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Izzy and Mr James p1

Izzy and Mr James take advantage of an empty class room.
Izzy and Mr James

First submission, comments welcomed (no characters in this story are underage)

The one thing that Izzy hated the most about herself was her baby face. She’d always been teased about it. She had hoped that by the time she made it to senior year her ‘puppy fat’, as her mother called it, would have all gone away. But now she looked at herself in the mirror on the day of her PSATs and thought, what’s the point? College is all about falling in love, again and again. Who’s going to fall for ‘Baby Face’?

Still staring in the mirror, she looked herself up and down. Her body was anything but babyish; she was 5’5, 120lbs with a pert, round ass the Kardashian’s would be proud of. Slender hips curved into her waist and up to her DD breasts, which looked even bigger thanks to her taught, flat stomach.

‘Maybe if I wore a paper bag over my head, maybe then someone would like me.’ She whispered to her reflection. Shaking her head she grabbed her bag and headed to school.

All Izzy had ever wanted was to fall in love but she had never even been kissed. She didn’t really fit in well at high school; despite her baby face she had maturity beyond her years. She didn’t flaunt this because she didn’t even realise, all she knew was that she didn’t fit. Not with the Jocks, the Queen Bees, the Wannabes or even the Geeks.

Mr James on the other hand? He realised, boy did he realise. He’d never felt like this about a student before and he hated himself for it. Izzy was Mr James’ first ally in Potters Hill High, she was in her sophomore year when he started. He’d just moved to the small town with his new wife Clara who wanted to start a family out of the city.

He’d expected the usual pranks and outbursts on his first day, at 28 he’d been teaching high school geology for three years, he knew the tricks. What he hadn’t expected was Izzy.

It was the last class of day and the sophomores knew exactly what buttons to push, he kept his cool, he knew his 6ft toned tanned body would cause a stir among the girls which could trigger the typical jealous bravado in the boys.

He was scanning the room, almost smug at how right his predictions were, when he saw her. She was sitting quietly somehow managing to look separate even though she was sat in the middle of the fray. Her piercing green eyes where assessing him, not in the lustful way the rest of the girls were, more in a curious, inquiring way. When his eyes locked with hers she was quick to look away but he couldn’t, as her cute face grew pink he felt a stir that he knew he shouldn’t.

As class ended, he was packing up ready to go home when he noticed a shadow across his desk.

‘Mr James?’ She had a sweet voice, ‘Hi, I’m Isabel but I prefer Izzy.’

‘Hi Izzy, nice to meet you’

‘I just want say that they aren’t always like this.’ She stuttered. ‘I didn’t mean to speak out of turn, it’s just that you looked a bit stressed earlier, well not stressed, your face looked cool enough but I could see it your eyes.’

Mr James looked closer at the girl in front of him, she looked young, sweet enough but young and rather underdeveloped for her age, although he chastised himself for noticing.

‘They play up, a lot, and I know we aren’t AP or anything but, just, they get bored, I mean not of you,’ she was going red again as she stumbled over her words, ‘competition,’ she finally got the word out,’ they like competition, something to get their teeth stuck into.’

He couldn’t quite believe what he was hearing, was this girl for real? Trying to tell him his job? How arrogant and self important was this kid?

‘Thanks,’ He said with a hint of humour, ‘I’ll bear that in mind.’

He soon learned that she was right and far from arrogant and self important; that tip made him one of the favourite teachers at Potters Hill High.

As he walked through the halls this morning, he spotted her before she noticed him; she looked amazing, he couldn’t get over how much she’d grown, in more way than one. His little ally was now a young woman. He told himself off the millionth time for that feeling that stirred deep within him.

She had her head down as usual, her golden blonde curls perfectly complimenting her pale skin. As she flicked a strand that caught on her lip she glanced up and caught his eye.

‘Morning Mr James,’ she gave him a slight shy smile.

‘Good Morning Isabel,’ she grimaced at him but they both knew well that he was the only one that could get away with calling her that. ‘You ok? You look a little stressed.’

‘PSATs,’ she replied as if that answered everything.

‘Hmm,’ he wasn’t convinced, ‘Come see me after, let me know how you did.’

She nodded and walked off with her head down, he stole a look at her tight tight ass and walked into his room. You’re happily married. You’re happily married. You’re happily married. He told himself.

It was getting towards the end of the day, Mr James glanced at the clock disappointed that Izzy hadn’t been in to see him. He had the Junior AP class, these kids were so clever he barely needed to be there.

‘I’ll be back in five,’ he said to the class as he walked out, knowing exactly where he was headed.

As he got to the steel steps between the main school and the art dept he glanced down between the stairs and saw her fiery hair.

‘Thought I’d find you here,’ he said as he made his way down. She turned her head from him as he got to the bench. ‘Hey, what’s that for?’

‘Nothing, I’m fine,’ her voice cracked.

