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New Lesson 3

Her unruly mouth earns Miss Winslow another lesson

It wasn't even a week later that Miss Winslow acted up in class again.

I had prepared a pop quiz and as I began to hand the papers out she was fussing at her desk, chatting with her neighbors. I shushed her and continued the quiz distribution but was distracted by her unceasing prattle. When I was two rows away I heard her mutter a sexual innuendo to one of the boys. Besides the anger at her blatant disobedience and disruption, I felt a completely unreasonable flash of jealousy. I halted my steps and raised my voice over the tittering giggles surrounding her.

"Miss Winslow," I preached, "if you did not hear my first warning, then perhaps something more memorable would be in order?"

She looked at me with a considering expression that made my blood boil, especially below my belt. Fuck, she's so beautiful! And then that troublesome grin split her face.

"Gosh, I don't know, Mr. Fletcher," she teased out loud to groaning appreciation from her fellow students. She fluttered her eyelids at me. "What did you have in mind?" Muffled murmurs followed the outburst to her challenge.

"Trust me, Miss Winslow, you don't want to find out," I announced, trying to take back the advantage of my position. Or maybe you do, I thought, and the part of me that governed my cock hoped she would not be silent. To see her like that, doing what she's told, wanton and lusty, obeying me, losing herself... I continued handing out the quiz papers, reciting the instructions and keeping an ear tuned to my young seductress's voice. As I turned the corner at the back of the row I got my wish.

"Fucking pompous ass," I heard, "with his silly quiz..."

I froze in place and felt my hand form a fist around the undistributed quiz papers. The sound of the crinkling papers crashed in the pregnant silence that had befallen the class. I gritted my teeth and hissed a breath through them.

"Miss Winslow!" I seethed, storming up the aisle and backtracking to her row. "If you cannot control your mouth properly in class," I spat as I strode purposefully up her aisle, "then perhaps we should have a test more suited to your particular skills!" I stopped at her desk and grabbed the quiz sheet off, glaring down at her. She glared back up at me with a combination of gall and desire that flooded my senses. "Test is cancelled," I announced to the class. I held my hand out to her and she placed her soft fingers in my palm delicately, as though she were a cultured lady. We'll see how cultured you feel after this, I mused as I pulled her to her feet with feigned cordiality.

"Today's grade will be a class participation grade," I preached as I walked her to the back of the room. "Everyone who participates gets an A," I added, and small enthusiastic whoops followed. I turned her to the back corner of the room and steered her into it, pushing empty desks away with my hip, clearing the area. "This may take some time, but I have a free period after this class," I continued. "Raise your hand if you have a class next period." I turned to see about two-thirds of the hands in the air. I turned to my troublesome beauty. "In the corner, on your knees, would you please, Miss Winslow?"

Turning back to the class I motioned to one side of the room. "You lot, back here; line up, please, alphabetically, if you will." I raised my voice over the commotion of movement and shuffling. "The rest of you, please stay seated until the end of class, and stay after, if you like." I saw grins erupt on the remaining seated students, and turned back to my silly, wonderful girl.

She had gone to her knees and was in the corner, but facing the wall. "Turn around, if you will, Miss Winslow, there's a good girl," I sneered with a tone of derision. I waited while she shuffled in place until her back was in the corner. She looked up at me with fear-laced expectation. "Much better," I muttered, and patted her head. I turned to the first student, a handsome young gentleman named Abercrombie, standing in front of Miss Bascombe, a delicate little thing.

"Very good, then. Mr. Abercrombie, you're up. Here's your test. What number are you in line?"

"Number one, Mr. Fletcher," he beamed excitedly.

"Very good, young man. An A for you. Please take out your cock and fuck Miss Winslow's mouth, would you?"

He practically fell over himself whipping out his stiff member as the rumble of voices grew in the background.

"Silence please, pay attention to the lesson, if you will," I chided the group. I turned back to Miss Winslow and caught her looking up at me with thinly veiled excitement hidden behind a veneer of feigned confusion. The minx! She wants me to tell her, right in front of everyone! "Miss Winslow," I sneered at her with condescension, "since you choose to open your mouth inappropriately during class, please open it now so the rest of us can use it inappropriately as well!"

