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Midnights Embrace

Dreams can come true

  Midnights Embrace


   In the darkest hours of the night she awakens gently, somehow sensing that she is not alone. Her deep brown eyes search through the veil of darkness that fills her bed chamber until, in the doorway she sees the silhouette of the Midnight Visitor whose arrival she has for so long desired.

   There is no feeling of fear or anxiety in her heart, only the feeling of cherished love that emanates from him like a calming warmth that pushes aside the chill of the winter night. Her heart flutters as butterflies dance in her belly but as he approaches, she is reassured that he too feels nervous excitement of what is to come. For he too has felt the connection that they have long shared together.

   His love and desire, being as strong as her own, have brought him on the wings of the wind across the uncounted miles to be with her on this one special night. This night that will fulfill a promise made in a dream and that has bound them together across the Land and the Sea. He takes her hand gently in his and brings it to his lips, kissing it reverently, as if it were a great and delicate work of art. His voice is a whisper as he speaks, “Anastasia, my love for too long have we waited. Rejoice with me for on this night we are finally together.”

   With tears in her eyes she tries to speak but he rests his finger on her lips. “Speak not beloved, mere language cannot express the depths of the feelings we share.”

    She slips into his arms and is relieved to feel the softness of his touch and the warmth of his breath on her neck. This time he is no dream, not a phantom presence that once again disappears into smoky vapor at her touch. His hand caresses her cheek, wiping away the tears and sending shivers of excitement coursing through her young body.

   With his finger under her chin, he tilts up her head and brings her lips to his. Softly and gently they kiss, their passion growing as an ember into a flame. His tongue caresses her lips and she welcomes it into her embrace, playing her own against it. His mouth captures hers and gently sucks at her succulent young lips and she feels the tremble of excitement that betrays the air of confidence he tries so desperately to cling too.

   His hand moves up her lithe body and cups her breast through the material of her gown. Her breath catches in her throat as his thumb finds her quickly hardening nipple and rubs around it, making delicious circles that cause her to moan into his mouth. He squeezes and fondles her pliant flesh until the ecstasy of his touch becomes more than she can bare, In that moment she breaks the kiss and lets her head drop back as she presses her breast into his palm.

   He holds her tightly, entranced by the sight of her beautifully thick hair flowing over her shoulders and down to those shapely breasts that feel so firm in his hand.  He kisses he exposed neck, savoring the wonderful taste of her skin. He sucks and nibbles at her sensitive flesh, keenly aware that her breathing has become deep and that heart is pounding in her chest.

   Anastasia is overcome by her feelings. “Is he but a man, or some or some unearthly spirit?” The question fades in her mind as quickly as it formed. Whether he be a man or spirit, he has touched and aroused her to levels of love and excitement far beyond that which any other man ever has, or that she could ever have thought to be possible. She welcomes these feelings with an open heart for she can feel his love and the inevitability of the pleasure he will bring.

    She reaches out and touches the bare skin of his chest. “How strange it is,” she wonders “I would have sworn he was dressed.” This thought too, is fleeting. So many things about him make no sense, but his body feels real, warm and strong. She runs her palm over his skin and feels his heart beat a rapid cadence in his chest. He feels so hot and his chest is nearly devoid of hair. His muscles are well defined but not overly large, just the type of man she has dreamed about. Her hand trembles slightly as she explores his body and she is nearly entranced by how perfect he feels. She is only brought out of the moment when his breath catches as she brushes his smallish nipple.

     “Oh yes my love, your touch is like the finest silk. It feels so good to finally have your hands upon me.” His voice is still but a whisper, yet it sounds so clear and loud in her mind, as if he were not merely speaking but placing his words straight into her thoughts.

     She looks up into his eyes and they seem to glow in the darkness, reflective like a cat. They are piercing in intensity and riveting in effect. She has no will to resist him and would not think to try if she could.

   He stands before her and guides her hand to his shaft. She places her hand upon him and almost gasps at what she feels. He is longer then she expected, thick and rampant. His staff feels alive in her hand, pulsing and hot. She moves her hand up and down and he moans delightfully in response.

   She wishes she could see him better but the room is dark. As soon as the thought crosses her mind though, he reaches out to the window and draws back the drapes. Moon light pours into the room illuminating him in its eerie luminescence. His skin, which had seemed quite dark, now glows in the brilliance of the moon beams. His hair is jet black and smoothed against his head. He looks down at her with a comforting smile and she once again feels his love embrace her in its warmth.

    Ana turns her attention back to his manhood. She traces her fingers up and down his length, memorizing every contour and ridge from its crown to his heavy sack below. With a smoldering excitement, she slides off the bed and kneels before him. Slowly she moves forward and licks her trembling lips. She can smell his masculine aroma and it fills her senses with his powerful pheromones. Her mouth feels almost dry until her tongue flicks out and just brushes the tip of his throbbing member.