‘Ahh! Fine. The word that means nothing but says everything.’ She let out a small laugh, it was a bit of an in-joke. He said this line a lot. ‘That’s better!’

She glanced up and quickly put her head back down, but it was enough for him to see the tears.

‘Hey, hey?’ he tucked his forefinger under her chin and brought her face round to look at him; her deep green eyes looked into his and welled up again. He gently wiped the tears away from her cheeks, his touch on her face made Izzy’s heart race. He tucked her hair behind her ear. They both felt it. Wow, he thought.

‘Look, I have to get back to my class, you know what AP are like, if I don’t get back soon they will have finished next semesters work too,’ he joked and she smiled, her cheeks still flushed from his touch. ‘My classroom, end of school, we’ll talk. No arguments.’

‘Yes, Sir’ she laughed gently.

Her heart was still racing as he walked away. She traced his touch and her breath caught. What just happened?

Izzy was in love with Mr James. Had been since he first walked in to school, although her head said that wasn’t possible her heart had other ideas.

She often daydreamed about what it would be like to kiss him, to hug, to touch him, to feel his skin on hers. The bell rang and jumped her out of her thought.

As she made her way through the halls her heart was pounding, he touched her, Mr James touched her, he touched her face, he caressed her face.

Stop it! She shouted at herself. This is Mr James, he’s a Teacher. Nothing is going to happen. He just wants to know how the PSATs went.

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.

‘Enter!’ Mr James put on his best posh British accent, for no other reason than that he was as nervous as hell.

Stop it! It’s just Isabel, my little ally. Just to say how the PSATs went. For some reason he wasn’t so sure about that.

He jumped up as she walked in, all nerves, knocking a pen off the desk. Izzy immediately bent down to pick it up allowing him an amazing view of chest. As she stood up she caught his glance. Her face grew red.

‘Uhh,’ Mr James, realising he had been caught, turned slightly, scratching the back of his head, ‘So, uh, how did the PSATs go?’

‘Umm, ok.’ Izzy, feeling slightly awkward, went over and sat on the nearest desk.

‘Ok? So why the tears?’

‘Oh, that. That was nothing.’

‘Nothing? Oh god. That’s even worse than fine!’ Izzy half smiled. ‘Tell me, just between you and me.’

Her stomach flipped. Why is he being so nice to me? Does he like me? Stop it! He’s. A. Teacher. It’s his job to care about his students.

He walked round his desk and perched next to Izzy, their arms touching.

‘Spill.’ He said.

‘It’s stupid.’ she sulked

‘Careful there, Isabel, your starting to sound an awful lot like a teenager.’

‘Love,’ she said. Mr James’ heart spluttered involuntarily. He stayed quiet, just waited for her to continue. ‘I want to fall in love. I know it’s stupid, I’m young I have plenty of time for love but I’m ‘BabyFace’ who’s going to fall in love with me? And if someone does, what am I supposed to do, I’ve never had a boyfriend I’ve never even been kissed!’

Mr James ached. He has never wanted to kiss someone as much as he wanted to kiss Izzy right at that moment. You’re happily married. You’re happily married. You’re happily married.

‘What’s brought this on?’ He struggled to keep his tone even, to keep his arms from pulling her in towards him.

‘College, PSATs, everything. I want to have the real college experience, you know, falling in love, a lot.’ She went red again.

‘Love? I think you might mean sex.’ neither of them could believe he had just said that.

The tension was ridiculous; they both stared at the floor, their hearts racing.

Suddenly Mr James pushed himself from the desk, Izzy looked up at him. He turned to face her, walked up to her and reached his hand out to her face, inches away, all he wanted to do was touch her. But he knew if he did he wouldn’t be able to stop.

He pulled his hand away and turned back. Before he knew what was happening, Izzy had grabbed his hand and pulled him to her, with her hands on either side of his face she kissed him. A small perfect kiss.

‘Oh god, I’m Sorry!’ Izzy couldn’t believe what she had just done. She didn’t know whether she wanted to shout from the roof tops or for the world to swallow her up whole.

‘Don’t.’ This time Mr James took charge, if she’d never been kissed he would make sure her first one was something she would always remember.

With one hand on her cheek and the other on her waist, he brought his lips to hers, parting them slightly, he kissed her again and again , slowly touching her lips with his tongue slipping it in and out of Izzys mouth until she return the action. She was a natural.

Izzy couldn’t believe what was happening. Mr James was kissing her, really kissing her. She, Isabel Parker, was kissing Mr James. Wow.

‘Mr James?’ Izzy whispered as their lips parted.

‘Yes?’ His heart was pounding.

They locked eyes, neither knew what to say, what to do next. Her eyes were on fire, with excitement and trepidation; his eyes were just pure lust. God he wanted her. He wanted her so bad, that kiss had lit the touch paper and he couldn’t wait to see her explode.

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