She trembled, and wiggled, and her eyes went wide and wet. Still looking into my eyes, she dropped her mouth open. Young Mr. Abercrombie's cock slipped directly in. I watched her expression change from anticipation to satisfaction as his hard shaft vanished behind her lips. Her seductive beauty was remarkably enhanced by the lurid display and I found myself gazing longingly at her as her eyes closed angelically and she made a yummy sound deep in her throat. The sound was cut off as Mr. Abercrombie dutifully pressed his full length into her until her lips were pressed to his pants.

The sight of her lovely sexy face pressed against his trousers stirred me to full mast. How could anyone be so completely sexual? I wondered. Even with her throat bulging obscenely she maintained her elegant seductiveness, looking beautiful as the young man held her head and began thrusting enthusiastically. I was astounded by her capacity and appetite for sexual adventure, and my mind whirled with ideas for our future together, thinking in parallel that she was a disgusting whore and that I might be falling in love with her.

I shook my head to clear it and resumed today's lesson, turning to the next student. "Miss Bascombe," I said, inclining my head, and she looked up at me. I had to raise my voice over the grunting and glugging from behind me. "What number are you in line, if you please?"

"Number two, Mr. Fletcher," she responded softly.

"Very good, Miss, an A for you as well," I responded, making a note on the back of the quizzes I held. I winked at her. "Best get those panties off, then, let's not waste a second, eh?" Her eyebrows lifted and I watched as she slipped her hands under her uniform skirt and wiggled out of her scanties. Mindful of her belongings she handed them to me, and I thanked her.

"No, thank you, Mr. Fletcher," she said with cheerful brightness that contrasted delightfully with her words, "I've wanted her mouth on my little cunt for weeks now, ever since that first time!" She beamed a smile at me and I returned it before turning to the next students.

Miss Chang, a thin Asian girl was next, followed by the hulking Mr. Eddington. "Number three!" she chirped, and I grinned at her anticipation, but shook my head.

"Very good, Miss Chang, but I haven't asked a question yet," I admonished with raised eyebrows. "Your quiz is slightly more difficult." I glanced at Miss Winslow, who’s tearing eyes smiled at me as the boy fucking her face let out a loud groan. Miss Chang and I watched as Miss Winslow's cheeks puffed out to accept the load of cum the young man deposited into her mouth. I turned back to Miss Chang and asked, loudly enough for Miss Winslow to hear, "Would you be willing to give our class plaything a nice hot creampie to eat?"

Her mouth dropped open in surprised amusement. "Oh, Mr. Fletcher!" Her open mouth closed to a grin and her eyes crinkled. "Yes, please!" Behind me I heard Miss Bascombe groan with delight. Miss Chang lifted her uniform skirt and pulled her tiny thong off and handed it to me. I got a glimpse of her delectable shaved pussy lips as I took the offered garment, stuffing it in my pocket.

"Very good, then, and A for you as well, provided you have no objections to Mr. Eddington, here?"

"None at all," she replied politely, lifting the back of her skirt over her ass and bending over, hands on her knees. I admired her rounded globes and looked up at Mr. Eddington.

"Young sir, an A for you, if you leave a nice big, juicy hot load inside Miss Chang for Miss Winslow to lick out," I informed him.

"Coming right up!" he responded, and thrust himself fully inside his classmate, eliciting an enthusiastic squeal. I watched for a moment as they began their public fucking, noticing several other students staring, some touching themselves or each other. I felt that official guidelines were required.

"Attention, please," I called over the growing hubbub of soft voices, "let’s not have chaos here, shall we? Remember, this is to be graded." Moans of dismay surfaced over the quieting rumble. "That's not to say that you shouldn't enjoy yourselves. It is, I remind you, a participation grade." I gave a grin, surveying the class. Even some of the students waiting for the free period were getting a head start. "But let's keep in mind that the participation is to be centered on our distracting, disobedient, lovely little class slut, here," I continued, motioning with my hand as Miss Winslow pulled Miss Bascombe's ass tight, pressing her face into her cunt as the small girl came in her mouth, "and that to receive the grade, Miss Winslow must receive the lesson." Chortles and cheers rose, and I raised my voice. "So, please, do what you like as you wait, but all orgasms are to be in her mouth, unless otherwise instructed by me, eh?"

