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Best Summer Ever

A teen-aged boy’s older step-sister takes him into her bed for lessons in debauchery.


Kevin sat at the family breakfast playing with his cell phone. He hadn’t been up too late last night and decided to get out of bed around 9:00 to see if any of his buddies had plans for the day. It was the summer between his Junior and Senior years in high school. His parents had left for a three day trip after leaving a stern warning that there would be no parties in the house while they were gone. “No more than one guest in this house at any time,” he could still hear his mother saying.

“Hey squirt, what’cha doin’?”

Kevin looked up to see his older step-sister, Molly, walking into the kitchen. As on most mornings, Molly came downstairs wearing nothing but a long tee shirt over a pair of panties. Molly had just finished her second year in college and was home for the summer. Because Molly was a great looking girl with a truly outstanding body, Kevin found it easy to get up each day so that he could get a peek at her.

“I was just checkin’ to see what my buddies are doing today,” he answered her. She was making a cup of coffee at the machine on the counter and didn’t bother to turn around. When she leaned over to get a coffee mug, Kevin got a great look at her ass and was instantly hard.

Molly turned around and leaned against the countertop while her coffee was brewing. “Got any big plans for the day?”

“Not really,” he answered as he noticed her nipples poking through the thin fabric of her shirt.

“Too bad you can’t have your buddies over here while the folks are gone.”

“Yeah,” he answered. “Last year I had a few guys over while they were gone overnight. One of the idiots broke a flower pot, and I got caught. Since then they’ve been real strict.”

Turning back around to get her coffee, Kevin got another long look at what he thought was the most spectacular ass he had ever seen. This morning her panties were quite sheer, and he could see through them like she was wearing nothing. “Mother fucker,” he said inside his head. “I wish I could see the front.” Molly had just turned twenty and she was so much more developed than the girls he knew.

“At least you got to bring your girlfriend over last night,” Molly said as she turned back around.

Kevin noticed an odd smile on Molly’s face when he replied. “Did you know we were here? I thought you were gone.”

“Nope,” she answered, still grinning. “I was up in my room reading and decided to come down to the kitchen to get something to eat.”

“I didn’t see you,” Kevin told her. He hadn’t remembered hearing her.

“Of course you didn’t,” Molly said with that strange grin. “You had your mouth around that girl’s nipples and looked like you were trying to eat her up.”

Kevin’s face turned red in an instant. “You saw us?”

“Sure I did,” she answered. “I was up on the crosswalk. When I saw what you were doing, I decided not to bother you. I just sat down and watched.”

“You didn’t!” he almost shouted.

“Oh yes I did,” she replied as she sipped her coffee. “I was there from the time you took her bra off until she demanded that you take her home. I saw everything.”

Kevin was unable to speak. His older step-sister had watched him with his girlfriend. That meant that she had seen them both naked and watched him trying to have sex. It had been a replay of something he and his girlfriend had done several times. They would start to make out, and she would be happy letting him undress her, play with her tits and even finger her. She had even been glad to take his cock in her mouth. But as soon as Kevin tried to mount her, everything came to a screeching halt.

Finally, he managed to say, “Everything?”

“You bet,” she said as she put her coffee cup on the table and leaned over toward him. “You got a great cock there squirt. Too bad she wouldn’t let you slip that in her pussy and give her a ride.”

Now Kevin was completely embarrassed. Not only had his step-sister seen him naked, but she had also witnessed him being turned down. He decided there wasn’t any point in denying anything, so he said, “That’s about the fourth time that we’ve been that far and then she gets scared or something and stops everything.”

“I think you need a little work on your technique,” Molly told him. “It looks to me like you’re trying to go from first base to home in 6.3 seconds. I’m guessin’ that your girlfriend is a virgin. She’s gonna need to be pulled along slowly.”

“You think so?” he asked.

“Sure,” he told him. “But next time you should take her in your bedroom. The living room sofa is nice, but the room is too big. You need to get her in a smaller space. It will make her feel more secure and more likely to put out.”

“I’ll remember that,” he told her.

“She’s got a nice body,” Molly told him. “Her tits are a bit small, but she has a nice ass.”

“Not as nice as yours,” he mumbled.

“You like my ass, don’t you squirt?”

Since they were talking about her amazing body, he didn’t care if she called him her pet name. “Yeah,” he said softly, “It’s really awesome.”

Molly stood up and turned around. She pulled the shirt up to give him a good look at her ass. “You like that?”

