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Vegas Baby

Something for the straight peeps ;).

Why am I here? What the hell am I doing?

Those questions raced through Shelley’s mind over and over. She came down the boarding ramp from the plane and stepped into the terminal at McCarron International Airport. Nervously, Shelley scanned the crowd that was heading towards baggage claim. 

He was there. Leaning against a pillar near Ben & Jerry’s. 

Shorter than she had pictured him in her mind, but otherwise just like the images she had seen on the computer. His arms were folded and he had a slight smile as he watched her arrive.

Navigating her way through the throng, Shelley made her way over towards him. He met her in the middle of the terminal. They were surrounded by people. The sun shone through the windows. The smell of waffle cones permeated the air. There were slot machines (in the airport!) making their clanging noises.

All of that faded away when their eyes met.

It had started out innocently enough. Shelley worked in an office and had lots of free time. She surfed the internet, sold some stuff on eBay and cruised message boards. Most of her job could be done in about 20 hours per week, but she had to be there for 40. That left half her paid time to fill with other things. Not that her boss noticed; she was slick enough to have him convinced that her job really did take up 40 hours per week, sometimes more.

Rick didn’t have quite as much free time as Shelley, but he had enough. They met through a NASCAR message board, playfully taunting each other when their driver beat the other (hers is Kasey Kahne, his is Little E, if that matters to you). They traded message board posts and private messages for a couple of months, then moved into the world of instant messaging. Soon they were sending pictures back and forth and not just on company time.

Shelley never figured herself as one for internet romances, and truthfully, this one didn’t start out that way. They were just two people with a common interest who became friends. It’s easy to become friends over the internet. A computer screen separates you from everyone else. The people out there only see what you want them to see, and there’s no chance that you’ll ever meet in real life, right?

Things changed one night when they were both at home by themselves. Shelley’s boyfriend was out with his buddies playing pool (translation: titty bar) and Rick’s girlfriend was visiting her mom for the weekend.

Both of them we online at the same time and they were both drinking. Their flirting had gone from playful to out of hand in just a few minutes. But she didn’t care. Her boyfriend was in one of his “asshole” moods and after a couple of drinks, Shelley’s inhibitions were gone. Rick, who was always flirtatious anyway, was especially friendly that night and things went downhill very fast.

Their conversation, which had previously been limited to thinly-veiled innuendo and harmless barbs, became racier. When their night was over, Shelley found that she needed to spend some quality time with her “rabbit”, only instead of imagining her boyfriend or her man Kasey, it was Rick.

A couple of weeks went by and both pretended nothing had happened. Yet, Shelley still felt weird about the whole thing. One night, both were up late again, and they started flirting again. Both were relatively sober this time, so there was no excuse.

It was only flirting, right? Shelley rationalised everything away. It’s not like I’m ever going to see him… . Right?

By now, their conversations had gone from playful banter to overt sexual foreplay. It wasn’t cyber-sex, but it was pretty close.

Shelley’s boyfriend was blissfully unaware of what was going on, and she liked it that way. On one level, she felt a little guilty for carrying on with Rick behind his back, but on another, she felt that if he would pay her half the attention that Rick did, their relationship wouldn’t have come to this.

A few more weeks passed and Shelley found herself thinking about Rick more and more. Not always in sexual ways. After all, at work they couldn’t IM back and forth about the safety of performing oral sex on someone while they were driving or the merits of one type of vibrator versus another. Sometimes, when she was out at the mall, Shelley would see something and think, Rick would like that; I should buy it and send it to him.

About a year after they met, Shelley knew they had gone too far when she opened her private messages. There was the usual morning PM from Rick. She clicked on it expecting him to be taunting her after Kasey wiped out Mark Martin the previous afternoon at the All-Star Challenge.

Instead, all it said was, “I need to see you.”

Her heart leapt into her throat. Her hands trembled as she typed the reply.

“I need to see you too.” 

Despite their better judgment, Shelley and Rick spent the next two months conspiring to find a way to meet. She didn’t know why. She didn’t know what she expected. All she knew was that a small part of her wanted it more than anything else and that little voice overrode all of her considerable self-control.

