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Her Coming Of Age Part 2

Thomas discovers his past, and sees a possible future

You put on your mask and walkin. Immediately notice how many people are here. All masked, all gallantly dressed. You notice that the servers are scantily clad with collars around their necks as they walk around offering wine and hors d’eouvres. The women have painted on masks and the men had symbols marked in black paint all over their bodies. The man closest to you offers you a glass of white wine. You accept it. It is sweet, cool, and crisp. Refreshing to say the least. Another woman offers you what appears to be a crab cake. Taking a bite into it, it instantly melts in your mouth. Smooth, rich and creamy flavors assault your taste buds.

An orgasm in my mouth.” You chuckle to yourself. Then you sense something, and immediately you know that it is me. Slowly you turn around and see me. With the crook of my finger, I beckon you toward me. As you take a step, I turn around and vanish. You hesitate, not sure if you actually saw me. Unexpectedly, you catch a whiff of my scent. You close your eyes and inhale deeply. When you open your eyes, you see the trail of my essence. Compelled, your follow. Down through the hall and around the corner you go. Then you come to a massive door with a sigil painted in green. It is the sigil of eternity.

“How do I know this?” you whisper to yourself? You reach for the door, and it swings open by itself. My essence trail still waiting for you to follow. You climb the stairs, winding around and around until you reach another do. This time the door is marked with the sigil for moon in white. Again you reach for the door and it open on its own.

Immediately, your heart skips a beat and your breathing quickens. Never have you seen such a beautiful sight. There I stand next to the window, bathed in moonlight. Your arousal begins to show. You look and see that I am naked underneath my sheer white chemise. My nipples harden as your stare at me, and I grow wet. I turn and face you.

“Welcome to my home. Thank you for coming. I was worried that you wouldn’t come.” I whispered to him.

“You’re welcome.” He stammered. “I didn’t think I would come. You’re beautiful……uh, I mean….your home is beautiful.”

I chuckled at his obvious nervousness. “Thank you. You’re very handsome too.” I looked into your deep storm grey eyes. The lust and confusion were still quite obvious.

“Why….Why am I here Miss Singleano?” I stammered. “I mean, not that I mind or anything. It’s a great party. It’s just that I don’t usually get invited to these sort of things when I don’t really know the hostess” I can hear you thinking, “God, I sound so stupid!” This makes me giggle.

I walk away from the window, giggling, and over to you. I take your hand and walk with you over to the fireplace. “Here, sit down and have a drink. There is no need for you to feel nervous or awkward around me. I am many things, but I am still a woman, just as you are a man.” I hand you a glass of wine. This one is deep, rich and velvety. Just like a red velvet cake.

“Delicious.” The whole time you sit there sipping, you stare at my ass as I stroke the fire. You think I can’t hear all the deliciously naughty things that you are thinking about. But I can, and burns a different kind of fire deep in my loins. Oh how I would love for you to take me now, in front of the fireplace, with all the lust I feel pent up inside you. However, I have to be patient. It is only 8:30, and I must wait for the stroke of midnight. And then until dawn. Until then, I must wait and control my lust.

“So Thomas,” I say, “tell me what you are studying at school. What are your hobbies? What is it you want to be when you grow up?” I ask these questions to take your mind off wanting me, and so that I can focus on the task at hand. .

“Well,” you begin, “I am studying history at school, and my hobbies includes soccer, rugby, and antiquing. When I grow up, I want to be a historian on alchemy, mythology, and anything medieval.” You laugh and say, “I’ve been weirdly attached to these subjects since I was a child. I thought it only fitting I should properly pursue them in my adult life.”

“And how does your family feel about this?” I ask. I know that what I will ask you soon would take you and isolate you from your family eventually.

“My parents died in an accident on vacation last year.” I can feel your heart breaking a little inside. Instantly, I reach out and touch your arm. “And my sister died of cancer when I was little.” It’s just me now.” you finish.

