further and forcing his dick into me with a swift pump. I moaned loudly, and he let out a small grunt. He placed his hands on my hips and began pounding me, hard. With each thrust, I would rock forwards, moaning uncontrollably. He fucked me harder and harder, and leant forwards, grabbing onto my tits. The pleasure was insane, I could feel every single inch of him inside me as he fucked me like mad. I was moaning loudly and he would let out an occasional groan.

‘Fuck!!’ I shouted, unable to control myself any longer. My arms buckled from underneath me, and my face fell into the waiting pillow, muffling my sounds. He moved his hands back onto my hips, pounding me harder and harder. He squeezed my hips tighter, digging his fingers into my flesh. I moved my hand onto the bed post, begging for some stability. His speed increased further. I let out a small scream, letting him know that I was close.

‘Fuck!’ I repeated. ‘Oh my god!’ I was so close. My pussy muscles began to tighten around his cock and he could tell. I screamed louder and louder, my pussy tightening further on his dick.

‘Fuck!’ He groaned this time. My screams reached a new level, as he pounded harder. My orgasm built and built inside me before I screamed even louder, letting it all out. I came all over his throbbing cock as my juices spilled out of me. I was in euphoria, so close to passing out. His cock was growing inside of me, he was so close. With one final pump inside of me, I felt his juices fill me, spurt after spurt. I screamed one last time, milking his cock for all it had. He was breathing heavily, still gripping tightly onto my hips.

As our orgasms finally subsided, he pulled out of me and flopped onto the bed beside me. I used whatever strength I had left to roll over onto my back. We both laid there in silence apart from our frantic breathing. The smell of sex and sweat filled the thick air.

‘Fuck.’ He said after he had eventually caught his breath after a few minutes.

‘Fuck.’ I repeated, my chest heaving up and down, still trying to catch my breath. ‘You’re still a wanker.’ I added through panted breaths, turning to face him and giving him a cheeky, but friendly smile. I still did think he was a complete twat, but I wasn’t complaining.

‘You’re still a bitch.’ He half smiled back.

‘You love it though.’ I returned my gaze back to the ceiling.

He didn’t reply, just smiled, his perfect smile.

And from that day onwards, nothing has ever been the same. I've always been under his cruel spell.

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