“Oh yeah,” he mumbled.

Turning back around she said, “If you had looked up last night, you would have seen me naked. I was watching you and getting excited. I was hoping you’d get a chance to fuck her. I made myself cum twice while I watched.”

Kevin’s mouth fell open. He couldn’t believe what he was hearing Molly confessing. “You were masturbating while you watched us?”

“Sure I was,” she admitted. “It was about as good as watching porn. She gives pretty good head. I was hoping you’d go down on her, but you decided you needed to stick your big dick in her and queered the whole deal.”

“You watched her giving me a blowjob?”

“I did,” she said. “In fact, I got a little jealous. I knew that I could have done a better job. Hell, I could have gotten you off in a couple of minutes.”

Molly stared at Kevin for a long time without saying anything. Kevin was starting to get a little nervous when she said, “I’ll bet your cum tastes good, too.”

“I don’t know about that,” he stammered. “We’ve never gotten that far. And besides, she only agreed to do it if I promised not to cum in her mouth.”

“She’s missing the best part,” Molly laughed. “I need to have a talk with her and explain things.”

“You’ve done that?” Kevin asked, a little surprised at his step-sister.

“Oh hell yes,” she laughed. “I’m not gonna say that I suck cock every day, but I love the feel of a hard dick in my mouth. Getting a guy to cum while I’m sucking his cock and squeezing his balls is a delight.”

Now, even more amazed, Kevin asked, “How often do you have sex?”

“Except when I’m home, just about every day,” she told him in a matter-of-fact voice. “I love to fuck, little brother. I really love it. Since I was allowed to move off campus and live in an apartment, I’m having fun as often as I can.”

“You’re shittin’ me, right?”

“Not at all,” she told him as she stood up and walked around the table. “I gave up my virginity when I was a senior in high school. Since that night I’ve had at least one orgasm a day. Most days it’s two or three. If I can’t find someone to get me off, I do it by myself. And that’s the trouble with being home. I don’t have anyone to play with.”

Stammering again, Kevin asked, “So, you’ve been having to masturbate a lot?”

“Yep,” she said as she moved up close to him. “I was until I saw your big beautiful cock and realized that I had everything I needed right here at home.”

“What do you mean?” he asked.

Molly leaned over him and began to unbuckle his belt. “You’ve got what I need, and you need what I can give you.”

Fighting the urge to stop her from opening his pants, he asked, “What can you give me?”

“Experience, Kevin. I can teach you what to do and how to do it.” She pulled down his jeans and grabbed the waistband of his boxers. “And while I’m giving you lessons, I’ll get to play with your big hard cock.” She pulled down his boxers, and his manhood jumped free.

Molly put two hands around the erect pole and leaned forward to lick the precum off the tip. “Oh yeah,” she said as she smiled at him. “I knew you’d taste good.” She worked her hands up and down his shaft a few times before she put the entire head into her mouth.

“Oh fuck!” Kevin groaned.

Molly continued to stroke his thick pole but turned to look into his eyes. “Have you ever had sex with a girl?”

“Well… not like… well… not like real fucking,” was his answer.

“Then it’s time you learned,” she said as she released his cock and stood up. Molly pulled the tee shirt over her head and stood back for Kevin to see her. “You like my tits?”

“They’re so big,” he gasped and watched while she ran her hands over them and twisted her nipples.

“And how do you like this?” she asked as she pulled off her panties and tossed them aside.

Kevin stared at his step-sister’s hairless pussy. Molly ran her hand over her sex slowly and asked, “Have you ever had your tongue in a hot pussy?”

“No,” he said, “But I’ve always wanted to.”

“An opportunity is coming your way, Squirt,” she said with a grin, “And your big sister is going to enjoy showing you the ropes.” Molly leaned over and peeled his shirt off, leaving him sitting naked in the chair with his thick cock straining up toward her.

Molly straddled him and stood with her hot pussy just inches above his drooling cock. “You ready, Kevin? I’m about to take your virginity.”

Kevin was simply too excited to speak. His step-sister that he had idolized for so many years was poised over him naked, ready to take his cherry. He just hoped that he didn’t shoot his load before he was inside her.

She picked up his hands and put them on her breasts. “Hold on to these for me, will you?”

His hands held her breasts, squeezing gently as his eyes focused on the head of his cock disappearing between Molly's legs.