By some stroke of sheer luck—or was it fate?—the company she worked for and Rick’s employer used the same software package. It handled everything from human resources to payroll to inventory, and their annual convention was coming up. 

After some wrangling, she managed to convince her boss to send her to the conference. Rick went every year; in fact, he was presenting at one of the sessions, so his attendance was never in question.

Shelley and Rick stared nervously at each other for a second before he reached out. She stepped into his arms and gave him a friendly hug. 

She pulled back after a second, wanting to get a feel for him. Would she feel the same way about him in person that she felt at her computer?

“Your boy looked good yesterday,” Rick said. 

“Yeah, well, yours sucks,” she replied with a laugh. At least Tony Stewart hadn’t won at Pocono.

They went and picked up their luggage. Rick had his hand at the small of her back.

His touch was electric.

They caught a cab over to the hotel. Vegas is hot. And in July, the heat was stifling, even in the morning.

Shelley was used to heat, or so she thought. “It’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” is what they say in Alabama. 

Screw that. 

It’s the heat, all right. The humidity just doesn’t help.

Las Vegas is a dry heat. Contrary to what people believe, it’s not better than humid heat. If the southeast is a sauna, the southwest is a blast furnace. Either way, air conditioning is better.

Along the way, they sat apart, as if afraid to touch. Several times, Shelley noticed Rick’s eyes straying to her body, taking in her curves and the flash of leg beneath her skirt.

The cab let them out at the Bellagio. Rick paid the fare (expense account) and tipped the driver.

They stepped into the long line waiting to check in. Some of the folks there were tourists, but it seemed like most of the crowd in the lobby was there for the conference. Shelley began talking to the group in front of them in line. Soon she found that some of them were there in the same track she was, and she began making contacts.

When they finally got to the front of the line, Rick pulled her to the desk with him.

“Good morning, welcome to the Bellagio,” the young woman at the counter said. Her name tag read Julie. “What is the name on the reservation?”

“We actually have two reservations,” Rick said before Shelley could speak. He pulled out a printout from his briefcase. Shelley likewise produced a similar registration from her folder. “We’d like rooms with an adjoining door, if possible.”

Shelley immediately blushed, but the other woman’s face remained unreadable. Her fingers ticked away at the keyboard. “I’ve got two rooms on the 10 th floor. Both non-smoking, king-sized beds and an adjoining door. You had a suite reserved, but these are standard rooms. Will that be okay?”

“That would be excellent,” Rick said with a smile. Shelley could only stand there, mute. He winked at her. 

“Will this be on the same credit card or separate?” Julie acted like this happened all the time (it probably did).

“Separate,” he replied.

“I’ll need a credit card from each of you, then.” 

Rick already had his out. Shelley fumbled through her purse for the corporate AmEx her boss had given her. If he only knew what she was using it for … 

The woman at the counter produced some papers for each of them. “Please sign here … initial here … and sign here, again.”

Julie made a set of magnetic strip cards for each of them and slipped them into small folding sleeves. She wrote the room numbers on each and handed one set to Rick. For Shelley’s keys, Julie had circled the city motto, “What happens here, stays here.”

Shelley couldn’t bring herself to look the other girl in the eyes, but she could see a slightly amused smile on her face. Julie pointed to the side of the lobby. “Go to your right and then down the hallway. You’ll see a set of elevators, and take them up to the tenth floor. When you get off the elevator, your rooms will be to the right. If you need anything else, don’t hesitate to call us here at the desk. Is there anything else I can help you with?”

“Actually, there is,” Rick reached into his wallet and produced a business card. The image of the Bellagio was on the front and a hand-scribbled note was on the back. “I was told to ask for Adrina.”

Julie read the note on the card and picked up the phone. “Mrs. Chambers? There’s a gentlemen here to see you… . Yes… . He was referred by Tim Maxwell… . Yes … I’ll let him know.”

She hung up the phone and turned to Rick. “She has someone with her right now, but says she can see you in about thirty minutes, if that’s convenient.”

“I’ll tell you what … Do you have a sticky?” Rick wrote something on a Post It note and handed it to Julie. “Here’s my cell phone number, if you could have her call me when she’s free, I’ll get with her then.”

Julie smiled and put the note where she would remember it and then Shelley and Rick went on their way.

