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Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary

Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary

Angelica slides into her bath and receives an unexpected visitor
Angelica had downed the first glass of merlot before the bath was even half full. What a day! What a terrible terrible day! A bath and bottle of wine were just what the doctor ordered.

She poured a dash of herbal bubble bath into the flow of water. The water turned blue, the calming lavender and heather aroma permeated the air and clouds of bubbles formed on the surface. Angelica poured herself another glass of wine. Glancing in the mirror she caught sight of tear tracks under her eyes. She took a swig from the bottle.

Note to self - must keep more than one bottle in the house

With a sigh she put the bottle down on the floor, tested the water and turned off the taps. Her robe dropped to the floor and she stepped into the bath. Lowering herself into the warm water she felt herself start to relax. As her body slid further under the water she felt the urge to keep going. She closed her eyes. Bliss!

The calming effect of the scented bubble bath soon helped her drift away from her troubles. Drifting to the point of sleep.


That was another female voice. But it couldn't be. Angelica lived alone. Well, as of today she did.


There it was again. Angelica opened her eyes and looked towards the bathroom door. There was no-one there. Then she turned to her left, and again no-one.

"Are you stupid? Yooohooo, over here!"

A baffled Angelica turned towards the end of the bath, and couldn't quite believe what she was seeing.

" aren't possible." She looked down at the wine bottle. "No I haven't had that much. What the f..."

"Fairy. I think that is word you are looking for."

"There are no such things as fairies."

"Haven't you read Peter Pan? Murderer!"

Angelica did indeed appear to have a fairy perched on a tap at the end of her bath. Quite a pretty little thing, but then Angelica didn't know if you get ugly fairies. The fairy's flowing red hair cascaded over her shoulders. Daisy chains and crossed legs preserved her modesty, and behind her were a pair of beautifully iridescent wings.

"Ok I'm sorry. I just...I never had a fairy at the end of my bath before."

"You haven't lived!"

Angelica had a pang of body consciousness and pulled a mound of bubbles to cover her breasts.

"I can see your pussy." said the fairy in a sing song mocking tone.

Angelica's shot a hand down between her legs.

"Now, no sneaky pussy fingering or clit rubbing."

"I wasn't..."

"Because if there is any of that going on, I want to see."


"Do you know what the difference is between a voyeur, and the person they just spied on masturbating in the bath?"


"One is rude and nosey, the other is nude and rosey."

The fairy chuckled at her pun. Angelica was still struggling to take in what was happening. The drink, the warm water, and the bubble bath must be playing games with her head. The best thing to do was to finish her bath and go for a lie down. Angelica reached for the soap, but the soap dish was empty. Her hands scrabbled around under the water but the soap wasn't there either.

"Where's the soap?"

The fairy put on her innocent face. "I dunno, I blame the robber ducks"

"Oh will you stop that?"


"Making crap jokes. It's hard enough coming to terms with a mythical creature at the end of your bath, without it being a mythical creature with a lousy sense of humour."

"The very cheek! Mythical indeed. Ha!".

The fairy dived off the tap and into the water. It was only a second or so before Angelica felt a most curious sensation. It was kind of like a vibrator on her clit. Except, that was no vibrator.

"Holy shit!"

A pair of fairy wings were flitting lightly across Angelica's clit, and had she been thinking rationally she would have been making mental notes for a new design of vibrator. As it was, she found herself very rapidly brought to a most sumptuous orgasm. As Angelica came down the fairy popped out of the water and resumed her position on the tap.

"Not so mythical now eh? But I have to admit, I've been called magical many many times."

"Oh my god. How do you flap your wings like that underwater?"

"You have a fairy at the end of your bath, and that is the question you ask?"

The fairy shook her head ruefully, scattering glittery fairy dust into the bath foam beneath.

"I'm sorry I've had a hell of day...week...well, month really. I needed that."

"You don't say."

"How did you know? Why me?"

"There are many careers a young fairy can consider. I didn't fancy studying dentistry so a career as a tooth fairy was out. I have a tendency towards naughtiness so being a good fairy was a no no. I was a flower fairy for a while, but they said my outfit was too skimpy. So in the end I decided that the one things I really liked was sex. So I became a sex fairy!"

"And this is what sex fairies do? Drop in to people's bathrooms and flit on a clit?"

"Well not usually. I feed on the sexual energy released in a truly awesome orgasm. I can sense when someone has that potential, and so I... help make it happen."

"Is there one of you around every time someone cums?"

"Oh hell no. With the amount of masturbation going on in the world that is just not possible. But you know when you first meet a guy and everything is really exciting, and you have the most incredible mindblowing sex? The guy hits the spot perfectly. He knows exactly how you like to be touched. He stimulates your clit and your g-spot like no guy before. Oh he's just so fucking good, but sex with him is never quite as good again? Well that's because one of us was there, helping things along a bit and you know, making up for inadequacies in technique."

"That explains a lot. That explains my last relationship. So one of you is to blame for what I've just been through!"

