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My Professor

I loved a man that I shouldn't...he was my professor
It started out in small glances and hidden smiles. The small things are the best things, the slight brush of fingers handing in a paper, the slight touch of his chest as I walk past, and the desirable scent that he always left behind. It was the small things like rain drops that built to send a flood in the middle of my heart. Every day I cherished these little moments till my heart was swelling with love towards a very smart man. A man that I shouldn't love or basely desire. A man that I had no business wondering how his arms feel wrapped around my waist or how his lips taste. A man so out of my reach that even the thought of it alone is almost impossible.

Simply, I was in love with my college professor Daniel Dray. He was the new philosophy teacher in my department and though at first I thought it was going to be hard after a few days he melted into the sweet caring man I had grown to desire. I don't know much about him, or really anything about him besides his name and how his laugh made me sigh longingly. He had a scruffy beard and short hair. His arms were always what got me. They looked so strong I longed to have them wrapped around my waist protectively and possessively. He wasn't a sexy man or even a man of great stature in fact besides his arms I couldn't tell you why I was so attracted to him besides the fact I was.

As the weeks passed I started becoming more and more distracted in class by wondering thoughts about him and me. Soon he noticed and one day asked me to stay after class. After everyone had left he closed the door and I began to feel my heart race and my face blush as images of naughty things flooded my mind with the 'click' of the door closing. He turned and sat down and after a shared contact of eyes proceeded to say,

“Kate, I've noticed you have been really distracted lately, is there anything wrong?”

I looked down, playing with my fingers nervously and stuttered out,

“Um no it's just um well I've been umm a bit distracted lately...”

“What has been distracting you? Is there anyway I can help?”

At this I felt my face turn to fire. Still not making eye contact with him I just shook my head. I heard his chair move and then his hand was under my chin lifting my eyes to his,

“What is wrong? You can tell me. I promise I'm just here to help. You are my favorite student and I hate to see you like this.”

My heart was racing and soon his smell was all around me and before I could stop myself my hand reached for his strong arm and I started to say, to say what I was really thinking but then I stopped scared of what he'd think. He squatted down on his knees and placing a hand on my knee he continued to search my eyes. And then I did something I don't think either one of us expected. I leaned in and kissed him and he was still, but only for a moment before his lips moved across mine. His hand moved to the side of my head and pulled me forward as our kiss become fervent. Then as quickly as it began it was over and my shallow breathing was the only sound in the large room.

“I shouldn't have done that,” he barely wingspread above my head.


He let out a sigh, “Because you are my student.”

“Only for a week more,” I said as I ran my hand down his face. I wanted to continue, I wanted him to pin me down and ravish me but I knew I couldn't force him and I knew my blood was boiling hot right now because of the response my kiss got.

I waited holding my breath for what would happen or what he would say. His hand was down at my neck making small circles close to my shoulder and collar bone, I could barely stand the friction so close to my heaving chest. I kept wishing it would drift down closer to my aching my body, I wanted his touch so much I felt like I was going to explode if something didn't happen soon. My hand fell from his arm to his thigh and then I heard him moan softly and I didn't even realize what I had done. He shifted in his chair and pulled back from me.

“I want me I want to but we can't not now and especially not here.”

My boiling hot need for him quickly changed to anger. I jerked away from him and grabbed my stuff and proceeded to leave without a word. He grabbed my arm and pulled me to his chest and leaned down and in a moment his lips were on mine again kissing. He nipped my lower lip and I moaned into his mouth. I wanted to taste his tongue but he stopped the kiss when I tried but pulled me closer to him and my head rested on his shoulder. His breath tickled the top of my ear as he held me.

I finally looked up and said,“Just one week.”

I smiled up at him and he smiled back. He held my hand to the door and opened it for me and let go as the door opened and we returned to reality where he was my professor and I was student. He was friendly but we weren't friends and most certainly in the world we weren't lovers. I didn't even look back as I walked off to my car. I knew if I did I wouldn't be able to pretend that we were all the things we weren't outside of that classroom door.

One Week Later

I was standing in front of my cat Rory asking if he liked my purple dress. I had just gotten out of the shower and my hair still dripped with water. Tonight I was going out on a first date in many months. I was nervous even my hands were shaking a bit but I was also so excited. Everything I did getting ready was thinking about him, down to my choice of hairstyle and the shoes I wore. I knew I was probably spending too much time and worry about how I looked but I wanted it to be perfect. I smoothed my dress over my hips and put my shoes on before going down stairs.

He had insisted on picking me up even though I lived out of town a bit. I tried to sit down and relax but seconds later I heard my dog barking and my heart raced in my chest. I grabbed my purse and tried to make myself relax by taking deep breaths before I heard a knock on the door. I went to answer it and he was there in jeans, and his famous plaid shirts. I smiled and he took my hand in his and led me to his car. He opened the door and I got in. He went around to the other side and placed his hand on my thigh making my body instantly get hot but I just tried to remind myself to breath.

The night passed with good food, lots of laughs and deep conversation. After dinner he drove me to a local park and we got out and started walking around the lake. The moon shown brightly and not many people were around. He held my hand and when a chilly wind blew up he pulled me under his arm as we walked and talked enjoying each other's warmth and touch.

We got to a part of the park that was pretty excluded from view and he stopped and turned my chin up towards him and planted his warm lips on mine. His hands moved from my face to my neck and one resting on my hip as I pushed myself deeper into his mouth. This time when he nipped my bottom lip I didn't let him pull away but pushed my hot tongue into his mouth. He moaned and didn't push me away but pulled me even tighter against him. His mouth tasted better than I had imagined and I never wanted to stop but I came to a sudden halt as I felt his fingers slowly sliding my skirt up. He noticed and stopped his actions too.

