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Her Son's Roommate

"A mother's surprise visit to her son's dorm room takes a lustful turn"

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Miriam's son had been away from home for two years, but she visited him at least once a month at the university dorms. It was a three-hour drive, which she enjoyed making to get away from the routine. However, this time, she hadn't told him about her visit to surprise him for his upcoming birthday.

At around noon, she arrived at the university with her son's gift inside her purse and wearing a short, floral sundress that revealed her thighs. The cool breeze met the subtle heat between her legs, one that was almost always present and tempted her to find a good time. On the way to her son's room, she felt a few eyes checking her out, reminding her that she was exactly the type of woman many of the students fantasized about.

She knocked on the door, unable to contain her smile. Going through a lengthy divorce process and then being left alone with her son moving out had been tough on her, so these visits meant the world to her, especially on occasions like this one.

Her smile faded when she saw her son's roommate, Carl, opening the door wearing only boxers. He quickly turned to cover himself with a hoodie sitting on the chair behind him, but she was able to notice his lightly toned abdomen and the bulge tenting his boxers.

"Oh, I thought it was someone else," he said, unable to contain his blushing face.

"Hey, sorry to intrude. Is my son, Matthew, not here?" she asked, feeling a wave of disappointment crashing over her.

"No, er, he left for the football game early this morning," he said.

"Oh, well, that's what I get for showing up unannounced," she said, looking around aimlessly, "I just wanted to give him an early birthday surprise."

"He'll be back in the afternoon, around five or six, if you'd like to wait," he said, shrugging his shoulders as they both accepted what had become of their day.

She shook her head, knowing she didn't have much of a choice after making the drive. "Um, yeah, I'm already here so might as well," she said.

She walked into the familiar room and spotted an unopened condom sitting on top of the nightstand next to Carl's bed. As she bent over to place her purse on her son's bed, the back of her dress gave him a peak of her thighs, teasingly close to exposing the bottom of her ass.

"Hey, uh, I'm not interrupting anything, am I?" she asked, turning around and catching his eyes darting away from her ass.

"No, I mean, I was waiting for this girl but she ain't showing up apparently," he explained.

She tilted her head slightly, assuming what type of visit he had been expecting. "So we're kinda in the same situation," she said.

"Yeah, er, kinda," he said as they shared a nervous laugh. "But, um, let me go put something on."

He walked past her on his way to the bathroom and this time it was her turn to check him out. He was handsome with a clean-cut beard, in good shape and glowing with virile confidence. The type of physique she saw in the porn videos of younger men with older women.

He had been warming up his cock for a hot date when Miriam showed up, so his sexual energy was charged up and ready to go. As for her, she didn't have sex planned for the day, but she had gone longer than usual without her dating app hookup back home. While he put on some clothes in the bathroom, curiosity got the best of her and she took a closer look at the condom in the nightstand.

Large size condom, she read, raising her eyebrows.

When he came out, wearing a plain white T-shirt and basketball shorts, he caught her putting the condom back in its place and startled her by saying, "Safe sex. Always."

"Oh, I was just, sorry," she mumbled, feeling her face redden.

One thing about Carl was his unwavering confidence, whether with a hookup or an older woman, he wasn't shy with his compliments. "You know, you have a better body than these college girls," he said.

"No, stop it, you're too nice," she said, surprised that her son's roommate would even go there.

He shook his head with a contradicting smile on his face. "Really, haven't seen a better butt than yours around here," he said.

She took pride in staying fit, working out five times a week and maintaining a strict diet that made her look several years younger. Her best feature was her backside, which her fitness routines mostly revolved around. It got her the most compliments from both men and women. It wasn't uncommon for her to be called a MILF by her one-night stands, many of which were around Carl's age.

She stayed quiet for a second, buying herself more time before asking, "So, uh, you're good friends with my son?"

"I mean, we get along but it's not like we're best friends," he said, walking up closer to her. "You know, like we don't tell each other everything."

She looked down at the floor, trying to delay the flirty path the conversation was headed for. She knew he was charged with sexual tension and could blow up at any second. The subtle heat between her legs had risen, asking her to diffuse him safely rather than running away.

She smiled nervously, suddenly feeling like her dress was too short and inappropriate, along with the lace thong underneath. She pulled it down unsuccessfully, inadvertently bringing his attention to the bottom of her dress.

"I didn't know Matt's mom was a stunner," he said, reaching under her dress to caress her thighs. "I can keep a secret...or two."

She looked into his eyes, able to discern his genuine desire, not only for her body but for the fact she was his roommate's mother. "So can I, handsome," she said, moving her hand down to the bulge tenting his shorts.