   Her heart races as she touches him. His skin feels smooth against her lips and has a pleasant tangy flavor that almost instantly has her mouth moistening with anticipation. With his hands lying gently on her shoulders, Ana takes him into her mouth and closes her lips around him. As her tongue begins to explore his length, she hears his quick intake of breath and feels his body tense. She is greatly pleased at his reaction and begins to move up and down his length, drawing her moist lips over and back down his alabaster like flesh.

   While he is large, she has little trouble taking him in. Her tongue swirls around the crown and she can feel him begin to rock his hips toward her as she sucks his cock. Each time he moves forward his hands on her shoulders bring her closer to him and his cock moves farther back toward her throat. “How far can it go,” she wonders. “He’s too long for me to take him all!”

     But even as the thought forms, she somehow knows that she can. With a relaxed confidence, Anastasia slides her mouth down until she feels him easily pass beyond her mouth and into her hungry throat.

     The man caresses her hair as he buries himself deeply into her. “That’s it my dear, your mouth feels so good on me. I am so hard for you…”

    Ana is pleased and excited that she could take him and begins to suck him with a growing confidence and excitement. Her mouth travels up and down his length, tugging and pulling at his flesh and his control. She hears his breathing becoming deeply rhythmic, as if he were timing his breath with her motions on his cock.

     Ana wonders if he will cum for her. The thought of making him cum in her mouth is exciting and she redoubles her efforts, using her tongue and lips with greater skill she had never before possessed. It is as if somehow she is being guided by him, yet he has said nothing. His labored breathing is the only sound to pierce the darkness.

    She wraps her hand around his shaft and begins to stroke him up and down in time with her wet mouth. He groans in approval and thrusts his hips forward a bit more as she begins rotating her hand as she strokes him. She knows now that the special connection that they have shared for so long is how she knows these things. He is willing her on and guiding her movements through that bond. It is as if they are one soul in two bodies.

     “Yes Ana, you have sensed the truth…We are as one, and as you love me I will ever love you. As you have given me pleasure, I will return it to you a hundredfold.”

   Ana whimpers as he pulls his glistening organ from her grasp. He raises her easily to her feet and kisses her with such tenderness that her knees almost fail her. Only his gentle hold on her hips lets her remain standing.

     He takes hold of her bedclothes and slowly raises them over her hear. Her body, golden in color and wonderfully curvaceous in shape, comes into his view one lovely inch at a time. He gazes at her intently as her nudity becomes complete.

     “You are beautiful Anastasia,” he whispers, “and incredibly sexy. But that is nothing compared to the purity and beauty of your inner being. It is this that I sensed from so far away. It is this that brought me to you tonight.”

     He kisses her again and then picks her up effortlessly. He lays her on the bed and reclines next to her. She is so confused by everything that has happened and now she lays here, completely nude on top of the covers. She knows that it is freezing outside but somehow she is wonderfully warm in his embrace.

   There is no explanation for it, she knows that to be true, but it is all real, He is real and the love she feels from him has more reality to it then all walls of her home. She has been a prisoner of her life for so long and now he is there to set her free.

   He slowly runs his fingers down between her bare breasts, lightly caressing her body in ways that make her skin feel as if a wonderful electricity is dancing over her. Her nipples harden and a sweet moisture appears in her passage. Still he continues to stroke her skin, drawing circles around her bellybutton and moving lower toward her pubic mound.

     He kisses her deeply as he touches her and her own hands move to cup her breasts. When his fingers trace over her wet opening she arches her back and her tongue flicks hungrily against his.

   Her heart races as his fingers dip into her pool. He touches her in ways that make sensations of pleasure explode through her mind and her body writhes under his touch. He teases her clit with his fingertips and her legs flinch almost uncontrollably.

     His skill is unequaled and his touch feather light but insidiously insistent. He brings her to the brink of ecstasy only to back away, teasing and drawing out her pleasure until she feels she will explode if she doesn’t cum, and faint if she does. She begs for relief in her mind, pleading to be able to reach her peak.

   He smiles at her knowingly and begins to kiss his way down her body. He stops at her nipples, sucking and lightly biting, adding to the almost unbearable pleasure she was already experiencing. It is almost with relief that she feels him move lower, letting her tingling nipples dry in the cool night air.

    Her relief is short lived though. His mouth comes down upon he already soaking pussy and his tongue takes up the rhythm that his fingers had started.  As he clasps his soft lips on her button a scream of pleasure breaks free of her bosom and an immense wave of sensations floods into her body. Delightful contractions roll through her while bolts of whit hot pleasure explode in her mind. Flashes of color blaze before her eyes and she willingly succumbs to the wondrous torture he is putting her through.

    Her body tingles from the force of her orgasm. Her eyes drift closed as sleep overcomes her ecstasy. Her lover moves up and takes her in his caring embrace, holding her to him like a delicate flower. She coos quietly in his arms as her gently caresses her body.  