“Oh fuck yeah,” she groaned when the head of his cock was inside her. She could feel that she was extremely wet and knew she would have no trouble taking this thick hunk of meat deep into her pussy. She watched his eyes grow wide as she slowly took all of him into her wetness. “You like that?”

“It’s awesome,” he groaned. “Your pussy is so wet and so hot!”

“I’m gonna fuck you hard, little bro,” she growled at him. “You’re not gonna be able to last too long, so cum when you’re ready. Cum inside me. It’s OK, ‘cause I’m on the pill.”

“It’s so fucking good,” he whispered, “And I’m already so close.”

“You cum when you can’t hold out any longer,” she told him. “I’m not gonna stop. I’m just gonna keep fucking that big dick of yours until it’s hard as a rock again.”

Molly watched his face. She saw his mouth open and felt his cock get bigger before he groaned and began to fill her with his seed. Without missing a beat, she continued to slide up and down his pole feeling her own orgasm closing in. She could feel his cock slide more easily and noticed his cum flowing out of her opening and down her legs. “Fuck, but that’s good,” she growled.

Putting her arms around his neck, Molly put her mouth beside his ear as she continued to move. “When we’re through with this,” she whispered, “I’m gonna teach you how to eat pussy. I’m gonna teach you how to finger a woman to an orgasm, and I’m gonna show you how good it is to fuck a woman’s ass. Are you ready for that Kevin?”

Her words were as arousing to her as they were to Kevin. The more she whispered nasty things in his ear, the closer she was to her own orgasm. She felt his cock was like steel once again and she moved faster. “You want to cum in my mouth, don’t you little brother?”

“Fuck yes, Molly!” he gasped.

She felt the wave crashing down on her. Her pussy squeezed his hard cock until he released another load of cum inside her. Panting and gasping, her body shook with the delight of an earth-shaking orgasm. She collapsed on him, still holding him tightly.

It was almost five minutes before either of them could move again. Finally, Molly lifted herself up and looked down to see his cock was still hard and looked ready to go. She bent over and took half of it into her mouth, washing it with her tongue and tasting the sweet muskiness of their combined fluids. When she stood again, she leaned over and kissed Kevin, making certain that he got the flavors on her tongue.

When she broke the kiss, Molly asked, “Do you like that, Kevin?”

“Are we going to do it again?” he asked with the joy a small boy evident on his face.

“Oh, you can bet on it, Kev,” she said with something of a lecherous look on her face. “You’re gonna fuck me until neither one of us can walk.”

She watched a shiver run through his body. She assumed it was a shiver of delight and anticipation.


Molly led Kevin into her bedroom. His eyes were glued to her ass with every step. Once inside, she threw her clothes across the room and headed into the bathroom saying, “I’ll be right back. Don’t go anywhere.”

In a few moments, she was back and almost giggled when she saw Kevin standing beside her bed wearing nothing but an erection. “He is so 17,” she thought. “His cock could stay hard for two days.”

Molly flopped down on the bed and spread her legs. “Come get a close look at my pussy,” she told him. “Your training starts here,” she said as she ran her fingers over her sex.

With no thought of refusing her command, Kevin climbed onto the bed, positioning himself between her knees. He had never seen a naked woman quite as intimately as he was at this moment. He was ready for whatever she wanted him to do.

As her hand floated over her puffy wet lips, she noticed his eyes were trained on her sex. She slipped a finger in her pussy and thought he would choke from excitement. “I recognize that you know what a pussy is, squirt, but have you been introduced to a clit?”

“Not really,” he answered as his eyes stayed on the finger she used to play with her pussy.

Taking her wet finger out of its hiding place, she began to run it around her clit. “See the nub that I’m rubbing with my finger?”

“Yeah,” he answered with excitement evident in his voice.

“When you’re with a woman, the clit needs to be your best friend. The more attention you pay to her clit the more in love with you she’ll be. Most of your brotherhood couldn’t find a clit with a map, but I’ll make certain you know the way.”

“Can I lick it?” he asked.

“That’s the idea, Kev,” she said softly. “You lick that clit until your woman cums and she’ll be yours forever.” She watched him moving close. “Go ahead. Use your tongue to do what my finger has been doing.”

Doing as she instructed, Kevin heard Molly moan and wound her fingers into his hair. “Just like that,” she told him as he continued to lick her nub. When she felt like he was getting the hang of it, she told him, “Now finger my pussy while you suck on my clit.”

