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Rendezvous and Revenge
Mysteria27 & Orallee69

Rendezvous and Revenge

Contributing Authors: Orallee69 
A tale of cheating and blackmail
This is the story about when I cheated on my husband. My name is Ellen and I've been married to my husband for twenty years. We were high school sweethearts. We even went to the same college. We were just so crazy for each other. We didn't want to be apart.

My husband had gone to college to become a lawyer, and I had gone to college to be a nurse. We both are very busy in our jobs, but we always found time for family vacations. When the girls were small, we always had date nights out. We both loved sex and would have it at least once a day, when time allowed.

We have a set of girl twins. They're thirteen years old. We were a close family, but things have happened lately where our connection just seems to be off. My husband had started working long hours at his law office. I think he might be having an affair. When I asked him about it, he said he wasn't, but I just don’t even believe him anymore.

I recently have met another nurse at the hospital. He’s just so wonderful. He's not married and never has been. He's ten years younger than me, but I just feel such a connection to him. We've been intimate with each other now for the past four months. I just feel so alive again. He's so affectionate and is always doing nice things for me. Sometimes, it's just the little things. My husband just doesn't seem to care much anymore.

My husband has no idea of what is happening with me. He's never home and probably off screwing his secretary. At this point, I really don’t even care. Jeffrey just makes me so happy and I love making love with him. I love how spontaneous our relationship is. I haven't felt so alive sexually in my life, since meeting Jeffrey.

The last four months have just been incredible. We both enjoy going out to lunch and dinner together. Jeffrey is everything my husband is not. He's so sweet and caring and cares about my feelings. He's very good looking. Jeffrey is six foot two inches and has hazel eyes.

He's in the gym a lot and is very muscular. I’m so attracted to him. He also has those bedroom eyes. Every time we are together and I look into his eyes, I just want to make love to him.

A few weeks ago, we were together at a restaurant. He told me to wear a dress with no panties underneath. All during dinner, he fingered me. My husband never did anything like that before. I was so excited and came several times on his fingers. We even found an empty room at the restaurant and had sex right there. 

I followed Jeffrey down the hall and we went into this empty room. He bent me over, lifted my dress, and shoved his hard cock into my bald cunt. He was grabbing my hips and I was backing up into his seven inch dick. Jeffrey thrust and pounded my wet pussy.

It was so spontaneous and I came all over his cock. Jeffrey then shot his hot cream right up my pussy. I wasn't wearing panties, so when we went back to the table, his come was dripping down my legs. Once seated at the table, he gave me his napkin to wipe away his creamy come. 

We always have sex in strange places. We've had it in my SUV plenty of times when we were at the hospital. At lunch we would head out to the SUV, and I would give him an afternoon blow job. We both would sit in the backseat, and I would remove his scrubs.

I'd hold and massaged his seven inch cock. I'd work my hands up and down firmly over his shaft. I'd caress and rub his clean shaved balls. I'd lick the tops, sides, and back of his warm cum filled balls. While Jeffrey stroked my hair, I would suck his cock.

I'd swirl my tongue over the head of his cock and take him inch by inch down my throat. I'd bob up and down over his thick prick. I have found when I shake my head, I am able to get more of his cock down my throat. Jeffrey really loved, when I did that. I'd slurp, suck and gag on his prick.

Another time, when we were both on break, we stepped into the storage closet. We took off all our clothes, and Jeffrey bent me over and slid his cock into my wet pussy. His hands were firm on my hips as we made love. I backed up into his cock. We were in perfect rhythm with each other, and then the door opened, and it was one of the doctors. He just stood there with his mouth open.

The doctor did not leave, though. That was when it got really strange.

"Ellen, you need to suck my cock. If you don't do it, I will be reporting you and Jeffrey for inappropriate behavior. You two just cannot have sex wherever you want it. Open your mouth Ellen!"

Dr. Wells unbuckled his pants and shoved his cock into my mouth. He had a nine inch cock. I couldn't even really suck the whole thing because he was very large. But he face fucked my mouth as I got fucked by Jeffrey.

I slurped and gagged on Dr. Well’s cock and Jeffrey fucked my pussy.

“Oh, fuck, I’m coming Ellen; swallow my hot cum down your slutty mouth," Dr. Wells groaned.

Dr. Wells shot a huge load of come down my mouth. I have never swallowed so much cum in my life.

“Ellen, we will be getting together again,” he said, with a threatening voice, “You two cannot have sex whenever you feel like it. I know you are married, Ellen. If you don’t want your husband finding out, you will be giving me head whenever I want it.”

I started to cry after Dr. Wells left the room.