He moved his hands further up until they reached the softness of her ass cheeks. While his hands busied themselves, his lips joined the action by running from one side of her neck to the other. "Show me how much of a naughty MILF you are," he said, giving her a tight squeeze that got a moan out of her.

Being the promiscuous woman she was, she got on her knees between his bed and her son's with no hesitation, looking up expectantly as he pulled his shirt over his head. She ran her hands over his abdomen then hooked her fingers under the waistband of his his shorts and boxers, pulling them down to spring his throbbing member free.

Her eyes widened at the sight of his dimensions. "You must be popular with the girls here," she said.

"Still get stood up though," he said, referring to the girl that hadn't shown up.

"Poor girl must've been scared of this big thing," she said, wrapping her delicate hands around his hardness.

In that moment, she didn't care that he was her son's roommate. in fact, it pushed her arousal over the edge of taboo and into the depths of her darkest fantasies. She felt right kneeling to a cock that she could grab with both hands and that didn't let her index finger and thumb touch around its girth. She was a caring mother who had always done right by her son, but she turned into a different woman when it came to sex.

She placed her hands on his thighs and stuck out her flat tongue, licking the side of his shaft, stopping just before his glans. Back and forth her tongue went, repeating the same teasing maneuver until a drop of precum oozed out of his head and dropped to the floor.

"I've been wanting something big," she said, more to herself than to him.

He brushed her hair to the side, looking down at her pretty face. "Can you handle it?" he asked, eager to see her expertise.

Accepting the challenge, her soft, red lips opened wide to seal around his head. She took his length into her mouth, savoring his distinct taste as she reached about three-fourths of the way down. Relaxing her throat, she managed to suppress her gag reflex and make her lips touch the base of his shaft.

Her eyes got watery, saliva escaped from the edges of her mouth, but she was determined to show off her deep throat ability. She lightly bobbed her head, making the tip of his cock rub against the back of her throat as a tear rolled down her cheek, resembling the drooling of her pussy juice into her panties.

“Fuck, you're good at this,” he said, caressing the back of her head.

She had plenty of experience in the art of fellatio, from visits to the glory holes in her younger days and practicing on her life-like toys at home. She loved the dynamic of appearing to be submissive but actually being in control, which was best shown by getting on her knees and making a man's knees buckle with the work of her mouth and tongue.

Unable to hold it any longer, she let his cock out of her mouth with a loud gasp for air. She wiped the saliva running down her chin with her forearm then began stroking his shaft in a corkscrew motion. Once she got into her slut mode, she felt comfortable in her element, flowing from one pleasing motion to the next.

She returned her mouth to his cock, working it down half his length until her lips touched her stroking hand. He could hardly believe that his roommate's mother was on her knees for him, but the double stimulation made it all very real and quickly brought him closer to an explosive orgasm.

"You love working that mouth, don't ya?" he asked, teasing her and complimenting her oral skills.

She moaned in response. It was something she took pride in, making sure she gave her lovers the most pleasure. It added to her seemingly limitless horniness, which already had her panties clinging to the wet mess between her thighs. Her jaw ached but she could tell her reward was approaching by the way his thighs tensed.

“I’m gonna cum,” he warned, unsure if she was going to keep going, as he’d been with girls who didn't like to swallow.

She let him out of her mouth and expertly squeezed the base of his cock and the top of his scrotum to prevent his orgasm and keep their fun going. “No need for that...I want it raw,” she said, between kisses on his bulbous head, while he reached for the condom on the nightstand.

"Wait, er, really?" he asked, unable to contain his smile at the thought of having raw sex for the first time.

She bit her lower lip, pausing for a second to think it over then said. "Yeah, I'm not one of these college girls," she said, assuming he always wore protection and that she had a low pregnancy risk at her age.

Hearing his roommate's mother say that caused a hot feeling of arousal in his core that flowed all the way through his limbs. He watched attentively as she took off her shoes, then pulled her dress over her head to expose her bare breasts. His cock twitched in admiration for her MILF physique, especially when she turned around to show him the way her ass swallowed her tiny thong.

There was no going back, her days as a good mother were over and they were ending at the hands of her son’s roommate. The time for hesitation had passed, she wanted this to fulfill one of her porn-inspired fantasies. She bent over the bed and reached back with one hand to pull her thong aside, exposing her slit to the big cock she had been craving.

He spanked her ass in approval of her naughtiness. He knew hitting her pussy from the back would make him come much faster than he wanted, so he got in bed and brought her on top of him in the cowgirl position. He parted her lips with his tongue, introducing them to each other in lustful harmony. She ground her hips, rubbing her crotch on his bulge, tracing the length his shaft with her semi-exposed labia until her juices seeped through.