The pair followed the directions Julie gave them, and soon they each entered their own room. Compared to the places Shelley was used to staying (read: dives), the Bellagio wasn’t just luxurious, it was palatial. The king-sized bed was covered in fluffy pillows. There was a stand-up shower and jacuzzi tub in the bathroom. The curtains were drawn back, showing off a magnificent view of the Strip and the famous Bellagio fountains.

She was glad to be alone for a second. Rick was more handsome in person than she had imagined. Her pulse raced when she was with him. Was this something she really wanted?

Putting all of her questions on the back burner, Shelley called home. First she called her mom to let her know she got in safely. Then she called her boyfriend. There was no answer at the house so she called his cell. It rolled into voice mail. 

Answer the goddam phone, she thought. What she said was, “Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I got in.”

And that was it. No, “Love you, bye” or “Call me later.”

After a few minutes, there was a knock at the adjoining door. She nervously opened it, not knowing what to expect.

Rick was standing there. He had a folder in his hands. His eyes flashed for a second; if she wasn’t mistaken, it was with desire. He was looking her over, from the top of her curly hair down to her toes. A shiver ran down her spine. Her boyfriend hadn’t given her that look in forever.

“We … ah, should go register,” he said softly. 

Maybe he was as nervous as she was. Both were attached, although neither of them were thinking of their SOs when they booked this trip.

“Yeah, good idea,” she replied softly, a hint of relief in her voice. She went to pick up her purse and registration packet. She practically feel his eyes lock on to her backside and hoped he wouldn’t notice that her nipples seemed to crinkle up whenever his hand brushed hers.

They went downstairs, happy to avoid the subject that had brought both of them to Sin City.

Before joining the mass of conferees, Rick pulled her aside. They were in different tracks and he needed to check in at the presenter’s table. They swapped cell phone numbers and made arrangements to meet before dinner.

She wandered around the convention center for a while, first stopping at the registration desk. She got a big packet of stuff including a meal chits, tickets to the conference events, a name badge, some pamphlets from vendors and a backpack to hold all her stuff. For the rest of the afternoon, Shelley wandered around, networking with some folks in her track and talking to vendors in the exhibition hall.

When four o’clock rolled around (six o’clock to her; she was still on Central time), she headed back up to her room. Immediately after stepping into the room, her eyes went to the armoire. Hanging over the door was a black cocktail dress, and a small gift bag sat on the floor.

There was a lump in Shelley’s throat as she touched the soft fabric. In the bag were a set of black pumps and a jewelry box. She opened the box and a note fell out. 

You don’t get to keep these, but I thought they would look good on you. Meet me at 5:00 downstairs in the Petrossian Bar down by the lobby.


Opening the box, she found a white gold necklace with a pendant and matching earrings. The diamonds sparkled in the sunlight that shone through the window. 

These must be worth a fortune, Shelley thought as she wondered what Rick had planned for them.

The adjoining doors were still open. She peered into his room, wondering if he was going to surprise her. If he was, she probably would have tripped him right there. 

He was gone. 

Rick’s things were put up, his clothes in the armoire and his work materials in a neat stack on the desk. His laptop was set up and charging. She resisted the urge to poke through his stuff.

The scent of his cologne—Cool Water—hung in the air. She noticed that there was still some steam on the mirror in his bathroom.

She went back into her room and began unpacking her things. With her make-up and shower kit in hand, she went into the bathroom and stripped down. 

Warm water cascaded down her body. As she cleaned herself, her hands lingered on her breasts as she thought of Rick. She imagined his strong arms around her and his body pressed against his. She pinched her erect nipples indulgently.

Her hand strayed down between her legs. Her body tingled as she imagined Rick’s tongue where her fingers were.

Soon enough, she was leaning against the cool tile of the shower wall, convulsing as waves of pleasure wracked her body from her head to her toes. 

The orgasm subsided and as soon as her wobbly legs would support her, she turned the water off and stepped out of the shower. Her heart pounded as she began getting ready for their dinner date.

She dried her hair and put on her make-up. Digging through her suitcase, she found a pair of black lace panties and matching bra.

The dress fit perfectly. So did the shoes.