“I am so sorry to hear that Thomas. I know how hard that can be. I lost four of my siblings in an….. accident as well. It’s nothing you can get over, it’s just a pain you learn to live with.” And with that you smile. You realize that there is someone else in this world that understands your sense of pain and loss. And with that your cock hardens a little more for me. I can see that we have made a connection.

I get up and walk back to the window. You get up and follow me. “It’s your birthday,” you say, “I’m sorry that I brought up that painful memory.” You reach out and touch my shoulder. Lightning bolts of lustful energy shoot right through me into my belly, and I moan. “Oh, I’m sorry, did I hurt you? I didn’t mean to honest! Are you okay?”

Once again, you have me giggling. “Oh no Thomas. You didn’t hurt me. Not at all. In fact, I like it when you touch me.” And with that, I grin my most sexy wicked grin at you! “But Thomas, there is much I have to tell you and not a lot of time.”


I step away from the window and begin pacing. I rub my temples and start thinking about how to explain to you that you are actually an immortal, bound to an earthly body. And that you are my soul mate, and that there is a curse on us. “At the beginning, you always begin” my conscious tell me. And so I do.

“Thomas, come sit with me. And I will start at the beginning.” Taking your hand, I walk you back to the chair in front of the fire place. I hand you another glass of wine and begin. “Thomas do you believe in magic? I don’t mean the silly little tricks that magicians do. I mean real magic?”

Your eyes quickly, shut and open again. This time your eyes look stormy, and dark. “Maybe I do. What does this have to do with anything?” I hear a hint of anger. But, I can see that you are hiding fear behind that anger.

“Thomas, everything that I am going to tell you has to do with magic. It might get a bit scary, but everything I say is true. I need you to be open-minded. I promise you that if this doesn’t happen tonight, it could be centuries before I see you again, and I can’t bear to live with that.

“Centuries?” you say staring at me with wide eyes. “What do you mean centuries?”

“Please,” I beg you, “let me tell our story. Then you can ask me anything. Then if you still don’t believe me, you can walk out that door, and never see me again.”

“Okay. I’ll listen, but this better be one hell of a story.”

“Oh my love, it is the story we created. The first time we met was in 1574. You were the Duke of Belles Isle. And I was the Countess of Mans Keep. You looked much as you do now, only you had a bit more muscle then. You were a mage with lots of power that you used for own personal pleasure. And you had a reputation to go with it.”

“What sort of reputation?” You’re are obviously liking my story already. I sigh wishing you could remember. But, I continue.

“You were what the people called a rouge duke. Or as you say today, a ‘ladies’ man ‘. You could have any woman, or man if you desired, at your beck and call. And well I guess I wanted to see if it was all true. I placed myself in your path many times, and every time you asked me back to your home. And each time I refused. This game of cat and mouse lasted for eighteen months. Finally, once you found out my name and where I was from, you snuck into my home, into my bedroom. When I awoke, there you were standing over me, your cock in your hand, and said to me, ‘No more games.” And with that we made love all night. You filled all my holes with glorious cum, and I had never been so happy. And neither had you.”

“Then what happened? Did I just leave? Did we get married? What happened?” I laughed. I always loved your deep interest that you held in me.

“We married, but we married in secret. Unfortunately, my grandfather disapproved of our marriage. And this is why we are cursed. He cursed us to prove that our love was greater than any magic he spell that he could create. So, he cursed us to live mortal lives that would make me die young if we were not reconnected by my 25 th birthday. You always live a full life, so when I find you, we are not always the same age. Sometimes you are an old man, and sometimes a child, or we do not move in the same societal circles. I have been reborn, with all my memories, for the last 500 years.” I sighed. “I have only found you 7 times in the last 500 years, and I fear that it will be decades before I see you again.”