More cheers. I stepped from the line and asked Miss Pettigrew to collect the unused tests, then went to my desk for my grade book where I made a note giving each student an A for the class, with the exception of Miss Winslow. Returning to the line, I instructed the next two boys in line to pull out and shoot their loads on her, one onto her lovely hair, and the other on her face. I returned to my naughty student in time to see Miss Chang press her cum-filled cunt to her face, and took a moment to observe as she used her studded tongue to lap the hot cream from her and drink it down.

"Everyone of your fellow classmates has earned their grade already, Miss Winslow," I told her as she tongued the Asian girl's clit and fingered her sopping fuck hole. "Except you. Your mouth got you into this, and will have to get you out of it," I sneered derisively. "So be diligent and attentive, if you would, and learn your lesson." I leaned down to her ear and added in a whisper, "at least for a short while, until you need another one!" She looked out of the corner of her eye with a knowing expression as Miss Chang cried out her orgasm.

I stayed a moment as she sucked the next two boys in turn and watched as they spurted hot cum all over her as instructed. Satisfied, I allowed the next few to cum into her mouth, followed by another girl, Miss Harlow, who squirted when she came, spraying her clear fluid into Miss Winslow's mouth and all over her face. That got the attention of the rest of the class, who crowded around the drenched slut, grinning on her knees, and taking whoever was next. Order dissolved as whoever was ready pushed their cock or pussy onto her mouth, fucking her face and coming in her mouth.

My cock was rock hard and painfully trapped in my slacks, throbbing and pounding with blood. I watched and restrained myself as classmate after classmate discharged themselves into and onto my precious lovely slut. I cheered them on, congratulated their performances and kept the line moving as best I could. Cum dripped from her hair and face, and between activities she licked and smiled and goaded the next one, preaching her love of cum and cock and pussy.

Miss Bennington arrived in the line and stood backwards, shoving her ass in Miss Winslow's face and insisting she could only cum from anal stimulation. I stared in fascination as the studded tongue teased and probed and finally penetrated the other girl’s tight back door in an entrancing display of depravity the likes of which I had never even dreamed. No matter how hard I push, I thought, she exceeds my wildest fantasies! I wondered briefly if there were limits to her debauchery. Taking a look around, I realized the class time had ended and that those students with classes after had dressed and left. About eight remained, five boys and three girls, including the anally stimulated Miss Bennington, who came loudly at that moment.

Two boys crowded in, both claiming to be next and neither wanting to give in. They jostled each other, stroking their rods. I could see they were both close. Miss Winslow observed them with a look of impatient intolerance.

"Miss Winslow," I barked, "don't just sit there waiting! If they can't decide," I insisted, "take them both!" The two boys stopped, grinned, and high-fived. Miss Winslow flashed me a look of hungry excitement and opened her mouth wide as the two boys shuffled forward, shoulder to shoulder, and pressed their cockheads together at her mouth. Her lips wrapped obscenely around the swollen plums and her studded tongue danced between them. Eyes glittering with excitement she did her best to service them both at once until one spurted and the other followed a second later, filling her mouth with a double load of cum.

She swallowed and licked and slurped up their creamy goo and before they pulled away one of the remaining boys stepped to her side and sprayed a ferocious load across her forehead, nose and cheek. The second to last boy stepped in as the three boys backed off to watch. He shoved his cock deep into her mouth and held her head still, dumping his load straight down her throat. My cock throbbed in time with the pulses in her throat as she swallowed. The four of them backslapped and high-fived as they stepped away to be replaced by Miss Lancaster.

