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Woman in the next window, part 3

Natalie comes in the office as Rob cums on her.
Needless to say, that after our last encounter I haven't been able to get much work done. Every time I get to the office in the morning, I see her office and it all comes running back to me - the way she blew me right there.

She seems to have an easy schedule. I bet she's not in about half of the week. And she comes and goes as she pleases. I have to from nine to five, from Monday to Friday. But even when she is not there, I'm not that productive. Every now and then it hits me again and I can feel my dick getting hard again. This is not a healthy working environment. But I'm not complaining either.

It must be about 3-4 days when I see her again. She's in early. I fire up my computer, smile to her and try to get her attention. Every now and then she smiles back but mostly she's just woking. I have to admit, it disappoints me a bit. C'mon, just a few days she took my load right in her mouth but now I'm just like a regular co-worker for her. Damn!

About an hour after the lunch my messenger pops open with a friend request. I've been rather busy so I just casually open it the window to see it coming in with a note - "Hi there with a big load. Remember me?"

If I'd had a pen, it would drop. I don't But my jaw dropped. I look outside to her office and I see her waving with a kinky smile on her face. "It's on!" I thought to myself. She is not ignoring me!

Naturally I accept her friend request and she starts chatting me.

"I've been missing you," she starts the chat.

"Me too. Where have you been?" I ask.

"Oh what, now I have to let you know about everything I do and everywhere I go to?"

Oh shit! I did not mean that! She looks at me with a bit of anger in her face. My heart stops.

"Uhmm.. I didn't mean that" I type quickly.

She bursts into laughter. "Got cha! You're so easy!"

Damn I love this girl I think to my self. I'm the kind of guy who feels very at home with the ladies. Never had a major problem with any and I mostly manage to get the ones I'm after. But I'm really loving whats happening here. She plays me. Truly does and I'm enjoying it!

For the next hour or so we exchange messages just about everything. About our work (and not being able to get much done), about the latest games (apparently she's a fan of the Giants) and even the weather. At first I was hoping we would soon be starting to talk about what happened but after a while I really started to enjoy us talking about everything really. Every now and then I peeked out of my window to see her do the same.

The day at the office was starting to end. Normally I would leave about fifteen past five or so. But right now, I wasn't going anywhere We chatted some more and she asked: "So, plans for the evening?"

As it is Wednesday, no plans really. I usually go home, watch some TV or something.

"No, not really. Heading home probably."

"Oh, shame. I was hoping I would be heading your way," she wrote. I looked at her to see her with a devilish smile.

"You heading my home?" I typed after a moment of hesitation.

"Actually I was thinking about heading to your office…" she wrote.

I looked around only to discover that I'm the only one in the room - it's my damn office! Of course I'm alone here!

"So, stay there, don't move" she says as she disconnects.

It all happened so fast. After a minute I started to think, how she's going to get past the security. Or how she will be able to take the elevator to my floor. After all, you need a card.

She turned off the lights in her office and walked out. I was getting nervous. Me? Nervous? It doesn't happen too often but it's happening now.

In about five minutes my phone rings. "Security here. There's a lady named Natalie to see you. Are you expecting her?" the big security woman with a strong gospel singer voice asks me. "Yes I am. Please allow her to travel to my floor. Thank you!"

I hang up and realize it's not that difficult to get to my office after all.

In a minute I can hear the elevator stop, opening and closing the doors. I can hear the footsteps getting closer. Should I go and open the door for her? As soon as I thought of that, I her a faint knock on the door after which it opens. "Rob?"

I can see her sticking his head in. I've been waiting for her! For so long!

"Come in Natalie," I say as I stand up to greet her. She closes the door behind her as she walks in.

"Nice office there Rob!" she says having a look around. She walks towards me but turns around to have a look out of the window. "So there I work…" she says.

"Listen Rob, I have a bit of a problem," she starts with a serious look on her face. "What is it? Anything I can do?" I ask as I immediately get worried. Don't tell me it's the end of our story?

"The thing is…. I need my panties back," she says. I'm baffled. I look at her and she is still with that look in her face.

"Um, sure.." I say. As soon as I say it she burst to laugh. "Again! You're so easy! C'mon, Rob!!!" she laughs.

