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We built a sex room

A couple builds a sex room in their apartment.
The Sex Room

A Couple Builds A Room With The Purpose of Pleasure.


Jennifer moaned softly as her boyfriend Jim moved the pocket rocket vibrator lightly over her clit.

They were spread out over white sheets in their bedroom, the window open, the sound of the New York traffic on the streets below in the background. Jim alternated between kissing Jennifer and sucking her left nipple. Jennifer played with her other nipple with one hand, and held Jim’s cock with the other.

She smiled as she felt his hard cock. Earlier, she had expertly sucked, stroked and licked Jim’s cock to hardness, stopping just short of making him cum. She licked his balls, wiggled her tongue in his slit and lovingly stroked his shaft.

But Jim always made her stop before he came, because his true passion was finding fun ways of making Jennifer cum.

And that was about to happen, because the pocket rocket was delivering intense vibrations that were moving all over Jennifer’s body. Her nipples were pencil eraser-stiff. She tried to force her pussy harder into the pocket rocket, but Jim used his arm to hold her down, to prolong the pleasure.

But the feelings were too strong. She took her hands off her nipple and Jim’s cock and grabbed the sheets. She started cumming like crazy, which Jim noticed with a smile, applying just a little bit more pressure with the rocket. She closed her eyes and enjoyed a huge orgasm.

Jim tickled her thighs and pussy for two minutes, then moved Jennifer into the doggy-style position. Doggy style was Jennifer’s favorite position for sex.

Jim put his cock inside her. They both knew he was excited about the vibrator play and wouldn’t last long. After a few minutes of thrusting and wiggling in her tight pussy, he shot a load of cum deep inside her.


The next day was Sunday, and Jim and Jennifer were drinking coffee and reading newspapers in the morning.

“You were amazing last night,” he said.

“It felt so good,” she said.

“I love watching your body move when you start cumming,” Jim said. “What does it feel like?”

“I really can’t explain it,” she said.

That made him smile.

“I love dreaming of ways to give you better orgasms,” he said.

That made her smile.

A little later in the morning, they were in the empty bedroom in their apartment, just looking around. They had never figured out what to do with this room. They already had a great bedroom, living room and kitchen. Jim worked in a home office next to their bedroom and Jennifer was away all day working in the corporate world.

“What if I made this my sex experimentation room, where I came up newer and better ways to make you feel good, making you cum harder and harder?” he said.

He was mostly joking.

But Jennifer’s eyes lit up and she smiled. She reached over and grabbed his hand and stroked his thumb. Then she walked out of the room.


Over the course of the next few weeks, Jim began to construct the sex room while Jennifer was away at work. There was a lock on the door, so she could not check on the project’s progress. Finally it was almost done.

There was a clothing rack for cute outfits, lingerie, bikinis and shoes for Jennifer. And there was a cabinet where sex toys could be stored out of sight from Jennifer, so she did not know what to expect.

There was a bed with hooks for restraints. There was an x-shaped rack with special flooring where Jennifer could be secured with restraints and her entire body could be coated with baby oil.

But the centerpiece of the room was a padded, bench-like piece of furniture where Jennifer could lay on her stomach on her hands and knees with her legs spread. Her favorite position was doggy style and this would be the location where most of the pleasure experimentation would occur.

During the construction process, Jennifer would teasingly ask Jim what was going on in the spare room, and why was the door locked?

“What are you doing in there?” she said.

“Well I’m not going to tell you, but I think you’ll like it,” he said.

“Come on, tell me what’s in there,” she said.

“Nope, can’t do it,” he said.

Then it was finished. It was perfect. And she didn’t know what was inside.


Jennifer arrived home from work in a good mood, ready for a fun weekend. After some dinner and wine, Jim announced that his room project was done and he wanted to show her.

She had changed out of her work clothes into a simple, short black dress. They entered the room together and he turned on the lights.

Jennifer’s eyes widened. The first thing she noticed was the hooks on the bed, frame and bench. She had always been curious about being restrained during sex, but had never pursued it.

She scanned the room, a little surprised, a little thrilled and very exhilarated.

“This is not what I expected,” she said. “But I think I like it.”

“Come over here,” Jim said.

He held her hand and walked to the clothing rack. He took off her black dress and slowly and seductively put a black bra with matching thong on her. Then a pair of stiletto high heels.

By now she was breathing heavily, totally turned on by the room and the experience.

He put black leather wrist and ankle bands on her, then led her to the center bench.

She had little idea what was going on has he clipped her restraints onto the bench. She was secured, doggy style in the new sex room.

Jim went to the sex toy cabinet and removed a rabbit vibrator. He returned to the bench, kissed Jennifer, then started lightly rubbing her clit. She was already wet.

After a few minutes of rubbing her clit, Jim inserted the rabbit vibrator into Jennifer and turned in on, in the low setting. He back arched and her wrist and ankle restraints jingled against the hooks. She tried anything she could do to increase the pressure of the rabbit against her clit, but there was nothing she could do.

Jim just smiled and watched her body move as her pleasure grew and grew. He stroked her back, moved her hair behind her ears and watched her mouth open as more and more moans escaped.

As he noticed her getting close to orgasm, Jim removed the rabbit and returned to the sex toy cabinet. This time he returned with a blindfold, which he placed over Jennifer’s eyes.

He had the pocket rocket back in his hand now, and was toying with Jennifer’s clit. Her toes extended, her hands trying to grab anything, but unable to because of the restraints.

Then he produced a string of small anal beads. He pressed the first one against her hole, and instantly she knew what it was. Jennifer had always loved being touched there, and was thrilled to be secured in the new room for pleasure experimentation.

Slowly, there were three anal beads inside her, and Jim increased the pressure of the pocket rocket. It was time to test the room’s effectiveness.

He began to slowly remove the anal beads. Jennifer gasped in pleasure and each one left her hole. The pocket rocket was firmly pressed against her clit now, and she was moaning loudly with pleasure. She came with an intensity that she never felt in the bedroom.

Jim’s cock was as hard as he ever felt it. Both Jennifer and Jim knew it was time for him to cum.

He unhooked her and they moved to the bed. She lay on her back, still wearing her ankle and wrist restraint bands, as he slipped his cock into her wet pussy.

She wrapped her legs around him, put her hands on his back, and clenched her pussy muscles.

“I love this room, baby,” she said.

“I built it for you, I love you so much,” he said.

He was moving his cock inside her pussy, and it felt so good.

“I don’t want to cum, this room is all about you cumming,” he said.

“No it’s OK, you did such a good job on this room, I want you to cum,” she said.

His entire body relaxed, his cock pulsed and he shot a slow, sweet load of cum into her.

They left the sex room and laid together in their bedroom.

“So what’s next in there?” she asked.

“I’m starting to think about it in my mind, right now. You’ll see next Friday,” he said.

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