There were only two students remaining, one girl and one boy. Miss Lancaster waited until the previous four boys had zipped up and left the room. She looked at us speculatively, as if deciding something, then blew out a breath and pulled up her skirt, revealing an appetizing pubic mound and camel toe in her white cotton panties. I risked a glance at Miss Winslow, who was licking her lips and staring at the girl’s crotch. The other two students had taken seats next to me, and the girl was stroking the guy’s cock with slow, even strokes. We all watched as Miss Lancaster slowly pulled down her panties. As the elastic passed the top of her slit it revealed an oversized clit hood, standing out from her body, shielding all but the pink tip of her giant clit. She pushed the clingy fabric down her slender legs and stepped out of them, handing them to me. I had quite a collection!

"I was nervous," she squeaked with a grin.

"That's fucking hot!" the girl next to me blurted. The boy groaned. Miss Lancaster looked at me.

"I think it's wonderful," I observed. "But let's see what the class whore thinks, eh?" I asked, raising an eyebrow. "Miss Winslow? What do you think? Do you like what Miss Lancaster is offering?"

The filthy gorgeous cum-soaked girl grinned broadly. "I think it's -"

"I don't want to hear your voice, Miss Winslow!" I barked. "If you insist on opening it, I will keep it busy for you!" I leaned forward. "Now get those sexy lips and studded tongue busy on that beautiful bounty!"

With an angry glare at me, she took a long, slow stroke, scraping her tongue stud up the underside of Miss Lancaster’s feminine monument, angling her head so we all got a good view. Her hair was matted with cum and sweat and her face was streaked with mascara, semen and girl cum. The front of her uniform blouse was stuck to her chest, soaked through with the rewards of her illicit efforts. Then the corners of her eyes crinkled and she pursed her lips, and sucked the thumb-thick button as though it were a miniature cock, much to the delight of Miss Lancaster, who wobbled and nearly fell. The standing girl grabbed Miss Winslow's ears and began poking her clit into those sexy lips.

I nearly came in my pants. I adjusted again, then shrugged and pulled my cock out. Miss Winslow's eyes went wide and she sucked harder. I watched as she slipped two fingers up into her classmate’s pussy and began stroking in time with the motion of her mouth. Her palm was positioned upwards and I knew she was stroking the other girls G-spot. Miss Lancaster groaned, and shook and panted, and when she came, she, too, squirted forcefully, pulling her hips back and spraying a jet of clear girl cum directly into Miss Winslow's open maw, splashing and spaying as she trembled and cried out.

I'd had enough watching. I needed my cock in her pussy.

Miss Lancaster stepped aside, thanked me, and let herself out of the room, straightening her clothes. "You," I said to the remaining boy, "pants off, sit on the edge of the desk. You," I told the girl, "on his lap, back to him. Fuck him. You," I added, turning to Miss Winslow, "on your feet. Quickly now." She scrambled her messy dripping self to her feet as the other two students situated themselves. Miss Winslow and I watched, side by side, as the girl settled herself in the boys lap, his cock disappearing between her spread lips. I grabbed my little disobedient willing slut by the back of her hair. "Both at once, Miss Winslow," I advised, pushing her head down and stepping behind her. Holding the back of her neck I pushed her face into their fucking as I lifted her skirt with the other hand.

She wore no panties, the slut! I tucked her skirt into her waistband and lined up my swollen aching cock with her glistening peach, and with a grunt I slid fully inside her.

"Miss Winslow," I muttered over her slurping yummy sounds, "it appears this punishment was quite to your liking eh?" I rocketed my shaft into her velvet heat. Her juices spilled from her, soaking my balls and running down her legs. I pulled her hair to angle her head to the side. She had her mouth at the top of the girl’s dripping cunt and her tongue, extended flat and out, stroking the boy’s shaft as it speared in and out. "It's your unruly mouth that gets you in trouble, Miss Winslow," I grunted, "I hope today's lesson in using your mouth will teach you a thing or two?" I landed a slap on her lovely, white pristine buttock with a resounding crack. She let out a squeal of delight and moved her head down to lick the boy’s tight ball sack.

