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Her Son's Roommate

A mother's surprise visit to her son's dorm room takes a lustful turn

Miriam's son had been away from home for two years, but she visited him at least once a month at the university dorms. It was a three-hour drive, which she enjoyed making to get away from the routine. However, this time, she hadn't told him about her visi...

The USRP Program - Pt. 1

A young man's experiences in a national repopulation program

Sandra stood next to me at the door to Receiving Room 2. She looked my body up and down. I was naked, save for the priming device encasing my genitals. "Are you nervous, Ben?" she asked, lifting her gaze back to my eyes. "Nope, I'm ready," I affirmed. "Go...

Sam (#7): Return To Peninsula Park (2/2)

Part 2 of their action at Peninsula Park

RECAP: We were at Peninsula Park, having just had our third threesome of the day against a semi-submerged rock. We swam into the cove and continued until our hands hit the soft sand, then we pulled up and walked to the beach. Our clothes were clinging, sh...

Sharon And Me - Part 3

This is a little story about how I met with Sharon's best friend Daisy.

Daisy finally made it to Sharon's apartment and came right inside. She called out for her. Sharon responded that I was in the bedroom. Daisy walked in, and her eyes opened wide, and her jaw hit the floor. Sharon was tied down to the bed. There was whipped...

“Evenin’, guvnor. Wha’ can I do yer for?” “Bit delicate, mate. Missus’s not too ‘appy: me tool’s too big…” “Never known a lady to complain about that!” “Well, tight squeeze, see. I mean, she wants me to do ‘er… ya know… dirt passage…” “Eh?” “‘Er… tradesme...

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Sophie Gets A Show

I bring a date back to my room and my best friend gets to watch us fuck.

Sophie and I had agreed when we moved in together that we could bring home dates whenever we wanted. For the first few weeks, we were so busy settling in that I didn’t have much time for dating, and besides, my sexual cravings were being satisfied by suck...

The World Turns - Chris and Brianna 2.5

The world changes. From now on, everyone has both genitalia. Chris and Brie each talk to friends about the change and experiment alone.

Chris closed his dorm room door behind him. He couldn’t get the thing with the crocheting girl out of his head. He felt like he needed to talk to someone about many things, this just being the last in a line of experiences since the change. Brianna had no...

A Heating Pad And Ice

Daughters friend has a crush

Horny all day since he saw her. Tori was his daughter’s best friend. Only eighteen years old but hotter than fuck. How was he to know she was in there? How could he know she would be naked? It took only a few seconds to realize that she was masturbating....

A Surprise Visit (Part 3)

Sharon instructs the pool boy how to perform a proper service.

Lori's mother, Sharon, unlocked and entered the front door, exhausted after a long morning drive. She had been visiting her sister for over a week, and she was happy to be home at a reasonable hour. She yelled aloud if anyone was home, and receiving no an...