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Chloe's Dream

Chloe wishes to move on, but fears betraying the love she shared with her husband.
Chloe was a mess – she’d used her rabbit vibrator on and in her pussy every night for the last week and it wasn’t bringing her the satisfaction it usually did. She hadn’t been able to sleep without it, and that sleep wasn’t very restful. She would still toss and turn all night only to wake up exhausted and frustrated.

Actually, she hadn’t slept well for the last three years since her husband had died, but the past week had been extra rough, and she didn’t know why. The truth was – she knew why, but she didn’t want to admit it to herself. There was a tall, handsome man about her age who had moved into her apartment complex just a few doors down from her. He’d been flirting with her for the past month, and Chloe really enjoyed the attention, though she didn’t enjoy the guilt that came along with it.

His name was James. He was polite and friendly with light brown hair, bright blue eyes, and a muscular build that Chloe admired. He had helped her carry groceries to her door, put a spare tire on her car when she awoke to a flat from running over a nail, and always greeted her with a smile, a wave, and a hello. Chloe liked James, but she felt guilty about how she felt as she was still mourning David, her late husband.

Then today things got really strange. All day long she was sure she could smell her husband’s cologne, Obsession by Calvin Klein. Yet, when this occurred, she was always alone. Even when she drove home she noticed this scent. She stopped to pick up her mail, and met James at the mailboxes.

“Hey! Chloe!”

“Hi James.”

“How are you?” he asked, as he walked up.


“Get that tire fixed?”

“Yeah, thanks again for the suggestion. You were right, the guy did try to sell me a new tire.”

“Sadly, he thought he could hustle you because you’re a beautiful woman.”

Chloe took a double take at James. No one had called her beautiful since her husband and she was more than a bit flattered. “Thank you.”

James smiled. “You’re welcome. Maybe sometime we can go out for coffee. I found a great place just up the street with some great desserts.”

“I don’t know,” said Chloe. She felt the pang of guilt within her stomach.

“I know, your schedule’s kinda crazy,” said James. “But keep it in mind. Well, see ya around.”

Chloe watched him walk away. She debated with herself about taking him up on his offer as it was just coffee as she went to her apartment. Everywhere she looked she was reminded of her loss. Pictures from their wedding and vacations, souvenirs from trips they took, his favorite chair. Tears welled up in her blue eyes. She hated that she found James attractive and was considering accepting his offer of coffee.

Chloe and David were childhood friends and high school sweethearts. The lost their virginity to each other just after the senior prom when they were both 18. David proposed at graduation, and gave her the June wedding of her dreams. David became a firefighter right after graduating a local fire academy. They agreed if they had no children before 30, they would look into adoption. Sadly, David was killed a few years later in an apartment fire after saving a woman and her two children. Chloe knew they were alive because David was a true hero.

She met them at his funeral, where the woman couldn’t stop crying or saying what a hero David was for finding her son who was hiding under his bed. David had handed the boy off to a fellow firefighter just moments before the floor went out underneath him. David fell to his death though his team fought to save his life. Chloe wept as she remembered David and courage.

There was a dull ache in her head that was growing stronger, and her crying wasn’t helping. Chloe decided to take a hot bath before going to bed in hopes of making her headache go away. Unfortunately, it only grew worse, and after taking some pain killers, Chloe collapsed in her bed naked for the first time in over three years, and quickly fell asleep.


Chloe felt a hand stroke her hair and touch her arm. She opened her eyes to see David lying next to her. “David?” she whispered.

He placed his finger gently on her lips and said, “Shhhh.”

“But how?”

David leaned in and kissed her deeply. His hazel eyes burned with lust and desire as he stroked her light brown hair. His hand trailed down her body and caressed her ample breast. Chloe reached out and touched his face. She could feel the black stubble on his cheeks as he pushed her back and began kissing down her neck.

Chloe had longed for his touch since he died, and though she knew it was a dream, it felt so real. David kissed down her neck and began suckling her right nipple. Chloe gasped as she felt his lips suckle her, his tongue tease her. She ran her fingers though his brown hair as he tweaked her nipples.

David looked up at Chloe and smiled wickedly. “I want to make love to you Chloe. I want to hear you scream and make you cum.”

Chloe smiled. “I want to feel you inside me. I want to feel your seed inside me.”

