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Professor Stories


The TA And The Tease (Part 1)

Everyone is talking about the hot junior teacher in Jessica’s seminar. Who’s going to be the first to do something about it?

It started innocently enough. When we all went back to college and saw our old, awkward professor for our main class, we figured we knew what seminars were going to be like. But it turned out we only had Dr. Skarja for lecture — in seminars, we had a TA....

Earning Her Grade

A student ask her older, married professor for extra credit

Laney fumbled her backpack, using it as a distraction to subtly lock the door behind her. She had arrived on time, punctual just like her professor preached. The semester was coming to an end with only a couple of weeks left and since there was a strict p...

Tempting The Professor

Class is in session, but forget the textbooks! 'Tempting the Professor' is a journey of risqué romance. Get your 'education' here.

It was a warm summer night when I first saw him, my new English professor, Mr. Jameson. I had always been attracted to older men with authority, and he was no exception. His salt-and-pepper hair and glasses gave him an air of wisdom that only fueled my de...

Seduced By A Student - Part III

Professor Stevens and Monica become a little more intimate.

If there’s one thing that can throw sound judgment out the window, it’s having the best sex of your life, with the hottest woman you’ve ever been with. That’s the only explanation that I have for inviting Monica to come and spend the weekend at my place....

Seduced By A Student - Part II

Monica pays a price - or gets what she wants? - for being a tease.

The morning after my office encounter with Monica, reality began to set in. The day before I was still riding high from the thrill of it all, but the next day my mind was filled with all of the possible consequences and deep fear crept over me. If anyone...

Seduced By A Student - Part I

A female student needs help fulfilling her college dream before graduating.

“Professor Stevens?” I looked up from my desk and towards the open door to my office. Standing in the doorway was a student of mine, a girl named Monica who’d been in a few of my classes over the last few years. I usually hated it when students came by ri...

The Cougar Of Montgomery

Sarah is a curvy middle-aged professor who spends her nights camming online... what happens when the submissive professor learns she's been chatting with a student?

I sat in my classroom. My middle finger traced my bulging pussy lips through my black panties while a hundred eyes watched. My frozen hand was thawed by the heat radiating from my sex and thick thighs surrounding it. It was always ice cold in this buildin...

1. Deeper Learning

Reminiscences of a young, high-spirited and avidly curious learner determined to make the most of her formative experience.

Some moments are decisive in moulding our personality, at least for specific traits. Know what I mean? You can tell something's changed. Take sex, for example. Can you remember when it came to be SEX? Can you determine that turning point for you and your...

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A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do

"Promise you'll drop that first test?" I said from my knees. "Of course sweetheart, I'll add extra credit too. Let's call it, extracurricular achievement," my professor said with a smile. I was having a real tough time as of late, this was probably one of...

The Gala

It’s the literary event of the season, but Caroline and Prof Byrne can’t help but slip away for their own celebration

“This is Caroline, my research assistant,” says Professor Byrne, “none of this would have been possible without her." David, whose book was shortlisted for the Pulitzer, nods appreciatively at her, “Well done, Caroline. It’s a pleasure to meet you.” “Than...

All Good Things

Caroline needs a recommendation from her professor, who asks for seven things in return…

Caroline is in bed, peering out from under the duvet where she’s pretending to be asleep. On the other side of the room, Lauren moans into a pillow as a guy thrusts in and out of her from behind. Her ass is tight and toned, thanks to all those Pilates cla...

A Feast for Thanksgiving

Olivia gets stuffed and licked clean at Thanksgiving dinner

Olivia hated going home for Thanksgiving. As a second year university student, she had way too much work piled onto her plate to even think about anything else. She bit her lower lip and sighed, pushing strands of her auburn hair away from her face. Ring...

Mind Hack Pt. 02: Mystery Gift

Ally receives a toy from the MHS.

ALLYAfter uploading my first video on the Mind Hack Society servers I felt a bit dumb. What on earth was I thinking? I guess I was too horny to think straight, but still, I had never seen myself as "that kinda girl". It was time to forget about the foolis...