After a minute she thought, “This kid has real talent. He’s gonna make me cum again.” She put both of her hands on his head, pulling him into her sex. “Yeah, Kevin,” she growled. “You’ve got it.” Her hips began to jerk as she neared another orgasm. She wanted to feel his cock inside her again, but first, just one more orgasm.

Molly locked her thighs around his head as she shook with another massive orgasm. Her legs squeezed Kevin’s head and would not release him until her orgasm ended. “Fuck, Kevin!” she gasped when she began to recover. “You move to the head of the class. You eat pussy like that and you’ll have women begging for your attention.”

Kevin crawled on top of his step-sister and asked, “After I’ve eaten her, is she gonna want to kiss me?”

“Oh yeah,” she said with a crooked smile, “I love to taste my pussy on a man’s lips and tongue.” She pulled his mouth to hers and let their tongues dance the tango. While they kissed, Molly maneuvered him until he was positioned exactly right to put his cock inside her. “Now give me that big hard dick,” she whispered. “Give it to me and fuck me hard.”

Kevin didn’t need any encouragement. He went at her with the fury of a horny seventeen-year-old boy. His cock was rock hard, and his stamina was boundless. He pounded her with a boy’s enthusiasm hoping that he would never have to stop.

When Molly felt that he was nearing another orgasm, she grabbed his ears to get his attention, “Cum on my tits, Kevin. I want to see you cum on me.”

Her words were like a bolt of lightning up his ass. He immediately felt his juices boil and pulled out of her. He moved over her chest and stroked his cock as Molly held her breasts together. Three long strokes and jets of hot semen shot out of his cock and sprayed all over her chest until he was kneeling, cock in hand, and admiring her cum covered breasts.

“Oh yeah, baby. That was great,” Molly encouraged him. “Look how much cum you can make.” She ran her fingers through the pools of white goo on her breasts as she coated her nipples. When her full breasts were covered with a coating of his cum, she put her fingers in her mouth and made the kind of noises you’d expect to hear from someone tasting their first Ben & Gerry’s ice cream.

Molly looked up at his flushed and sweat covered face. She patted the pillow beside her saying, “Take a rest, Kevin. We’ve got all day to do this.”

He dropped down on the pillow and sighed. “Do you mean it?” he asked. “Do we really have all day?”

“Are you anxious to stop?” she asked.

“NO!” she answered. “This is all just fucking incredible. I don’t ever want to stop.”

“I have a few more things to show you,” she hinted, “But I need for you to understand that if you ever tell anyone what we’ve done, I’ll cut your balls off with a dull knife.”

“You have no need to worry,” he laughed. “I wouldn’t do anything to spoil the possibility of getting to do this again. Besides, most of my friends think that you are my real sister and they’d cut my balls off if they thought I was fuckin’ you. I’m saying nothing to anyone,” he swore.

They lay side by side for about an hour while Molly gave Kevin her sexual history. She described that she had been like Kevin’s girlfriend, anxious to have sex, but also afraid of what might happen. One night she confided in her boyfriend her desires and fears. She told Kevin, “Tommy reached into his pocket and pulled out a three-pack of condoms. Within minutes I put a condom on his cock, straddled him and took him inside me as quickly as I could. My boyfriend had three condoms and we used all of them that first night.”

As she was starting to play with his cock again, Molly explained that after she graduated from high school the family doctor had given her a prescription for birth control pills. Once she was safely on those, she was ready to fuck anyone. With her boyfriend, she had found that she loved sex and everything about it. There simply wasn’t anything she wouldn’t or couldn’t do. She told Kevin, “I found that there’s nothing better than taking a big cock bareback.”

Molly and Kevin left her bedroom for lunch and dinner. Other than those breaks, they spent the entire day together. She showed him everything she thought he should know and answered all of his questions. They both went to sleep that night in her bed. Each of them looking for a place to sleep where there wasn’t a wet spot.


The next morning while they were having a late breakfast, Kevin still had a devilish grin on his face.

“I was thinking,” Molly told him. “You should bring your girlfriend over here tonight. Take her into your bedroom and see how far you can get. I’ll watch from your door. If she still won’t spread her legs for you, I’ll come in and give you some help.”

“What kind of help?” he asked.

“Well, I’m not going to hold her down while you fuck her,” Molly said with a laugh, “But I might be able to convince here that it’s OK.”

After some discussion, Kevin called his girlfriend and arranged for them to go out. “I’ll pick you up at 7:30,” he told her. “Wear something sexy.”