Looking at the clock, she realised she was late and hurriedly picked up her purse and headed out the door.

Rick was waiting right where he said he would be. He had on a nice double-breasted suit and looked very dashing. He held a single red rose in his hands. She walked across the lobby.

They stood awkwardly for a moment. 

“You look wonderful,” he breathed. Shelley couldn’t remember the last time her boyfriend had told her that.

She took the rose from him and then her hand slipped into the crook of his arm. He led her outside. It was still hot, but it wasn’t as bad as it had been earlier in the day. They got into a waiting limousine and headed off. 

They ended up at the Venetian hotel and casino where they were soon seated at the Zeffirino Ristorante, which featured a decidedly upscale Italian menu.

As they sat, they made small talk. He ordered the breaded veal chop while she had shellfish over linguini in a spicy red sauce.

Several times, she noticed Rick’s eyes straying to the pendant that hung between her breasts. The dress wasn’t risqué by any means, but it showed off a generous amount of her ample cleavage. When he looked at her, she thought he was going to eat her alive. Each time she caught him, he looked away, embarrassed.

Between the soup and the main course, Shelley knew she had to say something.

“Why are we here?” she asked.

Rick took a deep breath. He stared off thoughtfully for a second, then looked her in the eyes. “Because I needed to see you.”


“I don’t know,” he shrugged. His voice was soft. Vulnerable. “I guess … Do you remember that first night we were on YIM?”

She didn’t remember many details about that night. The vodka had left her rather foggy.

“You were very frisky that night,” he continued. “I don’t know what it was … I just knew it then …”

As his voice trailed off, his gaze bored into her. “Why are you here, Shelley?”

She didn’t know how to respond. She wasn’t even sure she knew. Her mouth opened to say something, but his cell phone rang.

He looked at the caller ID on the outside, sighed and then flipped it open. “Hello? … Hi… No … I’m actually at dinner … No … We’re three hours behind … Yup … No, there’s me and that guy from Columbia and some sales guys of KRM … No, honey … Okay … Okay … How’s your cold? … Have you gone back to the doctor? … Okay… . No … Mm-hmm … I sure will … Have a good time … No, I probably won’t be up that late … Okay … I’ll talk to you later … Bye.”

Even though she only heard half the conversation, Shelley could fill in most of the blanks.

“Is that how the next four days are going to be, Rick?” she asked softly. “Lying to everyone who calls?”

He started to reply, but there was no good answer he could give.

Their meal arrived shortly afterwards and they ate quietly. There was a pall over both of them. It was as if the reality of the situation had finally sunk in.

They had both traveled across the country for a tryst. Both had someone waiting for them back home. They had deceived their bosses. To an extent, maybe both had lied to themselves.

Shelley only picked at her food, even though it was very good. 

“Where did you get this dress?” she asked, trying to change the subject and bring herself out of the funk.

“I had ordered it a couple of weeks ago. I only guessed at your size but I think I got close,” he said. 

“You got it exactly right,” she replied. That explained why he had steered several of their conversations towards clothes. “What about the jewelry?”

“A friend of mine knows some folks over at Caesars Palace,” Rick said with a smirk. “He owes me a couple of favours, so they let me borrow those.”

“How much are they worth?” Shelley said. The wine was beginning to loosen her up. “I wonder if he’ll miss them if they don’t come back …”

“I think he said they were appraised at twenty-seven thousand.”

Shelley nearly spat out the bite of lobster in her mouth. 

“As wonderful as they look on you, I think I need to return them or my buddy might be a little pissed.” Rick smiled impishly. “You can wear them all the time if you want, though. The pendant gives me an excuse to stare at your boobs.”

Shelley blushed.

He seemed to want to say something more, but stopped. Dessert came out and she only picked at that, too.

They got up to leave. Shelley didn’t see the server bring a check.

“My friend took care of it,” Rick answered her unspoken question. “Like I said, he owes me.”

“What for?”

“I wrote his senior capstone thesis for him,” Rick replied. “Now he’s on track to make partner in a firm outside of Atlanta and is a high roller out here. He can afford it.”

“I hope you didn’t use up all your favours on me,” Shelley whispered.

“No,” he managed to smile, “He still owes me. What would you like to do?”