It was their usual banter when they made love. Chloe mimicked these words when she got desperate enough to masturbate. Hearing them from his voice was much different than they sounded from her own voice over the last week. David kissed his way down her stomach, making Chloe giggle. His hands slid down her body as he pushed her legs apart. Chloe trembled as she felt David kiss down her hips, and around her pubic hair. He breathed in her musky scent, then kissed her labia. Chloe gasped as she felt his lips.

‘It can’t be a dream,’ she thought to herself.

David slid a finger into her pussy, and sucked her clit into his mouth. Chloe’s heart raced, her body shook, she felt sweat cover her naked body. He added a second finger and they curled within her pussy, hitting her g-spot, making her purr. Her mind raced from the sensations that raced through her body. Still sure it was dream mixed with a memory, she savored the feeling of her dead husband’s touch.

“Oh David!” she cried. “I’m going to cum!”

Her pussy clamped down on his fingers as her orgasm raged through her body. The air was filled with the scent of her climax and the aroma of Obsession. Chloe could hear David snicker as she orgasmed. It was a sound she hadn’t heard in so long. He always snickered when she’d orgasm like this. She felt his fingers withdraw as he climbed up her body.

“Make love to me David,” she whispered.

“With pleasure,” he replied.

The head of his cock touched her outer lips. The sensation sent sparks though her body. How she had longed for this feeling just once more time. To feel her husband’s cock fill her the way only he had ever done was something Chloe had longed for since his death. Yet, none of her dreams had felt this real before.

David’s cock entered her pussy, filling her the way he had so many times before. He sighed as he felt the walls of his wife’s pussy surround his member. Her tight vaginal walls welcomed him like an old friend. Chloe moaned softly as they began to make love. She wrapped her arms around his back, and her legs around his hips.

David began to pump and thrust until he was fully inside her. “Oh fuck Chloe, you feel amazing.”

“You feel pretty amazing too,” she gasped.

David moved slowly at first, with Chloe meeting him thrust for thrust. They kissed, hugged, and made love. Chloe stared deeply into David’s eyes, still sure she was enjoying a most intense erotic dream, but not questioning the feelings. A second orgasm raged through her body causing her to scream.

David pulled out and said, “Please Chloe, roll over.”

Chloe smiled. She rolled over onto her stomach and quickly got onto her knees. David grabbed her hips. “May I please have your ass, Chloe?”

It was the one area that David had always requested, and Chloe had never let him have, until now. “Yes David, you may.”

David slid his rock hard cock into her pussy, rewetting it one more time, then pulled it out, and pressed the head against her rosebud. “It will hurt a bit Chloe, but I promise to go slow.”

“I know David.”

David pushed in and Chloe cried out. He froze in place, waiting. The tightness of her ass was more than he expected. Soon, he felt her body relax and loosen up just slightly. “Ready for more baby?”

“Yes,” she gasped.

The pain had passed, and the pleasure started to take hold. He moved slowly, going in deeper by fractions of an inch each time until finally, he was fully inside her ass. “Oh Chloe! You’re so amazing!”

“Thank you!” she moaned.

David fucked Chloe’s ass slowly at first, then began to speed up. He felt his own climax approaching. “I’m going to cum Chloe.”

“Fill my ass David!”

David smiled wickedly. He thrust harder until he felt his cock pulse as his cum filled her ass. David released a primal growl as Chloe’s pussy soaked his balls. David leaned over and kissed her back and shoulders. He lowered her down as he slowly slid his cock from her ass. David lay next to Chloe and wrapped his arms around her, kissing her forehead.

“I have missed you so much Chloe.”

“And I’ve missed you too,” she said with tears in her eyes.

“And I know you felt guilty about that man asking you out for coffee.”

“How did you-”

“Just trust me,” he interrupted, “I know. And you are not betraying my memory or our love.”


“Really Chloe,” said David as he kissed her hair. “You need to start living your life. You need to move on. I’m fine, really. It’s okay for you to love another. Your heart is more than big enough to love another man.”

“And you won’t be hurt?”

“I’m more hurt about the way you’ve been living. That’s not what I wanted for you ever. I know my death broke your heart. I know I broke my promise to you.”

“What promise?”

“To grow old with you.”

“Oh yeah, that.”

“If you can forgive me for this, then I can forgive you for living.”

Chloe looked up at David, and he began to laugh. “I want to you to live Chloe. Please.”

“Okay David, I promise to live.”

David kissed Chloe softly and held her as she drifted off to sleep. The sun peeked through her blinds. David rose and stood by her bed. “I love you Chloe. Now please, keep your promise.”

