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I, Succubus

Sleep well, love...
Soulless, silent, I am the woman of your dreams, even as I haunt your nightmares. I am everything and nothing at once, taking on the form necessary to take from you your very essence, to spill your mortal seed, my demon mouth and condemned cunt warm, wet and welcoming in perpetuity.

Endless, insufferable want drives me on, drives me from bed to bed, man to man. I am damned to be indiscriminate, forced to take you as you are, young, old, wandering the night cast over your living world in search of a pleasure that will never come. Tonight, my wanderings will bring me to your bed, to find you in your fitful sleep and fill your dreams with visions of a Heaven that I will never know.

You are lying naked and exposed, sky blue bed linens mussed and tangled in your legs, when I manifest myself in your room. I cast an appraising glance at the crucifix hanging on the wall by the door, assessing its power. I know instantly that the cheap oak has never felt the touch of holy water, that the cracked and varnished plastic form of Jesus in His suffering has never had those secret, powerful words muttered over it, that it is a mere decoration and not a talisman with any power against me. I laugh and my laughter tumbles and turns, transforming into my hands, sending the crucifix flying off the wall to skitter like a mere spider across the bare hardwood floor into the corner furthest away from me.

Now I begin to approach your bed, assessing you, slowly taking on the form of the woman you want so much in your dreams. Tall, slender, wide childbearing hips and heavy, pale breasts, darkest brown, long hair framing what I know to be hazelish-green eyes. I look down at this new version of myself, noting that not only am I completely naked, but my cunt is bare, completely smooth, and again I laugh. Such a common fantasy amongst mortal men in these recent years. Thousands of years have passed since I first learned my fate, and still it amuses me how little the dreams and wants of men have changed throughout the centuries. Short, tall, hair of all colours, skin of all tones, pussy hairy and completely hairless, I have been all of these things, but always with the wide childbearing hips and succulent breasts.

Reaching out, touching you, trailing my surprisingly well-manicured fingers along your body, you stir a bit in your sleep. Want, that burning, evil want, suddenly suffuses every fibre of my being, and though I know that it is your want that I am feeling, it drives me on, flogging me, and I lunge to wrap my lips around your hardening, blue-veined, slightly curved cock. This is what you want right now, and I give it to you, taking you deep into my mouth and throat, savouring the taste of your skin, your precum, swirling my tongue up and down your shaft, tickling that spot just distal to the head, shivering with momentary pleasure, before suddenly finding myself tossed by your want beneath you.

My legs are spread wide now, splayed akimbo by your desire, and you are above me, weight on your elbows, kissing and nibbling and sucking at the soft, forgiving flesh of my neck. My back arches and my hips lift, my legs now wrapped around your waist, my body begging, desperate for yours, for that beautiful blue-veined cock I had the brief pleasure of knowing earlier. I note, with vague interest, that you are not dreaming of kissing me on the lips. Perhaps you have never had the pleasure of a mortal woman, or perhaps I am a prostitute or some other unfortunate creature clinging to the edges of human society, not deemed worthy of your kiss.

It matters not to me, as another jolt of your now nearly painful want shoots through me, up my spine to rattle my brain, and I feel you forcing yourself into my swollen, tight, eternally wet and ready pussy. You begin fucking me with meaning now, slamming yourself again and again into my cervix, clearly wanting to fill my bedeviled womb with your seed. My fingernails dig into your back, leaving marks that you will never see, driving your lust on, heightening your need, and I feel you begin to tense up, my legs wrapping tighter around your waist in apparent anticipation of what is to come.

Your orgasm is explosive, deep inside of me, and for a fleeting moment I am human again, feeling the feeling of absolute satisfaction that comes with pleasing one’s partner--but it is a fleeting moment, for I am one of the damned, and I am reminded of this as I find myself suddenly standing beside your bed again. My human form disappearing, bit by bit, finger by finger, hair by hair, I watch as you roll onto your side, a large pool of sticky cum coating your belly and bed linens.

The endless want, the endless suffering, it is returned to me now, and my last sight before disappearing from your mortal world is of you deep in sleep, a deep, contented sleep that I will never know. Again faceless, shapeless, I am again become succubus, filled only with the pervasive sadness and torture of the damned. Sleep well, love.
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