They went out to the waiting limo. Shelley had never been to Las Vegas before, so Rick had the driver take them on a tour of the city. They went by the chapel where Elvis married Priscilla, down past the Fremont Street Experience and up and down the strip.

All the while, she and Rick sat close to each other. He tentatively reached out to her and her fingers intertwined with his.

After a couple of hours, and a glass or two of champagne from the bar in the limo, they ended up back at the Bellagio. The driver let them out. Rick tipped him a few bucks and then they went inside.

Walking arm-in-arm, they walked absently around the casino, taking in the sights. Finally, they stopped in the main lobby, oblivious to the people around them.

“Shelley,” he said softly. “What do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know,” she managed to say, her voice just a whisper. It was moment of truth time.

“I’m going to get a drink,” Rick said. “I want you to go to your room. I’ll come up in fifteen minutes. Think about what you want.”

He paused for a moment. His hand brushed her arm. The hairs on the back of her neck stood up.

“I want you, Shelley.” His voice was near breaking. “I have wanted you for so long …”

She could feel the desire radiating from him. And welling up from within her. 

“When you get to your room, if you want to be with me, leave the door open. If you don’t … if this isn’t what you want … then close the door,” he looked into her eyes. “I’ll never ask you about it again and we can go back to being friends.”

A sad look flashed across her face. “No, Rick … we can’t. No matter what happens tonight, we can never be friends again.”

His jaw dropped open, not knowing how to respond. She smiled wistfully and turned towards the elevators, leaving Rick standing there in the lobby.

All the reasons she should close the door raced through her mind. All the while, she wanted nothing more than to take the leap. To lose control. 

Hunger. Desire. Passion.

When she thought about Rick, her hormones took over.

She wanted him. Badly. She finally admitted it to herself.

What was the attraction? It couldn’t have been just physical; after all, they had just met in person that day. He was neither classically handsome, nor was his body rock-hard chiseled. He was good-looking, but then again, so was her boyfriend.

Nor was it really an emotional connection. They shared some common interests, but at the same time were different enough that she never thought about him as a long-term investment of her time and energy.

Why was she two time-zones away from home, at a conference she really had no business attending, planning to seduce a man five years her junior whom she had met via the internet?

She didn’t know, and she really didn’t care. As she got to her room, she thought about his lingering touches. About the way he stared at her breasts. About how soft his lips looked.

The familiar warm feeling between her legs started to spread. She didn’t know if she’d regret this decision, but knew there was no turning back. There had been one moment when she could have stopped this; on the day she had gone into her boss’s office and told him that she wanted to go to the KRM Summit conference, she had paused at the door. Once she knocked, she knew there was no other way for this to end.

She set her purse down and closed the doors between their rooms. 

A few minutes later, she heard the hallway door open. She was sitting in one of the plush chairs and looking out the windows at the water fountains in front of the hotel. Showers of water and light were carefully timed to music. It was hypnotic.

The lights in the room were out. Rick was silhouetted against the light coming in from behind him. His gaze was on the closed door that led to her room. 

The disappointment disappeared from his face and turned to surprise when she stood and faced him. He walked over to her slowly, as if he didn’t really believe that she was there, waiting for him.

He didn’t flip the switch next to the door, but the light coming from the outside was enough to see.

As he approached, Shelley closed her eyes. His footsteps stopped just in front of her. She tilted her head back.

She felt the warmth of his hands as he cupped her face. She opened her mouth slightly and his lips pressed against her.

Their first kiss was soft and tender. His teeth raked her lips. She could feel his breath on her cheek.

As soon as their lips met, she knew why she was there. She knew why she had to be with Rick.

When people kiss, most of the time, in the back of their minds, they’re thinking of something else. Their next move. Where their hands should be. How to get the other person horizontal. Something they need from the store. A reminder to get Aunt Suzie a present for her birthday.

With Rick, Shelley knew that all of his focus and attention was on her lips. On her. 

At this point, her boyfriend would be pawing at her ass or trying to get her out of the dress or mauling her breasts (and not in the good way).

There were no such distractions with Rick. 