“Jeffrey, what am I going to do? I don’t want my husband to find out about you, but I don’t want to be forced to suck his cock whenever he wants it,” I cried.

Jeffrey put his arm around me.

“Don’t worry; we’ll think of something to get you out of this, without your husband finding out.”

The next day, Jeffrey met me for lunch and he was so excited.

"Listen; I have been asking around and I found out that Dr. Wells likes to role play. I think I know how we can turn the situation around to your advantage."

Jeffrey told me of his plan and the next day, I came prepared to get my revenge. As I passed Dr. Wells in the hall, I stopped him and whispered in his ear.

"Meet me in the storage closet after your shift; you won’t be disappointed."

He smiled and nodded to me.

“I’ll be there!”

Jeffrey had mounted a video camera in the storage closet, aimed right at the center of the room. When I entered the storage closet, I changed clothes and as soon as I was ready, I turned it on and waited.

Dr. Wells came in, and when he saw me, his jaw dropped and his eyes got huge. I had on a black lacy bra, lacy black panties, black mesh thigh high stockings and shiny black high heels. Before he could say or do anything, I took control.

“Get your clothes off!” I yelled, and it surprised him. “You’re going to serve me as your mistress today, and when I’m ready you'll fuck my brains out!”

He started stripping fast as he stared at my legs. When he was naked I yelled again, to make sure he knew I was in charge.

“On your knees, slave, and put your hands behind your back!”

He didn't object at all and soon, I had him kneeling in front of me with his hands cuffed behind his back. I peeled off my bra very slowly, and when I exposed my breasts, he was almost drooling. I pushed them close to his face and he smiled, but I pulled away.

“I have a surprise for you, Dr. Wells; I have a video camera going to record our little play session. If you behave you can take it to your office, and watch it any time you want.”

“That’s very exciting, Mistress; what can I do to win the tape?” he asked pleadingly.

I turned around, bent over and peeled my panties down off my hips and my ass as he watched. I peeked down and saw that the end of his cock was wet. He was mine now. I spread my legs and stood in front of him.

“Smell me,” I ordered.

He leaned forward with his nose touching my bald pussy and inhaled deeply. He actually moaned out loud.

“Lick me and don’t stop until I tell you,” I said firmly.

He lapped at me eagerly like a hungry dog.

“Is mine the tastiest pussy in the hospital?” I asked.

He pulled back, his face wet with my juices and said, “Yes, Mistress, yours tastes best of all.”

“And whose pussy have you eaten, my pet?” I teased.

He was so enthralled with my pussy that he didn’t even hesitate to answer. “Nurse Janet's and Dr. Ames', Paula Ames, but yours is wonderful, Mistress!”

I put my hands on the back of his head, and pulled his face back to my pussy, and I let him eat me until I came. He whined like a puppy when I pulled his face out of my crotch. I turned around and spread my ass cheeks with my hands.

“Before you fuck my pussy, I need you to lick my ass, slave. Show me how much you love my ass,” I commanded.

He buried his face into my ass and lapped at my rim just as he had on my clit. Having such power over a man excited me and gave me some thoughts about trying new things on my husband later.

"After you fuck my pussy, would like to fuck my ass, my pet?"

He looked up at me with his face still all wet and he must have been drooling in my ass.

“Yes, oh yes, my Mistress, anything to please you!” he blurted.

I stood up and walked behind him. I unlocked the cuff on one wrist and secured it to the leg of the table next to him. I squatted down in front of him, looking him directly in the eyes.

“Jerk your cock for me, slave, and tell me whose ass you’ve fucked.”

“Nobody’s!” he blurted. “I’ve fucked Nurse Carla and the new ER doctor, Blair, but never anybody’s ass, my Mistress.”

I stood up and his eyes fixed on my pussy in front of him.

“Make yourself come on my shoe, slave; I want to make sure you can fuck for a long time.” I ordered.

He used his free hand and within seconds his creamy load splattered all over the toes of my black heels.

“Clean it up, my pet,” I ordered.

He looked up at me, seemingly confused.

Do it!” I yelled.

He knelt down and began licking his sperm off my shoes just as Jeffrey came in.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” Dr. Wells yelled.

“I’m just here to see if I can help, Dr. Wells. Ellen must be ready to be fucked by now and I’m her lover. By the way, does your wife like amateur porn? Maybe she would like to watch this with you.”

“Take the cuffs off; we’re done here!” Dr. Wells yelled.

Jeffrey took the cuffs off and Dr. Wells dressed as fast as he could. He took the tape from the video and stormed out, leaving Jeffrey there with me.

Jeffrey wasted no time in getting undressed. I still needed to be satisfied again, but that’s another story.

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