It was after 9:00 when Kevin brought his girlfriend into the house through the back door. Once they were inside, Kevin pulled her to him and they stood by the back door for several minutes kissing.

Molly was tucked away in a dark spot upstairs watching the young couple. She saw Kevin take his girl’s hand and pull her up the stairs to his room. The girl hesitated only for a few seconds before she gave in and followed him willingly.

As they had agreed, Kevin left the door to his bedroom partially open, so that Molly could easily watch what was happening from the darkness of the hallway. She stood outside his door wearing nothing but a light cotton robe. When Kevin started to undress his girlfriend, Molly’s robe fell open, and she began to caress her own breasts.

As she watched, Molly decided that the training she provided her brother must be working for him. He quickly had the girl naked and was spending a lot of time licking and playing with her breasts. Molly nodded and wanted to tell him that he was doing everything right. She watched his hand slide down between her legs and noticed that the girl seemed to open her legs to give him greater access. Molly could hear the small whimpers the girl was making and knew that he must be fingering her.

“Now!” Molly wanted to call out to her step-brother. “She’s ready now!”

As if he heard her, Kevin leaned his girlfriend down on his queen sized bed, spread her legs and began run his tongue through her slit. The whimpers that Molly had heard turned to groans. There wasn’t any doubt in her mind that her step-brother knew what to do. She could almost feel his tongue between her own legs and knew how good it must feel.

Molly recognized the exact second that Kevin pushed a finger into his girlfriend’s wet pussy. She had demonstrated to her step-brother how to lick a clit and use a finger to locate and stimulate a g-spot. She heard the girlfriend’s noises and knew exactly what was happening. It wasn’t long after when she heard the girl’s noises make the distinct sounds of someone deep in orgasm. Molly smiled and began to push a finger into her own wetness.

Moments later, Molly could hear the girl’s voice. She was saying, “No Kevin. I would really like to have sex with you, but I just can’t. With my luck, I’d get pregnant, and I just can’t take that chance. I wish we could. I want you so much. You have to believe me, Kevin.”

“My turn,” Molly thought as she pushed open the door to Kevin’s bedroom. Instantaneously her nose was assaulted by the smells of sex. The mixed fragrance of their bodies washed over Molly like a wave, instantly arousing her. She walked toward the bed, feeling the cool air in the room touching her most sensitive parts.

“Who is that?” she heard the young woman say.

“Calm down, Amy,” he told the girl. “It’s my sister, Molly. You remember her, she’s home from college.”

The girl tried to whisper, but Molly heard her ask, “Why is she here?”

Standing next to the bed, Molly said, “I heard some noises and wondered if you two needed any help.”

“I was just trying to convince Amy that we should fuck. We’ve been playing around it for months, and I wanna do it.”

“Are you afraid, Amy,” Molly asked the girl.

The girl seemed to calm down and said, “Yes, a little. I really want to do it, but I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“Any other reason?” Molly asked.

The girl hesitated a bit before answering. “Kevin’s kinda big. His cock I mean. I’m afraid it’ll hurt.”

Molly sat down on the bed and softly stroked the girl’s long, soft hair. “You know, sweetie, we girls have a special ability with our pussies. It can stretch to take almost any sized cock. I’ve had Kevin’s cock in me many times and it is simply wonderful.”

“But you’re his sister,” the girl said in complete surprise.

“No, I’m his step-sister. We are not related in any way. I can tell you that Kevin’s big cock is a thrill worth having.”

The girl smiled at Molly. “Would you show me?”

“You want to see Kevin put his big cock in me?” Molly asked.

The girl just nodded her head and smiled shyly.

Molly turned to Kevin and asked, “Do you mind giving me that big cock to show Amy how much I like it?”

Kevin moved back to make room for Molly.

Dropping her robe, Molly slipped onto the bed and got on all fours, giving Kevin a beautiful view of her ass.

Kevin leaned forward and ran his tongue through her slit.

“Oh fuck, that’s so good,” she said to Amy. “Kevin really knows how to eat pussy.” She spread her legs a little more before looking back at Amy. “If you want to see it, you’ll need to get under me with your face looking up.”

Molly could see the excitement on the girl’s face as she did just that. Within seconds her eyes were no more than ten inches from Molly’s wet and waiting pussy.

Amy’s eyes got wide as she watched Kevin lean forward and put the head of his cock into Molly’s pussy. He put his hands on Molly’s hips and pulled her backward, burying his entire cock inside her.

