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Poetry Stories


The Miller's Wife

Just a day in the life of the beautiful red headed Marie

The break of day The crack of dawn The merry dance begins With stretch and scratch all stubbled face The Miller trudges down the lane Past river stream and meadow green To open up his mill Back at home, the cock crows bold The sow takes charge her brood T...

Philosophical Revenge-Fucking

True poem about my Philosophy Professor, freshman year of college.

Three months into college, Sat proud in philosophy. Had picked the very panties My professor was wearing, Pink thongs, of course, no brainer - Had my choice after I fucked her. She opened her legs on our cue - A checksum at odds with decorum. If this clog...

The Lonely

Break-up Poetry

We are the lonely, we live in the shadows, The places deserted by succour and care. We sit at the table but never partake, For the taste of regret is the leanest of fare. We dance to the beat of a drum with no rhythm, And loudly we sing to a silent refrai...


Are you okay?

I am okay. ~•°•~ I am okay to know that you're happy It's not because of me. ~•°•~ I am okay to watch you grow It's not with me. ~•°•~ I am okay to see you smile It's not for me. ~•°•~ I am okay to know you're in love It's no longer with me. ~•°•~ I am ok...

Love Loop

Are you stuck having someone always snatching your new love away?

This is deja vu. The same man robbed my new love Happening again. ° Faith in both of you With a blind eye and deaf ears I wish I had not. ° He was my brother My real-life alter ego He became a fiend. ° Your words, so puissant Infiltrated my sane mind Left...

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Margery On The Boulevard

A high school senior is looking for a girlfriend, and he finds one just down the street from his home.

I met my first girlfriend just two blocks from where I lived in Williamsbridge, The Bronx. It was September 1972 and I had started my senior year at high school. I was seventeen years old and my romantic experiences at school had been, frankly, non-existe...

A Tale of Two Lovers

Two people sprinkled with lust and love

A tale of two lovers, Preoccupied with one another. Hands and mouths touch, As Cupid watches and hovers. As soon as Cupid strikes, Breaths become shallow. Bodies begin to radiate heat, And every action feels hallow. The two intertwine, To attempt to becom...

Spiraling Infernos

A piece of sensual poetry

the brush of our palms sizzleigniting a spark of timeless soulsskin hungers for flesh,the caress of fingertipsetch scorching sigilsof ageless passionover the quivering corner of your mouthand slowly down the creamof your cheek and neckinside your eyesstar...

Drifting Along

We both will just go on.

Once more we drift along the trails of time,Again we skip and hold our hands so tight,With confidence I smile, you are my treat,Remembrance is forthrightly gathered close.There is no sadness, never will we hurtWhile holding all our joys within our hearts....

The Sun Has Risen

Our twilight is not near

The sun has risen over both our waysSo many times apart, now we are one.No longer may we squander nights and days,You're my true love when all is said and done. Our twilight is not near, not coming soon,We'll laugh and cry, not let it come too fast,Our pa...