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Vacant House Sex Story

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A couple gets turned on while touring a vacant house.
Tom and Madison, like a lot of engaged couples, were arguing about driving directions, but one thing they could agree upon, was that they looked good.

They were driving to a cocktail party at the home of their good friends in Las Vegas, and as was the custom, everyone dressed up.

Madison, a petite brunette with brown hair, wore a black matte jersey strapless dress that nicely showed off her legs. She wore black patent leather stilettos. Her girlfriends always complimented her about her shoes.

Tom, a brown-haired 5' 9" man, wore a blue pin-striped suit that he had bought in Italy, when he was serving with the United States Air Force and stationed at Aviano Air Base.

As they got closer to their friends' house, Madison noticed a sign on a house for sale. This was a great neighborhood. Tom and Madison were tired of the townhome where they lived. It was time to move! She told Tom to pull the car over.

Before she became a hospital executive, Madison was a real estate agent. She still had the code for lock boxes on for-sale properties. They walked into the house. It was beautiful. High ceilings. Big windows. A pool.

They walked into the center of the living room. Madison was looking around at the kitchen, patio and floors. But Tom was looking at Madison. She looked beautiful in her black dress. He loved her shoes. Her skin looked nice. They looked into each others eyes. He was looking forward to tonight's cocktail party. But for some reason Tom just wanted to touch her.

He touched her shoulder. Electric sexual energy somehow rippled through Madison's body. She turned around and grabbed his hand. “We are alone here aren't we?" she said.

As they stood in the middle of a stark, deserted, beautiful home in Las Vegas, Madison did something amazing. She walked across the room, grabbed a chair (the only furniture in the house, probably used by agents for showing) and put it in the center of the living room.

Tom looked with amazement as Madison slowly took off her black matte dress, revealing only her black thong panties. Then she took the thong off also, showing just a little stripe of hair and clit hood piercing. She still wore the stilettos. That always drove Tom wild.

He moved up, hugged Madison gave her a deep kiss, then placed her in the chair. His clothes were off soon.

“Baby, I love your pussy it is perfect,Tom said.

Madison replied, "It is yours. I love you.”

Tom didn't say another word. He kissed her thighs. Her belly button. Played with her clit hood piercing. Then he licked the sides of her pussy and she started moaning. Soon he started concentrating on her clitoris. Madison's back arched. She grabbed the legs of the chair. Tom was licking her in unpredictable ways, keep her close to orgasm, but not all the way.

Then Tom and Madison made eye contact. Madison was close to cumming. Her nipples were as hard as pencil erasers. Tom intensified the licking on her clit and soon a huge orgasm shook her body as she moaned with pleasure.

They moved to the carpet next to the chair. Madison took Tom's cock in her mouth and stroked it gently with her hand. But tonight she would not make Tom cum in her mouth. She only wanted to make him hard so she could feel his cock in her pussy.

As she finished licking his balls and sliding her tongue into his top slit, Madison said, "I want you inside me.”

The empty house had no air conditioning, so by now Tom and Madison were covered with a light layer of sweat. Madison laid on the carpet next to the chair, and Tom put his cock in her half-way. Tom's Italian-made suit and Madison's pretty black dress were spread around the perimeter.

“I love you so much," he said. “I want you to feel good," she said. Madison had a habit of clenching her pussy muscles when Tom was inside her. He knew that she was doing it for his pleasure, but always told her to stop. Tom loved to make Madison cum from his cock, and it only happened when Madison unclenched her pussy muscles.

“Not so tight," Tom directed, as he thrusted inside her silky warm pussy, eyes closed.

“Are you sure? OK." Madison said, as she stroked his neck and unclenched her pussy muscles.
They continued to fuck, kissing, stroking, touching. They held hands as Tom's cock explored Madison's pussy. Suddenly Madison started breathing differently. Tom wiggled his cock slowly across Madison's clit, just the way she liked at, as she came. Tom stopped himself from cumming simultaneously by his favorite method...thinking about airplanes.

But Madison's pussy felt so good, her petite body was amazing, and cum started surging inside of Tom's cock.

“Baby, I am going to cum soon," he said. “I want your cum inside of me," Madison said. “No, I want you to see how good you make me feel," Tom said. "OK baby," she said, and she put her hands on his lower back, just the way he liked.

Tom thrusted his cock seven more times into Madison's pussy. Then he pulled out and started cumming. He moaned with pleasure. The first bursts landed on Madison's breasts and chin. Next the jets of cum landed on her stomach and pussy.

Madison and Tom laid together on the carpet next to the chair in the empty house. They looked in each others' eyes, stroking, touching and loving each other. Madison still wore her stilettos. Their thoughts of the cocktail party were gone. It was only them.
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