I rocked my body harshly into her, driving my cock as deep as it would go, feeling her slick walls grip and slide around me and felt the beginnings of my own climax. The girl riding the cock came, shrieking with pleasure, and the boy let out a bellow that I feared would rouse attention, but I was too far gone to utter words. I joined him, shouting my climax as my cock exploded deep in her cunt, filling her belly with my hot cream, spurt after spurt shaking me, wracking me. I closed my eyes and let my body treble and pulse as I finished.

I opened my eyes when I felt Miss Winslow's head move. The boy was slowly sliding his slicked rod from the gaping red pussy he'd fucked so well. I held her neck firmly, pushing her back.

"You're not done, you troublesome slut," I ordered. "Clean them up, and then you can clean me." I felt a momentary hesitance as the softening cock slipped free and dangled in a swollen arc at her mouth. But she quickly opened and took it, cleaning his residue off with foul slurps and wet sucking sounds, and then dove into the dripping open cunt above it, digging her pierced tongue deep inside and licking the cream out.

When she was done I pulled my own cock free and yanked her around. "Now mine, you insolent angel," I whispered, feeling again the irresistible attraction for this wanton and troublesome beauty. Why am I drawn to her? Does my desire for her surpass my need to control her, to use her? The questions faded as she lovingly licked and sucked me clean, spending much more care and time on me than she had on her classmates. From the corner of my eye I saw them gather themselves and slip from the room.

And then we were alone. I helped her to her feet and she craned her neck, angling her face for a kiss with her hands on my hips.

I hesitated...but only a moment.

Then my lips were on her, tongue in her mouth, face sliding on her skin and smearing the myriad juices, tasting, sharing. She moaned into my mouth and my hands found her butt, lifted her against me. She wrapped her legs around my waist and grabbed my shoulders, rubbing her cummy pussy against my crotch through her skirt. I tasted cum and saliva and pussy, felt her swollen lips, her overworked tongue, her enticing stud. Am I really falling for her? I'd never kissed a girl who had blown me before, never mind orally servicing her entire class.

Eventually we broke the kiss and she pulled back, dangling her small frame from my shoulders and waist. She was grinning madly and I felt myself returning the delighted thrill of holding her.

"You're a dirty girl, Miss Winslow," I quipped.

She let go with one hand and wiped a smear of cum from my jacket, and brought it to her lips. " Your dirty girl, Mr. Fletcher," she returned with a seductive smiling slurp, "and now you're a dirty man." I released her and she dropped daintily to the floor. We did our best to wipe each other off with the collection of panties, but it did little good. I stuffed a few up her cunt to keep her from dripping and she giggled.

"Afraid I'll leave a trail?" she asked coquettishly. We laughed. "What are you going to do with the rest of them?" She batted her eyes. "Got a collection at home?"

"Yes," I chuckled, "framed and hanging on the wall," I joked. I felt my eyebrows crease as I regarded her. "You know, you're really not fit to attend the rest of your classes." Her hair was matted and clumpy, and her school uniform was stained with varying stages of drying cum. Her makeup was ruined and her face streaked, despite the cleaning efforts. And she stank of sex. Looking down at my clothes I saw that I was a mess as well. "I have another free period next," I offered. “If you'd like, I'll write you a pass for the afternoon and I can drive you home."

"Mmm, if I bend over you can drive me home!"

"Miss Winslow!" I barked with faked seriousness, "this was to be a discipline lesson to help you behave!" She put on an air of mock innocence and regret, smiling seductively through it. "Surely it was enough to...uh...hold you over?"

"Oh, yes, Mr. Fletcher," she replied without shame. "Your lessons are always memorable." Dropping the act and looking seriously at me for a second. "I just wonder if I require more...personal tutoring?"

And just like that, images sprang to mind of her, in my house, being made to do all sorts of dirty filthy wonderful things.

"Well, Miss Winslow," I said, returning to teacher mode, "I do have several free evenings each week," drawing myself to full height and stuffing the ball of soiled panties into my pocket. Images of her doing my bidding, willingly, debasing herself for me and enjoying it...fuck, what was it about her that pulls me and holds me? "I suppose you might benefit from some one-on-one instruction."

She turned aside, but not before a blush rose to color her cheeks.

Does she feel it too? I could only hope...

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