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His hands reached behind her back to grab handfuls of her ass, savoring the shape and size of her cheeks. He squeezed and spread them, digging his fingertips into her flesh, admiring how her round portions were fuller than the college girls he had been with. She broke their kiss, pushing off his chest to lift herself up and pull her thong all the way to the side to allow his cock full access to her pussy.

Fuck, she wasn't even wearing a bra, he realized, enthralled by the jiggling of her perky, medium-sized breasts.

His hands wanted to be everywhere at once, this time reaching for her warm breasts, with her erect nipples poking through his fingers. He pushed her breasts together and licked sideways from one nipple to the other, stopping only briefly to suck on each one. Most of her partners focused their attention on her backside, but it was her sensitive nipples that made her pussy melt.

She returned her tongue into his mouth, moaning through their kissing, as she rubbed her wetness against his rigid shaft. “I want to feel you inside me,” she said, moving up slightly to give him space to reach around and position his cock for penetration.

He ran his tip over the length of her labia, searching for the entrance that would add a MILF to his resume. He found her opening, the source of her hotness, and held his cock straight up at her mercy.

I’m sorry but I need this, honey, she told her son in her head. Unlike her son who was still a virgin, Carl had a good amount of experience, and she was now another one of his sluts.

She descended on his length, disappearing it into her warmth until her cheeks rested on his thighs, with her walls stretching to accommodate his thickness. His cock was enveloped for the first time by the unique combination of heat and wetness that only raw sex could provide.

She moved her hips back and forth, making his tip rub against her deepest erogenous spots. “Fuck, you're stuffing my pussy,” she said.

He wanted to say something, but his words wouldn’t come out, not when he was getting lucky with his roommate's mother. He met her nipples with his playful tongue, alternating between suckling and licking them, causing her sex juices to run down his shaft as she began to rock her hips. Gaining confidence and familiarity with her body, he moved his right hand behind her head and brought her closer for a deep and passionate tongue kiss.

While their tongues wrestled desperately, she picked up the motion of her hips, feeling his hands squeezing her back as he let out a groan. She broke the kiss and moved her head down to the right side of his neck to bite it, hard enough to delay his climax with the different sensation. 

He returned his hands to her ass cheeks, holding on to them as she resumed grinding her hips. Her engorged clitoris rubbed against him, adding an exterior stimulation that blended with the waves of pleasure she was riding. She placed her hands on the headboard, gaining more control of her movements, and began vigorously fucking him. She threw her head back, pushing her jiggling breasts out, and losing herself in the moment.

Having slept with plenty of college girls, he knew that each pussy was different. He liked picking up on the slight differences in them, some were tighter while others got hotter. Given her age, he was surprised by how tight her pussy felt, but it was the sultriness of it that he enjoyed the most.

The frenetic stimulation ushered him to the edge of pleasure. “I’m gonna cum," he warned for the second time.

“No, not yet,” she said, pressing her hips down and staying motionless to let his urge to orgasm pass by. 

He clenched his teeth and curled his toes, attempting to tense up his body to withhold his orgasm. He required every bit of strength to prolong their sex and impress her amid her increasingly hotter grip. She relished being in control, knowing that she was etching unforgettable memories into his mind.

She nestled his head on her chest and kissed the top of his head. "Here, let me show you a new position," she said.

She changed into a variation of the reverse cowgirl position, kneeling between his legs with her entrance above his rigidness and her calves tucked under his thighs. She leaned forward, placing her hands on his legs, which allowed for a better angle.

Fuck, I've always wanted a girl to ride me like this, he thought, remembering all the times he'd seen this position in the top trending porn videos.

As he propped himself up with a couple of pillows, he tapped her sphincter with the underside of his head and pressed it down to aim it at her sopping pussy. She reached between her legs with her left hand, grabbing his shaft to rub his head along her swollen labia and clitoris. She aimed it at her self-lubricating entrance and lowered herself until his entire length was snugly enveloped once again.

“Mmnng, fuck, your cock feels so good,” she said, moving slowly up his shaft then swiftly coming down to savor the profound penetration. The more she repeated the motion, the more creamy lubrication coated his shaft. She had him in a trance, looking at her pussy working up and down his cock, while her rear entrance winked at him with a promise of future fun.

He spanked her ass a few times, alternating the sting of his hand on her cheeks. “Work that ass on me,” he urged her.

Wanting to be the best pleasing slut possible, she picked up the pace, slamming her guts down on his hardened shaft. Every time the weight of her ass...

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Written by Issabela
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