“I'm sorry, I shouldn't I was just I'm sorry..”

I took a breath and tried to clear my foggy brain and make sense of the words coming from his seductive mouth. “It's fine, it just took me by surprise. I...I want you.”

With those simple words a fire lit in his eyes as he jerked me hard against his chest.

“Are you sure? We can take it slowly.”

I smirked, and reveled in the moment of his thoughts of innocence towards me. I ground my hips toward his and said,“I'm sure, professor.”

He chuckled darkly and spun me around to push me up against a tree. “I like it when you call me professor. I can teach you so little peach.”

He said this as he ran his tongue down my ear and neck stopping right above my chest. My body bloomed onto fire. His hands went back to my waist as he pushed me back and attacked my neck with his mouth. I moaned and felt my legs get weak from his ministrations. My body was on fire and the feelings running through it was pure desire. One of his hands slid down my hip and once again started pulling up the bottom of my dress. I wrapped my arms around his shoulders to hold myself up. Once the dress was pulled up over my hips his fingers started running circles in between my thighs. My black leggings were keeping him from really reaching his goal but he could feel how wet I was. He moaned low into my ear,

“You are already so wet. I want you now, but not here.”

He roughly pulled my dress back down and jerked me off after him towards his car. After we got in his car his hand went in between my legs but instead of doing the deed in the car he started up his car and started to drive away. I was confused on where we were going but I wasn't paying much attention with his hand between my legs. He soon pulled up to an apartment complex and opened my door. My heart really started racing and I started to get really nervous. This was really about to happen. This my dream was going to happen. He led me up the stairs and unlocked his apartment door. I walked in.

“Want anything to drink?”

“No, that is okay.”

The anxious, nervous, tension was back in the air and I couldn't look at him. I felt him walk over and pull me into his arms.

“Why are you so nervous around me?”

“Because I can't believe you'd like me..”

“And I can't believe you'd like an old man like me. Now look at me.”

I looked up at him and when our eyes met my anxious nerves melted away and my body melted to his.

“Now that is better. God, you are so beautiful.”

After that he leaned down and captured my mouth once again. His kiss was deep and passionate and the fire that was at the park rekindled in my body. I felt him walk me backwards towards a door and as he continued to kiss me he opened it to reveal a large bed. My knees shook and my body leaped on fire. His fingers didn't linger and the hem of my dress this time but pulled it up in one motion lifting it over my head leaving me in a black bra and black leggings. He growled and finally put his mouth on my swelling breasts.

I decided that as much as I enjoyed the attention I wondered what he was hiding under his clothes. My hands went to his shirt and tugged at it. He got the idea and helped me pull it off. He wasn't chiseled but he was warm and soft and to me that was perfect. I placed a kiss on his shoulder and slightly bit down and heard him moan. He jerked his hips hard against me as we fell onto the bed with me on top. My legs naturally straddled him and I bent over to continue my kissing on his neck. His hands slid over my ass and squeezed me down on his hips causing me to gasp and also feel a hard thing between my legs. His hands went behind my back and soon my bra came off letting my breasts fall out of their covered protection and he smirked up at me.

“You have the most beautiful breasts and ass.”

He said this as he playfully slapped my ass making me in return bite his neck. I sat up and trailed my hands down his chest and stopped at his belt buckle and tugged looking up at him mischievously. He bucked his hips and lifted up to easy my quest of removing his pants and belt. He then starting at my feet started pulling down my leggings while kissing down my exposed thighs, knees, and then feet. I was in deep desire and need at this point. He lay back on top of me and I felt his fingers brush my pussy lips and circle my clit.

“Daniel, ohhh”

I heard a chuckle;“What happened to professor? Am I going to have to punish you miss?”

With that he pushed one finger into my hot cavern and my hips thrust upward and I let out a strangled cry. He pulled out quickly and just sat looking at me. I finally calmed down and opened my eyes waiting for him to continue my pleasure. When he continued to just stare at my almost naked body. I decided to take control. I rolled over and got up and doing an attempt of a sexy dance started to slide off my underwear off my hips and down my legs and then tossed it off the room. I saw his hand go to his dick under his black boxers and I licked my lips.

I crawled back into bed like a tigress approaching her prey. I grabbed both sides and tugged his boxers down revealing his hard manhood underneath standing tall. I leaned down and slid my tongue up the side of his shaft before sucking the tip into my mouth. I heard him moan and watched him close his eyes as my mouth went further down his shaft. I licked and sucked for a few moments till my own desire to be pleasured was too strong. I straddled his hips and slowly lowered myself onto him.

We both groaned as he entered me. Then he thrust his hips up causing me immense pleasure. I started riding him really slow feeling every inch of me being filled by his hard cock. Then he rolled me over and with a wicked grin he took over and started slamming hard into my pussy. I let out a scream and wrapped my legs around his waist thrusting my hips forward into his. I felt the build up in my pussy and knew that at any moment my time I would cum and hoped that he felt the same way. I decided to try to twist my hips while he thrust and I heard him groan and he said,

“I'm about to cum baby, so close.”

“Me too, oh just a little more.”

He thrust into me harder and more desperately. Then I felt my release and soon after I felt his hot cum shoot into my pussy causing my orgasm to be even stronger. I screamed and he bit my neck as we both came hard and strong.

After we came down from our highs, he pulled out of me and pulled me under his arm before kissing my sweaty head.

“That was fucking amazing.”

“Yeah it was pretty amazing.”

I smiled amazed that some how this amazing man that shouldn't have been mine now held me snuggled under his arm. I didn't know how I got this but I am so happy that I did and I was excited what this relationship would bloom into. With that thought I fell asleep with a smile on my face and sweet dreams in my mind.

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