     For a time he holds her so, patiently waiting the moment of her passion’ s reawakening. In her own time, she responds to his touch. She turns her head and kisses him sweetly, gazing into his eyes. In them she sees depths of emotion as deep as the night sky, his love for her shinning from that depth as brilliantly as the stars.

   Only in her dreams had she dared to believe that she could be so completely loved, but he touches her heart as skillfully as he touched her body. She breaks the kiss and whispers to him as softly as a breeze. “Make love to me…”

   He smiles, knowing this moment would come. He climbs over the trembling young woman until his knees rest on the bed between her own. He places her hand upon his now softened length, letting her command its rebirth. She squeezes him and strokes his shaft, stoking the fire within him. He shivers as the sensations reach into his soul and a wonderful heat fills him as his organ begins to become erect.

   Ana is enthralled at the feel of him growing in her grasp and is reminded again of how much it seems as if it has a life of its own. She smoothes her thumb over the crown, amazed that something so hard can feel so very soft. Her touch flows down to his sack and she lifts then gently, as if feeling their weight. “What do they contain?” she wonders. “The seed of a man? The essence of a spirit? What is the nature of this beautiful being?”

     At another time these questions would have seemed more relevant but tonight, with him here with her, they are but a tiny voice in the tumultuous choir of emotions that she feels. With the tiniest of gestures she points his cock at her opening and he immediately understands.

     He moves closer until he is touching her moistened folds. Ana places her hands on his hips and, in a singular cataclysmic moment, guides him into her body. She holds her breath in nervous excitement and is rewarded by the glorious feeling of penetration as his thickness spreads the walls of her passage. Her breath catches in her throat and her back arches off of the bed as he slides deeply into her trembling body.

   Her fingers dig deeply into the living flesh of his hips as he gives her his length. Her face, just inches from his, is a portrait of sensual beauty and he pauses to gaze into her half closed eyes. When he finally begins to withdraw, her fingers loosen and let him slip away.

   The man then thrust forward again, harder and more forcefully. The sensation from his movement is heightened by his strength, but there is something more she feels. The heat of his body against her thighs and the well balanced weight pressing her into the bed register in her mind. But these physical sensations only form a small piece of the mosaic of pleasure that she now feels.

   The connection of thought and emotion that they have shared is stronger now than it has ever been. Images that defy explanation flash before her eyes, images of unearthly places and beautiful vistas that hearken to a world above the clouds. Above all though, his love for her reaches out to her soul and holds it gently in its mystical embrace.

     All of these feelings merge and dance in her being as he builds a powerful rhythm within her body. She is very wet and his cock slides easily in her tight channel. She finds herself moaning loudly each time he moves into her and her cry of passion is matched by his own.

      Their bodies move as one in this symphony of love. He rides her quickly, driving himself into her with a controlled ferocity that threatens to push her to heights beyond anything she has ever known. Her legs wrap around his thighs and pull him even harder into her. She begins to feel a new, powerful sensation as a spark of pleasure forms in her loins.

     Her clit begins to tingle and throb as the joyous friction of his movements stimulate it in the most amazing fashion. A tightness forms in her belly and then, like an unstoppable force her orgasm pulsates through her overtaxed body.

     She does not reach these heights alone. He to feels the moment arrive and, just as she begins quivering beneath him, he stiffens and drives himself fully into her soaking body. Through the maelstrom of her pleasure, she feels the moisture of his fluid pour into her.

   Time becomes meaningless in the afterglow of their coupling. They kiss and cuddle together, holding on to the bliss they have found with all of their love. When sleep comes for her she drifts off peacefully, sated of body and content of spirit.

     As her dreams come, she sees him beside her with that smile of compassion and love that she has come to know so well. In the clarity of the dream she dares ask the questions that she had not the courage to ask in the waking hours.

     “Who are you that love’s me so? Where did you come to me from? How can you be so much a part of me?”

     “I am the spirit of the night my lovely Anastasia and I have looked down upon the world and been enchanted by the beauty of your soul. You are my morning star and I have come to love you as I can love no other.”

    She sees in his blazing eyes a great sadness appear for just an instant and her concern for him causes her to reach out and caress his cheek.

    “Why the sadness then? We are together, our love is real. I can feel that from within your heart, yet still you are sad.”

     He sighs and kisses her hand. “Yes my darling girl, our love is real, but we cannot be together. The morning will come and I will go back the astral realm of the night. I am so sorry, but there are things that even I cannot change.”

    As he speaks these words his body begins to change, turning into to immaterial smoke and fading away. She cries out for him to return to her, but somewhere in her heart she knows deep down that he can never truly be hers in this life. As the tears run down her cheek, his words come back to her from the void.


   “Do not despair my love. Though you may not see me, like the stars I will always be there. Know also that though you may at times feel lonely, you shall never truly be alone.” He pauses and she can feel his smile in her heart. “When you feel the need of my touch, look up at the stars and you will feel my embrace.”

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