David reached down, and his hand passed through her body. “No,” he hissed, then looked up. “Please, let me have one last kiss.”

He leaned over, and kissed her cheek one last time. Chloe moaned softly as David faded into the morning light.


The clock read 10:23 when Chloe opened her eyes. The sun shone brightly in her room. She slowly rose, feeling the strange sensations from her pussy and her ass.

“That was one intense dream,” she mumbled as she stumbled into the bathroom.

After a warm shower, she dressed and checked the date. Her rent was due in a few days and since yesterday was payday, she decided to pay it now so she wasn’t late. She slipped on a pair of sandals and wandered down to the office. She kept feeling like she was being watched, that David was near.

She stepped into the office and saw James standing there. “James?”

“Hey Chloe!” he said smiling. “What brings you here?”

“Wanted to pay my rent.”

“Me too,” he said.

“Here’s your receipt,” said the complex agent.

“Thanks,” said James and he began to leave.

“Hey James,” Chloe called out as he opened the door.


Chloe bit her lower lip nervously, shifted her weight from one foot to another, then she asked softly, “Is that offer for coffee still good?”

James’s eyes grew wide. “Really?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Um… well… I… um... that is…” stammered James.

“Oh,” said Chloe, realizing she had waited too long to say yes.

James glanced at his watch. “Could you give me half an hour to shower and shave?”

Chloe smiled. “You look fine to me.”

James smile widened. “Thanks. So meet here in thirty minutes? You might want to change your shoes too. The place is within walking distance, but those shoes don’t look much like walking shoes.”

Chloe looked down at her feet. James was right, these weren’t long-distance walking shoes. “Okay, I’ll pay my rent and change my shoes. See ya in thirty.”

James walked out, then ran to his apartment. While Chloe paid her rent and returned to her apartment to change her shoes, and her clothes, James showered, shaved, and frantically tried to pick out something to wear. He found a nice collared shirt, and walking shorts. He tied his shoes and checked his reflection one last time. He had wanted to have coffee with Chloe since he first met her the day he signed his lease a month ago. He was sure she’d never say yes, though he kept asking. Yet, today she did. He decided to add a splash of cologne, then headed down and waited in front of the office.

Chloe came walking up a few minutes later wearing a pink blouse, green shorts, and pink tennis shoes. Her light brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail and her blue eyes sparkled.

“Wow,” said James, “you look great.”

“Thanks,” she replied. “You too.”



As they walked away to the outside pedestrian gate, Chloe looked back at the office and for a brief moment, saw David standing by a pole wearing his favorite jeans and fire department t-shirt. “Remember your promise Chloe. Live your life. Your heart is big enough to love another the way you love me. I love you baby.”

“I love you too,” she mouthed.

“Chloe?” Chloe turned to see James holding the gate open and his hand extended toward her. “You all right?”

Chloe looked back to see David fading away, his smile was the last thing she saw. “Yeah, I’m fine,” she said, turning on her heels and taking his hand into hers. The scent of his cologne filled her nose. “Is that Obsession by Calvin Klein?”

“Yeah,” he said blushing slightly, “it’s always been my favorite cologne. Does it bother you?”

“Not in the least. In fact, it’s my favorite men’s cologne.”

James smiled and took her hand, leading her from the complex and down the street. “I’m glad to hear that.”

“So tell me a little about yourself, James,” Chloe said as they walked.

“Well, I’m a manager at a parts shop. I’ve never been married, and I still can’t believe you said yes.”

Chloe smiled as they walked. “The only person who ever called me beautiful was my husband. That was until yesterday. I guess that was enough for me to try again.”

“So you’re divorced?”


“Oh, I’m sorry. Was he a cop?”


James swallowed hard. He now understood why she had turned him down so many times before. “I’m sorry. How long ago?”

“Three years.”

“Wow. I mean-”

“It’s all right,” Chloe interrupted. “It is what it is. He was a good man and a great firefighter. He even saved an entire family the day he died. Don’t get me wrong, it hurt like hell. And sometimes, it still does. But if you don’t mind, I’d rather not talk about him anymore today.”

James nodded and they continued to walk. They rounded the corner in silence, then James said, “Chloe.”

“Yes James.”

“I really meant what I said before.”

“About what?”

“About your being beautiful.”

Chloe smiled as they entered the small café and sat down at a small booth near the back. They chatted happily over hot coffee and fresh lemon meringue pie.
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