The fairy took flight to the ceiling, alarmed at the rapid change in Angelica's mood.

"Errr... why don't leopards take baths? They are afraid of coming out spotless."

This did nothing to lighten Angelica's mood. She started to lift herself out of the bath. Moving ominously in the fairy's direction.

"Ok ok, I'm sorry. It wasn't my doing, but on behalf of my kind I'm sorry. But I can make up for it."

"How? How can you make up for the hell I've just been through?"

"I can give you the best orgasm you will ever have."


"Seriously, I have a couple of friends. We sometimes work together. You know, orgies and the like. Anyway, I'm sure between us we can take you somewhere you've never been."

Angelica sat back down and reached for her glass of wine, which she emptied in one gulp.


"Cross my heart."

"Ok then, but it'd better be bloody good!"

"Back in a jiffy."

No sooner had the fairy disappeared, than she returned with two other fairies. Both of them were male and unbearably cute. Angelica tried to decide which would be the sexiest as a full grown man, but before she could come to a conclusion the female fairy had landed on her shoulder and was whispering in her ear.

"Sink as far down as you can, and pull your knees up so your feet are bracing you. Let us do the rest."

Angelica slid her body down as instructed, her head just staying above water. Her knees poking up as she braced herself. The fairies pushed her knees apart, and one by one dived under water.

The first thing she felt was a pair of fairy hands on her pussy lips, pulling them apart and gripping them as a fairy body slid up and down her slit. It felt good. It felt so good. Like a cock being rubbed against her but better. A pair of fluttering wings added additional stimulation.

"Oh this is going to be good." Angelica said, realising she was talking to herself.

A fairy tongue began licking her arsehole. Tiny little strokes that created a huge sensation along her spine, and while she was getting used to that sensation she felt a pair of fairy tits rubbing against her clit. Without realising it Angelica had begun playing with her own breasts. Squeezing them together and then pinching her nipples. She was on another plane of reality now. In the realm of the senses.

"I've got to get me a fairy."

With one fairy sliding along her pussy, another rubbing her clit and the third licking her arse Angelica soon found herself cumming for the second time that night. She gripped the side of the bath as the waves of pleasure swept through her. It was good. It was bloody good, she thought. But it wasn't over. No sooner had the last orgasmic clench of her cunt passed, than she felt a fairy body slip inside her.

She gasped.

She felt the familiar feeling of fairy wings beating against her clit, and now from inside she felt fairy wings brushing her g-spot. She didn't know what to do with herself. She hadn't quite come down from her orgasm and now she was being taken to greater heights. The feeling was almost beyond compare. She felt euphoric and otherworldly. No drug on earth could do this. No man could do this.

Another sharp intake of breath followed the entry of the third fairy into her arse. It wriggled and writhed inside her. The fairy in her pussy and the fairy in her arse rubbed the wall that separated them. Stimulating her in yet another new way. Pushing her higher and further. She felt she might struggle for breath. The fairy at her clit flitted back and forth along her slit and up to her clit. A clit so sensitive by now that each touch felt almost unbearable.

Her clit, her cunt, her arse. She wanted a release, but she didn't want it to stop. The fairies flitted their wings fast. They knew just how to pleasure her. Just where to touch and for how long. Angelica was a mess, no longer in control of her body. She began writhing, her hands tugging at her breasts. Yes she was close to cumming. The fairy in her arse sliding to and fro. Almost pushing its way out, before plunging deep down inside her again. In her cunt the fairy licked her g-spot whilst flitting its wings against her opening, while at the same time the fairy wings on her clit were now faster than any vibrator.

"Yes, yes, yes!"

With a flourish, the fairy on Angelica's clit tipped her into orgasm. An orgasm that swept through her like none before. Engulfing her whole body, followed by another and then another. The orgasms broke against her like waves on a beach. Relentless, soft, and sublime. Her body acting of its own volition. She felt herself squirt for the first time in her life. As the last wave of orgasmic ecstasy coursed through her body Angelica became aware of the three fairies sat at the end of the bath.

"You didn't tell me she was a squirter!" said a seemingly nonplussed blonde fairy, spitting out an opalescent fluid into the bath

"I didn't know." the female fairy replied looking abashed.

"I'm sorry." Angelica was only partially telling the truth.

"That's the last time I do you a favour Felicia!" said the grumpy blonde fairy before disappearing in a puff of fairy dust.

"Well I thought she was marvellous" said the brown haired fairy, giving Felicia a kiss on the cheek.

"Eeeew, I know where you've been!"

Angelica had recovered her composure by now.

"That was incredible. How can I ever thank you?"

"Well you could laugh at one of my jokes?"

"There must be something else? It wasn't that good an orgasm"


And with that Angelica was alone once more, the bath water cold around her and unsure if she had dreamt the whole thing. As the water drained down the plug hole she thought she just caught the glimmer of fairy dust in the foam, and she smiled. Life felt better after a bath.

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