She knew that from early on in their virtual relationship. He was always ready to ask about her. He paid close attention to little things she said or did. Once, she mentioned in passing her affinity for football and right around her birthday, a Cowboys jersey showed up on her doorstep with her name across the back.

His lips were warm and his touch gentle.

She pressed against him. Her stomach churned nervously.

Finally, he let her up for air.

Shelley looked her lover in the eyes. He was gazing back at her intently.

Pulling him close, she kissed him again. Their tongues danced back and forth. She took his hands and put them around her waist.

Their bodies pressed together.

“I have wanted you for so long,” he gasped as she nibbled on his neck.

She lost herself to his kiss. His lips were warm, soft and firm at the same time. 

Rick’s hands were still cupping her face gently. Shelley felt as if she were floating above the ground.

When he touched her, a charge seemed to run through her body, from her lips to her nipples to her sex. He put his strong arms around her waist and lifted.

The bed was higher than normal. In fact, it was just the right height for him.

He set her down so she was sitting on the edge. Their mouths were level and he continued to explore her lips with his.

All the while, Shelley had her legs wrapped around him, pulling his body close to hers. She could feel his hardness pressing against her and that, too, sent a chill through her body.

Shelley pulled back and took stock of her lover. In the soft light coming through the window, she saw how handsome he was. His eyes shone with desire.

Her hands went to his jacket and she pushed it over his shoulders. She tried to pull his shirt out of his pants, but he brushed her hands away.

Rick’s lips left her mouth and left a trail of wet, sloppy, delicious kisses across her cheek. He bit her ear gently and she cried out.

His arms were around her, pulling her close. It was as if he never wanted to let her go.

All she could do was gasp as his teeth raked the nerve that ran down the side of her neck. He was taking his time and it was driving her crazy!

When his lips brushed her collarbone, her toes started to tingle.

“Shelley?” he whispered, “May I touch … you … your breasts?”

Rick, you can touch anything you want, she thought to herself. “Yes, Rick, touch them.”

With one hand still behind her back, holding her close, his other hand cupped one of her magnificent breasts. He squeezed it gently, as if it were a melon.

And, oh! was she ripe!

She let out a gasp as his hand covered as much of her breast as he could. Arching her back, she pressed against his palm, her nipple erect just for him.

He didn’t paw at her. He didn’t grope her.

Ever so gently, he kneaded her soft breast, each pass causing the hair on the back of her neck to stand up.

Still he kissed her. Hungrily.

“Get me out of this dress.” Shelley pulled back long enough to take a deep breath. Her voice was frantic. Desperate.

The arm that was around her went to the zipper in the middle of her back. The straps fell off her shoulders. She pushed them down, freeing her arms.

Rick’s hand fumbled around her back. Searching.

“The clips are on the front,” she giggled.

“That’s very convenient,” he said with a big smile.

His hands went to the front of her bra. His fingers brushed both her erect nipples.

The cups fell away and, finally free, her breasts pressed into his hands. He continued to caress her and it seemed as if Rick had connected a wire that led straight from her areolae to her g-spot.

A tingle ran through her body.

She flung her bra across the room as Rick’s mouth descended on her breasts.

His mouth was warm. His lips were soft.

He didn’t go straight for the nipple, instead starting in the valley between her mounds. 

Slow. Methodical.

He paid attention to one. Then the other.

With each lingering kiss, Shelley’s body tensed.

Her hands went to the back of his head, pulling him to her.

Before, she was wet. Now she was soaked.

When his mouth enveloped her areola, her jaw fell open. A low, throaty growl started deep in her chest.

Shelley became light-headed as Rick worked over her breasts with his mouth. He kissed them with the same attention to detail that he had paid to her lips.

Holding on to him in an effort to keep from falling over, Shelley pulled at his shirt, finally getting it out of his pants and trying to get it over his head.

She let out a sigh that was half disappointment and half frustration when he pulled back. He pushed her and she fell on to her back.

Her heavy breasts fell slightly to the sides. They were gloriously wet and slippery after being covered by Rick’s mouth. Her nipples stuck straight up.

Shelley looked up at him, the smoldering desire in her eyes mirroring his.

He ran his hands up her thighs. 

His touch made her skin crawl. In the good way.