Damn she really gets me every time. I don't know where to look or what to say. After a minute she comes to my rescue.

"Ok, but I might as well want them back, because I'm not wearing any right now. And I'm not sure if you know what it means for a girl to go walking the streets without panties."

I was stunned.

"Walking those streets, if the guys would know, they might want to take advantage of the situation. I'm sure they would love to force their dicks into me. And I'd love to have some cock right now. But I kinda want you to be the one to have me tonight."

I wasn't sure of what was going on. There she was, in a rather short denim skirt which she changed into before getting here, leaning to the wall. My heart was racing, my mind was doing god knows what. And my dick was getting so hard!

"It happened to me once. I was walking the streets after work and I saw this guy looking at me as we were getting closer. He was a well built guy. And out of nowhere my mind was racing. When we passed each other… I was so wet!"

I was looking at her with amazement. A second later she continued. "I would have loved to fuck him. But I don't do random guys from the street," she said with a laugh.

"But I do guys from the next office."

She started to walk towards me as I tried to gather my thoughts. The only part of me truly realizing what was going on, was by dick. She walked towards me but then leaned to the desk before hopping on it. She looked around her, put some papers on top of each other and put them away. "This here will do" she said just before spreading her legs. Indeed she was not wearing anything under there.

I could see her pussy lips glittering when she touched herself with her fingertips. "Yep, I would be so ready for anyone who would care to take me right now" she said when looking at me.

She played with herself for a second while looking at me. "C'mon, don't be shy… You have a pussy waiting for you." For a second I felt like I was glued to the floor but then I finally managed to start walking to her. She had that look in her eyes again, which only meant one thing - there is no turning back.

I got really close to her when she asked to be checked if she's ready. I slowly started to unzip by pants when she laughed. "A gentleman should first try the lady out with her tongue." I felt like I was doing it for the first time! This girl really has me!

I kneeled a in between her legs as she spread some more. "Try it" she said as she closed her eyes. I moved a closer and closer, started to smell her scent. I touch her with my lips and the tip of my tongue. She tasted so damn heavenly. I kissed her, touched her again with my tongue and very soon I started to feel her pushing herself closer to me. I regained my self-confidence as I started to bury my face between her legs. I heard her moaning as I tasted her sweet juices flowing.

I was really getting into it, playing with my tongue and sucking her lips into my mouth. And just then she pushed me away.

"I said… I don't have any panties and basically any man would so easily be fucking my cunt right now. I didn't say anything about eating me." She had that serious face again just a second before laughing. She is driving me crazy!

"I've had you in my mouth, now I need you in my cunt," she said. "Take it out, take me!" she demanded.

I unzipped my jeans, in a second my hard member was standing proud. "That's what I remember," she said. "I'm wet for you!"

I moved closer to her and immediately touch her clit with the tip of my cock. Indeed she was very wet! I teased just a few seconds before looking deep into her eyes and forcing myself in her, slowly in the beginning but making sure she has every last inch of me.

She let out a moan as I started to pick up the pace. Slowly at first, holding her from her waist. She was really enjoying herself as she laid down on my desk and spreading some more to make sure I can take all of her.

I was I heaven. There she was, Natalie, right in front of me on my desk. Legs spread and glistering from her juices. And I was having her, making sure I had my dick nice and deep with every thrust.

I could see and hear her pussy getting wetter as the wonderful sound of sex echoed in my office. I could smell her scent from where I was standing, really enjoying of what was happening.

I picked up the pace, moving fast as her moans got louder. My cock was so damn hard, sliding in perfectly to make sure she was enjoying it. As I said I have never had any issues getting a pussy if I wanted one. This has led me to become, I must admit, a bit ego centric. But what I loved about what was going on right now is the fact, that most important right now was her. I really truly wanted her to be in seventh heaven. Or even ninth!

Her skirt was way up her waist, her white blouse still on and I could see her bra through it. Her breasts jumping just a bit to the beat of my strokes in her.

