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While You Were Sleeping

Tags: love, oral, bondage
This was written when B and I first met. Would love for it to one day be a reality.
While you were sleeping I thought of you. I thought how nice it would be to crawl in bed with you. To curl up and lie surrounded in your arms. To wake up there with your back pressed against me. I can feel you lodged between my cheeks.
We both stir awake feeling the passion beginning to burn. You kiss my neck and cup my breast. I arch into your caress pushing you deeper between my legs. Your cock glides along my slit and spreads it open gently. At first it goes haltingly from lack of moisture. But as my lips are spread and your cock begins to weep it slides with greater ease.

We enjoy this slow rhythm for a while. Letting the feelings of desire grow. After a while I turn in your arms and we kiss softly at first, nibbling, tasting. The kiss grows deeper as our tongues stroke each other. Our bodies begin to move of their own will. Pushing and pulling merging against one another. Our legs are tangled together, our hands are grasping and holding as we continue to kiss. I break from the kiss and begin to kiss your chin and neck. Sucking and tasting your body as I explore.
My hands caress your arms and chest as I work my way lower. My lips kiss around your nipple lightly, not yet touching, teasing you. I lick the tip and then blow across your wet nipple. It hardens to a point. I cover it with my hot mouth and suckle it, then tenderly nip at it with my teeth and hold it there, pulling on it softly, gently. I move to the other giving it the same loving treatment. I continue lower down your stomach stopping to dip my tongue in your navel. "Oh is there any belly button lint in there?"
My hands have made their way down as my mouth has been exploring more slowly. They are rubbing and caressing your thighs and ass. Feeling your muscles and massaging them. My face is now level with your waist and I cling to you nuzzling you. I inhale the wonderful aroma that is all you and masculine. I grasp you firmly round your shaft and slowly pump up and down. I feel you lengthen and become even harder. I lean in for the first taste of you and lightly flick my tongue on your very tip. “mmmmm" it tastes like "more."

I swirl my tongue round your head and tickle the underside at your notch. Flattening my tongue I stroke from base to tip up and down on all sides. My mouth returns to your head and engulfs it in my wanting mouth. Your hands wrap in my hair and caress my head as I begin to move on your cock. I love the feel of your cock in my mouth so thick and warm. Your hands urge me on wanting me to take more and increase the rhythm. I allow you to have your way for a while because we are both enjoying it so much.

But slowly I ease you back. I don’t want this to end too soon. I push you over onto your back and begin to crawl up your body kissing as I go. I rise and sit up straddling your legs. You eye me with a look wondering what I am going to do. I lift and slowly sink my pussy onto your engorged cock. My hands go to your chest and begin to massage you as I move up and down on your embedded cock. Your hands reach up and begin to caress and massage my breasts. Tweaking my nipples and pulling on them. I gasp feeling the pinch go straight to my pussy.
Our pelvises are grinding into each other as we move in rhythm. Your hands move to my hips to aid me in keeping rhythm. After a few moments of riding you, I lean over you and kiss you as we continue to thrust. You wrap your arms around me and hold me. When we are joined tightly together you roll us over keeping our bodies locked together. Now you are on top. You lean down kiss me passionately and then give me a wicked grin. I think “oh god what does he have going on in that playful mind.” 

You grasp my hands and slowly raise them above my head. I love it when you take control and I am savoring the way you handle my body. I feel you moving something above my head. All of the sudden I realize what you are up to. You are putting me in handcuffs above the bed. I look at you my eyes wide with shock. You just grin and say, “I thought you liked me being in control.”

“I do , but I have never done this before.”
“Neither have I babe, but I thought we could see if you like it.”

You begin by kissing me softly making me comfortable making sure the cuffs don’t hurt. Then you kiss down my neck and collar bone making your way to my breasts, laving them and sucking on them until they are hard points. Then you bite down and I feel the pleasure/pain. I squirm and moan “aaaaahhhhh.”
My pussy is spasming like there is some invisible connection between my breasts and it. Your hands move to my mound caressing and massaging before dipping a finger into my slit. I am wet and slick wanting you, needing your cock. But you have other ideas.

“You were teasing me last night when you were licking your pussy juice off your finger.”
“But you were showing me your pre-cum first.”
”But you already have tasted my pre-cum. I have been waiting since yesterday to taste you and now I am going to taste what I have been craving.”
You bring your wet finger up from my slit and show it to me. I try to lick your finger but you keep it just barely out of my tongues reach. You smile and bring it up to your mouth tasting it licking it clean. Back you go dipping your finger deeper this time coating it with my juices. This time you allow me to lick then suck your finger deep into my mouth, just as I had done to your cock earlier. The memory causes your cock to twitch thinking about my earlier loving of your cock.
You lean down and lick my slit from ass to clit with the flat of your tongue. You repeat only this time you dip your tongue as you go over my opening. Licking deep my pussy clenches around your tongue. You continue up to lick and suck my clit into your mouth then gently bite down and it sort of pops out for your tongue. Then you lick and tease it, just as you described to me last night.
This drives me crazy and I begin to moan and writhe. Feeling my orgasm approaching you push two fingers into my pussy spreading them and thrusting in and out. I cum hard and panting and moaning as you lap and suck the cum from my well.
You lift my legs placing a pillow beneath my bottom and push my legs. You kneel in front of me pointing your cock down into my still quivering pussy. You lean forward and thrust into me deep grabbing by breasts and squeezing as you continue to pound into me. I scream with the deep sensation. I can do nothing but accept your thrusts my hands still bound above my head. You thrust in and out harder and faster picking up the pace. My panting and moaning have started again as I reach for yet another climax. I see your body stiffen and pause as you thrust into me one last time and explode filling my pussy with your hot cum.
You lean forward covering me with your body and reach up to release the cuffs from my wrists. Bringing them down you gently rub my wrists making sure they are not hurt. I wrap my arms around you and hold you to me with your cock still buried in me gently pulsing its lasts drops. We roll to the side and fall asleep entangled in each other’s arms still joined together.
"B, that was so wonderful. Thank you for the inspiration."

With love, L

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