On each side, his finger looped her lace panties and she felt him pull. In response, she lifted her hips and he slipped them down over her round buttocks. He stepped back and they fell to the floor.

She could feel excitement leaking out of her.

Grasping her wrists, he pulled her up and planted another delicious kiss on her lips. Her breasts pressed against his shirt. She was tempted to just rip it open, but instead her hands went to the buttons, only to be pushed away again.

“Shelley …” Rick started. His voice was ragged. He brushed her curls out of her face, then pulled her close. Their lips were almost touching. She could feel his shallow breath on her cheek. “What do you want me to do?”

“Don’t make me pick,” she said. “What do you want to do?”

“I want to fuck your brains out,” he replied quickly.

“Then I guess I shouldn’t gather my clothes and go back to my room, huh?” Her voice was teasing. They both knew that wouldn’t happen.

A serious look flashed across his face for just a second. “Shelley, if you don’t want to have sex with me, you need to leave, right now! Otherwise …”

” ‘Otherwise’ what?”

“Otherwise I’m going to rape you.”

“Oh, Rick,” she said and brought his lips to hers. “You could never rape me. Kiss me, fuck me, eat me, spank me … you can do anything you want to me!”

“Anything?” Even in the darkness, she could tell he had a sly smile on his lips.

“Yes, lover,” her voice was husky. “Anything.

He kissed her again. This time, when her hands went to his shirt, he didn’t resist. She fumbled with a couple of buttons, but her hands were shaking so badly, she finally gave up and pulled it over his head.

His dress shirt and undershirt landed somewhere near the dresser and her hands went to his chest.

Rick was handsome and well-built. Younger than her, he was still in his mid-20s and active. While not cut or especially buff, his arms were muscular and his chest firm. His stomach was flat and she could tell he was teeming with youthful exuberance and desire.

Aside from his cologne, his body radiated sex. She inhaled his scent, then reached for his belt buckle.

His pants and boxer briefs fell to the floor. He kicked them to the side and then stepped between her spread legs.

Shelley stroked his erection slowly with both hands while kissing his collarbone and chest. She was working her way lower when she felt Rick pull her up to him once more.

His tongue penetrated her mouth.

The slow hand he had earlier was nearly gone. He was too excited. Too far gone.

So was she.

There was something new in his touch. Hunger. Urgency.

He pushed her back on to the bed. Her legs wrapped around his waist, pulling him close to her.

She stared at his naked body.

Rick put one hand between them and pressed his cockhead against her clit. She shivered with delight.

The pressure went away for just a second, then he slapped his sex against hers. Each sharp blow made her jump just a little. And each sharp blow made her want him that much more.

“Rick,” she whispered, “Get this dress off me.”

Her hands pushed it down to her hips. Then she lifted her backside and he pulled the dress down over her hips. It landed somewhere on the floor; she didn’t care where.

The only thing either of them had on were the twenty-seven thousand dollars worth of jewelry around her neck and hanging from her ears.

Rick pushed forward with his hips and she felt the tip of his cock against her slit.

“Do you want me to use a condom?” he asked. At least part of him was thinking with a level head. 

“You don’t have to, lover,” she replied gently. “I’m on the pill.”

“What about … um …” his voice trailed off.

“It’s okay,” she said. She trusted him, at least as much as she trusted someone she had met over the internet. But everything felt right. And her desire was clouding her judgment.

The head of his cock was tumescent. The crown was almost in when the image of her boyfriend flashed in her mind.

What are you doing? she said to herself. Why are you doing this?

She didn’t have any answers. Shelley wondered if Rick was at a similar crossroads. Against her better judgment, she allowed her lust to control her. Her voice was barely audible. “I need you inside me.”

With her heels locked at the small of his back, Shelley pulled Rick in to her. He resisted, determined not to enter her too quickly.

A soft gasp escaped her lips. She closed her eyes as Rick slowly inserted his length into her. Filling her.

When he took his hand away, she knew he was almost all the way in. 

Finally, she felt his hips against her ass. Her pussy slowly expanded to accommodate his girth.

“That feels so good,” he whispered.

“As good as you imagined?”

“It’s even better,” the look in his eyes melted all of Shelley’s doubts and concerns away. “I have wanted this for so long.”