She was moaning as she was holding on the edge of the desk. And I was taking her even harder, pushing my whole length into her with each thrust. She opened her eyes for a moment before closing them. "Fuck me Rob, fuck me!" she said quietly. "Fuck me!" she raised her voice as I could feel the sweat on my back. I still had my shirt on, but I threw away the jacket. "Fuck me!" she insisted raising her voice even more. She opened her eyes as she said "I love your cock! It tasted so good in my mouth, it feels even better fucking me." She had that very serious look on her face as I continued to take her with my force.

"I love the way you taste Rob, I hope you have built up a good load for me" she said making me harder to control myself. Its like she sensed it. "You like when I talk to you while you fuck me, don't you?"

She was enjoying herself and now I was starting to think more about myself again. My dick was getting thicker and thicker while I was enjoying her pussy.

"I'm Natalie, your girl for the evening. Or just for the 10 minutes, really depends on you" she said with a devil smile. "I love the way your dick feels in me. I love it. Just as I loved sucking you dry, Rob." She kept talking as she lifted her legs on my shoulders, one at a time.

"I'm Natalie, your whore… But only if you treat me nice and beautiful. Fuck me, god damned!"

I was getting so hot! This was insane. How could she take it all! I was on the verge of explosion but she just had her look on her face, enjoying of what was happening.

I put my hands on her legs, grabbing them from my shoulders and spreading them wide. Holding her ankles I was thrusting myself really furious! She was letting out moans, even screams.

"Rob, give it to me! Take the girl from the next office!" I was thrusting in her as I felt I couldn't hold much longer. I wanted this to continue forever but in the same time I wanted to cum. In her!? On her?! Fuck I was confused! My body wasn't about to wait for my decision tho.

I let go one of her legs as it fell down. I grabbed my dick as I pulled out of her, sending a load flying, reaching as high as her chin. The second jet of my hot cum flying on her blouse and skirt followed by third and fourth. God damned!

"Yes! Yes! Cum on me baby!" she screamed as my last jet of sperm landed on her blouse. I had fucked her so hard my dick hurt as I was holding it in my hand, milking it clean. I was still holding one of her legs which I kissed before putting to rest on my shoulder.

I was out of words, exhausted, trying to catch my breath.

"Damn Rob," she said. "Can't believe I managed to swallow all of you last time."

I was still not able to gather my thoughts as she took her leg of my shoulder.

"I had a day off today but it was really worth coming… To see you cum… All over me." As I managed to start breathing normally, more or less, I leaned on her to kiss her on her lips. A simple kiss which soon turned into a heated one. When we broke I realized my breath was all gone again.

"I'm really glad you came to work today," I said, probably the first words to come out of me in a long time. "Wow, so you actually can speak" she laughed as if she read my mind. I stepped a few steps back as she stood up.

"Wow Rob, really!" she said. "I think this might get out of hand" she said and I must agree. I don't know what was on her agenda, or if there was any plans at all of what was happening. But it sure felt this is already getting out of hands. This wasn't just a fuck. Nor was it just casual IM's on the messenger. Something was happening.

"Looks like you covered me rather well," she smiled, pulling her skirt down and making sure her blouse was decent. As decent as it can be with my cum covering it from here and there.

"Rob, I'll be seeing you," she said as she was preparing to leave. "I'm gonna take you home Natalie," I insisted and after a couple of tries, she agreed. "But I'm not going to show you where I leave, you gonna drop me off a few blocks away," she insisted. I was in no position to argue.

We got out of the office, took the elevator down to the parking lot and jumped in my car. She wasn't living too far away, we only managed to drive something like 20 minutes when she told me to stop.

We looked at each other before engaging to a passionate kiss. She tasted so good! So damn good! I was falling big time! This had never happened before! I was totally lost!

We eventually broke the kiss and she stepped out of the car. "I'm a bit of a mess, thanks to you" she laughed. "I hope I don't run into some boys here or they think they found themselves a slut," she continued. "But I'm not that kind of a girl, Rob. Not now at least. See you at work, Rob," as she slammed the door and started walking. In a sec she turned around the corner.

I was stunned and totally out of reach of the reality. It must have been about 10 mins before I realized I will probably need to drive home as teleporting has not yet been discovered. I pulled off and slowly drove home.

"Wow!" is all I was able to say the rest of the night.

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