“Wow. This is a lot you want me to believe. I mean it’s a great story. You could have a best seller with that story. But, it is hard to believe. You are telling me that I am mage, a duke, and cursed. Wow. Just wow.” You run your hand through your hair and then stand up. You begin pacing in front of the fireplace. Your face is half lit by the fire, and I can see the thoughts flash before your eyes. I can hear them too, but I say nothing and let you have this moment to reflect. Then you have a realization. “If this is true, how do you explain the dreams that I have a woman, dressed in red and black who comes into my life, and whisks me away to an awaiting....” You stop, unsure about how to finish your sentence. You’re not sure that you should finish.

“What is it? Please, tell me.” I ask, a wanting look on my face.

“Well,” you say, “to an orgy. I dream that we enter into a ballroom full of people. And well, this woman and I have sex with almost everyone.” You turn and face the fireplace. “Then at the stroke of midnight, we find each other, remove our masks, and make love until just before dawn. And then at dawn, we walk into the garden and we’re married. I feel that this is the woman that I should be waiting for.” You look back at me and find me smiling. “Why are you smiling? Did you hear me?”

“Of course I did, that is why I am smiling. Would you do me a kindness and wait here for a few moments?” I rise, and walk into my closet. “I’ll be out momentarily!”

Quickly, I put on my gown, and my black lace mask. The gown that I am wearing is a red silk satin ball gown covered in a black Chantilly lace with a sweetheart neckline and off the shoulder lace sleeves. I wear a black onyx and ruby choker, with a matching bracelet. I leave my hands free from jewelry, for it is my hope that later, a ring will be there.

I take a deep breath and look into the mirror. I am stunning. I can’t believe how perfect this dress fit after the last 500 years. I must remember to continue its care this way. Taking another breath, I walk out to you. You turn around from the fire, and I watch your jaw drops and your eyes go wide.

“I, ah…you, ah…,…you are…” I giggle. I missed this look on your face. You shut your mouth, gain your composure, and speak again. “You look exquisite. Are you, are you the woman in my dreams?”

I smile. “I am.” I say, and walk to you. “And you are the man in mine. The dreams that you have are the way for us to break the curse. We must have sex with others to find our sense of satisfaction. If we find it, we cannot be together. If by midnight, we have not found it, we find each other. And we make love. Deep and passionate with every fiber of our being. If we have found our satisfaction in each other, you must ask me to marry you by dawn. For at dawn, if your love for me has returned, we must marry to break the curse. If you try to marry me, but you do not love me, I will die within 3 days. And thus cycle of the curse begins again.” I pause, knowing that this is a lot to ask of anyone. “You will know if I am the one. For every person that you are with, will bring back memories of your previous lives. It will be up to you decide what you feel, and to decide you who are. You will begin to regain your powers as well. And you will use them to heighten your pleasure as you always have. And the stronger you become, the more will know. The decision is ultimately yours.” I can see that you are contemplating everything. Then you look at me with a half-smile on your face and hold out your arm.

“Well, let’s look at it this way. If this is all true, then I find my true love and live happily ever after. If not, I have the bet sexual experience of my life, and a story to tell. Hell, maybe I’ll even write a best seller after tonight.” You throw your head back and laugh, deep and hearty. Then you look deep into my eyes. “May I escort you to the awaiting festivities Miss Singleano?”

“It’s Eva, and yes you may Thomas.” I laugh then. Tonight is the night. I can feel it in my bones. As we descend the stairs, you turn and look at me. You smile, and give my hand a reassuring pat.

“My dreams seem to be coming true already tonight. I wouldn’t worry if I were you. I’d want to marry you beautiful woman like you regardless of a curse placed on us. Do you know how beautiful you are? I am lucky to be at your side right now. I almost wish I had a camera to capture this moment forever.” At this my heart soars with love for you. I only hope that you come to love me in such short time as well. Its 9:30. Only two and a half hours until I can make love with my soul mate.

Part 3 and the Epilogue are already in the works. Please keep an eyes out for them. Also, a special thanks to a friend who helped me steer this story when I had so many options! 

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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