“Me, too,” Shelley admitted, as much to herself as to him.

Rick took her legs and unwrapped them from him. She was still lying on her back, but now with her ankles at his shoulders, his entire cock inside her.

He pulled out until there was only the tip still inside her, and held it for a long moment.

Then he pushed slowly back inside her.

They both moaned with undisguised pleasure.

Shelley arched her back as Rick reached for her breasts. 

He took them both in his hands. At least he tried. 

As he pinched her nipples, he pulled back. Then as he squeezed as much of her breasts as he could, he pushed forward.

Each stroke was a little faster. A little harder.

Shelley bit her lip to keep from crying out.

His cock was so deep inside her. He filled her so well.

And he was going slow. No wham! bam! thank-you, ma’am tonight.

To show her appreciation, she squeezed him with her pussy. His eyes opened in surprise and then it was his turn to stifle a moan when she did it again.

He built a steady rhythm of slow, but hard strokes. Then he thrust all the way in and held it.

Even though she didn’t have much leverage, she pushed back against him and couldn’t suppress a gasp.

Rick’s hands squeezed her breasts again. Her nipples rolled between his thumbs and index fingers.

“I could play with your breasts forever,” he said, lost somewhere between bliss and paradise.

“You’ll have plenty of time to worship my breasts later, Rick,” her voice was raspy. “Right now, they’re tits and you had better fuck me like you promised!”

“How did I promise?” he asked playfully.

“You promised to fuck my brains out!”

“I did?” There was a playful mocking tone to his voice.

“Yes, you did, mister.”

He started to respond flippantly, as he often did when they were chatting online, but she pushed him back.

He let out a surprised and disappointed sigh when his cock popped out of her.

Shelley sat up and planted her wet lips on his. 

Backpeddling on the bed, she threw the pillows to the floor, while at the same time, pulling him with her. 

As she pushed the turned-down sheets and comforted out of her way, Rick’s mouth went to her chest and once again her nipples were connected to her g-spot. Shelley could tell she was leaking out on to the bed.

Falling back into the soft cotton sheets, she pulled Rick on top of her.

The head of his cock was once against pressed against her swollen labia that were slick with desire. Shifting her hips slightly, he slid easily inside her.

“Oh, god, that feels so good!” Her fingernails dug into his shoulders.

He responded with a flurry of hard and fast thrusts that made her breasts jiggle gloriously. The headboard rattled in time with his hips.

Once again, Rick established a steady rhythm, mixing short strokes with long ones. Fast thrusts with slower pushes.

Shelley’s eyes rolled back into her head and all she could do was hang on for the ride.

Her legs were spread as wide as she could get them. His cock hit bottom every time.

Flailing her arms around, she grasped for the pillows, the comforter, anything that she could hold on to without drawing blood from her lover.

Rick let out a moan and she knew he was close. She wasn’t going to last much longer, either.

As he pounded away, Shelley felt dizzy. Her heart began to pound.

“She—… Shel—…” he stammered. His hips were moving at a feverish pace.

In and out. 

“Shelley!” he gasped. “I’m about to … I’m about … Oh, fuck!”

She bucked against him, meeting each thrust of his hips with one of her own. 

His hands were still on her breasts, clutching to them as if his life depended on it.

“Yes! Yes … oh, fuck … oh, Rick … Rick … fuckfuckfuck!” she screamed as an explosion of pleasure enveloped her pussy.

“Oh, god,” he breathed and pushed into her one final time. 

His cock flared within her and she felt his seed coating her insides with its delectable warmth.

Holding his cock inside her, he gasped a couple more times, then collapsed on top of her.

She pulled him close and they kissed, just as lustily as they had before.

Their breathing was short and shallow. She could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

Wrapping her arms and legs around him, Shelley held on to Rick. Everything else in her life faded away. All that mattered was her desire for this man, whom she now held in her arms. She fell back on the bed, both of them panting for breath.

He jerked a couple of times in her arms, then he lifted his head quickly.

There was a dazed look in his eyes. He wiped some spit from the corner of his mouth. He blinked back the haze, and his hands cupped her breasts. It was as if he were making sure she was really there, in his arms, and that the whole trip wasn’t a dream.

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