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Izzy and Mr James p4

Izzy gets carried away on school grounds. Have they been caught out?
Izzy nipped into the girls toilets on the way to her next lesson, went straight into the first cubicle and bolted the door. She ran her hand up her thigh scooping up their mixed cum, it’s a good job I’m on the pill, she couldn’t resist tasting it, closing her eyes and licking up her finger imagining it was Ben’s juicy cock. She let out a small sigh before cleaning herself up and heading to her next lesson.

For the first time in a long time Izzy walked the halls with her head held high; she felt hot, really hot, there was something about walking around school in a skirt and no underwear that was an amazing turn on, and a great confidence boost.

Mr James wants me, Mr James gets turned on by me, Mr James wants to fuck me.

Izzy wasn’t the only one who noticed the new found confidence, she was getting lots of admiring looks as she crossed the auditorium; she had to bite her lip in a bid to hide the knowing smile that was dancing across her face. She felt like she was walking on air, and that air was doing amazing things to her uncovered pussy.

Ben could barely concentrate through the afternoon lessons, in his inside pocket, roughly an inch from his heart, was Izzy’s lace thong and every time he thought about it, it skipped a beat.

The thought of Izzy walking around in no panties turned him on so much but also made him very jealous and protective. There was a very lucky student out there who would be sat so close to Izzy’s pussy it tortured him.

Ben had to get his thoughts straight, in just a couple of hours he would have to go home and face his wife Clara; he had a feeling that a headache was going to wash tonight.

Izzy was waiting on a bench outside of school waiting for Mr James, she knew nothing could happen tonight, that would be too risky but that didn’t mean she could think about it. She glanced around making sure she was out of eye line of anyone before sliding her hand up her skirt to her still bare pussy. She was pretty sure it had been wet all day; surprised every time she left a class room and there wasn’t a damp patch on her seat. She found her clit, she was only going to have a little play, just to pass the time, but the more she played the better it felt, the harder she rubbed, soon she had two fingers in her while her thumb rubbed frantically on her sweet bud.

She reminded herself to open her eyes, not to get carried away; she was still on school grounds, on a picnic bench out in the open. She thought she saw something to her left, someone watching but when she turned no one was there. A little thrill she hadn’t expected ran through her at the thought of someone she didn’t know watching her please herself.

He saw her straight away as he walked out of school, he thought he imagined her head tilting the way it did when she was close to coming; he took a deep breath and told himself off for such thoughts.

She heard footsteps behind her, footsteps she recognised. An idea came to her; as she stood she quickly wiped he sopping pussy with her message for Mr James.

He thought about walking straight passed her but he couldn’t.

Izzy was standing up as if she was about to leave any way.

‘Oh hi Mr James,’ said innocently, ‘thanks for our chat earlier, I think it really helped.’

She held her hand out as if to shake his.

He looked at the girl before him and thought about the thong in his pocket, he didn’t want to shake her hand; he wanted to bend her over and penetrate her right there. He wanted to hold her breasts as he moved inside her. He wanted to hear her moans. He shook away the thought.

‘No problem Izzy, you know my door is always open,’ he shook her hand, his expression changed slightly, her hand was warm and slightly damp, she was passing him a piece of paper, a piece of paper that had obviously been somewhere his twitching cock wanted to be right now.

‘See you tomorrow Mr James’ she called over her shoulder as she walked away from him.

He walked straight to his car and sat behind the wheel before looking in his hand, it was her phone number. This was risky. Not that screwing a hot student, on his desk, in the middle of the school day wasn’t. I am going straight to hell.

He still hadn’t worked out what to say by the time he got home but thankfully Clara’s car wasn’t in the drive. He went straight upstairs and showered, his intension was to wash away every trace of Izzy but he couldn’t stop thinking about her, he started to stroke his cock under the flow thinking about Izzy, sat on his desk, slipping her two fingers in and out of her pussy.

‘Izzy’ He moaned, enjoying being able to say her name without fear of getting caught, ‘Izzy.’

With one hand on the wall, the water running down his back and his other hand pumping away he didn’t hear the Clara enter the bathroom door.

‘Is.a.bel’ He grunted as he came imagining his cock inside Izzy once more.

With that, the shower door slid open. Ben jumped as he turned to see his naked wife stepping into the shower with him.

‘I hope there is more where that came from,’ she smiled sexily.

Oh god what if she heard me? I hope she didn’t hear me.

He looked his wife up and down, there was no denying she was hot but she was no Izzy; she had small breasts with triangles of white contrasting her tanned skin, her stomach was flat and muscular from her gym habit and her pussy had just a strip of down leading to her slit.

‘Fancy a quicky?’ She whispered in his ear, before dropping to her knees to re-harden his cock. Ben closed his eyes and couldn’t help but see Izzy’s lips around his girth, he looked down but it was his wife’s dark hair moving back and forth rather than Izzy’s golden curls.

As soon as he was hard Clara stood up and kissed him, he lifted her by her ass and positioned her on to his cock, leaning her against the tiled wall as he rammed in and out of her. He hadn’t had sex with two girls in one day since college and as much as he was ashamed he fucking loved it.

Clara scratched her nails down his back.

‘Oh, Yes, Ben, Fuck me Ben, Fuck me hard.’

He did as he was asked; slamming his cock balls deep inside his wife, imagining it was Izzy in his shower instead.

Every time he closed his eyes he saw Izzy’s green eyes staring into his but when he opened them it was Clara’s brown ones looking back at him. Open, Closed; Green, Brown; Izzy, Clara.

The intensity of his thoughts was too much for him. He kept his mouth shut as he blew his load in case he groaned the wrong name.

He set her down on her now trembling legs, swiftly kissed her on the lips and left her in the shower to finish off.

What am I doing? This is madness.

His face was distant as he roughly towelled his lightly tanned body. Clara walked past him in her towelling robe and sat on the bed seductively with her legs slightly open. 5 years ago he would have dove right in there and tongued her until she screamed for mercy, but he didn’t know what his wife tasted like anymore it had been that long since he went down on her. He should have been concerned by her actions but his thoughts were with another pussy altogether.

‘So Ben,’ she began her head tilted tauntingly, ‘who’s better?’

Ben froze. What did she just say?

‘Me or Is.a.bel’ she grunted Izzy’s name as he had done in the shower. So she had heard. The colour drained from his face.

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