“Now fuck me, Kevin,” Molly growled back over her shoulder.

More than ready to oblige, Kevin started slowly and began to pick up speed. Molly didn’t miss the fact that Amy began to rub her own clit as she watched. When Amy lifted her head to touch her tongue to Molly’s clit, the game changed.

Molly lowered her face and ran her tongue through Amy’s slit and circled her clit. The girl whimpered and continued to run her tongue over Molly’s clit. “Amy might be shy about fucking,” Molly thought, “but this isn’t her first time around another pussy.”

Without warning, Kevin pulled his cock out of Molly and leaned down to Amy. “You want to see me cum in her ass?”

“Yes, I would,” the girl answered. “I’d love it.”

There wasn’t any discussion. Kevin put his cock that was covered with Molly’s juices to her puckered opening and pressed forward.

Once the head of his cock was in her ass, Molly growled again. “Oh fuck, yeah. Give me that big dick!”

Kevin started to move while Amy watched carefully from just inches away.

They were both surprised to hear Amy telling Kevin, “Fuck her ass, Kevin. Give it to her. Fuck her ass!”

But the surprise didn’t interrupt the glorious feelings they were experiencing. If anything, having someone to watch so closely only excited them more.

“I’m cumming,” Kevin moaned.

“Cum in her ass,” Amy demanded.

As he began to shoot his load into her bowels, Amy lifted her head and ran her tongue over his balls.

When he was spent, Kevin slowly withdrew his cock from his step-sister’s ass. His cum began to roll out of Molly’s opening and splashed down on Amy’s face. Once again Molly and Kevin were surprised to see Amy scoop the semen up with her fingers and put it in her mouth.

As Molly and Kevin both dropped down on the bed, Amy sat up saying, “That was just great. I don’t know if I’ve ever been so turned on.”

“I forgot you were here,” Molly lied. “I’m always ready for Kevin’s cock. When he comes up to Tech for a visit I keep him busy all day taking care of my girlfriends.”

“He’s my boyfriend,” Amy huffed.

“He won’t be after my girlfriends get their mouths on that beautiful dick,” she told the girl. “If you want to hold onto Keven, girl, you better learn to spread your legs and beg for his dick. You’d better learn to make him cum in your mouth and beg him to give you more. My brother is a fucking rock star in the world of sex, and you’d better make sure you latch on to him with your pretty little pussy.”

Molly rolled out of bed and picked up her robe. She turned around so that Amy could see the fullness of her tits in the moonlight showing through the window. “I’ll be in my room, Kevin. If you get tired of this little blonde headed chick with small tits, you come see me. I’ll suck your cock and let you fuck my ass all night long. You don’t need to mess around with beginners. If she doesn’t want your cock, I do.”

Molly walked out of the bedroom and closed the door. As she walked into her bedroom she thought, “She’ll either fuck him like a wild beast or he’ll be back in my bed in an hour.”

Through the wall, she could hear Kevin’s shower running and hoped that meant that Amy was going to stay for round two. As she lay naked on her bed, she began to think about having Kevin in her apartment for a visit and her hands began to roam over her body before she went to sleep enjoying sexy dreams.


Molly felt the bed move and looked at her clock. She had been asleep for almost three hours. She turned over to find a smiling and naked Kevin lying beside her. “Did you fuck her?” she asked.

“Yes I did,” he answered with a grin. “I stretched that tight little pussy out and then shot my load all over her tits.”

“Did she like it?”

“Didn’t you like it?” he asked.

“I loved it,” Molly told him. “Are you going to fuck her again?”

“Yeah,” he said, “Maybe twice a day until school starts.”

“I like the way you think,” she smiled.

“And right now I think I want you to suck my dick,” he said in a demanding voice as he pushed her head down toward his stiff cock.

Molly’s mouth seemed to open on its own. She swallowed about four inches of his cock before she realized she was tasting Amy’s pussy. She pulled off and said, “You could have at least washed her off your cock before asking me to suck it.”

“Why,” he asked. “You love it just the way it is.”

“Maybe I do,” she said as she reached out to grasp his thick erection.

“Yeah, you do,” he grinned. “And after I fuck Amy twice a day, I’ll come home and fuck my step-sister twice more. This is going to be a good summer.”

“Yeah, maybe it will be,” Molly said. She turned around and kissed the head of his stiff cock. “This may be the best summer ever.”


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